Ninja Gaiden: Black Complete Walkthrough

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You will learn in this chapter the basic skills that you will need later to continue. As soon as you reach the high wall, run to it and take the platform. Follow the path, then open the chest. Now go up again, going up the hill on the left. Climb the trunk at the same time. Kill the ninjas. Cross the gap. Run down the corridor, then help yourself with the wall to kill the nija. Once they are dead, a next one will appear, kill that too. Jump again to exit the fortress. Kill the ninja waiting for you, then go through the wooden door, and kill here too. Go through the double doors, then again ninja to kill. Turn around and head to the other side of the corridor, kill all the ninjas, then go to the alcove in the center of the wall. Break the wall, go up the stairs, then drop into the cave. As soon as you see two torches, turn your gaze to the left. Destroy the torches, then head to the arch. Go back to the statue and insert the objects, and return to the room with the door, killing the ninjas there. Save at the save point near the stairs. Then kill other enemies, and you will then come to the boss battle.

MASTER MURAI The boss is fast, and his attacks do a lot of damage. Try to use pre-drilled attacks through the wall. Blocked, as Murai attacks after his combos have ended. Keep blocking with patience.


Run along the fortress you entered from, there are no enemies along the way. Go through all the holes, then go up the path, then take the elevator, and go down. So turn around, and take the cash desk behind the elevator. Grab the bombs near the chest, then follow the path, then swim to the left, and kill all the enemies, hitting the wizard as well. Once they are all dead, go up the ladder on the right, climb up to get to the map. Cross the path, and go into the water, running to the platform on the right. You will also see a curtain, run towards it. There is also a chest, take whatever you can from it. Now go to the save point. Before going up the stairs, get the potion from the chest. In the village you will have to face some puzzles, not particularly difficult. Before continuing into the village, kill all the characters that are in its vicinity. Then in the first alley on the left. Head back to the main path, towards the stone circle, then place your head on the statue to receive everything you need. Get nine for more life. Then go up to the vase in the window, and take whatever you can. Now drop down to the area below. There are things to get here. Buy some elixir. Go outside, you will have to face other enemies. Kill them all, use your weapons. Take the arrows. You will have to face people, you can either attack them as they pass, or stay close to the hill, and hold the key to go into first person mode, trying to aim high so that the dish is perfect. Continue to the save point, then get ready for the next boss.

BOSS: HORSE CAPTAIN This boss is pretty strong. He cannot be knocked off his horse. Use your shuriken. One tactic is to dodge it, then hit and attack. Another turns out to be staying close to the gate, running up the wall and hitting it by pressing the attack button. Do this every time you feel it coming. Once the captain is dead, get the magic on the floor. Head through the gate to finish the chapter.


You will need to use the map in this level. Exit the corridor, then enter the next room, then go back to the corridor, you will notice a locked door behind you, you will need an ID card to continue. Continue along the corridor, then reach the chest. Get the map, then go through the window, kill everyone. Enter the back of the room, then kill everyone. Be careful not to stay up too long, so take all things from the merchants. Enter the door, exit one of the spiral stairs, go to the merchant to upgrade your weapons. Now kill the merchants. Go left, going towards the crowd, go through the double doors, then go to the door on the side of the booth, take the note from the desk, then the map. Now head to the elevator, pass the computers and continue to the elevator again, kill everyone, get the ID card from one of the enemies. Enter the locked door next to the elevator, then go back to the elevator, and take the locked door on the left. Continue to the room down the stairs, arriving at the main deck. Destroy the small boxes, then move on. Halfway through the path, kill everyone. Once done, grab your blaestra as you will have to kill merchants. Now go on swinging; fight with the enemies, using the counter to help you in the fight. Now go back to the window with the big X. Break the window itself and jump inside it. All the doors here have now been unlocked. Go back to the living room and enter the door at the end of the corridor. Climb up the boxes, then continue to the back to find two crates, one with a taslimane. Continue to the Crew Compartment through the locked door, then go up the stairs, jump forward and attack. Kill everyone, then go up to the box on the corner. Run to the wall, then jump out, then continue along the walkway killing the enemy, go to the platform on the right. Kill all the enemies, also try to use a technique to run faster. To get to the next walkway, run along the metal wall, then kill the enemies in speed. Head to the ladder, then have to fight the boss.


