How to unblock someone on Facebook

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Have you blocked a person on Facebook but now would you like to go back to see his profile and ask him again for his friends on the famous social network? Here's how to unblock someone on Facebook and see all the people you've blocked.

If you ask yourself if you will have to ask for friendship, the answer is yes, once you block a person on Facebook the friendship is removed.

So here's how to unblock someone on Facebook to return to their profile and if you want to ask them again for friendship.

Unblock a person on Facebook

From Facebook website

  • Go to the Facebook website and log in with your credentials.
  • Now tap on the down arrow at the top right.
  • Select Settings and Privacy and then Settings.
  • select  Block someone on the left.
  • In the Manage blocks find the voice Blocking of users.
  • Here you will find all the users you have blocked, identify the person you want to unblock, click on the option Unlock and press pulsating Confirmation.

From Facebook mobile app

  • Open the Facebook app on your device and press on the three horizontal lines to open the menu.
  • Here select Settings and Privacy to expand the related menu and select Settings.
  • Scroll to the section Privacy and select Block someone (Check people you've recently blocked).
  • Here you will find the Faebook profiles you have blocked. Select Unlock next to the person of your interest.

If you have blocked each other you will still not be able to see his profile and you will have to wait for him to unblock you too.

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