What is YouTube for Artists and how it works

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YouTube for Artists allows you to start an official artist channel on the platform that unlocks exclusive benefits and helps you grow your brand.

It's hard enough being an artist on YouTube and trying to make a name for yourself. Fortunately, you can take advantage of, which gives you special access to premium features that can help you spread the word for your brand.

Here's everything you need to know to start your YouTube for Artists channel and find out exactly what benefits it brings.

What is YouTube for artists

Artists on YouTube don't always stick to a channel only when posting their art. Sometimes, you'll have an artist with multiple YouTube channels that span different interests.

It can be difficult to know which channel you should subscribe to when trying to follow that artist. That's why YouTube has created an artist-specific channel type that consolidates the entire catalog into one channel.

This makes it easy for creators to organize their music into different categories and have a more official looking YouTube page.

You will also notice that the official channels of artists have a musical note icon next to their name, so you will know which channel is right to follow.

Come funziona YouTube for Artists

To qualify for an artist channel on YouTube, you will need the following:

  • A owned and operated YouTube channel
  • Have three YouTube releases that have been released by a music director or label
  • In order not to have violations of the rules on your channel

You will also need to have one of the following:

  • Work with a YouTube partner manager
  • Join the 
  • The channel is part of a network of labels that work with a partner program
  • The music is distributed by an approved music partner

Whenever you're ready to get started, you'll need to contact your label, digital distributor, or YouTube Partner Manager to try and create a channel. You can also contact the Creator Support team if you are a member of the YouTube Partner Program.

What are the benefits of YouTube for artists

Getting an artist channel isn't just about consolidating your videos and having a musical note next to your name.

For starters, your YouTube channel dashboard will have an entirely new layout where you can promote a single video above all others for new visitors. You can even create a video for returning visitors to see that it's different from the new visitor's video.

You'll also have a couple of new auto-generated sections like "Official Music" and "Albums" that showcase your personal music.

The main driving force of any artist is their audience, and the specific community tab on YouTube opens up for an official artists channel. This allows you to personally talk to your fans and notify them of new releases or have a good conversation.

Perhaps the most significant update is seeing your analytics which will help you better refine your marketing and promotion on YouTube.

If you live in one of the eligible countries, you can also promote your concerts and sell more tickets on your videos. YouTube will create a small banner below the video listing your show and put a button that people can click to purchase your tickets.

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