Instagram: from today it will be possible to reply to stories with a GIF

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Users of Instagram will now be able to reply to the stories of the users followed with a GIF taken directly from GIPHY. Sending a reply of this type is also very fast and simple.

Instagram, as we have seen, is a social network that is often updated, so the youngest, always looking for news, can experiment with new features. The one introduced today is a secondary tool, but we are sure it can affect users. It will in fact be possible to send GIFs, or the classic animated images, such as response to history.

PSA: You can now reply to your friends’ stories using @GIPHY GIFs! Update your app to try it.

— Instagram (@instagram) February 4, 2020

Twitter user Matt Navarra posted a video explaining how this tool works: typing any password in the bar useful for replying to the stories, it will be possible to obtain a list of matching GIFs. These images are taken from GIPHY

TIL… You can reply to Instagram Stories with a GIF

Start typing your reply to a story, the icon changes to GIF

h/t @thebkh

— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) February 4, 2020

This novelty introduces a new and fun way to express the own opinion in front of the story of friends and acquaintances. Before this moment it was already possible to reply to a story by inserting text, a photo or one of the emojis available. To get this news, you will need to download thelast update available.

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