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Use the machine on the right (by pressing down). So jump up, proceeding beyond the door. Take the path to the left, dodging the bats. Grab the capsule to increase your health points, then jump from the block to the left of the pool. Enter the lion's head door on the right. Retrieve the Polar Star from the chest, then read the dialogue and go outside. Begin shooting at the enemies, with the newly acquired weapon. Collect the yellow triangles, they are needed to increase the level of your weapon. Enter the path to the right, firing at the blocks that obstruct the passage. Listen to the next broadcast, then still further towards the village. Talk to King, then proceed to the right to heal yourself and save the game. Then enter the pond, take the sparkling object and kill the fish. Then walk to the right and try to talk to Tokoro (who unfortunately will run away as soon as you get close). Go outside and observe the dialogue between Toroko and King, then climb up to the top of the village. Enter Yamashita's farm and retrieve the life capsule inside the pool. Use the save room on the right, then jump across the platforms until you reach an alcove containing the so-called "Map System". You can finally use the map. Then walk towards the hut, in the lower-right section of the village. After the skit, you will have to face the first boss.

Boss - Balrog
This is an extremely simple boss; its only pattern of action is to run straight, in three shots, and on the third jump towards you. Knowing this, you can jump behind him right after the second shot and hit him from behind without risking being harmed by him. Repeat the procedure until his defeat, for an easy victory.

Go out and save. Talk to Jack, then follow him down the hall. Reach the tombstone in the upper left section of the room; examine it to find a key to Arthur's house. Examine the computer on the left, proceeding to the Egg Corridor using the teleporter on the left.

Egg Corridor

Jump up and talk to the robot; he will tell you about the main problem of the area, consisting of the sparks coming from the ground, in the shape of a porcupine. Drop down, moving left, wait for the glittering-porcupine-like to hit the wall - automatically turning to the other side. Run after him as fast as possible. Retrieve the vital capsule, therefore right, by destroying the elephant and all its companions (always in the same direction). Then proceed inwards (using the door). Talk to Cthulhu (after saving), then shoot the blocks above you to exit the area. Right, stay in the raised section of the platforms so you don't risk being hit by the spark. Collect the two eggs that you can see below you, then defeat the ladybug and go back up to the other side. Repeat the procedure using the fourth egg as a reference, then save the game. Enter the following building. Examine the various monitors, retrieve the missile launcher (using the elevator to get to the room that contains it), then save your game and go outside again. You will return to the corridor. Take the elevated path to the right, passing the first two eggs. Drop down, stick to the right wall to dodge the spark, jump into the opening to enter the secret room that contains the sixth egg. Make your identification badge yours too. Back in the corridor, run to the left, returning to the observatory. Fill your reserve of missiles, then - reached the red barrier - drop down to take possession of egg number 1. Then activate the terminal - using the badge recovered together with the sixth egg - to destroy the barrier, thus being able to proceed easily. Beyond it, the end-of-level boss awaits you.

Boss - Igor
Immediately start using the missiles, much more effective than the Polar Star (which you will need only to complete the fight). Its attack pattern is quite simplistic, as it simply consists of running in your direction trying to "charge" you. Just pay attention to a particular moment: when he opens his mouth to inhale, you will have to hit him with the Polar Star.

Run to the right, and open the door in the leftmost building. Talk to Mimiga, listening to her story. So follow Sue who will return to the Mimiga Village. Use the save point immediately to the right, then teleport to Arthur's house. Talk to Jack, exit Arthur's house, watch the scene and use the teleporter again to proceed to the Bushlands.


Talk to Mimiga, who will tell you that he is locked inside his own house. Proceed east, take out the two enemies, then retrieve the key. Go back to the beginning of the level, talk to Santa and follow him inside his house. Talk to him to get the Fireball - a very powerful weapon as a reward. He will tell you to go and find a certain Chako to be able to continue exploring the Bushlands. Pass the area where you recovered the key, reaching two platforms characterized by the presence of breakable blocks in their center. Jump up, then get past the spikes and destroy the bats. Enter the house. Talk to Chako. He will tell you about the need to retrieve the Juice of Medusa to put out the flames that prevent you from proceeding. Proceed west, reaching Santa's house. Kill all the jellyfish, especially focusing on the giant jellyfish hanging from the roof, called the Kulala. Collect the Juice of Medusa, then return for a moment to Santa's residence, lighting the fire in the fireplace. Collect the coal from there, you will need it in the next few moments. Leave and continue east, crossing Chako's house again. Put out the fire in the fireplace here too. Jump over the ravine, always in the same direction, eventually killing the bats that obstruct the way. Run to the edge of the platform on the left and jump to the other side. Blow up the different bats in the area, then left again. Hit the Mannan (enemy that does not attack you, you will have to start the skirmish), paying attention to the single blow it will throw at you (jump to avoid the energy bullet). So, continue east, without interacting - for now - with the generator room. Jump to the platform next to the pink building. Make your way to the top treasure chest, where you can retrieve an upgrade for your missile launcher. Then go down, trying to enter the pink building. Examine the crack in the wall; you will be given the rusty key. Use it to enter the generator room. Proceed to the terminal, on the left, turning it on. A boss awaits you.

