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Do you want your life to reflect the soundtrack of your favorite movie? Then just create a playlist on Spotify and customize it with the songs you listen to and love. A playlist is simply a list of songs or audio clips played on an audio device or via a streaming service. Instead of clicking Spotify to switch between songs, you can put your favorite songs into custom playlists for parties, workouts, or just hanging around the house.

All you need is a subscription (free or paid) to Spotify and you can create playlists on your phone, mobile device or computer. That's how.

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How to make a Spotify playlist, let's get started

To get started, sign up for one of Spotify's two subscription options: a free account with ads or a Premium version, which costs € 9,99 per month. Then download the Spotify app on your devices. You can create a playlist on mobile devices or on your computer using its web player; they will sync across all devices.

On the desktop, you can listen to any song by any artist and skip forward or go back to a previous song to play it, whether you have the free or paid version (the free version will break with advertisements though).

But those with the free version can only shuffle their playlists on the mobile device. Spotify offers 15 “standalone” playlists, including Daily Mixes, Discover Weekly and Release Radar, which allow those in the free tier to play songs in any order with unlimited skips. Premium users can listen to all playlists in any order with unlimited skips and download playlists for offline listening, such as on a plane or subway.

Playlist creation differs slightly in free and premium subscriptions; here's how to get started on both versions.

Create a playlist on a mobile device (free)

If you have a free account, select Your Library and tap Create playlist (I am using the iOS app; the android version should be similar). In the pop-up window, type a name for your playlist and hit Create.

Add songs to new playlist (free)

In the free version, the next window will include a button Add songs. Tap it to search by title, artist or genre. I created a playlist called “Songs that make me cry”. I wanted to add Harry Nilsson's “Without You” to that list, but I couldn't quite remember his last name. So I typed "without you harry" in the search box and the correct one popped up. I then tapped the plus sign to the right of the title and that song was added to my crying playlist. After adding it, the app produced a list of similar songs, including Eric Carmen's “All By Myself” and Barry Manilow's “Mandy”; these also seemed very appropriate for the list.

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Add songs to existing playlist (free)

To add songs later, tap the search icon and enter a term at the top. When you find something, tap the arrow on the right and tap Add to playlist.

Create a playlist on a mobile device (Premium)

If you have a Premium account, open the Spotify app and tap the Your Library icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, tap Playlists under Music at the top and select Create playlist. In the pop-up window, type a name for your playlist and hit Create.

Add songs to a new playlist (Premium)

After creating a playlist on the Spotify Premium version, a white button will appear Add songs. Tap it for some suggestions or tap the Search button if you already have a song in mind. If your playlist has a sufficiently descriptive name, Spotify will give you some song suggestions. The name of the PCMag playlist, for example, didn't give Spotify enough idea of ​​what kind of music it should include, but Dance Favorites was more descriptive and allowed its AI to offer recommendations.

Add specific songs or albums to a playlist (Premium)

When you find a song you want to add to a playlist, tap the three dots in the top right. A menu is displayed. Touch Add to playlist and in the next menu, then select the playlist you want it to reside in. On Premium, you can also add albums to playlists. On the album page, tap the three dots in the center of the screen and select Add to playlist.

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Create a playlist on a PC (free and premium)

Open the Spotify web player. Look for the option New playlist lower left. Click on the plus sign and a pop-up will appear. Type a name for the playlist and press Create (there is an option to add a photo and description, but not required). Your new playlist will then appear in the left menu under Playlists.

Add a song to your PC

Suppose I am listening to Spotify on my computer and I find the song "Runaway Train" by Soul Asylum and I want to include it in my playlist "Songs that make me weep". I simply move the cursor over the song in the web player, look for an icon with three dots, click on it and choose Add to playlist. A list of my playlists will appear, I select the one I want to add the song to and it is then included.

Edit your playlist

To remove songs from a playlist in the web player, click the three-dot icon to the right of the song, click Remove from this playlist and it's gone. In the free version of the Spotify mobile app, go to your playlist, tap add more, tap the three-dot icon to the right of the song and select Remove from this playlist.

On Premium, tap the three-dot icon to the right of the song and select Remove from this playlist. To quickly delete a certain number of songs, go to the playlist, tap the three dots in the center of the screen and select Edit. A white circle with a line through it will appear next to the songs in the playlist. Touch to delete. (If you delete something by mistake, tap Cancel> Delete.) When done, select Done at the top right.

If you are tired of your playlist, you can delete everything. On your PC, right-click and select Delete. On mobile (Free and Premium), tap the three-dot menu and select Delete playlist.

Once a song or playlist is deleted from one device, such as a phone, it is immediately removed from the others as well, including the web player. If you delete a playlist by mistake, go to your profile page on the Spotify website and click Recover playlist on the left, where you will find the deleted playlists. click on Restore to get them back.

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Share your playlist

Another useful feature on Spotify, as well as other streaming music services, is that you can send the list you created to a friend. So I can share my “Songs That Make Me Cry” playlist with others via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Press the three-dot icon on your mobile and PC and select Share.

Create a collaborative playlist

You can make your playlists interactive by making them collaborative. It's just like sharing your playlists, but instead of selecting Share, tap the chat (mobile) icon or the collaborative playlist (PC). When you send it to your friends, they can add, delete and reorder songs.

Other features of the Spotify playlist

Of course, if you don't want to make your own playlists, Spotify has a great selection to choose from. The service uses an automated approach to find the songs most popular with its subscribers. In fact, you can check out these playlists, including Daily Mix, Discover, Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Fresh Finds, select the songs you like, and create custom playlists from these lists.

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