The Callisto Protocol already has an 8K mod, and it's impressive!

Only a few days have passed since the launch of The Callisto Protocol, and there have already been multiple reports of technical problems relating to the new horror experience. In these hours the guys from Striking Distance Studio are releasing the first corrective patches for both the console and PC versions. In the meantime, however, there are also those who have immediately set to work on some mod, going to further improve an already beautiful game from a visual point of view.


The mod in question appeared on the channel of the Spanish Massihancer, already the author of a plethora of other mods dedicated to some of the most important and popular PC titles. In order not to miss anything, this modder has decided to immediately get to work on the brand new The Callisto Protocol (you can buy it on Amazon), a video has been published online that showcases one of his recent creations that allows you to play space survival horror with a 8K resolution and with Ray Tracing active.

The Spanish modder, to make this mod used a Reshade that features a new Shader, which allows you to use lighting in Ray Tracing: Ehsan's “NGLighting” which just like the RTGI can produce a whole range of shadows e realistic lights. As we can see from the video posted on his YouTube channel, thanks to the performance of this free shader the final result looks incredible, and generates an even more terrifying horror atmosphere thanks to the new lighting and lighting effects.

  • Thanks to this mod, which also improves bloom, depth of view, color grading and adds the Shake Camera Mod, The Callisto Protocol manages to shoot at a resolution of 8K quietly keeping all settings at maximum. This performance is achieved with a graphics card with an RTX 4090.

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