Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse Walkthrough - Episode One

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Attention, the solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences with the Spanish one.

The Art Gallery

George's company secured the exhibition at the art gallery; at the moment you will only find the mobile phone in your inventory. Talk to Father Simeon and get him away from the corpse, the man will tell you that according to him evil is present in this same place. Approach Henry's body and examine him, you can close and open his eyes, check the note under his left hand, this reads: be ready at 2:30 pm; So check your jacket pocket and take the Eau de Toilette. Approach the wall, where the recently stolen painting was, check the plate to find that it was the work "La Malediccio" created by El Sero in 1937 and was valued for forty thousand dollars, finally examine the alarm left by the removal of the frame. Open the alarm door and click on the severed cable to find evidence of obvious sabotage, then check the pressure plate, the loudspeaker and press the test button to make it sound. Also check the other works in the room to note that each of them is certainly more expensive than the one just stolen, moreover, the work under "La Malediccio" will trigger the alarm as soon as it is touched. Check the CCTV camera above the door, then examine the entrance to the office to see that it has been closed. Move to the right side of the crime scene to examine the pizza box and pick up a slice, approach Laine (the fat man collapsed near the wall), try to talk to him, then revive him by sprinkling Eau de Toilette in his face, afterwards. having exchanged a short chat, give him the piece of pizza and pick up the nail clipper that will fall out of the man's pocket. Continue to argue with Laine, until she refuses to reveal the security code to enter the office and analyze the footage from the security camera, then show him the nail clipper letting him know that he may have been sabotaging the alarm system by severing the cable; unfortunately the man will persist in not wanting to reveal the code to you and will reject all the accusations, thus forcing you to dismantle his alibi. Go outside the gallery through the door near the Father and Laine, approach Caffe Le Tricolore and chat with the waiter outside the room, ask him something about the gallery, then about Henry and Laine; your interlocutor will inform you that your suspect has not paid the bill and will give you the receipt and that he was there after midnight. Go back inside the crime scene to show the receipt to Laine and receive the security code for the closed door; you will approach this one, but the police will arrive at that moment and the game will pass into Nico's cloth. Inside the girl's inventory, you will have her cell phone and press card. You will be blocked at the entrance by Sergeant Moue, talk to him until you discover that the man is considerably tired, then go to the usual coffee and talk to the waiter until you run out of every dialogue option, you will find that within that activity only thinkers and philosophers are needed (nowadays such a place would go bankrupt in five minutes), then show him the journalist's card which will immediately show itself more available. Talk to the waiter again and ask for a cup of coffee, after drinking it, then ask for more coffee to take away. Offer the hot drink to Sergeant Moue and advise him to accept your offer for the good of the whole nation; once he has drunk, he will have to go to the bathroom, leaving you free access to the art gallery. Once inside the crime scene, you will have to distract Navet to allow your mate George to enter the office, then talk to the expert and ask him about his most morbid interests, then grab the pizza box to find a stain tomato underneath, remove the chewing gum using the print card and interact with the stain itself to make it appear similar to blood; return to Navet and inform him of your discovery, allowing George to break into the office. Once inside the office room, your first priority will be to check the CCTV monitor above the filing cabinet, and you will find that you need a "keyword" to access it. Look around for any clues that would allow you to trace the code, then check the calendar to see that a date has been circled, May 27, 05/XNUMX, then enter these numbers as a code to access the security monitor. You can scroll through all the frames of the video by pressing the forward and back buttons, examine the thief when the helmet is really close to the camera, then the picture on all the frames during which he was still attached to the wall; you will get all the information you need. Check the desk to find some documents that could help you, open the drawer to extract the binder and examine it in all its pages, you will find an inherent note, a certain company called "Vera Security". Continue exploring the room, examining the basket on the left side of the desk, you will find a letter from Henri's credit company, after that, Navet will break into the room, justify yourself by telling him some lies then inform him about the surveillance system and exit the room. office.

