The 10 best apps for vintage clothing aficionados

Il vintage is a 2017 fashion trend that has also caught on in Spain, appreciated by women of any age, truly embracing all eras. Mania that has invested not only the clothing sector, but also of objects and furnishings.

Vintage is a term that can be attributed to used clothing, but which necessarily meet certain requirements, that is, they must have at least 20 years of life, in addition to having to be designer and in excellent condition.

But finding the vintage garment that suits us is not always so simple, from shoes to bags, or clothing, that's why they were born different smartphone app dedicated to fans of the vintage world.

All apps about vintage clothing

There are numerous applications designed for smartphones that allow you to sell or buy vintage clothing, or objects rather unobtainable in the various vintage shops of your city.

This app system allows you to get ideas, but also to buy online, or track down an otherwise unobtainable vintage item of clothing.


The app created by Alessia Marcuzzi is closely linked to Lapinella City offers vintage enthusiasts the opportunity to view all the garments of the physical store located in Rome Sophintage.

The best quality garments, absolutely branded and in excellent condition, sold at very low prices.

Shopintage was born from an idea of ​​Sophie Talarico, a French and Anglo-Saxon vintage lover who created a very stylish vintage shop in Spain.

Of pop

App that has spread like wildfire in the Spanish territory but very well known in much of Europe.

Of pop offers the opportunity for anyone to be able to buy vintage garments of stars of the caliber of Chiara Ferragni or Alessia Marcuzzi, who sell their own used and particularly discounted clothing through the app.

On the Depop app you can find used vintage garments in excellent condition, both in replicas and originals, an application that is simple to use and quick to purchase, by paying with Paypal.


Smartphone application particularly appreciated by international celebrities also is Vestiaire Collective, a platform through which it is possible to sell or buy luxury items to subsequently donate the proceeds to charity.

This specific smartphone application only sells luxury items, ideal for those who love vintage but above all designer items at bargain prices.

Secret closet

The application is ideal for being able to view a roundup of items vintage items that belonged to the most loved celebrities, it is often possible to find designer clothes on the app at absolutely competitive prices, in this way anyone could afford the luxury of owning a fantastic vintage Chanel bag.

Secret Closet it does not exclusively sell used clothing or accessories, as it is also possible to find some absolutely new items of clothing.

Furthermore, the different sellers who join the app can be easily found, since the platform divides the different stores according to the city, and in this way it will be possible to choose to buy only from sellers present in the vicinity.


Particularly varied site, accompanied by the smartphone application dedicated to it, offers a vintage section particularly supplied.

The Yoox site has a wide selection of vintage garments, and accessories related to the 50s, 60s, 70s with the opportunity to find vintage garments in excellent condition, at prices, as well as being able to take advantage of advantageous promotional offers especially in different sales periods.


It might seem strange but even the most popular social network has become a commercial portal over the years. Just carry out some simple research related to the world of vintage to find the garments of vintage clothing and to be spoiled for choice.

The different hashtags such as #vendita, #invendita, #onsale, #vintage could be useful, to be able to choose between the different vintage garments.


A German application but which over time is also conquering Spain. shpock in many respects it is quite similar to Depop, from the photographic setting, it is very similar to Instragram.

App that allows you to view and buy the most sought-after vintage garments by fans of the sector.


Etsy is a smartphone application that still continues to win over many online sales enthusiasts. On Etsy you can buy and sell everything, very useful for finding artisans who sell their handmade creations.

And Etsy has also become one perfect showcase for used clothing, vintage, as well as handmade products.


Vintag is a free app that works in absolutely the same way as Depop, but with the main difference being in this circumstance vintage mainly deals with the exclusive sale of vintage items and garments.

On vintag you can really find great vintage deals, as well as particularly important objects such as gramophones or 30s wedding dresses, but also the most modern models of designer garments such as Versace, Moschino or Cavalli, at very advantageous prices.

Rent the Runway

In addition to selling or buying vintage garments, aficionados also appreciate the different shops that allow you to rent vintage clothes griffatia significantly reduced prices.

A better way to try to be more sustainable, ideal if you need to change your look and be in the latest fashion. On Rent The Runway it is possible to rent many high fashion items at prêt-à-porter prices

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