It has three attacks, all three not particularly difficult to avoid. Try to eventually get close to him and try to hit him or roll to the side, this way you will always have the opportunity to get close. There are essentially two strategies: you can run around Dynamo while he saps you, or try to get close and avoid his grip. Dynamo is not that difficult, however.


Immediately save the game. Kill the merchants. Beware of the statue. Before exiting down, look for the door near the bars. Inside is a chest with an Elixir. Now go through the gate. On the right, grab the dead ninja, then grab his guillotine. Go to the door with the jewel, then kill the merchants and enter the next door. Ignore the stairways and continue down the alley with a gate. Take the stone, then unlock the gate and place the tablets on the statues. Again, continue down the alley, this time going down. In the end, you will have to fight against two enemies, a mercenary in the corner, another in the balcony. Use your crossbow to do this. Kill the one on the right as well. Head to the stairs, and pass the blue platform above them. Jump to the balcony, then jump to the blue part, and get through it all continuing to the chest. Di nuvo down and the stairs to return to the starting point. Run to the platform, then go up to the alcove and drop into the street. Go through the yellow door, then into the alley, and then go through the door on the right. Go back to where you were before, there is a blue door with stairs. Now go up, and kill all three mercenaries. Enter the small room with a chest, immediately take everything. Then go down the stairs, and continue down the street, then going right. Keep going until you come out. Head inside, and talk to the merchant. Grab a map, and in case you have the money, grab L'Armlet of the Sun as well. Head left out of the merchant's shop to the door with the jewels. Enter it. When you get to the street, there is a fountain near the left wall, with a Scarab. Head to it, then to the right, looking for a blue section on the wall. At the end an alley from which you can go up on a platform. Kill the dudes, then go back outside and go up the stairs, kill the enemies, jump on the platforms, follow the blue sign on the platform, go ahead and get the scarab, continue until you reach the chest. Go down the street, then kill some enemies, then enter the door, and you will have to see the merchant, who will give you a ticket. First perl, go to the alley on the left. Run along one of the blue lines, jump to the wall to go to the other side. Do this three times to get to a platform. Then drop into the alley, and grab the scarab. Now go back to the merchant, buy something from him.


Save at the save point, and grab all items. Then head to the man in the tent. Now get off the balcony, and smash the chest. Go through a series of corridors, killing everyone as you go. Be sure you are not missing anything. Now get the elixirs and the map, then head out north through the door with the jewel. Go along the path, then run along the blue line, around the corner. Take the elixir again, and go down the stairs. Don't worry and continue along the road. Go through the tunnel until you reach a gate. Save your game, then go up the stairs. You are now in a square. Enter the north door, and talk to the merchant. Kill him, then try to kill the rest as well. Look at the broken wall, then look at the opening in the buildings, then go to the rails on the other side. One platform contains a chest with a key. Run along the wall to your right, but don't jump for now. You will have enough steam and height to get to the other side with the Scarabeo. Now, go down and follow Moat Road to the Pegasus Gate. Pull the lever you can see nearby, then go back to the square, kill the mercenaries, and go up to the main hall. At the top, kill the ninjas, then save and enter the path on the left and one on the right, both of which lead to the same place. Now take the one on the right, as you will find a Spirit Elixir inside. When you reach the square, the gates close, so head along the path to the left. Enter the alley, fight the ninja, then take the elixir, exit the alley and continue along the path to the monastery. You fight with some enemies, then after they die you will have to see a cutscene, and face a boss.

Boss: Hydracubus

This boss despite his powerful appearance is actually very easy if you know what to do. Its long tentacles still provide it with only two moves. It will be easy to avoid it. Try to tear apart both tentacles, so that the body becomes vulnerable for you to hit it with multiple combos. You will have to tear the beast to pieces repeatedly. In case you have smashed both organs, you can absorb the two objects to make the most powerful attack.


