The Walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Please note:

The solution is based on the US version of the game. There may be divergences from the Spanish version.

Chapter 1: Skyloft

After waking up, take the money from the closet next to the door. Go outside, talk to the characters around you. Go through the main door to reach Skyloft. Left, run along the crates and jump across the ravine to get through the easy tutorial. Place the crate on the wall to be able to save the cat. So go to the statue of the deity. Talk to Zelda; you will now have to look for the Loftwing, but first you will have to talk to Horwell, who you can meet on the way to the academy.
Then talk to Pipit, go out the door and proceed beyond the gate. When Goose leaves, go back to Knight Academy. Talk to the girl, exit and go north, entering the training room. Talk to the knights commander to try your hand at sword training.
Then exit and proceed to the northeast cave, marked on the map. Kill the first enemy, climb the wall using the vines on the left. Go straight, watch the skit with Zelda as the protagonist. Always forward to find the Loftwing; cut all the ropes that connect it to the fake "cage" to make it available. You will then be given instructions on flying: jump off the edge and press "down" on the digital pad. Hook onto the Loftwing, holding the statue in your hand. You will eventually arrive at the ceremony with Zelda. It will throw you off the ravine again: turn the wiimote so that it aligns with the circle on the ground, then using the canvas to land smoothly.

Capitolo 2: Sword of the Goddess

Exit the room, go up the stairs to the second floor following the girl. You will find yourself in front of the Remlits, creatures that become hostile during the night - you will have to stun them with a few hits, so that you can proceed without problems (but it will not be possible to kill them!). Go up the hill; at the top, jump with a run up to overcome the two ravines, finally arriving at the statue of the Goddess. Use the secret passage to enter the associated room.
Approach the sword, press A to interact with it, then move the Wiimote vertically to extract it. Talk to Gaepora, along with Fi you will be asked to go find Zelda in the "real" world. Take the emerald tablet, then load up your sword (pointing the wiimote upwards), and hit the goddess's mane. Finally, you can place the tablet, opening the dimensional portal.
A column of green light will appear, marking the entrance to the forest. Jump on the Loftwing to reach it. First, however, we recommend that you go talk to Owlan to get the wooden shield. So approach any ravine, dive in and call the Loftwing. Jump to the column of light. Proceed to the right, up to a sealed door. To try to open it, start going down. When you reach a room, approach the spike-seal in the center. Hit it with the sword, several holes will open in the ground, use the emitted air to proceed upwards. Go through the previously blocked door, arriving at the sealed temple. Talk to the old lady, then go beyond the door she will open for you.
Watch out for the Bokobin - use your shield frequently to block their attacks. Having killed them, talk to Gorko. Then keep moving towards the forest, being interrupted by a large trunk, which you can move forward to create a kind of huge "step" that will allow you to climb along the ravine in front of you, having access to the forest.

