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Mark Zuckerberg's project of wanting to unify WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram into a single platform continues. The last step concerns the last two. The Menlo Park company has begun to test the feature it allows view Instagram stories directly from Facebook. The news for the moment is reserved only to some users.

To let us know if we are viewing a story published on one or the other platform, the color will take care of it. Facebook Stories will surround the profile picture in blue; while those of Instagram will use the same shades of the application icon. The content can only be viewed by existing followers who have linked their account to Facebook and activated the function.

CONFIRMED… by Facebook Comms rep:

— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) September 4, 2020

The experience does not change. The stories will be shared with the same people who follow us, our nickname will be shown and the views and answers will be available directly from the Instagram app. Apparently, all privacy rules are respected. It is the user himself who decides whether to make his stories visible also on Facebook.

As said at the beginning, the function is being tested and is reserved for a limited number of users only. Facebook will decide whether to make it available globally or not depending on the feedback it will get from users who are testing it. In short, that ambitious and complex process continues that will really lead to the unification of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Plan that seems to materialize more and more.

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