Final Fantasy VII Remake: how to unlock all clothes

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In Final Fantasy VII Remake it is possible to get different clothes for the characters. Here's in our guide how to unlock them all

In a particular section of the game it is possible to admire Tifa, Aerith and even Cloud dressed differently than usual. We are obviously talking about Chapter 9, during the infiltration of Don Corneo's palace. Square Enix wanted to expand this scene by adding more outfits. In particular it is possible to obtain three different clothes for each character in Final Fantasy VII Remake. These in fact they will change based on some choices or actions taken by the player in previous chapters. Let's find out together how to get them all in our guide.

Some tips to hurry up

Before talking about the requirements for each character, here are some suggestions to spend as little time as possible. In fact, to succeed in the enterprise there is a need to repeat some specific Chapters, but there is obviously no need to start the game over many times. In fact, once the plot of Final Fantasy VII Remake is completed there is the possibility to replay the Chapters, only then dedicate yourself to getting all the clothes.

Replaying the chapters triggers a particular mechanism. Progress made in that specific chapter is canceled, including side missions. This way you will have total freedom to satisfy all the conditions necessary for obtaining the clothes. Also, once you have unlocked all the clothes you will have unlocked the relative trophy. 

Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy VII Remake: how to unlock all clothes

Let's start our guide with the disturbing Tifa. The girl is able to assert herself in combat thanks to her well placed punches. In the course of the plot we can always see her in her classic fighter clothes, but we can see her in a different light during the meeting with Don Corneo. The clothes worn by Tifa in Chapter 9 will change based on an event that happens in Chapter 3.

During the secondary event called “Discovery”, Tifa asks Cloud for an appointment. Subsequently you will have to advise the girl which type of outfit she prefers. The 3 options are:

  • classic
  • sports
  • exotic

These correspond to the three clothes obtainable later. If you miss the side event, Tifa will show up in the classic variant. You will need to play Chapter 3 3 times and provide the three answers to unlock them all.

Aerith Gainsborough - Final Fantasy VII Remake: how to unlock all clothes

Let's continue with the character that takes the slightly longer process. Indeed Aerith will wear a different outfit based on the number of side quests done in Chapter 8. These are the secondary missions in Sector 5, when Cloud will be accompanied by Aerith herself. The three dresses for our Citra are unlocked respectively:

  • By not completing any side quests
  • By completing 3 side missions
  • By completing all six side missions

Right at this moment it becomes the progress reset function is fundamental during Chapter selection. It will therefore be very simple to carry out the exact number of tasks required for admire Aerith in all her beauty, in all three possible versions.

Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy VII Remake: how to unlock all clothes

We conclude the guide with the most "surprising" clothes to unlock. surprising as Cloud does she will disguise as a woman to deceive Don Corneo. The iconic scene from Final Fantasy VII is revived and expanded in this Remake, with three possible outfits. The different versions will be available depending on which side missions you complete. These will be available simply based on the choices made in Chapter 9. The three possibilities are:

  • Do not complete any side missions
  • Complete "The party that never ends", "A body that is a bomb" and "Thighs on fire"
  • Complete "The Price of the Robbery", "Counterattack" and "Burning Thighs"

Based on the choices made in Chapter 9 these will be the only possible choices, there is therefore no danger of getting confused.

What the hell are you wearing?!

Our guide ends here. Unfortunately, the mechanism to get them all will take some time. However, if you plan all the things to do correctly, you will save precious minutes. Follow the order Tifa - Aerith - Cloud and you will see that in no time you will have admired all the fantastic dresses available. With all this commitment, however, Don Corneo can only be happy.

If this guide on clothes has been useful to you, you will find some many others themed Final Fantasy VII Remake on the pages of Holygamerz. You can also find all the news from the gaming world and not just to stay up to date on the latest news!

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