What is the “Are you okay? Tell Facebook ”and how it works

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What is the “Are you okay? Tell Facebook ". It allows you to connect with friends and family and find or offer assistance after an emergency.

Are you OK? Tell Facebook what you can do on this Facebook section

By going to this Facebook page you will be able to access Are you okay? Tell Facebook where you can:

  • Share a fundraiser : Invite your friends to help raise money for rebuilding activities by sharing an inspiring fundraiser.
  1. Go to “Are you okay? Tell Facebook ".
  2. In “Are you okay? Tell Facebook ”, you can see a list of friends who confirmed that they were fine and one of the friends who confirmed not to have been involved. You can also search for a friend using their name, but keep in mind that you can only ask your friends on Facebook if they are okay.
  3. Click on Ask if he's okay next to the person's name.

After you ask a friend if they're okay, they'll be notified and can confirm they're okay.

  • The city indicated in your profile
  • Yours, if you've allowed Facebook to access the location of your phone or tablet
  • Other elements that allow you to identify where you are (for example the city from which you use the Internet)
  1. Go to “Are you okay? Tell Facebook ”and click on Manage your posts.
  2. Click on Modification.
  3. Click on Privacy and choose the audience you want to select.

How do I use “Are you okay? Tell Facebook ”to get help?

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