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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences with the Spanish one.

Welcome to Hell

During the prologue of the game, you will receive your first ally, two Arcana that will make the journey easier and you will learn how the "Anger of Satan" indicator works. After the cutscene, you will find yourself in Hell, your task will be to reach the headquarters of the Ultor corporation. The headquarters building will be indicated on your map. Advance until you reach a road and wait for a vehicle to pass by to steal it; before that, open the map and place a marker on the Ultor building, thanks to this the game itself will show you the best way to reach your destination. Once you get to the palace, go inside and join the owner, your old acquaintance Dane. During the journey to the palace you will not be disturbed by anyone, just be careful when you pass over the bridges, in fact, the demons who do not follow the law can try to literally crash into you and make you fall into the lava below, also try not to engage Sinterpol, you only have one gun and trust that it won't be enough. After the chat with Dane, you will start a little tutorial on how to best use your wings. First you will need to take four groups of souls that will allow you to purchase upgrades for flight and super arcane dash. Finish all the flight tutorials and try to make the most of this situation to collect as many fragments as possible. The newly acquired mastery will serve you throughout the game, then fly from island to island until Dane tells you that you have done enough. Do not worry if you fall into the lava, in fact, you will be immediately teleported to a place from which you can continue your training.

Charged Halo

This mission will be available once "Welcome to Hell" is completed. Your task now will be to secure your aid to five powerful citizens of hell, as well as powerful allies. In exchange for the help you give, each of them will give you an arcane and you will unlock targets and activities in this area of ​​the city; finally each of them will also provide you with an alternative submission.

Gain the power of summoning

Reach the deck of the ship and touch the wheel, when the cutscene is over, Blackbeard will appear accompanied by several goblins. Your aim will be to protect both the ship and its captain. There will be other enemies as well, but they will not attack you, in fact, they will jump on Blackbeard or damage the ship.

The pirate is able to protect himself, but when the demons jump on him, he will stop shooting at other enemies. If you see that a demon grabs the captain, kill him immediately, thanks to this Blackbeard will be able to continue to help you. After the first wave, you will receive a new weapon "The Fist of the Gods". Thanks to the new weapon you can eliminate the remaining enemies in no time at all; it is fair to point out that you can hit your opponents even from a distance. The hammer is strong enough to kill even the enemies on the upper deck. For your help, Blackbeard will grant you the Arcane Summon with the Imp element.

Gain the power to step on

Shakespeare can be found in his club and near the DJ console. Enter the structure and defeat some enemies that are waiting for you. The club consists of a parquet, a balcony and a corridor that connects them. You can try to go upstairs right from the start, but you will be an easy target especially for the Shadow Demons and the winged ones. During the rest of the mission, you will have to hide behind a barrier and shoot the enemies below. Once the last opposing wave has been eliminated, talk to the manager of the club who is waiting for you. For eliminating Shakespeare's henchmen, you will get the Arcane Trampling along with the element of Power.

Get the power of the aura

Enter the prison and advance, you will have to reach the room with Vlad inside it. After regaining control, kill the demons around you and join your ally. A clash with a large group of demons awaits you, along with the flying and shadow ones. Pay special attention to the shadow demons, as the combat space will be quite tight and you will not be able to hide easily. The best option is to occupy a seat on the top balcony, from which you will have good aim at the enemies below. Aim at the heads of the opponents and crouch behind the barrier to minimize the damage received. Finally, kill the demon near the console and turn off the music. For your help, Vlad will give you the Arcane Aura and the Cold Fire element.

Get the explosive power

The twins can be found inside the building, you can reach their location through the garage or from a small entrance on the side. After the chat, you will be attacked by several demons. You will already be in a great position to defend yourself. You can either drop down and hide behind the covers in the garage, or use the side entrance to grab the enemies on the side. In both cases you will be forced to clash against an impressive number of enemies both flying and not. Try not to fight your opponents in the parking lot, where you will be unprotected, wait inside the building until they come out. After clearing the last opposing wave, talk to the Gemini. For your help, you will receive the Arcane Blast and the Stone element.

Create a position

In this category you will find many missions that will be available after earning the trust of the most important citizens of hell and unlocking the augmentation with the Anger of Satan. These missions can be considered to all intents and purposes as a small substitute for the main campaign as they will require considerable effort and will be closely connected with your activity in the underworld.

Trust missions

This task will consist of talking to your ally and completing their orders, then returning to talk to them again. You will have to complete various activities and take out some targets on the territory of the district you belong to. The list of tasks will be unique for each ally. Blackbeard will ask for four favors, the Twins six and the remaining allies only five. The tasks of your allies will be only activities, selected targets and that you can complete even without talking to them. You may prefer to complete everything before you even understand exactly what to do. By gaining the trust of your allies, you will gain experience, money and it will also be the best way to fill the "Anger of Satan" meter.

Rescue operation

You can start this quest after reaching at least level ten in the "Anger of Satan" meter. During the mission you will have to save your allies who have been kidnapped by Satan himself. Each of them will have to be saved by one or a few Dark Instigators and a group of demons of various nature and strength. Start by ignoring the Instigators and focus on their guards, especially if there are Grenadiers and Legionaries among them.

After you have eliminated most of the toughest opponents, you can focus on the flying ones. Ignore the lesser demons who will never pose a real threat. After saving your ally, you can take him with you, at this point the mission is considered completed. You will have to repeat this process four times in order to save each of your precious allies.

