Twitter will also have its Stories: they are called Fleet

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The Stories seem to conquer everyone. After Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, the contents that disappear after 24 hours are ready to land on other social networks. A few days ago, LinkedIn announced that it is testing the feature internally. Today Twitter is added which - from the Brazilian division's blog - makes it known that it has started the test for some users.

They are called Fleet and they work the same as Mark Zuckerberg's Application Stories. Thus, you can create text-only content, insert GIFs, videos or images. The Fleets will be visible directly at the top of the main Twitter screen. The only difference from Instagram - for example - is that the display is done by scrolling vertically in case there was more content to watch.

Hello hello, testing ...
We're trying out a new way for you to "think out loud" on Twitter, with no Likes, Retweets or public comments. The name of this is Fleets. Want to know the best? They disappear after 24 hours.

— Twitter Brasil (@TwitterBrasil) March 4, 2020

For the moment, however, there is still no option to share a simple Tweet like Fleet. It is not excluded that it may be introduced later. The function, in fact, is still in the testing phase and a lot will depend on user feedback. "In a first survey, people who have used the Fleets have confirmed that they feel comfortable sharing everyday thoughts knowing that they will be eliminated," the official blog reads.

In short, the Stories seem to encourage a new way of sharing: more ephemeral, lighter. LinkedIn is also of this opinion. According to the professional social network, in fact, above all the new generations prefer "to start a conversation with an ephemeral content rather than posting updates or contents that become an element of the feed".

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