Chrome extensions for downloading YouTube videos

Chrome extensions for downloading YouTube videos

Although the YouTube app allows you to download videos for offline viewing, not all videos are available for download. Also, the video stays within the YouTube app, which means you can't share or play it anywhere else.

But if you are interested in downloading YouTube videos, some browser extensions can help you. Below, we discuss some of them.

Note: This article is for informational purposes and we assume no responsibility for the use you make of the following tools. We recommend that you always use them legally and not infringe copyright laws.

Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader

Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader is a feature-rich browser extension that you can use to download YouTube videos. You will need to download Addoncrop via CrossPilot, an extension that allows you to add Opera add-ons to Chrome.

After downloading this extension, you will see a download icon on any YouTube video next to the button I like it . You can download it simply by clicking on the icon Download .

To change the format or resolution, click the icon Other . Here you can see the sizes of the videos for different resolutions and the options to download them. Then, right click and download it using the Save Video As button.

You can change the settings of this extension by clicking on Options. From here, you can choose which formats to display for download, whether to include items in DASH format, and whether to show the option to download HD videos.

This extension also includes a built-in download manager which shows all the videos and audio you have downloaded. To change the download folder, you can activate the Show Save As dialog.

In addition to downloading videos, the Addoncrop extension offers several useful features. It allows you to take a screenshot of the videos by clicking on the icon of camera (next to the autoplay button). You can also hide YouTube comments.

If you're listening to music or a podcast, you can turn on audio mode and prevent the video from loading. Perhaps the most useful feature is that you can search YouTube while watching a video. The search results are displayed on the Related Videos tab.

How to install Addoncrop downloader

First, download CrossPilot from the Chrome Web Store. Then, visit the Addoncrop website and go to the YouTube video download page.

Click the button Install via CrossPilot on the left side. Grant the requested permissions and you will see the extension downloaded in your browser.

Download : CrossPilot for (free)

Download :

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager, or IDM, is a widely used tool for downloading different types of files, not just videos. While you can download the IDM extension from the Chrome Web Store, it only works if the IDM software is installed on your computer. Then, you will need to download the software along with the extension. After doing both, restart your browser.

To download videos from YouTube, open any video on YouTube. You will notice a button Download this video with the IDM logo in the corner at the top right of the video player. Click on it and choose the file format and video resolution.

Next, IDM will show a dialog asking you to choose the folder to save the video and description (optional). Finally, click the button Start download and IDM saves the video in the specified folder.


Download : IDM integration module for (free)

Local YouTube Downloader

Local YouTube Downloader is a tool that does exactly what it says on the box, allowing you to download YouTube videos locally to your device. However, this extension is not downloadable via the Chrome Web Store, you must install it via Tampermonkey.

Tampermonkey is a well-known user script manager available for all popular browsers, including Chrome and Edge. Through this user script manager, you can download user scripts to download YouTube videos through it.

After downloading Tampermonkey and Local YouTube Downloader, you just need to open any YouTube video you want to download. Under the video player, click Download MP4 ad high resolution to download the video immediately.

For more resolutions and formats, click show / hide links . Here you will see multiple links in two different columns: Stream e Adaptive . The links in the Stream column have combined audio-video, while the links on the right only support one.

Choose the resolution and format of your video and click on its link. You will be taken to a new tab with the video playing. Here you can right click and click Save Video As to download the videos.

How to install local YouTube Downloader

First, go to the Chrome Web Store and download Tampermonkey. Then, download the Local YouTube Downloader user script from GreasyFork.

Download : Tampermonkey per

Download :

Easy YouTube Video Downloader

Easy YouTube Video Downloader is another Opera add-on that you can add to Chrome via the CrossPilot extension. As the name suggests, it's a simple YouTube video downloader with no bells and whistles.

After installing the add-on, open any video on YouTube. You will see a green button Download how. Click on it to open a drop-down menu. Here you can see the available formats and resolutions along with their sizes.

Choose your preferred format and a dialog box will appear asking you to choose a folder to download the file and the name of the video.

How to install Easy YouTube Video Downloader?

First, download CrossPilot from the Chrome Web Store. Then go to the Easy YouTube Downloader page and click Install with CrossPilot. Grant permissions to download the extension.

Download : CrossPilot per

Download :

YouTube by Clicks

YouTube by Clicks is separate software and not a browser add-on. But it works the same as any extension, allowing you to download videos directly from the YouTube website. You can download YouTube By Click from its website.

Whenever you watch a YouTube video after installing this software, it will automatically detect a playing video and show you a small window in the corner in lower right . Here you will have the opportunity to download the video nei formats MP4 o MP3.

By opening the application, you can change the folder for downloaded videos, the default format and the video quality. By default, it will only detect videos played in Chrome. However, you can enable the option for other browsers. The software is available in multiple languages, including English, French and Spanish.

Download : YouTube By Click for (Free)

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