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Facebook allows applications to access and use your personal data, without control. The Cambridge Analytica case proves once again that our data is valuable and can be used for many purposes, often harmful to users.

In this tutorial, we explain how to prevent Facebook from transmitting your data to third-party applications and better control the information you share on the social network.

Facebook is once again at the center of a scandal. Donald Trump's team was able to exploit the personal data of 50 million Facebook users during the latest US presidential campaign to analyze the behavior and opinions of voters and offer them content in line with their "unconscious bias" .

Facebook: Block applications from accessing your data

The Cambridge Analytica case made Facebook react: Mark Zuckerberg apologized and promised changes so that such a situation would not happen again. But without questioning its marketing and advertising policies, the social network is unlikely to become more secure in protecting personal data. That's why this tutorial explains how to prevent third-party applications from accessing and using your data.

To remove or change access to applications on a case-by-case basis:

  • On Facebook, make sure you log into your account and go to Settings
  • Select the scheda Applications
  • All third-party apps that have access to your Facebook account are listed. You can change or remove application access permissions as you wish

It is also possible to disable any possibility of data collection by third party applications. So you will be quiet on this side, but beware: this prevents you from connecting to services via Facebook or using certain apps. Here is the procedure to follow:

  • Go up Settings and select the scheda Applications
  • Below you will find the list of all the apps related to your Facebook account, search Applications, websites and forms and click Edit.
  • Validate by clicking Disable platform

By doing so, third party applications are prevented from collecting your personal data. On the other hand, Facebook continues to use any information you share on the social network. If you are not satisfied or for other reasons, we explain how to permanently delete a Facebook account.

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