Chapter 3: Faron Woods

Quickly run to the rope, grab onto it, then move the wiimote sideways to get some momentum. Press A to project forward. Fend off the Bokoblins who try to attack the forest creature, which will then escape. Proceed up the hill, following the creature. Hit the mushrooms to get her out. Finally, you will find it behind a tree, at the end of the path.
Talk to her, she'll tell you to go talk to Bucha, the boss. To find it, go straight and use the boulders to neutralize the Deku Baba. You will come to a waterfall populated by a new enemy - the Octorok. Defeat him, then proceed down the hill to the left. Cut the plant to which the rope is connected, so as to launch yourself towards Bucha's residence. He will tell you that he will help you find Zelda, but first you will have to find the other hidden Kikwis for him. Crouch down the space next to Bucha to an alcove. Climb the vines, move along the rope, fend off the Bokoblins and roll into the tree to bring out a Kikwi. Then use the "new" creeper to go back. Proceed to the forest, then - instead of continuing to Michi - turn right and jump across the platforms to a path. Other platforms to the left, get rid of the Octoroks, jump into the hole on the ground, thus locating Oolo - one of the Kikwis.
Then jump to the left and retrace the hill climbed earlier. Instead of staying on the path, cut left along the tall grass. Climb again up to a pool, then jump along the platforms to a temple, to be covered in its entirety, thus locating some creepers on the right.
Climb them, recovering the fruit for resistance. Cut the grass to track down the Kikwi. Go back to Bucha who will finally give you the sling. Following his instructions, shoot the slingshot at the nearby ivy plant. Then go back to the platform, and approach the bird statue (which acts as a save point), near another vine. Knock it down, then hook onto it to cross the ravine to the path that leads to Deep Woods. Follow it; once you reach the ravine, before crossing it we recommend hitting the honeycomb, so as not to be stung during the crossing.
Then left, knock down the log, and continue to another rope. We recommend touching it, then shaking the Wiimote and causing the Bokoblin to fall, so you can cross it in peace. You will arrive at another statue-save point, knock this down too, and proceed along the umpteenth rope. Talk to Gorko, follow his simple instructions to unlock the goddess cube, then hit it to activate it in its full power.
Go down the next platforms making your way to the temple, always pressing and moving the logs to create shortcuts. You will find a second cube, activate it, then shoot with the sling towards the crystal above the doors that - in sequence - will appear in front of your eyes: they will open and you can proceed forward.

Chapter 4: Skyview Temple

Go down the stairs to the first floor. Use the slingshot to stun the Deku Baba, climb the vines, hit the switch to open the door. Enter the next room, approach the eye on the wall. You will now have to brandish the sword and draw circles in the air, in front of the eye - it will lose its orientation and unlock the door in front of you. Proceed to the central walkway of the next room, exterminate the Walltulas, then notice the two locked side doors: you will have to explore both to find the key and proceed. Aim the slingshot at the switch on the right, hit it. Drop into the pit, crouch and proceed down the passage to the left to a hidden room. Hit the crystal with a Deku stick, causing the water level in the main hall to rise.
Dive in and swim under the walkway that leads to the next door. Hit the crystal hidden under the gate to clear your way. Proceed forward, then shoot the vines on the right to create an escape route by jumping between the vines. Hit the skulltulla bellies, ending them so you can cross the bridge. Stand in the middle of the bridge, aim the slingshot at the switch in the alcove to the left, causing the water level in the main chamber to rise. Go through the door on the opposite side of the bridge to a high platform. Retrieve the dungeon map from the treasure chest. Jump down; now that the water level is at maximum, you can jump on the pillar that serves as a ladder to get to the vines. Climb them up to a door. Overcome it, finish the Skulltulla in the center of the room, then locate the two eyes near the gate: position yourself in the middle of them and move the sword in a circular manner to confuse them, then take the key from the chest.
Return the key to the first water chamber, use it on the only door left locked. Go ahead, shoot the crystal switch, then go ahead again. You will have to deal with Stalfos: we recommend a strongly offensive approach, his shots are powerful but his defense is poor. Grab the Beetle, aim it at the hole above, then guide it to the crystal you hit first and open the door. Exit, take a right and locate the door with the bird statue next to it. Point the Beetle towards one of the two entrances of the tunnel, guide it beyond the Deku Baba to get to a hidden crystal, which will unseal the door. Run to the next door, then finish the Skulltula that will drop from the ceiling. Climb the vines to the right. Break the block suspended on the platform, then move it towards the end of the platform, and place it in such a way that it is right in front of the "gaze" of the sentry. Now the eye above can see you: you can confuse all three at the same time, causing the gate to open in front of you. Then open the treasure chest and retrieve the key inside. Go back to the central area, shooting the crystal to raise the water level (when you don't know how to proceed).
Once in the central area, go past the egg, locating the locked door. Use the Beetle to finish off the Deku Baba hanging from the ceiling. Jump on the rope and walk (carefully) to the opposite side of the ravine. Go through the door, go up to the wooden barrier, to be broken with the sword. Proceed to the next room, finish the snake Staldra always hitting it on the head. Go further, finish the Bokoblins as you go up the catwalk. Jump over the ravine, then right to locate a rope that proceeds along another ravine: begin to follow it, despite being chased by a Bokoblin. On the opposite side you will find a giant locked door, which cannot be opened at the moment; then climb the vines to the right. Cut the rope in correspondence with them, it will move towards you: jump on it to reach the last part of the vines, then make your way along the tree.
Shoot the curved vines visible above, then use them to project yourself towards the alcove above. Take the cube from the crate, then climb the nearby creepers so you can return to the rope, and pass it to return to the door you passed before, but where you can now enter thanks to the cube you just recovered. So make your way to the recesses of the dungeon.

