You should change your Twitter password now

If you use Twitter you need to change your password. Because Twitter got a little confusing. So even if there is no indication that your password has been given away, the social networking service strongly urges you to change your password.

You should probably listen to Twitter's advice ...

In a blog post titled ““, Twitter confirmed rather fundamental error. The error is that the passwords were written to an internal log without being hashed. Which potentially exposed them to Twitter employees.

As standard across the industry, Twitter uses something called hashing to mask passwords. Hashing replaces actual passwords with a set of numbers and letters. So Twitter systems can log you in perfectly without your password being visible.

According to Twitter, a recently discovered bug caused passwords to be written to an internal register before the hashing process was completed. Twitter found this bug, fixed the problem and removed untreated passwords from the internal log.

However, despite solving the problem, Twitter strongly recommends that every single user change their password as soon as possible. And you've probably already seen a warning screen advising you to change your Twitter password.

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