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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences with the Spanish one.

Claire's campaign

This part of the episode is relatively short, but definitely impregnated on the action part of the game, in fact the real areas will be very small and the objects to be found will be reduced to the bone, however the collectibles will still be present and paying little attention could prove to be fatal in order to complete the game in a truly complete way.

As soon as you finish the introductory movie to the episode, go down the walkway and go through the large opening.

Drawing by Kafka

Before entering the door, check the ceiling that holds the balcony up to illuminate the first drawing.

The next room will be a data room, you will find dozens of monitors connected to the island's surveillance system, along with the status of the two subjects still alive. You will find a button on the opposite side of the room that will interact with a giant shutter somewhere on the island itself, currently this thing seems without a clear purpose, but be aware that you could open several paths for Barry's countryside. In the next room, you will find a ladder, go under the ramp to collect a sapphire, then go up and enter the bedroom where you can find some items, including three books (two on the table and one on the bed), several gems and breakable vases on the wall, then a topaz in the corner near the chair by the bed.

Drawing by Kafka

Illuminate the painting to the left of the bed to find the second design in a specific part of the canvas.

The path that exits to the balcony may look like a dead end, but you will find a button behind a large aquarium by the door. The aquarium itself will be too heavy to move, but by breaking the glass you can move it to the side and press the button, allowing a bridge to connect to the same balcony you are on.

Drawing by Kafka

This drawing will be very difficult to discover and is located on the floor where you pushed the aquarium, be sure to check below after moving the heavy object.

Go down the walkway and enter the main room of the Tower. Inside you will meet Alex with whom you will not have too many problems.

Tower emblem

The first emblem is easy to miss if Alex gets your attention. The room can be equipped with force fields, but you can still hit the emblem at the top of a shelf to the right of the entrance.

When the alarms begin to quiet down, it's a good time to start moving. Regardless of the imminent threat, you can move fairly quietly. Go back the way you came, until you reach an elevator that will explode. The explosion will create a new opening, go along the walkway below to reach the door on the opposite side of the room. The next area is the generator room of three different floors and by now everything is going haywire. There is a workbench where you can customize Claire's weapons for the last time.

Drawing by Kafka

On the wall opposite the workbench, light your flashlight to find a large drawing just above the floor.

Follow the walkway to a closed gate and break the two locks to make it collapse. You can open a military chest containing an upgrade for the Magnum. Going down the first ladder, you will encounter several Glasp along with a chest containing handy smoke bombs to reveal the location of the enemies in front of you. Once you have made a clean sweep, continue to the door. You will find yourself at an emergency exit and a countdown will inexorably begin to mark the time (the amount of this depends on the selected game difficulty).

Drawing by Kafka

Don't let yourself fall off the ledge for now, you'll find a drawing on the wall to the right at the end of the walkway.

Tower emblem

Once you get off the first frame, immediately turn around and check under it to find the emblem.

The time has come to be really fast! Outside you can easily fall into the chasm below, so try not to be too rushed and don't run near the end of the walkways. Drop down the collapsing path, then drop down to the platform below to open a military chest. Keep going down until you reach a point with several ledges, drop carefully on the second and highest of these to get a ruby, then go down to the bottom where you will find a chest and a movable box. Collect the box and take it to where you dropped to use it and reach the gate. Slide slowly and once past this point, carefully jump on the ledges below until you reach a point with a large jump on the left and a high wall on the right. Help Moira on the right and use the crowbar to hold up the platforms that will serve as a bridge for Claire.

Once on the opposite side, push the first crate towards the wall and Moira the second crate so she can turn. Go back inside and go through the gate. You'll be back inside the Tower with even less time to escape. Smash the crates as you run up the catwalk and crouch to avoid the debris. When the path ends, two stairs will collapse allowing you to continue.

Drawing by Kafka

The latest drawing is easy to miss during all this panic. When you have gone through the collapsed stairs and debris, check the wall where the path is blocked to find the desired drawing.