Boss: Ghirahim
Once the fight has begun, the opponent will immediately throw the sword to the ground - but this will not make it easy to defeat him; periodically he will be able to block your sword with his hands, and you will have to quickly turn the wiimote to be able to remove it. However, it is possible to confuse him using this very characteristic: while he is looking at your sword, you will have to move the wiimote in a circle to confuse him, then hit him as soon as he slowly moves his hand towards you. Repeat the process until he summons his sword. It will mainly have two attacks: one sees it summon four daggers which will then be hurled at you - we recommend using the shield to parry them, dodging is tricky. The other attack sees him charge you directly, then strike with a sword - this blow can be dodged by moving sideways at the last moment, so that he goes to plant the sword on the ground, and you can hit him hard on the back of the head. Repeat the procedure to defeat him.

Picked up the container of hearts, approach the door on the opposite side of the room to get to the springs. Hit the "crest" with a sword stroke to get the ruby ​​tablet, which will give you access to a new play area when you use it on the goddess statue.

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Chapter 5: Elding Volcano

Use the closest statue to project yourself towards the clouds, so as to place the tablets inside the sanctuary and then project yourself towards Eldin, a region colored in red. After landing, proceed right at the fork. Repel the Chu Chu, jump on the rocky platforms scattered along the lava lake, to a cave - beware of the "tide" of the lava, which will cause it to fall and rise periodically.
Upon reaching the next cave, we recommend retrieving the bomb-flowers from the ground to destroy the surrounding debris piles. Once out of the cave, you can interact with another statue-checkpoint. So follow the curve to the left, talk to the Mogma.
On the right, you can face a Pyrup: to finish it you have to throw a flower-bomb in its "hole", on the top of its head. So still ahead, beware of the Pyrup hiding inside the shells - you will have to throw the bomb into the hole above the shell to be able to eliminate them, since the shell acts as an exoskeleton. So go up the platforms to get to the top of the plateau.
Retrieve the piece of heart, then blow up the boulders blocking the lava flow in front of you. Then run along the bridge of bones, very quickly to avoid it falling into the lava below. Then go up to the vents on the left, use them to proceed further towards the inside of the cave.
Jump repeatedly, reaching another passage that continues to descend along the cave. You will notice a kind of hole on the right, and a Mogma on the left - talk to him, he will tell you that some monsters have permanently placed themselves in the hole, making it their lair; you will have to reach them and defeat them. Climb the nearby tower, then talk to the previous Mogma. It will give you a useful tool for digging in the ground, use it at the holes marked with an X. At the next fork, proceed to the right. Use the flower bomb to finish the Pyrup, then dig around the three holes to find a vent, which you will need to use to proceed out of the cave. Talk to the waiting Mogma, cross the bridge and take one of the bomb-flowers. Throw it at the rock wall behind the nearby tower, causing the wall itself to explode. Retrieve the crate, continue climbing up to a sandy slope. Given the considerable slope, you will have to try to maximize your speed, perhaps going down slightly and thus taking a kind of "run-up".
At the top, watch out for the Bokoblin, he will throw boulders as you approach: wait for the moment when he has raised a boulder above his head, then shoot the Deku Seed with your slingshot to stun him, so that the boulder falls on his head. Near the next group of Bokoblin, you will have to place a flower bomb next to the large tower, then detonate the debris blocking the cave, and then use the tower as a "bridge" to cross the ravine.
So climb the vines, arriving at the foot of a slope, which finally leads to a temple. Talk to the Mogmas to get some information on the key, they will tell you that you will have to recover the pieces inside the temple to be able to find it. First use the Dowsing to locate the first piece in one of the holes outside the temple. Then continue straight, use the bomb-flowers to blow up the tower below, taking the second piece. Go back to the entrance of the temple and pass it, look towards the slope from the balcony, noting a pile of debris that you can destroy with a bomb, recovering the key in the alcove that will become visible following the explosion.
Now continue east to Bokoblin's camp. Blow up the tower, take out the Bokoblins, then use the tower itself to overcome another ravine. Drop down to the small platform on the left, then grab the wall to get past the lava pool below. Follow the vines to the right, then flip the switch to cause the bridge to extend.
We therefore recommend running quickly along the next game area, given the very high heat that characterizes it. At the fork, right, go down the slope always staying on the right to find a platform that leads to some jets of hot water; wait for the nearest one to activate, then jump on it to reach another key fragment. Continue the descent along the slope; then turn right, arriving at a cave. Roll a flower bomb across the room to destroy the debris on the other side so you can grab the last fragment of the key.
So exit the cave, take a right to locate another geyser that will bring you back to the top - before using it, blow up the debris on the left to create a shortcut that will allow you to get back here easily. Then enter the temple.

