How to catch Instagram Stories without getting caught

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How to catch Instagram Stories without getting caught. Instagram is testing a feature that alerts users when someone takes a screenshot of their Instagram stories.

When someone catches one screenshot of an Instagram story, the user could receive a notification. Instagram is also introducing a new section in the Views section of the story that lists the people who took a screenshot of the story. They will be marked with a dashed circle next to their name.

The first time you take a screenshot, you will get a popup saying that the next time you take a screenshot, the user will be notified. Instagram does not block the screenshot functionality externally. It's just that the other person will know.

How to catch Instagram Stories without getting caught

Use airplane mode

  • Open the Instagram app and wait for the story to load.
  • Turn on airplane mode. This will turn off cellular data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and disconnect all wireless devices. On iOS, you can do this using the Control Center. On Android, you can do this from the notification buttons or the Settings app.
  • Go back to the Instagram app, tap the story you want and take a screenshot.
  • Wait a few moments, then turn off airplane mode. As a good rule, exit the Instagram app before disabling the airplane.

Use the Instagram website

For years, Instagram has been fighting the idea of ​​a website. But now it has a fully functional website where you can view your feeds, post photos, and even view Instagram Stories. The only major feature missing is direct messaging.

The Instagram website works great on mobile and desktop. And while you are using Instagram within a web browser, Instagram cannot know when you took a screenshot.

Go up, log in and open Instagram Story. If you are on the desktop, you will find Instagram Stories on the right edge of the screen.

After opening Instagram Story, take a screenshot as you normally would - no worries!

Usa l’estensione per browser Chrome IG Story

Chrome IG Story is a Chrome extension. Once the extension is installed, you'll see a new Chrome IG Story section at the top of the feed.

By default, the extension enables a privacy mode so the user doesn't know they've seen their story. Right-click on a user's profile to access the icon Download . This will instantly download all available stories in a zip file (including videos). When viewing the story, you can also right click and save the image.

Download : Chrome IG Story per Chrome (gratuito)

Usa Story Saver per Instagram su Android

Once logged in, Story Saver for Instagram will show you your Instagram Stories feed in a list. Tap on a user and you'll see a grid of their stories. Tap a thumbnail and you will see three options: Repeat, Save and Share. Touch Save and the image or video will be saved in your Gallery.

Download : Story Saver for Instagram for Android (Free)

Use the Repost app on iOS

After logging in with your Instagram account, you will see a user interface similar to the Instagram app. Tap the user to see all their stories. Tap a story to view it, then from the three-dot menu button, select the option Save . The photo or video will be saved to your Camera Roll.

Download : Repost for iOS (free)

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