After the obstacle, crouch to cross more debris before falling to a lower area and when the walkway wobbles, be on guard. A Glasp will be above you and you can use a smoke bomb or spray to locate it. When a large debris collapses, haul it to the large metal coil and watch out for the last Glasp.

Tower emblem

The last tower emblem is just as easy to miss. Go to the metal coil, but not from the catwalk, turn the side of the column at the end to find it.

Go down the path to slide to the last walkway where the unimaginable will happen. You will then have thirty seconds to escape and end Claire's Campaign.

Barry's campaign

Finish Barry's memory, head to the bridge, check the container on the right and break the lock to find a workbench. Cross the bridge and proceed to the island. There will be two Marci behind the container, but you can avoid them by crouching. Break the lock on this container, kill the Rotten and grab the cloth.

Tower emblem

You will find the emblem near the property at the waterways.

From the island, let yourself fall into the drained canal, paying attention to the numerous enemies that are around, many of which will play to pretend to be dead on the ground. Go up the stairs on the opposite side to reach a platform and smash two crates.

Insect larva

From the raised platform, look towards the pipes and hit the red glow with a brick.

Go to the opposite side of the drained canal and pick up the hidden object behind the two crates, then go up the stairs and cross the bridge that leads to the structure. Collect the green grass near the stairs and go up to enter the actual structure. Take out the enemies and check the blocked room to find a hole through which Natalia can pass. Kill the enemy with Barry, then hit the lock so Natalia can open the door. As Natalia crouch and enter the room, open the Grimmick chest, collect the ammo, then go to the area with the gate to find an object hidden among the barrels on the opposite side. Drop into the next area and go up the ladder. It will take some time to use the crane and you will have to take advantage of team play. The crane consists of two long platforms that pass some gates marked with a number and a button. The crane in the middle can move a single character to the other catwalk if the other hits the button. Hitting the button allows you to merge the paths above the platforms. Be careful, as it will be easy to fall off the crane.

Look for the first sign and smash the chest at the end, then send one of the characters over gate "1", climb the ladder to the top and go to the opposite side. Let the character stay on top of the crane and use both of them to go down gate "3". Go down the ladder to the character at the bottom, go down and raise the gate "3".

Tower emblem

On this side of gate "3", look down to see the emblem on the metal support of a column at gate "2".

Continue with the crane game and eliminate all the enemies until you reach the gate and find yourself at the entrance to the mine. The gate to the elevator is locked, go up the stairs and go right into the room, look for the hidden object under the table and some gunpowder on the shelf. Go back outside and go up the stairs to the top where you will find a path above the ground, jump over and pass the carts.

Tower emblem

Go past the carts and reach the end of the track, turn around to find the hidden emblem on the back of the cart.

Halfway down the path, jump back to the platform near the elevator and smash the crate, then go down the ladder to find a hidden object at the bottom of the stairs behind the elevator.

Insect larva

An insect hides around the corner at the stairs.

Go down through the mines, where you will be provoked by Alex, then go to a small room where you can get the map of the area. The next room will be saturated with poison gas which won't kill you if you are quick enough to climb the higher ground. In the next area look for the hidden object at the broken column and continue along the other gas filled area. Make your way through the enemies until you reach the button, then return to the collapsed room where you unlocked the door, take out the other enemies and go down the corridor until you reach the stairs. You will find yourself inside a very large room, with clouds of gas below you. Climb on the raised platform and drop down to reach the opposite side of the room, push the cart as low as possible and climb the stairs when you need oxygen. Once you have pushed the cart to the end, have Natalia pass inside the small room to open the Grimmick chest. Go back to the main platform of the room and go down the only corridor without a cart, take out the enemy and look up at the ceiling to find a diamond stuck in the stones. Go down the corridor to the left, then push the cart three times and take out the Revenant in the next corridor.

Insect larva

You will find an insect hidden on the opposite side of the cart, make sure you push it too far so that Natalia can walk around it and find the larva on the left wall.