Chapter 6: Earth Temple

Proceed straight, then jump over the stones to overcome the magma, until you locate a depressed Mogma: Ledd - his companion - has proceeded forward in the exploration of the temple, without him being able to keep up with him. Go back to the previous room, go up the stairs to the left. Jump on the platforms thrown into the air by the lava geysers. Cut the two ropes holding the bridge, then aim at the third with the Beetle, and shoot to activate it. After defeating the Lizalfos, shoot the flower bombs around the statue to cause an orb to release, which you can use to get past the lava.
Roll counterclockwise until you find Ledd. Talk to him, he will tell you that he has lost his bag of bombs - to find it, crouch and proceed along the nearby narrow alley, which Ledd cannot get through; grab a flower bomb, go back and blow up the boulders blocking the passage.
After defeating the Lizalfos, you can recover the bag of bombs. Bring her back to Ledd; will tell you that you can keep it! Before continuing, fill it with flower bombs. Jump back onto the sphere, now move clockwise around the room. To the far west, go down and approach the platform that is "raised" by the flow of magma: throw a bomb to cause the explosion of the nearby rock wall as well, so you can take a golden skull.
Back in the sphere, roll north again to a switch protruding from a block on the path; roll over it, causing a nearby platform to rise and create stairs to the door above you - not enough to reach it, however.
Then roll to the center, go up the stairs to the west, use a bomb to destroy the debris. Follow the solidified platforms to continue forward, then jump to the rock platform at the end. Let yourself be carried upwards. Back in the central chamber, move counter-clockwise past Ledd to a dead end. Use bombs on the nearby wall to reveal a secret room. Go down the lava flow again, kill the Bokoblins on the moving platform. Blow up the fake wall on the left, revealing a path. Walk it up to the red gate, use the Beetle to cut the ropes, then make your way down the tunnel to a second rope.
Watch out for the dragon statue - it will periodically emit lava, which you will have to dodge - under penalty of instant death of your character. Back in the central chamber, roll to the next switch, activating the rest of the stairs, thus gaining access to the center of the temple. Run as fast as you can down the slope, dodging the boulders. At the top, proceed along the space to the right, crouching. Go up the stairs, throw a bomb at the shattered wall, so you can reach the alcove - to use to rest for a while in your fight against the falling boulders.
Run to the dragon head, then go up the stairs that lead in the opposite direction and make your way up the slope using the fruits of resistance. Retrieve the dragon sculpture, but watch out for the boulder that will immediately be emitted by the snake-shaped statue, just above you - run down the slope and then up the stairs to avoid it. The boulder will destroy the dragon's head and you will be able to access the boss.

