How to insert stickers on WhatsApp

How to insert stickers on WhatsApp

Sticker, sticker in Spanish, is a type of label: a detailed illustration of a character or object, which depicts an emotion, an action, not to be confused with the emoticon. It is a collection of Japanese cartoons and "emojis".

Stickers are more varied than emoticons and are characterized by the culture of the Internet interface, representing body language with a facial reaction. Using characters useful to communicate through whimsical animations.

The function of the stickers on WhatsApp is to communicate in a more varied way, especially with friends: in addition to exchanging multimedia contents, such as photos, videos, GIFs, it is often nice and fun to enrich and give more joy to our message, by adding a sticker , a sticker.

Sometimes it happens to have to respond to messages that contain stickers that are not present on our platform and this can cause unpleasant slowdowns to our communicative creativity.

The stickers are available in the most recent WhatsApp versions. If we can't see them, we have to update WhatsApp to the newest version in the phone's application store.

Today we will try to explain how to insert stickers on WhatsApp on various devices, searching for them directly within the app or adding custom ones.

How to insert stickers on WhatsApp Android

If we want to insert stickers using an Android smartphone, we can proceed through the search function present within the app.

To do this:

  • start WhatsApp and open any conversation with a user,
  • click on the emoticon icon located at the bottom left of the text entry bar
  • a screen for inserting emojis will be displayed, let's skip this step and see how, instead, to add the stickers,
  • press on the sticker icon located at the bottom, in order to view all the stickers currently available in our WhatsApp,
  • to choose and add new stickers, press the + icon, located at the top right of the box (here you can find many stickers available for download),
  • scroll the screen and press the down arrow symbol to add the sticker pack we have chosen,
  • if we have not found any stickers we like, go to the bottom of the screen and press the Download other stickers button,
  • from here we will arrive at a section of the Play Store containing many apps that offer stickers to be used in the WhatsApp chat.

To install them, choose the one we like best and click on it, then tap the Install button. These apps are different from each other, but for most of them stickers can be added:

  • starting the app you just downloaded,
  • by selecting the package to be installed and pressing the + key (or generically the insertion key) found alongside,
  • a message will ask for confirmation to add stickers to WhatsApp: press the Add button to confirm,
  • the added stickers can be found by pressing the emoticon icon, at the bottom left of the conversation, and then pressing the sticker icon, at the bottom,
  • they will be displayed in the bar located at the top of the box, through a specific tab.

To use the stickers, to move them in order or to remove them:

  • press the + key, located at the top right of the box,
  • select the My Stickers tab and use the necessary buttons to change the order of the cards, or delete the sticker pack from WhatsApp.

How to add stickers on WhatsApp iPhone

If we want to use an iPhone, we can add new stickers directly through the WhatsApp app for iOS. To do this:

  • start WhatsApp,
  • open a conversation with any user,
  • press on the sticker icon, located above the text entry bar, at the bottom (here you will find the stickers already present and usable),
  • to add new ones, press the + icon located at the top right of the box,
  • in the screen that appears you can see the different packs of stickers to choose from,
  • click the down arrow icon, to download and start using them,
  • the new stickers will be available by clicking on the sticker icon, located in the text entry bar at the bottom, and then pressing on its tab which is in the box that is shown.
  • to change the order of the cards or delete a sticker pack added previously, press the + icon, located at the top right, choosing the My Stickers tab,
  • press the Edit button to manage the stickers: to move the order of the cards or delete them using the appropriate removal icon, confirming with the Delete button (to be clicked twice consecutively).

How to insert stickers on WhatsApp from a computer

We now explain for those who use WhatsApp from PC through the appropriate desktop client or with the.

Only the sticker packs installed with the smartphone can be used on a PC. So if we intend to use new stickers on this device, we must put into practice the same addition procedure that we have seen for Android and iPhone.

After following everything hand in hand, to use the stickers added to the PC:

  • access WhatsApp Web or the WhatsApp desktop client,
  • open a chat with a user,
  • press the sticker icon located at the bottom of the text entry bar, accessing the section relating to the stickers available.

How to add custom stickers on WhatsApp

If, on the other hand, we want to give space to our imagination and creativity and design custom stickers ourselves, there are some apps available on both Android and iOS.

These apps allow you to add any image and modify it to make it a sticker, to add on WhatsApp and share it in the chat.

Furthermore, on the site, by connecting to, with code for both Android and iOS, you can create and add custom stickers, building an application even with a minimum of development and programming experience.

More experienced developers can also create sticker applications with superior functions using the set of APIs and interfaces supported by WhatsApp.

For more specific information about it, contact the site.

However, we can indicate here some general aspects.

Custom stickers must meet the following requirements:

  • each sticker must have a transparent background
  • the dimensions of the stickers must be exactly 512 × 512 pixels
  • each sticker must be less than 100 KB

How to add Memoji stickers on WhatsApp

On the iPhone are available the Memoji, "smiley faces" that depict animals or other symbols, useful for expressing an emotional state, which can be customized.

These Memoji are available on iPhone X and later models or on all those iPhones equipped with at least iOS 13.

Memoji can also be used on WhatsApp and, to do this:

  • open the virtual keyboard by clicking on the globe icon,
  • in the existing emoji screen, select the clock icon, to view the most recent items,
  • scroll right, to view the Memoji,
  • then press the icon (...) to open the panel with all the Memoji sticker packs that can be sent via chat,
  • if you want to create a new pack of these stickers, you have to press the + button and then follow the customization procedure that we see on the screen.

On Android, however, the Memoji are not available by default, except in some models of high-end phones, such as Samsung's. For the other models, the appropriate app must be installed.

How to add stickers on WhatsApp from Telegram

Telegram is a messaging app similar to WhatsApp. Among its features there is also that of sending stickers via chat as seen for WhatsApp.

If using Telegram, stickers were found that particularly impressed us, and we would like to use them on WhatsApp, to do so we need:

  • install a special third-party app () available on Android,
  • this allows you to search for sticker packs through famous web portals or by typing their name,
  • to carry out this operation, you must previously know the name of the package of stickers that we are interested in adding on WhatsApp,
  • start Telegram and open the conversation with any user,
  • in the bar at the bottom, press the sticker icon,
  • in the box that appears, click on the + icon to access the list of stickers you want to download, then choose the Add button.

Another possible way is to press the magnifying glass icon by typing, in the search bar, a word that can help us search for our sticker pack.
Now that a new pack of stickers has been added to Telegram, you need to know its precise name, without which it will not be possible to find in the Unofficial telegram stickers for WhatsApp app.


  • on the Telegram app, tap on the ☰ icon, located at the top left,
  • in the screen that appears, select the items Settings> Chat Settings> Stickers and Masks, to view the list of downloaded stickers,
  • locate the sticker pack you want to add to WhatsApp and press the ⋮ icon located alongside,
  • press the Copy link option, pasting the URL in a note, on a document or in a chat, so that you can reread it,
  • the information we need is, in fact, right inside this URL: in the part after the string . This defines the package name, for example if you want to install the sticker package Katie Cat, the URL will be, while the package name of the sticker is ThisCat,
  • having obtained the package name, open the app Unofficial telegram stickers for WhatsApp,
  • press the + key and then go to Enter set name, here type, in the appropriate text box, the name of the package you want to search for, and press the OK button,
  • a group of stickers will be shown, which can be downloaded via the Download button. In the event that the stickers in the package are more than 30, we will receive a message informing us that the download will take place in several parts,
  • locate the package you have just downloaded and press the + button in the message on the screen, then click Add to confirm the insertion of the stickers in the WhatsApp app.
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