whatsapp profile wallpapers: how to change them and where to find them

whatsapp profile wallpapers how to change them and where to find them. Always find and change your whatsapp with new wallpapers for your chats.

Don't know how to change whatsapp profile wallpapers and where to look for new whatsapp wallpapers to beautify your messaging app?

Now we are going to list how you can change whatsapp wallpaper on Android and iPhone and how to find them again.

Thanks to these procedures you will be able to insert a personalized background for each chat.

Whatsapp profile wallpapers how to change them

Change Whatsapp wallpaper on Android

  • launch the application
  • presses the button Menu located at the top right (the three dots)
  • select the item Settings
  •  go up Chat and Calls
  • tap on the item Background

Select one of the three available options:

  • Documents - by selecting this option you can select a background image from the Android roll or any other app installed on the phone.
  • WhatsApp - A pack of wallpapers is available on the Google Play Store, officially released by WhatsApp, which can be downloaded at no cost
  • default - restore the application default wallpaper.

Change WhatsApp wallpapers on iPhone

  • start the app
  • presses the button Settings located at the bottom right
  • select the item Chat and Calls
  • then that Chat background
  • go up Wallpaper library
  • Select and press the button OK

you can apply custom images as WhatsApp wallpaper:

  • Settings
  • Chat and call
  • Chat background
  • I will select the voice Gallery from the screen that opens.
  • If you are asked for permission to access the iOS Camera Roll, you agree
  • Now select the photo you want as your custom background

How to download new Whasapp Wallpapers the best services

. It is a free website that offers hundreds of beautiful wallpapers optimized for use on smartphones. Visit it directly from Android or iPhone, download the images you like best and apply them to WhatsApp.

, which is also accessible from a handy app for and iOS. To download a wallpaper from Zedge, connected to its home page and click on the button Wallpapers which is located at the top left.

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