Boss: Scaldera
This is a giant sphere of magma wrapped in a rocky exoskeleton. Initially, it will throw itself along the arena trying to crush you; after a while, it will begin to rise and throb: throw a bomb at it right now, stunning it and making it go down the slope again. Chase her: when she opens her mouth to inhale some gas, throw another bomb, right into her esophagus. You will break part of the armor, revealing the inner eye, weak point: hit it with the sword, repeatedly. You will then have to repeat this strategy ad libitum, until the enemy is defeated. Retrieve the heart, then go through the door at the top of the slope. After the skit, load up the Skyward Strike to proceed, obtaining the amber tablet.

Chapter 7 - Lanayru Desert

Go back to the statue of the goddess, place the amber tablet in the right place, inside the sanctuary where you found the sword of the goddess. An amber column of light will appear, just above the Lanayru Desert. Use it to get to the Lanayru mines. Pick up the goddess cube, then go straight. Push the old cart forward, it will create a bridge that will allow you to cross the ravine.
You will have to face a yellow Chu: pay attention to its ability to launch electric charges. In the next area, move the cart to the right to the end of the rope. Then shoot at the crystal in the center. Go back now by jumping on the same cart to get to a different room. To get past the quicksand, throw a bomb at the cart held by the robot statue, so that it drops and uses it as a support. Repeat the procedure in the next chamber.
Throw spinning bombs to pulverize the Electro Spumes, then run to the next island using the stamina fruit as a guide, proceeding clockwise. At the end of the room, explore the passage on the left and drop a bomb to clear it of debris, activating a time-changing stone. Return to the quicksand room, pulverize the debris blocking the cart, then move the cart to the tracks and make your way to the Lanayru Desert.
Proceed north, increasing your speed (when possible) to avoid falling into quicksand. When you arrive at the cages, you will notice how one of them contains a time-changing stone. To get it, you will have to run to the destroyed wall, then jump on one of the cages and throw a bomb in the hole above, so that the debris is pulverized and you can take the stone. Using it, you will be able to bring back to life one of the robots trapped in the cage, along with other hostile subjects: finish the hostiles, the friendly robot will provide you with the "Hook Beetle", which allows you to take and carry small objects.
You will now need to head to Hylian Ridge to the west. We recommend noting the quicksand line associated with the basket statues to the west, using it to proceed towards the goal with ease (perhaps using the Hook Beetle to retrieve the bomb-flowers and throw them towards the baskets).
Next, you'll need to use Amphibius shells. Enter therefore into the temple of time. Activate the temple stone, cross the first ravine using the "new tracks". Then send the Beetle to the lower part of the rock structure to the west, press the crystal switch, causing the gate blocking the tracks to open. Grab the flower bomb from the cactus, fly to the top of the dead tree and throw the hole bomb - the boulder below contains one of the gems!
So unfortunately you will notice that the main entrance to the temple of time is blocked - you cannot pass. You will have to find another way to enter, through the Lanayru mine. After looking at the map provided by the robot, interact with the nearby time-changing stone to activate the cart and use it to proceed east. Use the map provided by the robot to figure out which areas are not covered by quicksand.
After a short skit, you will be prompted to activate three generators. The first is the water generator: proceed west, locating some statues with a "basket" that you can use as a platform - use the map provided by the robot to figure out the path to follow, also using a secret passage behind to one of the walls. Although the generator appears destroyed, you can use the stone behind the wall to restore it. So approach the console and insert the sword, then turn it 90 ° to activate the generator.
Moving on to the second generator, look north, locating the crack in the wall; you will have to destroy that wall in order to proceed. Smash the rock in the center of the room, hit the weather-changing rock, then move the electric shells to the switches on the other side of the room, charging the generator.
For the third generator, move southeast, pull the lever and take the shortcut that will take you back to the entrance. Proceed to the nearest generator room, now accessible; jump on an Ampilus to navigate quicksand to a rusty switch. Hit it with the Hook Beetle, and the Ampilus will transform into electric shells that you can use to charge the generator.
So go back to the great locking mechanism; use the sword to direct the different locks (water, fire, lightning) towards the cardinal points corresponding to the generators: the water lock will face left, the fire lock at the bottom right, the lightning bolt at the top. Proceed inside the structure that will thus be revealed.