Vera Security

From the game map, select Vera Security, you will find yourself in a dead end inside a shopping center; immediately look for someone to ask a few questions. The woman behind the counter will refuse to talk to you until you have caught a cockroach and you will then have to find a way to trap it and you will want to look for someone who has more experience than you. Reach out to the boy who feels bad, because of this malaise he will not be able to answer any of your questions. Anyway ask him something about his migraine, he will tell you that the cause is the buzz of the neon sign and he will invite you to fix it, go to the sign, examine it and take out the loose thread, then go back to Bassam (this is the name of the boy with migraine) and explain to him what you have discovered, he will ask you to rearrange the luminous letters and create a new name for his business, he will prefer something that reminds you of adventures and treasures, then compose the word "Aladin" in the last seven holes neon sign. Now ask him about how to catch a cockroach, he will give you a cookie, go back to the Vera Security reception and check the pack of cigarettes to collect a matchbox, examine it inside your inventory to extract the matches, combine it with the cookie to create a great cockroach trap. Place the trap near the crumbs near the insect, wait for it to enter it then close it. Talk to the woman (now calmer) and ask her about the Vera Security contacts with the art gallery, to convince her show her the note found at the crime scene.

Unfortunately this won't be enough to get her to answer your questions, so you'll have to search her black book for a few more secrets. Open your inventory and interact with the phone to call Vera Security, as soon as the woman answers, interact with the radio and, when she goes to put it back, remove the black book, you will get hold of a photo of Annette (the woman) and Laine; show it to her immediately, then ask her everything you can. Finally, return to Laine, you will not find him and the waiter will inform you that the man has gone to console Henri's widow. Head right and pass the room, interact with the subway sign to immediately reach the victim's apartment. Use the intercom next to the door of the condominium, where Henri's apartment is located, Laine will answer you, then select the dialogue options "Annette" and "theft", you will threaten to call the police and the door will be open to you. instant. Once inside the house, you will immediately start talking to Laine, select the dialogue option "Laine and Annette's photograph", "Annette" and "Vera's owner"; your interlocutor will leave the apartment immediately and you will understand that Annette lied to you and that there must surely be something interesting in the back office of Vera. Now talk to the widow and select twice the dialogue option "Henri" then "The gallery" and finally "theft", you will understand that Bijou (this is the widow's name) knows nothing of interest, so you will decide to head back to Vera Security. Leaving the apartment, you will automatically travel to the alley, where the headquarters of the Vera is located, it will be night. Interact with the chest of Bassam's shop to push it slightly, click on the beam at the top to go up and reach the electrical box, open it and examine the box to change the perspective. Press the button on the energy dispenser and turn it off to stop the fan, take out your trusty nail clipper to disconnect all three blue cables, then use the cables inside your inventory and connect them to the higher one to deliver power to the damper, press the button again to deliver energy and go down to enter the Vera. Once inside the office, open the drawer under the dead plant and collect the cotton swab inside, then reach the back door and enter the dark room, use the switch to turn on the light and you will notice a scooter from pizza delivery in the corner. Use the cotton swab on the oil stain near the velocipede, then examine the paper cutter on the table to change perspective, then open the door on the right and oil the gears using the oil-stained cotton swab, then press the d 'button power on to finish cutting the paper and start a little puzzle. You will have to reassemble the sheet of paper, to help you immediately place the blue logo of the gecko at the top right, this same symbol is drawn on the entire sheet, you can then compare it with the one just put in place at the top right and so put each piece in order; Once this is done, you will have the entire letter in your inventory.

The Malediccio

You will find yourself in the shoes of George's partner, Nico; an old man will knock on your door, talk to him and offer him a glass of wine. The man will turn out to be Tiago Marques, the owner of the painting "La Malediccio", then ask him something more about the work, then select the "help" dialogue option and he will show you a family photo where in the background the hanging work appears, at this point you will show him the photos of the robbery. First examine the lower left photo, where the thief tattoo is visible, then the lower right one that will be taken by Tiago, then exit from the perspective of the images. You will decide to have old Tiago stay with your neighbor, once on the landing examine the door of the apartment to find that it is closed and the key lost, interact with the crack in the floor to find that it is too narrow, use the card to reporter to lift the wooden board from the floor and find the key, open the door to accompany the man and finally head back to the art gallery. So you will find yourself in front of the coffee in the company of Laine, talk to him and select the dialogue option inherent to the owner of the work "La Malediccio", then ask him for the poster and let him accompany you inside Henri's office.

