How to use the whiteboard in Zoom and other tricks

The use of the Zoom software is at its peak. While working from home, Zoom offers enough functionality to host virtual meetings and webinars. From teachers who give lessons online to small and medium-sized offices exchanging ideas with their clients, everyone can benefit. And whenever there is a need for these features, users should use the screen sharing and whiteboard features in Zoom. But many are wondering, how do you use a whiteboard in Zoom?

While the usual screen sharing remains everyone's feature, the Whiteboard feature remains confidential. The whiteboard is useful during situations like brainstorming plans with a team, when you need to explain a topic in detail, when you need to share your ideas and allows you to be very creative. In this post we will talk about the Zoom board. Where to find it, features, and other whiteboard-related tips and tricks.

Where is the Blackboard in Zoom

As mentioned above, the Whiteboard feature is not normally available. It is available via the screen sharing option during meetings. Follow the steps below to access it.

Step 1: open the Zoom app and select New Meeting to start a new meeting. Share the meeting ID and password with team members.

Step 2: After that everyone joined the meeting, you can tap the Share Screen option from the bottom menu. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Alt + S to start screen sharing.

Step 3: Before starting screen sharing, you need to enable a couple of options from Advanced Sharing Options. Click the small up arrow in the upper right corner of the Share Screen button and select Advanced Sharing Options.

Step 4: from the next window, select "Only one participant can share ..." the first option. Then, select Host Only for Who Can Share? option. When you choose these two options, Zoom will disable screen sharing for other attendees.

Step 5: now tap the sharing screen or use the keyboard shortcut Alt + S to open the screen sharing menu.

Step 6: here you have a lot of options to share screen. You can select open app windows, add files from OneDrive or Google Drive, use the screen portion or opt for the Whiteboard feature.

Step 7: select the whiteboard and tap share in the lower right corner.

Zoom will open the whiteboard with a toolbar that includes a set of functions for use on the whiteboard. Let's analyze them.


Unlike Microsoft Teams' basic whiteboard, Zoom offers a set of useful features for the presenter on the whiteboard. Let's take a look at some of the viable options available.

Draw: he menu Draw is made up of a lot of shapes you can choose from. You can use an arrow, circle, rectangle and other tools from the drawing menu. It's much better than Microsoft's highlighter and pen tool in Teams.

Rubber stamp: as the name suggests, the Stamp menu offers several ready-to-use stamps. They include arrow, star, heart, question mark, cross sign, etc. You can simply select the relevant stamp from the menu and tap on the whiteboard to add them.

Text and Format menu: this is one of the many reasons why many would prefer to use Zoom on Microsoft Teams to use the whiteboard. The zoom allows you to add text on the whiteboard. You can also change the text color, size, add a bold or italic effect to it.

Besides that, you can use the Undo, Redo and Clear option to make the changes. The Save button is a must for everyone. After brainstorming ideas with team members, you need to save the current whiteboard to your PC. You can press Save and it will save the whiteboard as an image in the Zoom folder on your device.

If the whiteboard is small for you, you can tap the small icon under the whiteboard and the new whiteboard will open for you. You can move between them using the arrows.

A security feature to keep in mind when sharing your whiteboard in Zoom. During the live video call, you can tap the Security button at the top of the screen sharing window and disable Annotate on Shared Content from the Allow Attendees To menu. It will prevent other members from annotating on the shared screen in Zoom.


While live screen sharing, you can also chat with other team members. Press the keyboard shortcut Alt + H to bring up the group chat window. Otherwise, you'll need to place your cursor at the top of the screen to bring up the options menu and tap More Options at the far right.

From the following menu, select Chat and the chat window will open to send messages to everyone. You can also use file integration from chat windows and share relevant files with team members.


Zoom also allows you to record a meeting for future reference. To record the meeting, you can press Alt + R to start recording. Alternatively, you can tap on the More option from the options bar at the top of the window and select Record to start recording.

You can record a simple video or video with audio from your screen sharing session or whiteboard activities.

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