Capitolo 8 - Lanayru Mining Facility

Hit the arachas repeatedly with your sword, then use the Hook Beetle to haul the flower bombs to the top of the pillar to drop them into the statue on the left and get past the quicksand. Pull the lever, then straight away, press one of the blocks towards the platform above. Enter the room, right, throw a bomb towards the crates making them explode. Jump forward and climb the ladder, grab the key from the chest.
Back in the previous room, use the key to unlock the door on the left. Left again, walk along the disabled conveyor belt. Climb the ladder, then hit the nearby switch. Shoot the time-changing stone to activate the machines in the room. However, the mechanical guardians will also be reactivated: hit them in the eye to deactivate them. Then run along the conveyor belts, pull the lever at their end, go through the door to reach the warehouse. Jump across the baskets to reach the opposite side of the warehouse and retrieve the siphon. Jump along the crates to the right, use the siphon to remove the sand from the door and open the way. Remove the block, returning to a previously visited room. Use the siphon to remove the sand from the block on the left, then jump on the nearby switch to open the second door.
Quickly run along the quicksand to the southeast corner of the room, remove the sand surrounding the time-changing stone, then hit it. Jump to the platform, then hit the red parts of the magnetic teeth to guide the platform.
Then use the siphon on the fan above the gate, making it open. Then use it to move the platform in front of you so you can get on it. So jump on the next ladder, and again use the siphon on the nearby fan, causing the gate to open. At the next platforms, you can sweep the sand off one of the gates, revealing another time stone to activate using the slingshot.
Defeat the Armos, take the map from the chest. In the next room, locate the sand piles to the west; sweep the second one away to reveal a passage, take a left, straight, right. Go through the sandy room, flip the switch at its end, then enter the new door. Sweep the sand off the mine cart and hit the time-changing stone, jump on the cart and it will start moving. Also shoot air at the fan to open the next gate.
Beyond the door, watch out for the Beamos; having defeated them, proceed towards the path to the left and use the siphon again to reveal the presence of another cart. Go up the stationary conveyor belts, climb the creepers on the wall, then use the air emitted by the valves to climb up. At the top, right, throw some bombs at the statues to create a passage to the opposite side of the ravine.
Remove the sand covering yet another time-changing stone, activate it, then jump onto the conveyor belt that has now started to move. Pull the lever and jump onto the platform, also hitting the red spikes above you to make your way. When you get to the next switches, first press the one on the far left, then the one on the far right, then the one in the center.
Proceed inside the gate that will open, remove the orange block to reveal the ladder, recover the Ancient Circuit (which practically acts as a key). Go down to the lower level, proceed along the shortcut you just opened, entering the door to the west. Right, hit the stone inside the next mine cart. At the end of this path, insert the circuit into the lock to open it.

Boss: Moldarach
The boss's weak point is represented by the "irises" contained within his giant claws - the general pattern sees you waiting for his eyes to turn red, then dodging his attack attempt, and then hitting the claws until causing the complete fall of the arms, an event that will make the eye in the center completely vulnerable.

Having killed the boss, you can proceed along the secret passage that connects to the temple of time. Activate the stone, jump on the cart, and proceed to the next level.

Capitolo 9 - Instrument for the Goddess

You will now have the goddess harp, and you will need to talk to the old lady inside the Sealted Temple. Once in the area, he can only teach you the song. Move the Wii Remote back and forth, matching the movement to match the lady's movement. Playing the song will reveal a second time gate - before you can get through it you will need to improve your sword. After a cutscene, you will find yourself fighting with the imprisoned.