Continue along the hole in the wall to go to the monastery. Enter the Annex and go up the stairs. Then kill the enemies, then drop down again, and go out to get a crate. Kill the enemies as well, continuing onward. Save. Inside the monastery, get the stuff from the chest, then go left to get the elixir. Now head to the altar, then kill all the enemies you find nearby. Whenever you see some green light, jump quickly. Now go on until you find the archive. As you enter, the doors lock and some sorcerers attack you. Use the walls to go higher. Now read some books in the room. Break all the crates on the second floor. Look in the sculpture. Climb up again, going to the wall, and jumping. Get the beetle. Friends are waiting for you inside. Continue to the next door. Take everything from the lockers. Now head through the door and into the monk's room. Take the item on the table, then read the monk's diary. Now you need to go to the lock on the right of the big gate. The combination is: left until you reach 2, then right until 7, right until 1, left until 2. Inside some books, then enter the door, then go down. Before entering the hole you just opened, go back to the archives. Kill the enemies, then get on the platform, and get everything. Go back, and drop into the hole. Kill the enemies, then use the save point. When ready, enter the gate, then use an incendiary shuriken to blow up the wall. Then run forward, then stay on the left at the beginning, and run along the wall to the first path. Now move to the right, and then pass the traps. Run to the right, then take a small jump to the other floor. Run from wire to wire until you get to a solid platform. There is a save point with a chest. Drop down, then you will reach the end with two gates and an altar. One leads up, the other to the left. Go to the left one, kill the enemy, drop down, get the item, then run to the left wall, and get the scarab. Turn around, and jump to the platform. Jump on the wall to your left, go down the steps, then go down, and enter the tomb. Move along it, killing the enemies, and get the elixir. Go up the elevator, activating the switch with an attack. Kill the enemies, then grab the chest, then head to the main tomb. Again, take the enemies apart, then watch the cut scene. Grab your weapons, then follow the people, all attacks must be charged. Keep moving, using the wall to get behind the enemies and attack. Always attack the archers first. Now go back to the elevator. Hit the switch, then fight again. Kill all the enemies, then go down the tunnel and go up the ladder. Enter the opening, going up the ramp to take the Grail and bring it to its place. Once you are back in the upper area, continue along the platforms, opening the house.

Boss Battle: Bone Dragon

The boss is big, but easy. Try to block his attacks from being made through a couple of bones. Try to run and avoid it all. After doing enough damage, the bones will crack. Continue along your path, occasionally the T-Rex changes its reference foot. Try to get away from him when he makes this move. The only other attack you need to worry about is when your head is spinning.


Continue along the basement. Search the walls for a Scarab. Enter the door, then kill the enemies. In the next room, talk to the merchant. Refuel. Also take the map. Save and head to the next room. Take everything you can. Kill all enemies in this area. The main door, however, is blocked by two arms. You will have to go to the blue and red rooms to get it to open.

Blue Room

Enter, and kill the archer in front of you. There are also two more on the sides. Grab the arrows, then head to the entrance. Take the bow. Drop down, you will now be in the range of the archers. Wait for them to try to hit you, then block and kill the other. Go back to the stairs, and get the treasure from the chest. On the right of the archers, there is a red switch. If you fire, a blue bridge appears briefly. Also shoot the pendulum switch at the top. The best strategy is to hit the first pendulum, then hit the switch. Shoot the next two as well, then jump and then head for the wall. Now you can hit the switch. Go back to the main room, and enter the red door.

Red Room.

