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A lot of videos go by on Facebook: those posted by us are a small part compared to those that run on the net, of all types and of all genres. Programs like a real TV, live videos, saved videos, most viewed and most popular videos. More and more investments are poured into the video market, especially with the launch of Facebook Watch, the new personalized and interactive TV.

With visual proposals ranging from entertainment, to TV series, to sports, to news, recommended according to our tastes and falling into three categories "Most popular videos for you", "What makes people laugh and" Shows they are watching your friends".

What is no easier, therefore, is to find a very pleasant video on Facebook, which we would like to download on our Android smartphone, but the official application does not provide any function for direct download of the videos.

If we want to download videos from Facebook on Android, we must therefore resort to different solutions: among these, use specific apps or the Web version of the social network (to be visited with the browser).

If we opt for one of these choices, at the end of the various operations, it will be possible to play the movies on any player, move them to the computer or to other applications installed on our device.

App per scaricare video from Facebook Android

Now let's see what these applications are designed for downloading videos on Facebook. These, not being produced directly by the same, could lead to any risks in terms of privacy. The advice is therefore to log into these apps with a secondary Facebook account, to be used only in these cases, and not with the personal one.

My Video Downloader via Facebook

One of the favorite Facebook downloaders right now is the My Video Downloader for Facebook app. It is entirely free, simple to use and allows you to download both personal videos and those of others, saving them in MP4 format. The download of the movies can also be performed in HD, while to unlock some additional functions, in-app purchases, the price is € 1,99.

To download :

  • visit the,
  • press the Install button,
  • start My Video Downloader for Facebook by tapping the Open button that appeared on the display, or
  • select its icon visible on the home page,
  • the main screen of My Video Downloader for Facebook is displayed, grant the app the necessary permissions to access the media files on the device,
  • log in to the Facebook account, selecting it from the list and typing the password. If the account does not work automatically from the app, choose the item to personally enter all the login data,
  • after logging in, start browsing Facebook to find the video we are interested in downloading,
  • found press on, to open a menu with various options, among which to choose Download,
  • decide whether to take the video in standard or HD format, if any, by selecting the appropriate option,
  • indicate the folder in which you want to save the file and the name to assign to it. All with the Destination and File Name fields,
  • press on the OK item and wait for the video to be downloaded.

At the end of the download, you will be able to view and manage the videos downloaded from Facebook from within the app, without using external file managers. So:

  • click on the button with the three horizontal lines located at the top left,
  • select the item Downloads from the bar that appears on the side,
  • press on the name of the file we are interested in, to start playing it, or
  • press the corresponding arrow to share it in other applications or delete it.

GetThemAll Any File Downloader

Another tool to do this is.
It is a universal downloader that allows you to acquire videos, images and audio files from any web page, including those of Facebook. It's easy to use and it's free, it offers in-app purchases (at a base cost of € 2,19) to unlock additional functions.
To download the app:

  • go to the appropriate and tap the Install button,
  • start the application by pressing the Open button that appeared on the display, or
  • select its icon which has been added on the home screen.

After starting GetThemAll Any File Downloader, grant the app the necessary permissions to access the media content. To download videos from Facebook:

  • click on the button with the three horizontal lines located in the upper left part of the screen that appears,
  • select the Browser option from here,
  • use the application's internal browser to connect to the social network, (log in to the account),
  • after logging in, choose the video we want to download offline,
  • tap the Get file list button at the bottom of the screen,
  • in this way the app can fetch all the contents that can be downloaded.

At this point we have to put a check mark next to the movie you want to download, in the list that is proposed. In case of difficulty in finding the video, you can ask for the help of the filters and the search field at the top of the screen, then:

  • press the Download button located at the bottom and start downloading the video,
  • at the end of the download, you will be able to play the downloaded videos with GetThemAll,
  • select the My Downloads item from the visible menu,
  • press the button with the three lines horizontally at the top left,
  • select the folder with the Facebook icon from the file manager that appeared,
  • click on the file name and choose the app in which to view it.

Other apps to download videos from Facebook on Android

If we have other needs or these apps don't meet our needs, there are other solutions too:

  • - it is an application designed to allow the download of videos present online, even those available on Facebook. It's super easy to use and even supports HD movies. It's free.
  • - free app with which you can download videos from Facebook either through the relative link or through the integrated browser, saving them in MP4. It offers in-app purchases (at a cost of € 2,19) to unlock additional functions.

Come scaricare video from Facebook Android online

To download videos from Facebook on Android you can also use the function made available by the social network in its Web version.

Facebook Web default function

In this case, you cannot use the Facebook app available for smartphones and tablets, but you will have to access the service from the browser you use to surf the Net from mobile and go there from the desktop version of the site.

However, this function can only be used to download personal videos and not for those of others. To use it:

  • open the browser,
  • go to the Facebook home page and log into our account if required,
  • once logged in, enable the use of the desktop version of Facebook, by going to the browser settings: if you are using Chrome, just press the button with the three vertical dots at the top right and select, from the menu displayed, the box next to the Desktop site entry,
  • after these steps, locate the video you want to download,
  • tap on its preview to access the player in full screen,
  • press the (...) button located next to the movie progress bar,
  • select the option Download video from the menu that opens,
  • the video will then be saved in MP4 format in the Download folder of the device.

Other solutions to download video from Facebook Android online

If we prefer to download Facebook videos on Android using online services, accessing them from the browser used to surf the Internet from a smartphone or tablet. Here is a small list:

  • - a free web service from which you can download the videos available on Facebook, both in SD and HD format. The final file is saved in MP4 format.
  • - practical online service that allows you to download videos shared on Facebook (and other online services) in MP4 format. Simple to use and free.
  • - another Web service of this type, which allows you to acquire videos on the social network, downloading them in MP4 format. It's free.

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