Boss - Balrog
The fight will be more complicated this time, compared to what was seen in the village. Its main move is to lift itself into the air and then launch itself towards the ground; once it lands, it will shoot some white energy balls that - like Igor's - can be "scattered" by you using the Polar Star. After the attack, he will be "stunned" for a few seconds: this is the perfect time to give him the welcome. When his energy level has dropped considerably, you'll need to use your rocket launcher to finish him off.

So talk to the robot, he will tell you about the possibility of building a bomb to free Kazuma. However, you will have to take care of recovering the components of this bomb: coal, jellyfish juice and rubber. Exit the room to begin the search. You should already have the coal, taken from the back of the fireplace in Santa's house. You know where to find the Jellyfish Juice, while the gum is in the upper left part of the Bushlands; to reach it, you will have to talk again with Kazuma who will go to provide you with the key needed to open the room that contains the rubber you are talking about. Once in the room in question, you will have to face a new boss, a mixture of Balrog and a frog: Balfrog.

Boss - Balfrog
He will begin the fight by jumping towards you, creating a tremor that will cause a frog to "drop" to the ground. Wait for Balfrog to approach the right side of the room, then float towards the current created by the fan; from the position where you are, you can fire a forge of missiles at your enemy. Repeat the procedure until you run out of missiles, thus starting to use the Fireball. Keep repeating this procedure to defeat the enemy.

So bring all the ingredients to Malco. You will get the bomb, which you can finally use to detonate the door, freeing Kazuma. Talk to him, then exit the building. Proceed to Arthur's house, inside the village. Look at the scene, you will be assigned the task of proceeding to the Sand Zone, to retrieve the Red Flowers.

Sand Zone

From the point where the teleport will drop you, walk to the left. Follow the robot girl (eerily similar to yours); at the top, turn left, reaching a building with a glass of wine as a symbol. Proceed inside. Approach the robot, the scene will start a fight.

Boss - Curly Brace
Warning: it cannot be defeated using missiles. The four colonists (small Mimigas) will launch towards you during the fight; although they are not particularly harmful, they can interrupt your attacks, which obviously can put you in a difficult situation. When you notice a flash coming from Curly's direction, try to quickly blow up to avoid an oncoming machine gun. The best way to damage both Curly and the Settlers is undoubtedly to resort to Fireballs, much more powerful than any other alternative.

After the completion of the battle, make your own the machine gun that will be offered to you by Curly. Then talk to the settlers, making them point you in the direction to the Sand Zone. Save the game, proceed to the outside. East, overcoming the breakable blocks. Shoot the sandy enemy, it will shatter into different components. Eliminate them all, therefore still towards the east, where you will find several rooms, to go through without thinking too much. When you reach the area dotted with spikes, shoot the inside section of the inverted letter "C", then climb to the top of the room. Proceed along the inside of the wall corresponding to the block with a strange symbol, save your game. Climb the breakable blocks, kill the Polish at the top (ignoring the others along the way). You will notice two sand pits, in the middle of some suspended platforms. Use the one on the left, containing a terminal to recover life points. Then jump up, enter the large, completely empty room; at its center, a boss.

Boss - Omega
After emerging from the sand, it will fill the entire room with strange colored spheres. This is his only attack pattern, so he will continue to descend under the sand, emerging periodically, spitting out the colored spheres in question. Like Curly, it cannot be damaged by missile hits. We therefore recommend the massive use of the machine gun. When you have taken half of his life points away, he will come completely out of the sand, with no intention of returning inside. He will jump across the room, periodically throwing orbs in your direction. Keep hitting him with the machine gun to bring the fight to a close.

