What it means and how to fix error code 91 on Disney Plus

In the streaming era, one of the most popular platforms is Disney Plus. Although it is one of the best, sometimes technical problems can arise that hinder the viewing experience. One of these problems is the Disney Plus error code 91, which can be frustrating for users looking to enjoy the content of this platform.

What is Disney Plus error code 91?

When a user encounters the Disney Plus error code 91, it means there is a problem with the account information they are signed into. This issue can occur for a number of reasons, such as an internet connection issue, a billing issue, or simply an app bug.

It is important to mention that the Disney Plus error code 91 is not a serious technical problem and can be fixed quickly in most cases. Below are some common solutions to resolve this issue.

How to fix Disney Plus error code 91?

  1. Check your internet connection: One of the most common issues that Disney Plus error code 91 can cause is a slow or intermittent internet connection. Check that your Internet connection is working properly and make sure there are no problems with your Internet service provider.

  2. Check your login credentials: If the issue is not with your internet connection, then the problem may be with your login credentials. Please make sure that your email and password are entered correctly and that your account has not been blocked or suspended for any reason.

  3. Sign out and back in: If none of the solutions above work, try signing out and back in to your Disney Plus account. This may temporarily fix the issue and allow you to see content on the platform again.

  4. Clear app cache and data: If the issue persists, try clearing the Disney Plus app cache and data. This can help remove any old or corrupted data that may be causing the problem.

  5. Update the Disney Plus app: Finally, if none of the above solutions work, try updating the Disney Plus app to the latest version. Sometimes technical issues can be fixed with a simple app update.


In conclusion, the Disney Plus error code 91 can be an annoying problem, but it is not something you need to worry too much about. With the solutions mentioned above, it is likely that you can fix the problem and get back to enjoying the streaming platform without interruptions.

It's important to remember that while technical issues can be frustrating, it's normal for them to arise from time to time. However, with some simple solutions and the right patience, you will be able to enjoy Disney Plus without any problems. Enjoy the content!

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