How to bulk delete Instagram content and interactions

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Have you ever wanted to delete all those awkward high school photos? Instagram allows you to do this with ease. Find out how to bulk delete your old uploads.

One of the most awkward experiences on social media is reviewing photos you posted years ago when you were younger, more restless, and eager to impress. Now, when you look back, you shiver in dismay.

You may want to get rid of them, but it is too tiring to take them out one by one. Nobody has the patience to go back 10 years in time to erase everything stupid that they painstakingly posted. This shouldn't be a problem anymore as Instagram has finally made it easier to do it in bulk.

Instagram unlocks bulk deletion for everyone

In December 2021, Instagram began testing a new feature that allows users to see and delete all their Instagram activity in one place called 'Your Business'. The platform initially began testing this feature with its younger audience, as it is more sensitive to its own image.

However, these bulk deletion tools are now available to everyone around the world, as stated in the.

You can now use these tools to delete or archive all of your content. This includes posts, stories, videos, and reels. It also includes all of your interactions i.e. comments, likes, reactions to story stickers, and more.

You'll also be able to find content you've recently deleted or archived, review your search history, and see links you've visited.

How to bulk delete your Instagram content

As mentioned above, you can bulk delete unwanted Instagram photos, videos, likes and comments from your Business section. Follow these simple instructions:

  • Go to your Instagram profile from your profile thumbnail in the lower right corner of the app.
  • Then, tap the three dashes in the top right corner to bring up the context menu on the screen.
  • Here, select A your business .
  • You'll now have access to many options, but to bulk delete content, you just need to focus on Photos, videos Interactions .
  • Finally, review the unwanted content and tap the button Select in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Once you start tapping on the items you want to remove, you will see the button Delete at the bottom of the screen. Use it when you're ready to bulk delete unwanted content from your Instagram account.

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