Once inside the building, Laine will sit on the sofa and you will notice a folder under one of the cushions, sit next to the man and talk to him, propose to drink some champagne, take the full glass from your inventory and use it. on Laine to stain him and force him to leave, then pick up the folder from under the pillow to discover that Medovsky is the owner of the work "The Curse"; once this is done, you will immediately leave the gallery to find yourself inside your home again. You will be joined by George who will update you on recent developments, then Tiago will also enter and show your partner his childhood photo, you will then decide to look for tangible proof that the child in the photo is the same old man who is in. this moment in front of you. Examine photos and click on the father to have Tiago show you the medallion. As Goerge, ask Nico about "Medowsky", then about the theft, the tattoo and Waterloo Motors to find the number of this company on the internet. Take out your mobile phone and call the number you have just received, ask for the helmet and the tattoo to receive Medovsky's address; so you will decide to leave for London.


You will find yourself in front of Medovsky's villa as Nico, the gate will be closed and you will not receive any answer from the intercom. Examine the large bush on which the gardener is working, then talk to the man and ask him about the plant itself, when he asks you what you think of his work, answer positively, finally select the eagle and ask for more information on Medovsky in order to finally be able to access the villa. Once in front of Medovsky, select the hard option (indicated with a brick) in this way, the man will agree to answer your questions, then start by asking something about "The Curse", the thief, Henri, the received, La Vera security, the restorer and again Vera Security; so the gardener will enter leaving George alone inside the library. Examine the table to enter first person view, you will automatically mark the address of the restorer, then pick up the coin, examine the note next to the business card and make a note of the date on the book written in Cyrillic. Exit first person view and examine the cigarette box, use the coin to open it and pick up the key, then use it on the study door to enter inside. Examine the luxurious desk to notice some Cyrillic letters on it. Go back to the library and examine the desk, associated the letters that occupy the places of the keys "1", "6", "8", "9". Go back in front of the desk and press the fourth button from the left, the second, the third and the seventh, you will open a secret compartment inside which you will find some documents. Medovsky will join you and you can ask what you like, finally you and Nico will go to the address of the restorer Hobbs. Once in front of the building, examine the mailbox to find and collect a closed one, open it inside your inventory to read it, open the door of the pickup truck to enter the first person view, collect the bottle of whiskey, then use the lever to open the hood. Examine the engine area of ​​the vehicle to see that several cables are not in place, so check the battery and the horn itself to remind George that if he had cables he could put everything back in place. Approach the junk at the bottom right, you will find several cables, so you will receive a call from Navet who wants you back in Paris. Interact with the junk again to receive the cables, return to the open hood and examine it. Inside your inventory, use the nail clipper on one of the cables to get two short ones, then use one of these on the cable inside the hood at the bottom right connecting the battery to the horn, use the long cable with the one on the left, then the last short cable with the coil that connects everything to the dashboard. Enter the cockpit of the pickup truck and blow the horn, now working, to get Hobbs out of the balcony. The man will not be willing to answer any of your questions, so select the dialogue option concerning the letter collected from the little hole in his house to gain access to the study. While Hobbs is distracted by Nico, go behind the screen to meet Lady Piermont who will complain about the high temperature and ask you to turn it up, then use the thermostat to learn about a problem with the fuses inside the studio. Examine the stereo and turn it on while also turning up the volume, go up the stairs and press the elevator button, then go back downstairs and pour the whiskey inside your inventory into the glass of Hobbs. Talk to Lady Piermont again and select the elevator dialogue option to place it above it, go up the stairs and press the button to shut off the electricity supply to the entire complex. The painter will reach the fuse box and return to work noticeably drunk and annoyed, use the elevator button again, then, examine the artist's album, flip through the pages until you find the Ouroboros of the work "La Malediccio" , tear off the paper to be caught in the act by Hobbs accusing you of not being a model, ask him about Henri and select the light dialogue option and ask for Medovsky.