Kill the three archers. Take the chest, you can use the arrows contained in it for the archers. Head towards the tube, you will have to slow down the two pendulums near the section with the thorns. Head to the other side, and flip the switch. The door in the central part of the room unlocks. Enter. Kill the enemy, then grab the item, and exit the room. Jump to the top, grab the item from the throne, then enter the room, save, run down the hall, kill the archers, then use the wall runs to avoid them, enter the room, and fight everyone. Then enter the Enterno Sleep Chamber, there is an item to take. Hit the switch on the right as well. Then run along the wall, round the corner and drop the top of a rock platform. Jump from here to the sarcophagus and grab the Wolf. Then take the key, and continue along the gate. Go through the tunnel. You cannot access the elevator yet. Return to the junction chamber. Wait for the ninjas. Hit them. Enter the same combination as before. Head inside the door, then go down. Kill the enemies, then head to the altar. Fight the boss. He has a large number of moves.

BOSS: NC-17 Queen

You will need to use your speed attack often, and run through the air, hitting it quickly and promptly, to avoid being anticipated. Once she hits, she usually falls down on one foot, giving you the option to use Ninpo or combos. You will have to try to understand all his attacks to stay alive.


Before you go, go back to the monastery for a moment. Save the game. The next move is to tear apart the military base at Tairon. Enter the gate and fight with the military. Follow the map to Tairon. Kill the enemies. Follow the path, then use the incendiary shot to detonate the wall. Use the skull to get the scarab on the ground, and tear the crate to pieces. Head to the wall, then climb up on it, and jump down. After climbing up onto the second platform, look to the left. Look at the scarab on the other platform. Go back to the second of them. You will have to go back for a moment. Then drop down, and head for the military gate. Watch out for the turrets that will be aimed at you. Use the arrows. Head to the gate so the helicopter can't catch you. Look to the window, grab the whole thing inside, then jump away. Once they are dead, you will see a cutscene. Now go back to the beginning, and look through the window. Run through the gate.


To the left of the tunnel, get a scarab. There are also two turrets, run forward and stand in front of the staff center. Jump, and throw your Shuriken. One hit will kill anything that can be killed. Kill anything again, then head out and block the turret fire. When it stops for a moment to reload, you too stop and reload. Take the key, and use it to open the warehouse door. You will have to solve a puzzle, but first get the items. Now go up the stairs, and get the things from the chest. Shoot the demons, then continue forward, and near the stairs take the chest. There is also a platform that you can jump to from here. But still go up the stairs, and hit the switch at the top of them. Jump onto the platform, jump off the train, then onto the next one. Wait for the platform, jump to the right, then grab the elixir, go up the stairs, and enter the office. Get the map and a key. Now go back to the first floor, use the keycard to open the lock, then once inside, kill the enemies and break the doors. Head through the door, and up the stairs, then fight.


It has four attacks, none of which are powerful enough to damage you beyond repair. He can throw grenades at you, or shoot with the machine gun. Run around the tank, then stop and aim, then start hitting the tank with your arrows. If it charges you, just try to avoid. Once the first dies, a second arrives immediately. Get the elixir, then get on the elevator, and save. There is another boss now.


The helicopter is not strong. It has only two connections. First he will hit you with machine guns, then with missiles. Attack the helicopter as soon as it passes you. Hit it in its lower part. Always keep it in front of you so that it does not escape you. Try to avoid taking damage by avoiding all the missiles. Once it has been torn to pieces, return to the save point. Go back up, get the potion, go between the walls, at the top get the scarab. Before you go to destroy the radio tower, you'll need to get some mercenaries to the top to do damage. Once this is done, destroy everything. Beware of the RPG. To get the pots that are in the lot, you have to go to the left or right of half a wall. Try to move quickly and often. As soon as you are done with the tower, take the elixir. Enter the door and go to a walkway. There are four drons. Destroy the first one, then run up the wall, then destroy the rest. The next room, keep other people to kill. Here, too, take the various items you will need. Try to enter the door, but it appears to be blocked. Go up and activate the controls to continue.


