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How to create restricted groups in WhatsApp. Until now, WhatsApp group members were free to do anything. They could change the group name, profile picture, and even send unlimited messages. However, this has completely changed with the new restricted group settings recently introduced.

WhatsApp administrators now have more powers and rights than before. They can restrict changes to group information or even make the group one-way. Meaning, only the admin can send messages.

We will go into all the details related to confidential group settings in this post. 


A restricted group, in simple terms, refers to a group where there are some limitations on the rights of members. These new settings help make group chats more reliable (and less annoying).

In order to avoid spam and unnecessary group messages, WhatsApp has given administrators two new powers. With these new rights, administrators have more control over groups. Previously, the only powers the admin had was to add or remove members and grant admin rights to someone else. But now, the admin can keep a check on the members the harder way.


It is not necessary to create a new group to make it restricted. All existing groups can be restricted by changing some settings.

As mentioned above, admins can limit two important things related to groups. First, the administrator can restrict changes to group information. Secondly, the admin can block the groups.


Previously, since admins didn't have much control, any member could change their group name and profile picture. This wouldn't be a problem for family groups and friends, but for business or professional groups, this was a problem.

Thankfully, admins can now prevent members from editing any group information, including group name, image, and description. Since a group can have multiple administrators, all administrators have the right to change these settings.

To restrict group information settings, follow these steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp group whose privacy settings you want to change.
  • Tap the top bar where the group name is written. You will be taken to the settings page. Here tap on the Group Settings option.
  • su Group settings, tap the option Edit group information. A pop-up will appear asking you to choose between All Participants or Admins Only. If you want only admins to make changes to group information, select Admins only.

Once the setting is enabled, a notification will appear in the group stating that the administrator has changed the group's settings.


WhatsApp introduced the one-way group messaging feature. If enabled, only administrators will be able to post messages in the group. Other members will not be able to reply to messages in the group, they will only be able to read them.

To restrict group messages, follow the steps:

  • Open the group you want to restrict and tap the top bar. Then tap on the option Group settings.
  • Press the option Send messages. You will be asked to choose who can message the group in a popup. Select the appropriate option and tap Ok.

If you change it to Administrators only, a message appears in the chat indicating that the group's settings have been changed. The reply or message box in that group will be replaced with a text saying that only administrators can post messages.


Here's how you can create and manage a limited group in WhatsApp. Now use your admin powers to show members who's boss :-). 

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