Outriders - Guide which class to choose

Outriders - Guide which class to choose

The new title developed by the software house People Can Fly allows you to choose a total of 4 classes. We obviously speak of Outriders, find at this link our review of the first hours of the game. In the title it is possible to choose one of the classes among Technomancer, Pyromancer, Mystery e Destroyer, but each character cannot change class in any way. We therefore present ours today guide which class to choose on Outriders.

Unlike other games of the same genre, the class in Outriders is not particularly adaptable; this will change not only your skill tree, but also the potential of the protagonist and the way to regenerate his health. Each class allows some types of approach and strongly penalizes others, so it is good that you choose your class carefully, since to change it you will have to create a brand new character.

Here is the guide to which class to choose between Technomancer, Pyromancer, Mystery and Destroyer on Outriders


The Tecnomancer is a somewhat versatile class, which also allows you to support allies thanks to its abilities. You will heal yourself in all circumstances by inflicting damage, whether it be close, ranged or even turrets. Despite this, his melee ability freezes opponents to allow you to escape, and the damage of long range weapons have increased by default.


The Pyromancer heals himself through his abilities, which regulate its range, which we could therefore generally define as average. Each enemy marked by the killed skills provides life to the Pyromancer, so these allow you to adapt the style of play you want to adopt to the skills that are selected to fight.


The Mystery is a short-range class, who heals himself and regenerates his shield by defeating nearby enemies. His abilities provide mobility, even to get away, but you will be able to give your best in close combat. It is therefore a rather complex class, since you will have to be very careful not to receive significant damage from the opponents.


The Destroyer is a predominantly melee class, his physical attacks inflict bleeding, and enemies regenerate health only when killed at close range. We are talking about a class that has gods bonus to both health and armor, and is referred to as the tank of the group as the most resilient member.

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