So run west, dropping into the hole created by the automatic removal of the Sun Stones. Enter the house on the left. Talk to the old lady stationed there (let's assume you've already gone to visit Curly, picking up the dog). He will ask you to go and find his other dogs that have hidden inside the Sand Zone. For the first dog, Mick, head to the area where the Sun Stones were, paying particular attention to the wall on the right. Run beyond the block at the top (marked with the symbol), you will find a corridor, at the end of which there will be a chest that ... yes, it contains the dog. The second, Kakeru: From Jenka's house, drop down to the lower section of the level. East, kill the skeleton and wait for the dog to pass; press the "down" key as soon as you see it coming to the area. So the fourth, Shinobu: proceed along the platforms, starting more or less from the same area from which you started the search for Kakeru. Use the "hanging" bricks to reach a small house, in front of which there is a dog; come closer, he will run inside, follow him. Jump across the set of platforms on the right to finally get your hands on the dog. Now go back to where you came from. Last dog, Nene: starting from the usual area, try to reach the edge of the sand; you will reach a point characterized by some stone pillars, guarded by enemies: kill all the opponents, then recover Nena from the entrance to the warehouse. Go back to Jenka, listen to the dialogue, then use the key to the warehouse that will be given to you by the Doctor. Inside, a boss.

Boss - Toroko Plus
It has three different attack modes, all centered on throwing blocks in your direction; the first is to jump up and throw a concrete block once you have reached the highest part of the jump; the second in making a diagonal jump - covering the entire room - to throw the block when it is exactly over your head; the third is to simply throw from the ground. The most common is the second; try to always keep moving, to avoid - in fact - that the blocks hit you. The most effective weapon is undoubtedly the missile launcher; when the ammunition runs out, it is advisable to switch to the machine gun, less convenient the Polar Star.

So talk to King, he will give you a new weapon (a sword). After the skit, you will be launched towards the maze.

Labyrinth - Part One

Talk to the robots, getting information about your situation and theirs. Hit the star-shaped block, thus granting you access to a rescue disk. Immediately start using the machine gun as a "propulsion" to reach the top of the room, eliminating the Critters who will try to stop your unstoppable advance. Then activate the eye-shaped block by pressing the "right" key at the same time; in this way, you will be projected to a safe platform. Jump to the moving block, then to the left. Examine the terminal at the end of the series of blocks, thus making all the robots below disappear. Go down. Proceed inside the new section of the maze, then left.
Let the blocks pass, using the alcove as a safety zone. Jump on the only block that moves to the right, it will lead you to the door to the next area of ​​the maze. Kill the critters, enter the building at the end of the corridor. Save your game, talk to Chaba. Choose the weapon that best suits you, among the various ones that it will propose to you. Go out, walk east. Enter the door on the far right. Talk to the characters inside the camp, especially Curly - sick. Save your game, you will now have to reach the clinic. Exit the room, use the machine gun as a "propeller" to reach the door marked by a symbol in the shape of a cross, at the top left. Retrieve the healing tool from the chest, then wait for the boss to arrive in the area.

Boss - Puu Black
Its only attack consists in disappearing for a moment, then launching itself towards the ground, exploding on impact in a sea of ​​explosive bubbles that will obviously cause you serious damage, if you are hit by them. It is not easy to dodge the bubbles, the only absolutely safe method is to use the level 3 Bubb-line, but it is not at all sure that you have managed to recover it at this point. The best weapon is the Sword anyway, especially if it is at least level 3.

After his defeat, proceed to the outside, returning to the field. Talk to Gero, to get healed and give him the Cure-All found in the chest just before the boss. So go back to the labyrinth. Proceed east until you reach a group of quills. Jump to the block on the right, get carried up to the top, then drop down to the left. When you reach the corridor, make sure you have maximized the level of the Sword and Bubb-line, and then proceed to the fight against a boss.

Boss - Monster X
The most dangerous move available to this enemy is simply to run over you with the strength of his tracks. Despite its huge mass, it is able to move very fast, so you will have to use all your dexterity to avoid its charges. In order to hit him, you'll need to dodge three of his attacks, causing him to change direction of travel. Only after 3 dodges will he reveal his weak point (four spheres in the center of his chest) which you will obviously have to hit quickly (the use of a sword or missile launcher is recommended). Destroyed the last sphere, the monster will continue the attack following the same pattern; however this time it will launch heat-seeking missiles from its chest. You will first have to use the sword to hit his chest as soon as the launch has taken place (during the first few seconds, the missiles cannot detect you), then activate Bubb-line at maximum power to create - in fact - a barrier of bubbles between you and the incoming missile.

After the destruction, proceed inside the door just to the east.

Labyrinth - Second Part

Save your game, then drop down and talk to Booster. He will give you the Booster, which can be used to increase the height of your jumps. Use it immediately to reach the room above. Talk to Curly, examine the left section of the boulder, trying to move it. After a short skit, you will find yourself facing a boss.

Boss - Balrog
Its main attack is to launch missiles in your direction, progressing and stopping at regular intervals. The use of the level 3 sword is recommended both to destroy the incoming missiles, and to significantly reduce the HP available to the boss.

