News + Pokémon and Pollution: Sword and Shield as Greta Thunberg

Pokémon and Greta Thunberg indirectly side by side in the fight against climate change and pollution.

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Pokemon e pollution are a long-standing duo, almost like, by now, Greta Thunberg and climate change. Just think of Grimer, a first generation pocket monster who feeds on the polluting sewage produced by factories. Or its Alolian counterpart, Grimer forms Alola from Pokémon Sun and Moon, where the bright colors symbolize the possibility of a cleaner, more lush world.

But it is not only the past that we must look to find this particular combination. Recent eighth generation titles, Sword and Shield Pokémon, introduce a very particular pocket monster. In fact, Cursula is one social criticism in Pokémon sauce to the pollution and climate change that is killing all the corals on our globe. Corsola, the coral pokémon, in Game Freak's England is a ghost type. Its evolution, Cursula, is an exploded coral that contains its core and soul within an ectoplasmic body that paralyzes to the touch.

If man does not protect the seas and his creatures, the risk is that he will remain helpless in the face of danger.

At this point it should be clear to you the juxtaposition between Greta Thunberg and Pokémon. The brave girl has decided to make her voice heard in front of a generation and a world that probably they won't give her a future. Game Freak, in turn, has decided to raise awareness of what promises to be one unprecedented climate catastrophe.

But it is not the only development house that has the future of our planet at heart. For example you can think of Sega's recent idea with F, where the packaging, instead of being made of plastic, is made of 100% recycled paper. Or the game Bee Simulator, which playfully narrates the importance of bees in the global ecosystem and the dangers we would face if they went extinct.

Shield Pokémon
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What I would like to see from this article is that, beyond the corporate and commercial policy of Pokémon and other companies, the climatic danger due to pollution is under our eyes and it also influences such a seemingly distant product as the video game. We have to open them though, and don't go on with blinders like horses. Because if it continues like this, even this similarity will no longer make sense, because equines will also become extinct.

We can talk about Pokémon, pollution and Greta Thunberg only because this land has borne us fruit and has kept us alive to this day. But it won't be like that for long. So we need to talk about it, we need to do something to change the fate of our blue geoid.

Before it's really too late.

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