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In Dragon Balll Z: Kakarot there are many ways to accumulate the exp needed to level up the 5 main characters. The missions of the main story will give you a large amount of experience points and completing it will guarantee you guaranteed extra levels. But to better deal with it, without spending too much time trying to beat a specific boss because you are too under-leveled, you need to be sure to always present yourself with an adequate level for the challenge. Let's see together what are the ways to level up and what happens to our characters every time it happens.

How to level up quickly

Fly at the enemies

There is a way to gain experience without a fight. While exploring, use power flight to fly against lower level enemies. If the level of the enemy is at least 3 levels lower than that of your team member with the lowest level, then you can skip the battle and gain exp easily.
Let's take an example: if you have the party composed by Goku of liv. 75, Vegeta of liv. 71 and Goten of lev. 67, you will be able to skip battles with enemies from level 64 and below.

Lure the enemy and then turn around!
If you can't take directly the enemies with boosted flight you can lure him by making him chase you and then suddenly turn around and face him.

Run away from the enemy
When the level of the enemies is too high and you start a battle, do not despair, you can always escape by flying away. Remember to first remove the scope from the enemy by pressing the right stick.

Defeat the dangerous enemies
Over the course of the game you will encounter several dangerous enemies, enhanced forms of enemies previously encountered normally, whose levels will be gradually higher, each time you defeat one. By defeating them you will get numerous experience points but be careful because once they are defeated they will not reappear until you have defeated the very strong optional secret boss.

Use the Community Boards to get bonus exp
The training community Board, the one with King Kaio to be clear, once upgraded will guarantee you bonus experience points. At the top of its level it can even give you double the experience points.

Eat meals that maximize the experience
Cooking meals that will give you a bonus to the experience received helps a lot if you want to level up. Remember to always do this before going to power up.

Cook full meals for better upgrades
If you have the materials (food items) you can cook complete meals instead of eating simple raw ingredients. These mouth-watering meals will grant you a higher exp bonus, as well as provide you with bonuses relative to all other stats.

Complete the sub-stories
The subplots will provide you with additional exp along with useful items for your adventure. Be sure to finish them before the end of the current chapter, otherwise they will be lost until the next game.

Fight random encounters
Fighting and defeating normal and dangerous enemies will earn you experience points and Z Orbs. Normal enemies will reappear making them an unlimited exp resource. Take your time to explore and try to defeat as many of them as possible.

Bring healing items with you
Always remember to bring healing items such as nuka cola with you. They will allow you to fight more fights and take more damage.

Do more damage to low-level enemies with Master skills
The "Ruthless" master skill grants you 40% damage bonus to low level enemies. It will allow you to speed up the battles by allowing you to accumulate more experience and level up faster. Master skills are unlocked once you finish training in Bulma's training chamber in Capsule Corp. They are an additional and secret part of the normal skill tree.

What happens when you level up?

The biggest benefit of leveling up is that your character will gain permanent stat boosts. This will help you as you face stronger enemies and bosses.

Get to level 10 to destroy the walls
Once you reach level 10 you can destroy some walls scattered around the game map, so you can enter some caves that will hide precious objects.

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