Take the crate with the explosive arrows, and the one with the object. Your goal now is to get to the sewers. Head to the cover. Kill the enemies, then enter the hole. Shatter the bats, and use the save point on the right. Enter the corridor, where you will be attacked by many wolverine friends. Take everything you can. Then head for the door, and go down the stairs, killing everyone. At the top of the stairs, search the bodies. There are multiple exits to this place. Go up the stairs. Kill the first of Wolverine's friends. Now go to the southwest exit. You will not be able to access the sewers yet. Now go to the room to the north, and then take the treasure chest. You will now have to solve a rather tedious puzzle. There are three scales, and to finish this puzzle you need to release water into the other two scales. Look to the left side of the room to see a raised piece of wall. Climb up the wall, and take the platform. Climb on it. Kick the chest to get the key. Leave the place now, and save your game, then go up the elevator. The room is empty, take the chest. You will have to block to be able to avoid damage from insects. Use wall jumps. The most effective method is to stay in the middle and use the inferno move. You will need to return to the level above yours. Go to where you dropped down, and run along the left wall until you reach one side. Jump to the adjacent wall, and then again. Go to the right, and enter the red door. Kill the enemies, then left. You will now have to face a boss. Use the Insect Key on the door.


It essentially has four attacks; a ball of light that is easy to avoid, a charge, in which you have to avoid standing in the center of the platform; electrified water, and a strange attack, in which the insect raises its head and drops itself in one of two directions. In general, try to avoid jumping attacks. Try to be patient. Once done, take the item from the only one, and enter the hole. Now look up, and go up. Continue along the tunnel to find yourself at the top of a hall. Grab the treasure chest on the right, then enter the tunnel. Now, still on the right, there is a chest with various things. Go down to the first level of the hall of balance, and exit the room. Head right, and enter the door. Kill several people, then head to the other side. Take the chest, then right, Scarab. Take him too and insert the red tablet. A door opens between the box and a stream of water runs towards another point in the Hall of Blance. Enter here again, and go up the stairs. Take to the right. Take the statue, then go back to the aqueduct. Go to the door you haven't gone to yet, and place the statue in its place. The door opens and you can enter. If you need to stock up on potions, there is a merchant on the way to the stock. Head inside. Watch out for bats. Then go through the tunnel, then reached the water, the battle begins.


There won't be much to think about for the two worms. Just try not to go in the water. Continue into the tunnel. So take the elixir. Go into the shaft on the left. Get the crate. Enter a tunnel on the left again. Kill the Wolverines. Come on; Break the wall, then go up the stairs. Enter the reserve, put the blue tablet on the pedestal. Kill the enemies, then forward down the corridor, thus unlocking the gate. Kill the enemies, get the crate. Jump between the first and second columns, then grab the item, then climb onto the statue, pressing the switch, opening the door. Go past the platforms, then get to the basement, take out the opponents. Inside the room on the right, then go up to the top. Take the arrows, aiming for the red light. Enter, cross the platform, then sat diagonally to get to the tree above you. So let yourself fall down. Another boss.


You will absolutely have to avoid his attacks in order not to die right away. They mainly consist of: Laser Line: This attack is generally used from long distance. As soon as you see a line coming out of the ground, jump left or right, then move forward.

Charge: When you attack directly, he will attempt to charge you. To try to avoid him, never stand directly in front of him.

Stomp: He'll flap his feet one after the other. It won't do any good to try to block.

Double Stomp: As before, only the enemy leaps into the air and lands with both feet.

Smack: He will use his bone wing to hit you. The attack can be blocked, but damage will still be done to you.

Wind Whip: The bird will close its wings, and send some stones into the air. After a few seconds, it will blow up its wings. As soon as you see that its wings are closing, head to the wall, and block. In fact, none of its attacks can hit you when you are attached to the wall

Why: Try to stay halfway, and avoid the laser.
As for your attack strategy, you will need to be patient, as his life bar is very long. You will have to try to move to the sides, and block, then counterattack. By doing this, you shouldn't run into any particular problems. The Lunar attack turns out to be very effective against this boss.


