Editorial piracy: the Lombard Order of Journalists calls for the seizure of the Telegram and WhatsApp groups

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Stop editorial piracy through instant messaging applications. This is the request of the Lombardy Order of Journalists to the Milan Public Prosecutor's Office. The complaint - announced by the president Alessandro Galimberti - asks the seizure of Telegram channels and WhatsApp groups in which press reviews that violate copyright are illegally disseminated. This news echoes that of the Federation of Newspaper Publishers (FIEG) a few days ago, which asked AGCOM for the complete suspension of Telegram, guilty of the increase in the illicit circulation of newspapers.

In fact, editorial piracy not only represents a violation of copyright but also a proxy serious economic damage to the whole industry: from publishers to newsagents, no one excluded. For this reason, a swift and rigid intervention is requested, also considering the hypothesis - according to the press release of the Order - of "receiving stolen goods with regard to the methods of feeding content on these channels".

As for Telegram, given that the company appears to have its registered office in Dubai, the channels of international cooperation provided for by the Treaties between the and the United Arab Emirates for the seizure of the instruments involved in the disputed crime. “The crisis in the publishing sector has reached such a point that it can no longer bear the daily, massive and indiscriminate looting that the Web monopolists carry out scientifically”, underlines Galimberti.

The phenomenon of editorial piracy - or more generally of any other content - has seriously intensified in this period of closure at home, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The temptation to resort to channels that can provide everything immediately and free of charge would seem to have increased exponentially. FIEG would have taken over a 46% increase in subscribers to Telegram channels in the first months of 2020 and 88% of newspapers illegally distributed for an estimated loss of around 670 thousand euros per day. In short, it is a phenomenon that must absolutely be stopped!

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