How to block video calls on WhatsApp

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So what if we want to block some video calls, especially if we are busy with something else or do not want to answer? Blocking video calls on WhatsApp is possible, and it can also be done without installing other applications. The network itself does not have specific options for blocking video calls, but there are other solutions that can be adopted for this purpose.

Let's see how.

How to block video calls on WhatsApp: Android

Let's start by describing how to block video calls on WhatsApp on smartphones based on the Android operating system. It is necessary to use some of the options of the messaging application or of our device, it depends if we want to avoid the video calls of specific contacts or those of any person.

Block a contact's video calls

If we want to avoid receiving video calls from any of our contacts, the simplest thing that can be practiced is to block them. However, this is a definitive break as it will no longer be possible to exchange messages with blocked people or even call them vocally from WhatsApp. The blocked person will no longer be able to have any kind of contact with us via WhatsApp. Although the function can be restored at any time.

To block a contact in WhatsApp for Android:

  • open the Whatsapp app and scroll through the list of available names in the Chat tab (if we have recently exchanged messages with the contact to block),
  • otherwise press the magnifying glass icon located at the top left and type the person's name or phone number,
  • found the contact, press on the name, to open the chat,
  • click on the icon, at the top right,
  • in the menu that opens, press on the item Other,
  • choose the item Block twice consecutively.
  • Now the contact is blocked and you will no longer be able to receive video calls from it.

If the person to be blocked is not part of our contact list, you must press the Block button located at the top left, directly on the chat page.

If we want to go back and unblock who we had blocked previously, we must use the WhatsApp settings:

  • press on the item You have blocked this contact,
  •  tap to unlock

Or you can:

  • click on the ⋮ icon at the top right of the main menu,
  • go to More> Unblock,
  • select the contacts to unblock.

Block all video calls

WhatsApp does not have an internal command to automatically block all incoming video calls.

The only solution is to revoke the app's permission to use our device's camera. By revoking this permission, however, you will not be able to use the camera to send photos or videos directly from the application chat. In order to do it again we have to grant permission again.

By blocking WhatsApp access to the camera, calls will still arrive, but you will receive a notification. If we intend to answer we will have to reactivate the camera to participate in the video call.

So let's see how to disable the permission for WhatsApp to access the camera:

  • access the Android Settings (the gear icon located on the Home screen or in the drawer),
  • go to App> Permissions> Permissions> Camera,
  • press on the item relating to WhatsApp,
  • click on Reject, to disable the permissions related to the camera,
  • to reactivate the camera in WhatsApp, go back to the same menu and reactivate the same function deactivated previously.

Other methods of blocking video calls

Among other possible solutions, to block video calls, is to activate the Do Not Disturb function of our Android smartphone. To do it:

  • bring up the notification menu (swipe down from the top of the screen),
  • press the ND icon (the one with the crescent Moon symbol or the (-) symbol.

This way all calls (including WhatsApp video calls) will be silenced. If we can't find the DND icon right away from the notification menu, swipe right on it to access all buttons.

There is also the possibility to program the automatic activation of Do Not Disturb mode and choose what to block and what not. To do it:

  • go to the Settings menu> Sounds and vibrations> Do not disturb on your smartphone.
  • For more information .

If we are looking for a slightly softer solution and then disable notifications for WhatsApp only, without excluding other chats and audio calls:

  • go to menu ⋮> Settings> App notifications.

How to block video calls on WhatsApp: iPhone

Now we explain how to block WhatsApp video calls on iPhone, even in this case the solutions do not require the use of other applications.

Block a contact's video calls

To avoid video calls from a single contact, with whom we are not interested in further exchanges, just block them. This operation will automatically prevent the other person from sending us messages and calls on WhatsApp.

Proceed as follows:

  • open the Whatsapp app and select the Chat tab, at the bottom,
  • scroll through the list of contacts,
  • press on the name that interests us,
  • if we do not find it immediately, press the icon of the sheet with the pencil at the top right, to access the names of the entire address book,
  • open the chat with the user to block, press on the name of the contact that you see at the top
  • go to Block contact and confirm.

At this point, the blocked contact will no longer be able to video call us on WhatsApp in any way.

If we think back and want to go back:

  • access the WhatsApp Settings tab,
  • go to Account> Privacy> Blocked,
  • scroll to the name of the person to unblock,
  • press the appropriate button that appears on the screen.

Block all video calls

To completely avoid video calls on WhatsApp and not just those arriving from one of our contacts, it is necessary to disable the application's permission to use the camera of our iPhone.

By choosing this solution, you will not be able to take photos or videos directly from the application chat to send them immediately.

Calls will still arrive, but you will be notified. If we intend to answer we will have to reactivate the camera to participate in the video call.

Here's how to block camera usage for WhatsApp:

  • open the Settings menu of our iPhone by pressing the gear icon on the Home screen or in the App Library,
  • select the item relating to WhatsApp (at the bottom of the menu that opens),
  • to disable the permission, move the switch next to the Camera item to OFF.

To reset, reactivate the lever you just deactivated.

Other solutions to block video calls

Another valid solution is to activate the Do Not Disturb function, with which all notifications and rings coming from WhatsApp are silenced.

You can activate it:

  • bring up the iOS Control Center (by swiping from the top right corner of the screen downwards, for an iPhone with Face ID, or from the bottom of the screen to the top, for an iPhone with a physical Home button),
  • press on the crescent icon.

If you have chosen to automatically activate Do Not Disturb mode:

  • choose what to block in detail, by going to the Settings> Do not disturb smartphone menu.

Another alternative is to disable notifications for WhatsApp only (an operation which, however, also includes notifications for chats and audio calls). To do this, go to the Settings> Notifications menu of the app.

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