Reach the wooden platform to get a new Magnum, then go back and enter the adjacent corridor, go right, pass the trolleys up the stairs and go through the doors. Take out the enemies, then walk the wooden path until you reach a button, this will unlock the door near the platform in the main room. Go back to the gas filled room and go through the door eliminating the enemy as well. Press the button to activate the fans and clear this area of ​​poisonous gas. Eliminate the enemies in the new area and use team play to open the door, go up to the safe area, move the crate to the opposite side of the main room and go up the stairs to find the elevator key. Go back from the elevator and open the gate.

Tower emblem

As soon as you get out of the elevator, look up at the metal pieces to find the emblem hidden between them.

Go down to the big circular gate and try to force it with Barry who will not succeed, try with Natalia who will strangely succeed in the attempt. Continue and cross the stone bridge to reach the next area. From the entrance to the mansion, you will find a locked door on the right and you will need the emblem key to open it. At the end of the hall, pick up the snare and go to the next room with the Revenant inside. The door in this room also needs the emblem key to open, so go back to the main room and take the other path. The corpse at the beginning of the room hides an object and as you advance you will be warned of the presence of a Revenant with the metallic sound it produces; go unnoticed when he enters the bathroom and take him out. Continue along the hall until you reach another enemy to be eliminated. Once inside the dark room, pick up the hidden item on the chair and in the broken case, then head to the opposite side and walk through the next room past another locked door. Go to the stairs and go down to the basement.

Tower emblem

Going down the stairs, turn around and look under them to find the emblem hidden behind some crates.

Once inside the laboratory, try to eliminate the various enemies by eliminating them one at a time.

Insect larva

Search behind a row of giant pipes to find the insect on top of one of them.

Once in the control room, collect the map of the area, then go down the stairs and use the workbench to upgrade your weapons. Enter the unlocked door to find a large flight of stairs with a corpse at the bottom, this holds the key to the door you found in the torture room; At the top of the stairs you will find yet another locked door that needs the emblem key.

Reach door number one to enter the morgue, use Natalia's senses to locate the Revenant to kill in the distance, then look for the emblem key which will be in a random location. Open all locked doors to find valuable items, then head to the room in the dark area to find the level two key card. Once you reach the room full of corpses, take out the Revenants in the pipes.

Tower emblem

As you walk through the very long area, look under the grate at the corpses to find the emblem below.

When you are ready, press the button at the elevator, then take out any enemies that attack you and go down to Alex Wesker's hideout.

Insect larva

The very last insect larva is on the opposite side of the workbench, on the flamethrower trap, use a brick to hit it.

During the final boss fight, use Natalia's senses to locate him when he hides in the ventilation system. Explosive bombs will have a big impact on the enemy and, of course, each of your best weapons. Try to hit the weak spots on the upper chest and in the neck. When Alex has taken enough damage, he will flee back into the ventilation system, use Natalia's senses again to locate him. Wait for him to come out to spit acid on you and hit him in the neck. When the enemy collapses on the floor, it will raise a big fuss, in this case it is better to retreat as the visibility will be considerably reduced and it is advisable to use only explosive bombs.

Game Note

If you killed Neil with Claire, you will end the game now with the negative ending, if instead it was Moira who dealt the final blow, you will have to face Alex a second time to get the positive ending.

After the previous fight, you will find yourself outside with Alex chasing you in an even more dangerous and terrifying form. Luckily you will have helicopter support circling near you and alternate between the sniper on the aircraft and Barry inside the tunnel.

Tower emblem

The very latest emblem is hidden right in the final boss fight for the positive ending. As soon as you have control of the sniper on the helicopter, check the upper area of ​​the ruined building, the emblem will be barely visible on one of the concrete pieces.

As the sniper, shoot Alex until he shows his weak point and hitting it will inflict even more damage. When you step into Barry's shoes, quickly hit the propane container on Alex's left, then run to one of the exits. Follow the path of the sniper and Barry until the moment in which you can use the proverbial launch missiles from the helicopter. Aim carefully and take out Alex Wesker once and for all!

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