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Instagram is quite limited when it comes to fonts. For example, there is no official setting that allows you to change Instagram's bio font or even the fonts of your comments. But that doesn't mean you can't change the fonts at all.

In this article, we'll show you several ways to change fonts in Instagram stories, bio, comments, and even captions.

How to change fonts in your text-based Instagram Stories

One of the easiest things to customize on Instagram is the fonts in your text stories. What makes it easy is that Instagram lets you choose from a range of fonts by default. There are a total of nine characters at the time of writing. Here's how to change the font of your text-based Instagram story:

  • Toccata The tua storia at the top left of the Instagram feed.
  • Give Instagram the necessary permission if you haven't already.
  • Select Camera and tap the button Aa on the left. This will open a blank page for you to create a text-only story.
  • Tap anywhere on the blank page to type. When done, swipe the button Aa to view the text in other fonts.
  • Once you're happy with a font, simply tap NEXT at the top right and select Send to to publish your story.

How to get new fonts on Instagram

As mentioned above, by default you only have access to nine characters. Thanks to the enterprising people on the internet, however, you can use fonts that Instagram doesn't officially support. You can do this using Instagram's font generation sites. Good examples include, and.

Using these sites is easy. You just have to copy the text from them and it will keep its font style when you paste it on Instagram. This method gives you access to over 100 characters, which dwarfs Instagram's nine offerings by default.

Read on for detailed instructions on using font generation sites to change Instagram text fonts.

How to Change Instagram Fonts Using Font Generation Sites

There are many character generator sites, but they all work on a basic principle. Enter the text and copy it wherever you want. We will be using CoolFont in this tutorial.

  • go to .
  • Enter your text in the input bar. It could be a comment, caption or bio that you would like to post on Instagram.
  • CoolFont will then display your text in a range of font styles. Scroll down to see more options.
  • Once you've found a font you like, tap the button Copy . Or you can select text manually by tapping it and then select Copy from the popup on both Android and iOS. This will copy your text with the new font to the clipboard.
  • Open Instagram and go wherever you can enter text.
  • Touch and hold the entry bar and select Paste to insert pre-formatted text.

Using this method, you will be able to change your Instagram bio font and fonts in comments, stories, and even captions. While you can choose any font from any of these sites, please note that all fonts are not the same.

Some are great and others will make your text original and difficult to read. If you don't like what's available, a site like it allows you to create your own.

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