Get the elixir, and the map from the treasure chests. So dive in. Don't head for the giant fish directly, as they catch you very hard. Attach them from the sides. Once you have the items, swim to the other side. Enter the tunnel, then go into the room, then inspect the dead body. Continue to the opening, and head for the two drones. Try to avoid the lasers by swimming to the surface. Then head to the other side, and enter the next tunnel. Continue along it, until the opening. There are no enemies in this place. Swim down to the bottom. Look for the object in the body. Go back to the lock and put the combination 0971. Now enter the next tunnel. After, go to the surface. Look for the weapon in the dead body, then go to the merchant. As soon as you emerge, head for the dry land. There are three drones. Get the Scarab. Head into the next tunnel, and return to the surface, then hit the bat, and grab the items. Get back in the water, swimming down the next tunnel. In the room, there is a sealed door, but to the right another tunnel, enter it. So kill the fish, turn right and get the Scarab. Now swim into the opening, and on the left enter the tunnels. Swim then get on the ship, and use the shuriken, killing the enemies. Go back to the ship, then take the hand, and return to the top of the ship. Use the found object to gain access to the second deck of the ship. Dive back into the water, then swim back into the ship. Continue to the back, then swim into the new hole. Take the oxygen cylinder. Leave the ship and swim down the tunnel. Get past it, then get the Life of God, then continue to the end to get another item. Save, then kill the enemies, place the medallions on the wall, and save. In the open area where you are now there are many fish and some drones. Turn around to find the back of the previously blocked tunnel. Enter the water, kill the fish, swim down the crevice, find yourself in the dungeon, then swim back to the top. You will come to a family room, continue to the entrance, pressing Y to destroy all the fish. Now, go through the elevator. Also swim along the tunnel. You will come to an elevator with a Save Point. You will now have to face a Boss.


You will mainly have to use your jumps to beat this boss. Try to avoid all his attacks, then hit him very quickly, then return to protect yourself, and repeat the procedure. It is not a good idea to use the charge. Attacks:

Slash: A simple shot that can be blocked or avoided. It is usually the first in a series of attacks.

Charge: As the name of the move says, it is a charge. It's easy to see when it's going to be done, so it's also pretty easy to avoid.

Bad Breath: Doku pulls off his mask, then breathes in a blue flame. It is easy to avoid this attack. You can see it coming, so jump to avoid it all.

Sword Throw: Doku throws his sword at you like a boomerang. Jump on it, and make a slash attack while it is helpless.

Killer Combo: This is a combination of all of his previous moves. It is easy to see, but not that easy to avoid. Try to escape in total manner. Try to stay at a distance.


Grab the sword, return to save, then back to the arena. Continue behind the pillars; taking the object, and overcoming the platforms. . Pull the lever, head into the arena. Climb onto the platform on the left, pull the lever. Jump, then pull the lever on the right. Run and jump on the wall to the next platform, then back to the corner and again to get to the next platform. Pull the lever, and head to the chest. Hit him for an elixir. Jump to the next platform and pull the lever. Go back to the platform on the left, pull the lever. Go back to the room with the columns, press the first lever, then you can finish the puzzle with platforms. Now head to the first platform you jumped on. Run along the wall, jumping to the corner. Continue along the wall, and then to the platform. Go ahead, until you get the scarab. Drop down, climb up and run along the wall, making a jump to the corner. Now head to the right, using the platform to get to the walkway, then to the final lever. Pull it to raise a section of the wall, which will allow you to cut out. Continuing, you will arrive at the Life of Gods in a chest, and a Scarab. Now enter the chamber where you pulled the first lever. Head to the wall, then reach the staircase. Kill the Wolverines. Take the cassas. Return to Tairon. Now to the left, then into the door. Cross the bridge, enter the gate, killing the military. On the left, inside a door. Break it with the hammer. Run to the balcony, then down, going out. Left at the end of the alley, then right. Enter the door, then back into the door with five jewels. Talk to the old man, then go back to the bridge, entering the woods. Go get the map on the left. On the right, break the statues. Dive into the water, swim to the tree. Now to the edge, taking a beetle. On the surface, take the crate. Smash everything with the hammer, then kill the enemies in the woods. Jump over the hole, arriving at the save point. Head to the ice wall, now right, and go up the stairs. Break the floor, climb up again, go through the hole, and take the shield. Save, put the shield on the door. Fight the enemies, then grab the metal tablet. Be careful not to fall into the lava. Use Ninpo to defeat them. Run to the wall, move the platforms, then jump to the next one. Go past the lava, waiting for steam to form. Then, to the left, and then continue along the wall. Swing, then center the camera and head for the steam. At the end of the platform, to the left. Kill the enemies, press the switch at the bottom, pass the platforms that will be created. Head to the first, running forward. Jump diagonally, then continue to the left. Use the section of the wall that comes out of the ground to overcome the obstacle. Then drop to the right to jump again. Enter the hole, continue towards the well, throw the pieces inside, to let everything out. Kick the cashier. Return to Magma Lake, dropping into the hole, then following the map until you get to the furnace.


