How to add text to TikTok videos

Want to add, customize and edit text in your TikTok videos? It's easy! Here's everything you need to know.

Are you just joining TikTok and about to make your first video with captions, or have you been using the app for a while but want to type some meaningful text directly onto your video?

No problem, it only takes a few moments. Here we provide you with a step by step guide on how to add text to your TikTok videos.

Posting short, dynamic videos on TikTok can appeal to a wider audience. And adding responsive text to your videos is also one of the things you can consider to add some variety to your content.

How to add text to TikTok videos

It is relatively simple to add text and text boxes to your TikTok videos. You do this in the same edit menu where you add effects, sounds and stickers.

  • Launch the TikTok app on your mobile device. Once you've captured or selected the video you want to use, follow these steps to add text directly to your video:
  • Once TikTok takes you to the video editing menu, tap the Text (Aa) icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Type the text you want to insert into your video.
  • Select your favorite color by tapping one of the round colored dots.
  • Just above the color icons, select your favorite font by tapping one of the font names. For example, you can select the Handwriting option for italicized text.
  • Tap the text alignment bars immediately to the left of the font options to align the text left, right, or center.
  • To the left of that bar, tap the highlighted icon indicated with an A to add different styles to your text. For example, you can use this option to make text bold or have it appear in a box. Keep touching this symbol to see the available options.
  • Tap Done once you're done typing and designing your text.
  • You can then manually adjust the position of the text by dragging it on the screen.
  • Tap Next to go to the upload menu.

You can also add more snippets of text or put more words on your TikTok video by repeating these steps and treating each piece of text as a separate element or sticker.

Once this step is done, you can add captions and tags and publish your TikTok video or save it to your drafts.

How will I modify the text of your TikTok

You can also edit the text on your video if you are not satisfied. But please note that you cannot do this after posting the video.

Use the following steps to edit the text on your TikTok video:

  • Tap the relevant text. TikTok will highlight the text with a box. From the options that appear, select Edit.
  • Then repeat the text according to your favorite flavor by repeating the steps to add text to your video.
  • Select Done when you're done making changes.

Set the duration for the TikTok video text and make the text disappear

To make things a little more creative, you can set the duration of the text display in the video and make it disappear while the video is playing. You can also specify where in the video you want the text to start appearing.

To set the duration for how long you want words to appear on a TikTok video, use the following steps:

  • Tap the relevant text.
  • Select Set Duration from the displayed options.
  • Drag the slider at the bottom of the next menu left or right to set a duration for your text as you like.
  • Tap the play button above the time slider to preview how the text will look in the video.
  • When done, tap the check mark symbol in the lower right corner of the screen.

With the duration option, you can control when your text arrives and disappears every time people play your video.

Convert text to speech on your TikTok video

You can also convert the words you wrote on your video into speech if you want using TikTok's text-to-speech feature.

To do this, convert the TikTok video text to speech:

  • Tap the written text.
  • Select Text to speech. This converts all the words you wrote on your TikTok video to audio without removing the original text.
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