After you defeat him, he will help you move the boulder, thus finally allying himself with you rather than trying to fight you. Save your game, then proceed to the next area. Retrieve the objects from inside the eggs, then pass the fan on the right, dodging the fireballs it periodically throws. Kill the enemies, ignoring the upward vent for the moment, preferring to drop down the vent to the right instead. Break the eggs in the new room, then left. Kill the Buyobuyo, then blow up the barriers on the left, walking in the same direction. Use the machine gun to keep yourself in the air all along the area covered by the water. Let Curly take care of the next room so he doesn't risk losing too many life points. Then activate the terminal on the left and proceed east. Ignore a second pipe facing up, so destroy the Fuzz Cores - the Sword (especially the third level) is very effective against this enemy. Continue beyond the nearby door.

Video - Trailer

Dark place

Talk to Curly, then jump to the terminal. Interact with it, to open the doors in front of you. Follow Curly. You will reach a locked door; crouch and walk under the door, then shoot up - you will notice the emission of red particles. Keep shooting, causing the door to open. Go back to the first terminal, activate it again to make the elevator go down to the water. Right, activate a second terminal, talk to Curly. After the skit, you will have to fight a boss.

Boss - The Core
Core is characterized by a rather defensive combat tactic: it will always move in the opposite direction of your advance. His little "assistants" take care of shooting in your direction. The situation is complicated by the continuous "tide" to which the room is subjected, which will periodically be completely filled with water. You will therefore have to try to always stay in the upper half of the game area and move to the higher platforms as soon as you notice the beginning of the rise in the water level. So beware of the rhythmic gusts of wind that Core will shoot in your direction, with the aim of making you fall down and drown you - in the unfortunate event you fall, quickly climb the platforms on the left to return to an acceptable altitude. At the same time, you will have to continuously bombard him with Super Missiles, the weapon to which he is undoubtedly most sensitive. When the ammo runs out, switch to the machine gun. The sword is instead indicated to destroy the mini-cores - doing so puts you in an advantageous situation, as the Core-mother will have to open its "warehouse" to create others and you can shoot inside it, multiplying the amount of damage. caused.

After the skit, exit the room. Everything is submerged, but you have unlimited air, so it doesn't turn out to be a problem. Proceed inside the gate with the lion-shaped door in front of you.

The Leak

Drop down, then proceed left to find yourself face-to-face with a group of enemies. Get rid of it, then keep going west, past the spike-based traps. Jump into the pool of water, then let yourself be carried away by the current that you can surely see below you. Eliminate the jellyfish with your Sword, then jump to the platform and then drop to the left. Enter the house. Examine the computer. So, talk to Curly. Drop down, start jumping along the "beds" with the quills. At the end of this game zone, you will find yourself facing the boss.

Boss - Ironhead
In addition to the boss, who will only swim slowly and sporadically release a flow of "rings" of energy, you will have to pay attention to the groups of fish that you will periodically cross. It is an extremely simple boss, just stay around him and hit him with your most powerful sword, usually the schools of fish do not get too close to him, so following this strategy you will kill two birds with one stone.

Reach Arthur's house. Teleport to the Egg Corridor. Right, start taking out the enemies. Fight the zombie (use the various shelves as a cover to dodge its periodic fireballs), then walk east. You will reach a building, enter. Use the two presses in such a way that you are thrown towards the door, returning to the Egg Corridor. East, kill the various Zombies, pass the eggs, then enter the ventilation duct to reach the observation room. Inside, a boss.

Boss - The Sisters
You will be attacked by two flying dragons; you will be confined to the platform in the center of the play area, while the two opponents will move in a circle around you. Being dragons, they will obviously spit fire in your direction. The use of missiles is recommended: the dragons are particularly sensitive to them and secondly they are able to hit them even while they are in flight. Dodge their flames by moving constantly.

Save your game, then proceed inside the duct on the right. Enter the building, examine the computer screen. Here you can choose to answer "yes" to Kazuma, getting the first possible ending. We advise against it, being obviously the worst. Say "no" to continue. Follow him to the outside of the level. Climb the wall, until you reach an area made up of gray blocks - try to avoid them, climbing on them you will find yourself having to face a kind of mini-boss. At the end of the path, you will reach the new game area.


