How to share screen on Google Meet and other tricks

Video conferencing apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and so on are seeing an increase in demand. In addition to video calls, screen sharing is also one of the sought-after features. Google gets on the train with Google Meet and makes it free for everyone. Google Meet comes with an easy-to-use interface, the ability to share your screen, and various extensions that enhance the functionality of Google Meet.

Screen sharing is probably one of the most important features of Google Meet. During your home work routine, you may need someone's help to solve problems. You can start Google Meet, call your friends and share your screen as a guide. You can also use the Whiteboard function for better understanding.

In this post we will explain how to use Screen Sharing on Google Meet and how to use some extensions to level up Google Meet's sharing features.

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Share your screen on Google Meet

Unfortunately, Google Meet's screen sharing capability is limited to the current screen or windows open in the background. The software cannot share iPhone / iPad screen, share files directly from cloud storage services, etc. Follow the steps below to share your screen on Google Meet.

  • Open Google Meet on the web.
  • Enter a meeting code to join an ongoing meeting or use the “Start Meeting” option.
  • Here you have two options. You can create a meeting or use the "Present" button to start screen sharing directly.
  • Select Join Now and the interface will dial the Google Meet group call. Tap the meeting details tab and select "Copy Attendance Information". You can share the link with others to allow them to join the meeting.
  • Tap the member's card at the top to make sure everyone has attended the meeting.

Suggestion: you can tap on the three dot menu at the bottom and select the grid view to fit all on one screen.

  • Tap the "Present Now" option at the bottom and you have two options: full screen or a window.
  • Select an option and press "Share". Google Meet will begin sharing your screen with attendees.

You'll see a small toolbar suggesting that screen sharing is currently enabled. You can hide it or use the toolbar to stop sharing.

Unfortunately, Google Meet doesn't offer any additional annotation features. Also, you cannot use the Whiteboard functionality provided by Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

There is a workaround here. Google Meet is a web-based service. You can always use Chrome web store extensions to enhance the functionality of Google Meet. One such extension is Google Meet Plus.

Usa Whiteboard in Google Meet

Google Meet Plus is a must-have extension for all Google Meet users. The extension enables many features that are absent from the Google Meet software. We will use the Google Meet Plus extension to add essential features like Whiteboard, push to talk, emoji reactions, etc. In the software.

First, you need to download the Google Meet Plus extension from the Chrome store.

The next time you use the Google Meet service, the extension will activate the toolbar in the upper left corner.

You can tap the whiteboard icon to enable the software functionality. Don't forget to start screen sharing first to allow attendees to take a look at the current display.

The list of features offered by Google Meet Plus Whiteboard:

  • Pencil
  • Shapes like Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, Line
  • Text
  • Eraser

You can use these editing tools and demonstrate the topic in detail to attendees. As for the text, you can change the font style and size and change the border intensity of those shapes.

After brainstorming the ideas on the whiteboard, you can download the whiteboard image for later use. Other Google Meet Plus features include the ability to use emoji reactions, the built-in timer to track a meeting in progress, the mute button, and more.

Chat while sharing your screen

This is useful when you want to chat while sharing your screen. Attendees may have some doubts about what you are explaining about screen sharing. They can use the chat menu to ask questions. The admin can take a look at the ongoing conversation in the chat menu and manage the screen sharing process accordingly.

When the screen sharing process is underway, you can just tap the chat icon in the top right corner and have a conversation with the team.

Start screen sharing on Google Meet

While working from home, screen sharing is one of the most used functions. We always use it to solve problems, clarify any doubts and guide team members through the project process. How does your team use screen sharing? Share your experience with Google Meet in the comments section below.

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