The boss is easy, you just have to attack, jump, and avoid, as always. Attacks:

Flip: Usually, the boss jumps between attacks. It is a time when he is vulnerable.

Tantrum: The Sloth breaks the ice, creating small explosions. You will have to keep moving and jumping. They come in groups of three or four.

Slow-motion Windmill: The Sloth smashes the ice with its fists, in a kind of dance. When it starts moving, jump back. The Sloth will try to follow you, keep moving. If it remains on the ground, run and do a combo.

One-Two Punch: This is one punch followed by another.

Hug: If you are in direct line of sight, the enemy will try to take you. This is another rather slow move. Jump left and right, then do some combos. The boss strategy never changes. Collect the treasure, then use it to unlock the door. Climb the walls, then once you get to the top, move on. You'll take the platform, then head down. Ryu automatically takes the next platform. Pull up, then kick the crate. Exit the window, arriving at the merchant. Then grab the chest, and go to the save point. Go to the corner of the corridor, then wait for the flames, then turn left and stay close to the left wall. There are two flames continuing down the corridor. As you begin, you will see a statue pointing towards you. There comes another fire on the right. Stay on the left, then go left again as you reach the intersection. Wait for the flame to go out, and head to the right. Smash the crate, then another boss.


Stay on the platform. The worm has the same attacks as the worms you faced earlier, except that it has a ring of fire instead of the electric ball. Blow up when the worm goes back. Once you have it roasted, jump on the magma and get the Eye of Fire. After defeating the worm, enter the room, it is a rather difficult series of platforms. Before doing this, head to the right and grab an item from the chest. Go back to the switch, so be careful, as you'll have to be quick and accurate. If you miss a jump, go back to the switch. The sequence is: Press the switch while standing behind it. Run forward and jump to the platform. Head to the ground. Go left, and run forward to the platform, grabbing it. Now, again, jump to the bar, then press left to turn to the wall. As soon as you go around the corner, jump down. With the right timing, you'll need to get close to the flame. Go through the door to find yourself in the magma lake. Save, then exit the magma lake. Hit the switch, then jump to the left, and run to the wall to climb the platform. Go to the door and enter the Eye of Fire and Eye of Ice. Open the door, and head forward, grabbing the devil, then face the boss.

BOSS: FLAME DRAGON The Dragon can be very powerful, but it can withstand very few attacks, so if you are patient you will not have problems. You will always have to block.

Fireball: A Fireball will shoot you. They usually come in pairs of two.

Heat Wave: The dragon will scream, then move its wings to create a heat wave. Block and you will have no damage.

Breath of Fire: The dragon pops its head out, and then heads to the right or left. It's easy to jump, but if you wait, you can jump and attack.

Riser: The dragon will scream but two moving platforms will rise.

Chow Down: The dragon shoots your head, try to avoid it.

There is a top that you can get to. There are two platforms with switches. Press one of them to make the platform go up. It stays there for a few seconds, then drop off to one side quickly. Here it is easier to see the dragon. You can also jump on top of his head, then again and press Y. Use your explosive arrows preponderantly. You can also shoot, and it will take you a few shots to kill him.