Talk to the Mimiga, then save and walk east. When you reach the plantation, start walking the series of platforms. Eliminate the bats using your sword. Go through the door, then start climbing yet another wall. Once you reach the vital capsule, go down to the left, proceeding along the passage. Talk to the Mimiga behind bars, then use the teleporter. Save your game, go back to the plantation. Head down, using the door between the two glittering objects. Talk to the only Mimiga who will want to interact with you, then go down to the lower section of the platform, and then walk west. Examine the bucket, take the key to the transporter room. Go inside and watch the skit. Examine the letter that will be given to you. Proceed down the passage near the escape disc, returning to the outside.
Reach the house in the central section of the plantation (slightly hidden: you'll have to drop into an alcove to get there). Talk to the woman inside, she will give you a Mimaga mask in exchange for the Booster. Exit the door on the right, save your game and start talking to all the Mimigas using the mask. Go to the rest area to talk to Megane. You will have to convince him to give you one of the sparkling objects.

Go back to the central part of the plantation, jumping to the right edge, passing the door. Climb up, talk to the various Mimigas, until you reach the one at the top. Get her broken sparkly item to be donated, then go back to Megane. Once the transaction is complete, head to Momorin's lair. Give her the item, she'll tell you to go find a certain Itoh. This is the first Mimiga you encountered near the warehouse. Talk to him, he will give you a controller that you have to bring back to Momorin. Rest inside the hideout while Mimiga takes care of the controller. Grab the rocket, then use it to reach the top of the level, where the Last Cave is located.

The Final Battle

Assuming you have Booster 0.8, in the initial section of this level you will not have to face particularly complex enemies, almost exclusively the usual Critters. When you reach the corridor at the top, run straight ahead quickly to dodge the presses (absolutely avoid stopping). You will thus reach the balcony; right, towards the helicopter; pass it to get inside the prefabricated house. Use the bed to heal your wounds, even saving the game. Go back to the balcony and proceed east. Destroy Kulala with one of your Super Missiles. Climb the wall towards the sky (at the end of the path), until you reach the group of capsules, containing large quantities of ammo. Make them yours, then go back down and continue straight, entering the throne room. Walk to the right, you will be almost immediately stopped by Misery.

Boss - Misery
Right after the battle begins, Misery will shoot some energy balls in your direction. Attention: they have a deceptive peculiarity - when you try to pass under them, they will shoot a lightning bolt towards the ground - therefore avoid stopping in their correspondence, preferring to continue running. The best time to hit her (remembering that she is always vulnerable anyway) is certainly the moment immediately following the teleportation; the recommended weapon is the Sword. The only moment in which it becomes invulnerable will correspond to the evocation of some black spheres, able to absorb your attacks: it will be enough to wait a few moments to make them dissolve autonomously.

After his defeat, proceed to the top. Talk to the doctor. After the skit, you will have to face him.

Boss - Doctor
The battle will begin with the launch of some red colored balls that tend to travel to the corners of the room. It has a red crystal that can absorb your attacks; you can however use it as a position indicator, as it will move towards the area where the Doctor is about to teleport. His most powerful attack (which always occurs after a sequence of 3 teleports) consists in releasing a large amount of red bubbles in each direction, bubbles that then go to bounce along the walls. Dodging them is not easy, pay attention to the number of teleporters to be prepared, at least psychologically. As soon as you think you've defeated him, he will transform into his second version, "Muscle Doctor". Not very different from the first, if not in the type of attack: he prefers sound punches to balls. Fortunately, his HP is very low, so you'll be able to defeat him in the blink of an eye.

Talk to the Mimigas (especially Chako), then proceed to the highest point on the island. Talk to Mistery, then watch the skit, after which yet another boss awaits you.

Boss - Undead Core
It is actually a battle against two enemies: the Undead Core and Sue. It is recommended that you initially focus on Sue. Move to the left, dodging Sue's attacks. Try to lock Sue in a specific battle space so that all of your hits will land and you can finish her in a relatively short time. After defeating her, take care of Critter's legion that is likely to have been summoned by Misery. Only at this point is it recommended to start taking care of the Core. Use the Super Missiles (which you should have in quantity), using the mini-cores as platforms from which to aim more easily at their "Mother", so to speak. The attacks of the Undead Core depend on the "face" it will show you: the first, standard, creates bombs that follow a parabola trajectory before going to hit you; given their slowness, dodging them won't be a problem; the second, a kind of smile, suddenly activates the mini-cores that will fire "standard" bullets in unison in your direction. So be careful: during these moments it will be better to avoid using them as a support. The third and last face, equipped with a huge mouth, fires a very powerful laser - which only travels in a straight line, so it will be enough to stay well away from the aforementioned mouth to maximize your chances of dodging. As for the attacks, always keep hitting him with Super Missiles, remembering that he is vulnerable throughout the course of the fight.

Now, starting with the angel statue, jump to the left side of the screen to get to the end of the game.

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