Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy - Main Story Choices Guide

Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy - Main Story Choices Guide

Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy is finally available and, for this reason, we have created a guide to help players by indicating which are the most suitable choices for their style. In fact, in the tie-in developed by Eidos Montreal and published under the wing of Square Enix, users will have to make several decisions as Star Lord, the historic captain of the now well-known Guardians of the Galaxy. The decisions you make will shape your experience and, as with any title of this type, there will be the most influential and the least influential.

Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy - Main Story Choices Guide

ATTENTION: in this guide we will reveal all the choices of the game based on the chapter, for this reason we remind you that the following is full of spoilers of the main story of Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy, therefore our advice is to consult it at the end of the run main, so as not to ruin the gaming experience.

What are the choices of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy? Here is the guide

Chapter 1

This chapter has no influential choices.

Chapter 2

Hide Rocket's llama or secret stash
At the beginning of the chapter you can choose what to hide. If you decide the Ko-Rel Llama will fin you only 7000 credits in Chapter 2, but you will get a shortcut for Chapter 10. If you hide the Rocket stash, Ko-Rel will fine you with 8000 credits in Chapter 2, however making it a fight of chapter 9 much easier.

Siding with Nikki or Ko-Rel
We recommend that you be nice to Nikki throughout this chapter, as later in the elevator ride with Ko-Rel and Nikki, you can side with Ko-Rel or Nikki. It is HIGHLY advised to always side with Nikki (so take the blame). Nikki will give you her access card, which is a missing item in the compendium. You can use it later in Chapter 7 to open locked doors to collectibles that would otherwise be inaccessible. There is also no real benefit to siding with Ko-Rel here.

Chapter 3

Selling Rocket or Selling Groot

When you start the chapter you will have to decide whether to sell to Lady Hellbender or Groot or Rocket. Surrendering Groot will give you an advantage over what happens in Chapter 4, which is to close the deal with Lady Hellbender interested in the purchase. Selling Rocket won't help as the Lady isn't interested. If you sell Groot you will go to the Lady's throne room, if instead you choose Rocket you will go to the Vault and to get the money you will have to carry out a theft, which will happen, precisely in chapter 4. It follows that it would be preferable to sell Groot, anyway you will get anyway clothes and objects, but located in different places.

Encourage Drax to throw Rocket or prevent it

When you get to a cliff, Drax will take Rocket to launch it or make a path. By deciding to cast it, Rocket will be furious at you until the end of the chapter. Instead, if you don't get it launched, you can make a path around the cliff and Rocket will appreciate the gesture. Nothing changes for the purposes of the story and in the following chapters and all objects can be recovered equally.

Chapter 4

Negotiating with Lady Helbender

It refers to the choice to sell Groot or Rocket in the previous chapter. By selling Rocket there will no longer be any possibility of future negotiations. The Lady will think of a scam against her and at that point there will be a fight and it will be necessary to steal the money. So the right solution is to sell Groot. The amount you will get depends on the dialogue. To get the biggest amount you will have to speak well of Drax and give it to him, as the Lady has a personal interest in Drax. Following other dialogues you will have less gain.

Chapter 5

Talk into the helmet or don't

If you talk into the helmet you will attract enemies, if you don't it won't happen. Other than that, the choice will have no consequences later on.

Chapter 6

Singing with the alien in the bar

If you decide to enter the bar you will come across an alien named Lipless who will want to sing with you. All you have to do is choose the musical pieces as if they followed the atmospheric trend, that is, “Like a Hurricane” and then “Through the Rain”. If you do everything correctly, you will get the Collector's Shop Ticket. If you decide to bypass the bar it is obvious that you will get nothing. Any choice you make will have no effect in the following chapters.

In this chapter it should be added that it would be preferable to keep the money and avoid buying items, as you have already taken a fine in chapter 2 that you will have to pay in chapter 9, and which, among other things, you will need for the bronze trophy Galactic Frugality.

Chapter 7

In this chapter any choice of dialogue will not give any result either in this or in the next chapters.

Chapter 8

Distract Raker by talking

Talk to Raker so he gets distracted and Rocket has enough time to take the drone out of action. Doing this will benefit you in later chapters when the drone returns to you.

Flashback con Mamma

In this flaschback you will save your mother who will try to hug you, but in reality it is only an illusory situation. Unfortunately you will have to shoot her otherwise her hugs will be fatal and the game will be over.

Chapter 9

Gamora will be grateful for letting her chase Raker

In the previous chapter 8, Gamora will decide to chase Raker leaving the group. In chapter 9 you will see at the top right the result of this choice not decided by you, but by the game itself.

Rocket's illegal hidden weapons have brought benefits

If you chose to hide the Rocket stash in Chapter 2 you will have some advantages in this chapter, as the weapons for the spaceship can be upgraded. This improvement, however, will not be particularly dramatic.

Plant the seed of doubt in the Worldmind routine

By choosing this option, Worldmind will return in chapter 14 to give you a great help against an enemy. Aside from that, there will be no other benefits later on.

To pay or not to pay the fine

If you are interested in the Galactic Frugality bronze trophy you will have to pay the fine of chapter 2. To do so you will need to have enough money saved. If you are not interested in the trophy, you can spend your money as you please. Other than that, there will be no consequences later on.

Chapter 10

Referred to chapter 2, blade or no blade?

If you have decided to hide the llama, it will have opened a hole in the wall of the room where you can escape. If you have decided to hide Rocket's secret stash you will have to make do differently with the touchpad on the bed.

Chapter 11

Dialogue choices only change dialogue and nothing else.

Chapter 12

Get Cosmo to release him from the promise or not to

Convincing Cosmo means that it will help you in chapter 14 to defeat your opponents and will prevent you from getting caught up in illusions.

Chapter 13


Chapter 14

Having convinced Worldmind and Cosmo

In chapter 9 you may have convinced Worldmind and in chapter 12 you may have convinced Cosmo, and it is here in chapter 14 that they will make it easier for you to fight with your opponents.

Chapter 15

Weakened Racker

In chapter 8 Gamora automatically chased Racker and in chapter 9 you will have seen the results. Here you will find weakened Racker.

Chapter 16

To be or not to be nice to Magus

To ensure victory against the boss, you absolutely must not be kind to Magus.

That's all you need to know in our Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy picks guide. We also remind you that in order not to miss anything on the Square Enix title we have an entire dedicated card constantly updated with all the news.

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