Hobbi is the new Facebook app similar to Pinterest

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Facebook is testing a new application very similar to Pinterest. Recognizable with the name of "Hobbi”, It is an app specially designed for all those who have passions and would like share with the others.

Users will be able to tell their passions and projects thanks to some themed collections. The collections will be enriched with photos, images and videos. The software is very similar to Pinterest, the social network born in 2010. While the latter is based on a "visual discovery" engine, Hobbi seems to be designed to accommodate personal projects.

Apparently, the new Facebook experiment does not include real social features: users will only be able to create collections and then share their projects in other social networks thanks to the creation of a dedicated video.

Hobbi was conceived by New Product Experimentation, the division that deals with developing new services for the Menlo Park company. The phase of test it has already started in Colombia, Spain, Belgium, Ukraine and the United States of America. Consumers who own a device running at least iOS 11 can experiment with this tool. As this is still a test, it's not certain that Facebook is actually intending to bring Hobbi in other markets.

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