Stop at the dead body to get the map. You will then reach a room with a save point. Kill the enemies, then run along the wall. Press the jump button, then continue. Don't stop until you reach the top. Grab the arrows, then kick the crate. Now go to the door. Go back to the aqueduct. Save, and go up the ladder. Head to the bridge, drop it, then walk. Destroy the enemies, then move behind one of them. Make him a combo. Kill all three of them. Continue to the square, place the tablets on the pedestal, then press X. Head to the other circle near the bridge, then you will arrive at the Fiend Realm, where you will have to fight with 50 enemies. If you survive, you will have other items. Now go back to Hayabusa Village. Go back to the rock too, and break it. Follow the map to the cemetery. Then walk along it, and then have a True Dragon Blade. Enter the Stone Circle, and teleport. Then back to the teleporter. Head outside, then save your game, because you'll have to fight a boss.

BOSS: Alma, the NC-17 Queen

The attacks are the same as last time. Run in circles when the spells are fired at you, etc. The plan to overcome the battle is to never attack when Alma is in the air. As soon as it hits the ground, do your dash attack, and do some combos. Once dead you will be in front of a pyramid. Climb on the wreckage, and you will see the door that you have to open. There are three more on the sides. The one behind on the left can now be opened. Go through the corridor, and take the Pyramid map. There is another door on the left, ignore it for now. Continue to a room with a mirror. There is also fire in the altar with the mirror. Stay close to the altar, and use your Infirm move. Go back to the dead body, and walk along the door. Smash the chest, taking an elixir. Go to the wall, and place the water tablet in its place. So you unlock a piece of the puzzle. Kill the Bug Fiends now, then exit through the new opening, following the corridor. Save, then back into the hallway, and enter the door on your left. Kick the chest, then take the fire tablet, and enter the door. Place the Fire Tablet in the appropriate hole. You will have to fight with other insects. Now you can get to the closet, take the Snake. Head over to the Plant Tablet, grab it and place it in the right slot. You can now enter the door.


Exit the pyramid and follow the path. Head to the opposite side of the save point; then take the chest on the right, and follow the path, killing the enemies, until you reach a small room with a portal. Enter to get to the Fiend Realm. It is a kind of arena. You will have to fight with a dozen Wolverines this time. Break the chest to get the key and return to the save point. Use the key on the gate, then kill the enemies. There are many Piranhas, but there is a specific number for each session. Exit the alley and continue along the main corridor. At the intersection, up the stairs, then take the elixir on the left and take the dead body on the right. Keep going, then kill the Piranhas, paying attention to the Clam Fiend. Smash the chest to get an Essence Bath, then run along the wall to the upper platform. Walk counterclockwise, then kick the box in the corner. Take the left turn, and follow the path until you take the Scarab. Now on the other side. Go up the stairs, then take the elixir, then go to the corridor and stand until they are all dead. At the intersection, turn left and you will see an elevated area with a Scarab. Move along the path and take the next left turn to get the elixir. Now left again. When they're all dead, grab the key and head back to the intersection. Go down the steps, then you will face the boss.


Doku has the same attacks he previously possessed. This time, however, it is a little stronger. The camera in the fight is a problem, you will have to keep centering it. Use the usual jump slash. The tactics are quite similar to those seen for its previous form.

Solution Summary



This is the last chapter of the game. Look for a platform on which it seems easy to get on, and go up, then run straight. Do a dance between the walls to reach the top. Continue up until you reach the dragon blade, take it and place it. Enter the hole, then walk left along the platform until you reach a wall. Swing until you can go up. You will reach a point where there is no way to get to the next point. BOSS: MURAI, HIDDEN EMPEROR The final boss is very easy to kill. You will have to do your simplest attack - the Dash Attack - to kill him.

Throwing Stars: Murai heads towards you, and throws giant stars at you. Try to avoid them, or just attack it.
Charge: As usual.

Combo: This is one of the easiest combos to block in the entire game.

Grab: If you get too close, it can catch you.

Teleporter: Murai holds his sword and teleports to the other side of the arena, then attacks. Move to the place where it was teleported.

Snake Charmer: If Murai is frustrated, he raises his sword and teleports upward, calling out a magical snake. Run behind the rock on the right side of the screen and you won't have any problems.

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