You will find yourself, again, in front of the game map, immediately select the art gallery. Enter through the front door and, once inside, George will explain to Navet who the killer is, unfortunately the officer will need a more in-depth reconstruction of what happened. Talk to Laine to find out that Bijou has the key to the safe in Henri's office, try to go outside, but you will be blocked by the police officer, he will keep asking you to fix the detective car. Start by checking the cable coming out from the left of the device, go in the same direction and unplug it from the wall, then talk to Navet again. You will find yourself in front of the car itself, your aim will be to make sure that all the lights are green, from left to right activate the first lever, the fifth, the fourth and finally the third, then push the power button. To make the crime scene even more believable, you will need someone to play the part of the victim and you yourself will be designated for that role, Nico and the priest will join you, walk past and enter Henri's office, examine the head of the victim. statue on the right to take the glasses and deliver them to Navet. Once the priest is on top of you, ask something about the work "La Malediccio", something about "Ouroboros", then, to end the discussion, show Simeon Hobb's drawing; after finishing the scene and sipping a good coffee, you will find yourself in front of the game map again. Go to Bijou's apartment, use the intercom and enter, talk to the woman and ask her twice about the song, she will refuse to tell you anything else, then exit the apartment and go (via the map) to Vera Security, reach the Bassam's trolley, then examine the greeting letter and ask the dealer of the song, you will get a musical letter with the same melody that Bijou is looking for. Return to Henri's widow's apartment, ring the intercom and once inside the apartment, use the musical postcard on the woman. Bijou will want to dance with you, sit at the dressing table and study Henri's photo, then take a strip of wax, go to her husband's coffin and pick up the white flower from the collar, use the strip of wax on the dog Fifi to get hair of dog glued.

Sit back at the woman's makeup table, use brown eyeshadow to color your hair, dog hair on your mouth in the mirror image, then put on your glasses, place the white flower on the button hole in your shirt, and finally sprinkle the eau de toilette on your neck. You will start dancing with the poor widow who will give you the key to the safe. You will immediately return to the café in front of the gallery, have a chat with Simeon and ask him something about "tabula veritas", "the Cathars", "the gnostics" and once the conversation is over, head towards the entrance of the gallery. Use Bijou's keys on the door, enter the office and press the fig leaf on the pedestal of the statue to reveal a secret compartment, finally insert the widow's key in the lock. Collect the diamond ring, note and sheet of paper. You will arrange the "provenance" on the table, use the Hobbs drawing on it, you will notice a coffee stain on both documents, use this element to match the two sheets. You will hear a gunshot sound, then you will try to open the door but you will find that it is closed, use the diamond ring to open a hole in the window and go out into the street, immediately re-enter the gallery to find Father Simeon examining on the ground, pick up the papers from his hand and examine them more closely, check the note, the manuscript. Laine will break in accusing you of the priest's murder, at the same moment Nico will inform you that Tiago has disappeared from the apartment where he was hidden. You will find the room upside down, examine the overturned chair to find the medallion, then examine the mess, nearby to find the family photo as well, check the sofa to find the scribbled photo; Nico will return and make you escape to Fleur's flower shop where you will be given a ball of yarn, pick up the flower from the basket on the floor, then examine the boxes on the right side of the screen, then take the statue. Talk to Adam to find out that he has just returned from a numismatic fair, give him the coin to make him go away, examine the CD player, press the "stop" button then "Eject" and finally take the disc, open the compartment for the batteries and take them, then use the disc on the stereo. Inside your inventory, combine the batteries with the statuette, use the whiskey on it and place it on the trolley to push it out of the room. Head to Bijou's apartment, have the door open by ringing the intercom, then talk to the woman and show her the Hobbs note found inside the safe, after some revelations, you will decide to return to London.

Return to London

Collect the chain dropped from the forced gate, along with the crowbar, finally, knock on the door of Hobbs' study. Sound the horn of the pickup truck to make a seagull fly out of the pipe, climb it to reach the nest where the bird will attack you. Reach Nico and ask her for the horn, let her sound it to be able to climb the pipe to the top, use the crowbar on the beam to drop onto the balcony and allow Nico to enter too. Examine the painting to receive the tarp, then go upstairs to press the elevator button, use the chain on it and attach it to the door, press the button again to open a passage. Listen to the message on the answering machine, then analyze the picture on the wall to find that it is screwed to it, then open the cupboard to get the bottle of cola, finally move to the right to find the corpse of Hobbs. Examine the body and take the mints from the pocket, check the empty space and the bulletin board, examine the drawing on the bottom right then the "Castle of the Sants". Return to the painting next to the door, use the crowbar on it to find the original "La Malediccio". The building will catch fire, check the semi-open skylight, the mechanism will be too old and will no longer work, inside the inventory, combine the mints with the cola bottle to get an explosive one, use it with the window up to open it permanently ; then join the crowbar with the tarpaulin, use everything with the skylight to get out of the roof, you will see Laghan who greets you, it was probably he who started the fire and you will decide to go to Spain in search of the Castello de Sants and the Tabula Veritas.

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