Ruining the wedding

You will get this mission after reaching at least level fifteen in the "Anger of Satan" meter. The clash with Satan, King of the underworld, is divided into three phases. During the first phase, the enemy will be near the throne or on one of the raised platforms. You can attack it without running any risk. Sometimes, the opponent will use his powers and draw you towards him, or he may teleport to a new location and throw fireballs at you over the distance, otherwise he will be harmless. During the second phase, Satan will transform into a cloud of gray smoke capable of multiplying. If you leave these clouds alive, they will start firing powerful bullets at you. Your task will be to hit these clouds until you find the one behind which Satan himself is hiding. After finding the opponent, he will be vulnerable to your attacks for a short period of time. During the third phase, Satan will hide behind a protective shield and throw several demons at you. The battlefield is somewhat restricted and it will be difficult to escape from incendiary enemies and missiles. However, it is also a perfect place to fight with the shotgun, automatic weapons and arcane powers. Don't forget to summon some help and use the Stomp ability often. After defeating all the enemies, Satan's shield will disappear and you will start the first phase again. The battle will continue until Satan's life is completely consumed, at which point you will have to reach your enemy and press the action button. During the fight, you will control Gat, and Kinzie will help you out. The opponent has a lot of life points, but no particular resistance. Attack him with whatever is at your disposal and try to quickly find out behind which cloud of gray smoke he is hiding, then take out his guards. Try to make the most of the first of the three phases as during this you will have the opportunity to inflict the greatest amount of damage. In the other stages of the battle, the opportunity to harm Satan will be limited. Put simply, try to carry out the first phase to the best of your ability and you will complete the whole fight more easily. Once you have defeated Satan, the King of the underworld, you can choose one of the five endings, to see another one, you will have to face the battle again.


In this category, you will find short and easy to complete missions that represent nothing more than a small formality. Many of these will allow you to obtain new equipment and new items for the most important missions.

Equip yourself

This simple mission will be entrusted to you after finishing your flight training. All you have to do is buy something in any of the gun shops. It is not important what to buy and at what cost, just enter the shop and buy anything. You will complete this mission much faster by exiting the Ultor palace and simply walking straight, in fact, you will find a weapons shop on a hill; it will be easy to reach this place with a jump and a little sprint.

Take a little break

You will be entrusted with this bizarre mission at the beginning of the game and after completing the mission with the lantern. Reach the point indicated by the game itself. North of the indicated territory, you will find a chair in front of a TV, sit on it to get one of the Seven Deadly Weapons, the Armchair-A-Geddon.

Enter the secret room

You will receive this mission after taking control of the five Marshalling Grounds. After taking the last of these, you will notice a new portal on the game map that can be reached near the tower of Satan, King of the underworld. Reach that location and inside the portal you will find one of the Seven Deadly Weapons, Uriel's Edge.

Arcane Lessons

Each ally will offer you a special training for the Arcana. An indicator that triggers the start of this mission can be found next to the ally himself, in the same place where you started the Charged Halo mission. Only Vlad will be an exception, in fact, he will take you to his palace; you will find it on top of one of the tallest towers of the castle itself. For each of these workouts, your task will be to eliminate some groups of opponents with the new Arcana you just obtained. First you will have to deal with a single enemy, then a small group which usually includes a few fliers. The enemies will not attack you and death will not lead to the failure of the mission itself.


This mission will be available after taking possession of all districts, which means recruiting all allies available in the game, completing all activities and eliminating all targets. You will recognize a district taken from one not yet in your possession by the fact that its color will change to purple. After you have taken control of all the districts, reach the new indicated point which is inside the Ultor building, you will start a short cutscene.

Random missions

In this category you will find all the missions that can be obtained simply by exploring hell. Some of these missions will require you to steal heavily armored vehicles that can be found easily and others will require killing specific and somewhat rare enemies such as Dex. To unlock this type of mission, you will have to complete the targets or get allies.

Get in heavily armored vehicle

This mission will be obtainable once the Twins are recruited. In Hell, you can find several heavily armored vehicles carrying important valuables. A specific symbol will appear on the mini game map as soon as the vehicle itself is nearby, your aim will be to take control of it and park it in the position shown by the game itself. If the forces of Hell are not specifically chasing you, these kinds of vehicles will tend not to attack you on sight, otherwise they will open fire immediately. In the first case, they will try to escape instead of killing you, they are very fast and you may have trouble catching them even using the Super Sprint.

The best way to achieve these means is to use the blast with the stone element. Once the vehicle is stopped, start shooting at it with whatever you like. Inside there will be a group of demons who will come out when the vehicle has lost at least a quarter of its total life, only after having cleared away the enemies can you make the vehicle yours.

Kill the Dex

This mission will be obtainable once Shakespeare is recruited. A decidedly easy and undemanding task, in fact, wandering around the city you will have the opportunity to meet the damned soul of Dex, a character from the very first games of the Series. Your task is simple, kill him! Dex is not armed and has very little life. Sometimes he will be protected by some demons of various types and strengths. Your target will be indicated in red and his guards in white. Eliminating his henchmen as well will not be necessary to complete the mission, so you can ignore them and focus on Dex himself.

Spheres of Sin

After taking control of the Mining Industry, some pawns will begin to glow yellow. Your aim will be to eliminate these targets in order to free the sphere inside them, reach it and destroy it with the action button to get valuable values. Once the sphere is released, it will start flying in a specific direction and this will be indicated in yellow on the game map. Once you reach the intended destination, the sphere will hide under the ground, so you can only destroy it before it reaches this precise point.

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