u2026 Instagram: what it is and why it appears

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Aina Prat Blasi

In some Instagram profiles in the profile description or when you go to share something u2026 appears instead of dots.

u2026 Instagram

This shouldn't be anything dangerous, so don't be scared. Neither should there be a virus on your device or even some intrusion on your account.

This appears to be a bug in the latest Instagram update that replaces the three dots that should be in place instead.

So if you are seeing u2026 in your profile description to expand it or when you press the three dots on a post and it appears Reportu2026 o Shareu2026 it should be nothing more than a bag.

If we have more information about this we will let you know in this article. We await news that this is the reason for the display of this wording.


However, remember to activate the on your account and use it so as to have greater security that your account is not compromised by any suspicious accesses. Never click on suspicious links received by email or give your Instagram login details to anyone other than trusted people. Enabling two-factor authentication with your mobile number and using a strong password should minimize a chance of hacking your profile.

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