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Instagram increasingly similar to Snapchat. In fact, the company is testing a new function for the automatic deletion of messages exchanged within a chat. We are talking about a feature similar to the one that has been tested for months for WhatsApp. In short, the colossus of Menlo Park seems willing to bring this feature to its platforms.

Talking about it was Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter who showed how it works. In practice, once you have entered the section dedicated to messages (Direct) it will be sufficient to click on the conversation that interests us and swipe up to bring up a new screen. This - characterized by a black background in a dark mode style - is the “private” chat which, once closed, will disappear completely. No trace is left, nor are the messages we exchanged with our contact recoverable.

In short, the operation is the same as Snapchat. Instagram confirmed the indiscretion. Not only did he respond positively to TechCrunch, but he left a comment directly under Wong's post. “We are always exploring new features to enhance your messaging experience. This feature is still under development and has not yet been tested externally ”was the response from the company headed by Mark Zuckerberg.

However, as these are still internal tests, we do not know when and in what forms the self-destruct function of messages will arrive on Instagram.

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