Boss: The Imprisoned
Your goal is to repeatedly attack the spike-shaped "seal" on the enemy's head. Attach his toes first, three on each foot. In this way the opponent will no longer be able to move, and will fall to the ground, on his back. You can then hit the sting on his head with upward aimed blows. Then follow the movements indicated on the screen to re-seal it.

Talk to the old lady again. He will tell you to go talk to Master Gaepora, telling you that he is in the tower of light, in the square on the south edge of Skyloft. In order to activate the tower it will be necessary to "point" the two windmills in its direction. One of them is not fully functional - the bottom bracket is missing. To recover it, it will be necessary to go to Gondo and give him an ancient flower; this way he will lend you the robot Scrapper, which can retrieve large objects from the surface of the earth to deliver them to you. To find the mechanism you will need to dive towards the entrance to the earth temple, locate the tower you knocked down to get the second piece of the key, and look around. Having taken it, tell Scrapper to take the mechanism to the second windmill, while Jakamar will have to take care of its repair. Then use the siphon to align the windmill with the tower of light, activating it.
Now that it's active, climb to the top of the tower of light and take out the harp. Play it along with the rhythm, using the pulsating ring of light (on the ground) as a reference point. The tower will then shoot a beam of light towards the clouds, and you can travel inside. You will arrive at the island of songs. To reassemble the bridge, you will need to realign its three parts, and then align them with the tower. First of all, lock the pieces (using the central lever to move them) until they are aligned; so make sure that when you press the lever in the center, none of the barriers move upwards blocking the obelisk. Having aligned it, continue to rotate it until you hear a "click" that signals the correspondence with the tower. Overcome it therefore to arrive at the entrance of the tower itself.

The Walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Chapter 10 - Lake Floria

Enter the temple between the islands of Songs, use your sword to activate the crest of the goddess, then talk to the miniature version of the goddess statue. He will teach you a new song. So exit the temple, heading towards Faron Woods.
You will therefore have to find a portal to the spirit world, hidden in the forest. Fortunately, it has been added to your map, so follow the directions it provides to reach it. Use the harmonica to activate the portal, then play the song you were recently taught to cause its progressive opening; when it is fully open, insert the sword on the ground by holding the A button and slamming the Wii remote to be sucked into the realm of Farore.
Your objective in the area will be to collect 15 Farore's tears without being discovered by the guardians. The following are the areas where tears can be traced:

