4 solutions for when the Zoom profile picture is not showing in the meeting

We recently covered a guide on how to show a profile picture instead of a video in a Zoom meeting. Several users commented that despite following the steps, the profile picture was sometimes not displayed. So we put on our detective hat and investigated what was causing the Zoom profile picture to not appear during a meeting. We have found several solutions and listed them in this post.

After reading a few Reddit posts, we realized that some basic things that went unnoticed were making the profile picture disappear in Zoom meetings. Also, a recent Zoom update added a setting that could be responsible for the missing profile picture issue. So, if you're wondering, “Why isn't my photo showing up in a Zoom meeting?”, We've found the answers.

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1. Usa l’app Zoom

Typically, when you click a Zoom invite link, you'll get two options: Open in Zoom App (or Open Zoom Meetings) and Open in Browser (or Cancel). Sometimes, even though you may have clicked the Zoom app, the Zoom app doesn't open. You then join the Zoom meeting via a browser that you are not signed in to. That is why the profile picture is not displayed.

The solution is that you need to be careful and see if you are using the Zoom app (mobile or desktop) or a browser. What you can do is manually open the Zoom app on your desktop or mobile device first and then join a meeting via the meeting code, instead of clicking directly on the invitation link.

2. Log in and stay logged in

The above problem occurs mainly because you are not logged into Zoom when joining a meeting. Sometimes, you are logged into your account from the browser and not from the app or vice versa. That's why your profile picture doesn't appear. The Zoom system considers you a guest user if you are not registered. Because a guest account doesn't have a profile picture and your actual profile is linked to your Zoom account, you don't see your profile photo in meetings.

To fix, you need to log into your Zoom account before joining a meeting. The trick is to keep your account logged in and enable Stay Connected for both Zoom's website and apps before joining a meeting. This way, Zoom knows who you are and will show the correct image.

Suggestion: If you use multiple Zoom accounts (professional and personal) on the same device, be sure to switch accounts before joining a meeting. Using the wrong Zoom account will also result in your profile picture not being displayed.

Here's how to log in and tell Zoom to remember you.

How to access the Zoom website and stay logged in

Open the Zoom login page via a browser on your mobile or desktop device. Enter your username and password. Check the box next to Stay signed in. Click Sign In. Now join a Zoom meeting.

How to access the Zoom Desktop app and stay connected

Open the Zoom Desktop app and click Join instead of Join a meeting.

After clicking Sign In, enter your login details. Then check the box next to Keep me signed in.

Once logged in, you should see your profile picture in the top right corner. If it appears blank, make sure you've set your profile picture.

Suggestion: to check whether or not you are logged into the Zoom desktop, click the profile picture icon. If you see your email ID under your name, it means you are logged in. Check if it is the correct account. Use the Switch account and Sign out options below to log out of the account.

In case you have already joined a Zoom meeting without logging in, hover over the Zoom icon and you will see two Zoom windows. Click on the first window where you will see the option to sign in. Log in with your Zoom details.

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How to access Zoom Mobile Apps and stay connected

Likewise, you should be signed in to the Zoom mobile apps as well. To check if you are signed in or not, open the Zoom app and tap the Settings tab. Here you should see your name, profile picture and email address at the top. Tap the section containing those three. If you're signed in from a different account, tap Sign Out. Then sign in with the correct account.

Now, if you are not signed in, leave the meeting. So log into your Zoom account first through the app. For this, restart the Zoom app. You will be asked to join or join a meeting. Tap Sign in. Enter your credentials. After logging in, go to Settings and see if your profile picture appears. Now join a meeting.

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3. Set a profile picture from the Zoom website

The best way to set up a profile picture for Zoom is to use its website. The same image will be synchronized with all connected devices that you are logged into Zoom to.

Then open the Zoom website from https://zoom.us/ on your mobile or desktop and log in with your account. Within your account settings, click on the Profile tab from the left side. Then change your profile picture. The image set via Zoom's website takes priority over its apps.

4. Disable hide participant profile pictures

With version 5.0 and later, Zoom introduced the “Hide Participant Profile Picture” setting for the meeting host. The reason for the setup is that people forget to switch Zoom accounts. Then, when you click on an invite link, you will be joining via the previously connected account, which could be that of your children. Then a random image of a cartoon appeared at corporate meetings. Heh!

Technically, it should only hide the profile picture for all attendees when you are a host, but for some users it also hides their profile picture when they are attending a meeting hosted by someone else.

Disabling it seems to restore your profile picture in a meeting. To disable it, open the Zoom website via https://zoom.us/. Login with your account. Click Settings in the left sidebar. On the Meeting tab, click In Meeting (Basic).

Scroll down and you will find the option "Hide profile pictures of attendees in a meeting". Turn off the switch next to it. Restart Zoom and you should be able to see your profile picture.

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