- one right in front of you after leaving the protective circle;
- one on the viewing platform;
- a third between the roots of the tree next to the starting point; Then climb along the roots and vines to find another on the platform at the top.
- Another on the islet surrounded by water, use the tree to proceed.
- Beyond this islet you will find a small hole in which to crouch and proceed, taking the tear here too.
- Then another is next to the hole where you found Oolo.
- So immediately to the right, follow the path that leads to the tree; wait for the tide to dry to run along the strip of land and take the tear.
- So walk to the nearby platforms for a tear, then go up the slope.
- At the top, you can take a tear from the alcove on the left.
- Then proceed to the entrance to the forest for another, and then examine the trunk near one of the roots, pressing it down to create a shortcut to the portal.
- Another tear is on the edge of the pool, while the next is on the other side of the ravine, after having traversed the tight rope stretched between its two ends.
So return to the entrance of the realm to get the first sacred gift, the scales of the water dragon. So go to the deepest pool of water you encountered at the foot of the big tree. Dive inside and then go to reach the roots of the tree. Swim along the air bubbles, then - in the main chamber - swim towards the vines on the right. Climb them, then jump to one of the nearest platforms, and aim the siphon at the platform on the opposite side, and shoot some air to make them move away from each other; turning off the airflow will return to approach, and you can jump to finally reach the exit.
Out of the tree, turn left and go up the platforms. At the top, use the sling to defeat the Walltula. Climb the vines to a platform on the left, then shoot the Walltula you can reach from here. Start climbing again, arriving at another entrance.
In front of you a Moblin, we advise not to face it, preferring to simply run straight along the platform. Then proceed to the left, pushing back the Keese until you reach some creepers. Use them to climb to the top. Talk to the Kikwi in the upper right (waking him up with a Deku seed). So head towards the portal indicated by him, along the road traveled to reach the Kikwi, next to the waterfall. Dive in to get to the Floria lake.
You will be immediately transported to an underground river, arriving at a puddle. Follow Parella, breaking the wooden barrier with one swipe. Talk to her and then proceed to the sacred chambers of the water dragon. Pulverize all the debris around you, one of the piles hides the way forward. Then continue to follow Parella along the tunnels.
Then jump out of the water to get through the next gate. Arrived in the room populated by the Cranioc (the huge fish), hit the scar on his head to damage him seriously. Then enter the door unlocked by Parella, arriving at the dragon sanctuary. She will tell you that she is wounded by the battle against the demons, and that she needs holy water to regain strength. The water will be recoverable from the Skyview source inside the corresponding temple. Use the statue outside the dragon chamber to go back at maximum speed. Go down the stairs to the aquatic chamber, turn right through the first door, dive into the water and crouch to proceed down the corridor to the bottom left. Beyond it you will find an area that you can dig with your excavation tool, thus recovering a key.
You will then be able to access the large central chamber, using the shortcut to the boss chamber to avoid further fighting. Get rid of the three Stalfos, then the door to the source of Skyview will open. Collect the sacred water, return to the water dragon to give it water and make your way to the next dungeon.

Chapter 11 - Lanayru Sand Sea

Look at the inscription on the tablet next to the statue, it will tell you to examine the symbols around it. Exit out of the water and proceed counter-clockwise around the perimeter of the room, locating a door and pulling the nearby lever to open it. Go down and take a left. When you reach the statue, first hit the top jewel, then the lower one, then left, then right.
Still ahead, climb the vines in the south corner of the room, then jump to the lilypad to turn it around and proceed. Swim to the wooden barriers, retrieve the key from beyond the door. You can then unlock the door at the base of the statue. Then go down to the room below and walk along the pipe along a corridor that leads to the highest part of the room. Jump to the statue chamber, then proceed inside the front door.
Go down a level through the hole in the floor, defeat the Stalmaster, obtaining the whip - you can use it to open the valves. Go back to the main chamber for now.
Proceed to the east side of the room, go through the door you entered earlier, using the whip to get over the ravines - hooking onto the ornaments on the wall. So dive into the water and swim towards the waterfall, and rotate the platform with the whip to be able to get to the switch on the wall, always activating it with the whip. So make your way to the underground tunnel.
Swim to its end, then hit the switch (visible between the bars) with the whip. After the gate, jump towards the vines, again thanks to the whip. Cling to the vines associated with the rotating pillar, then get carried to the next platform. Jump across the ravine, then onto the nearby lever to open the gate. So launch yourself towards the umpteenth series of vines and open the valve to activate the suction of the nearby pool. Jump to get sucked.
Hit the Skulltulla on the roof to reveal an underground tunnel under one of the platforms. Throw yourself inside, swim down the passage, use the whip to retrieve the key hooked next to guard Bobkin. Use it on the nearby door, then jump into the water. Swim east, then spin the platform using the whip and climb the steps until you reach some vines.
Climb them, follow the path to a tunnel, then swim to a valve. Turn it around, then go back to the vines on the east side of the room; use the whip to turn the nearby platform, then proceed to the lever, also to turn with the whip to open the next gate, towards the central chamber.
Make your way to the valve, turn it to reach an underwater shortcut. Then locate the huge lever nearby and twist it with the whip, bringing down a statue and giving you access to the catacombs. Attention here to the cursed Bokoblins: it will take a "lethal" blow to finish them, standard hits are not enough. Proceed along the path to the east, walk through the swamp using the platforms. Use the Beetle to reach the crystal switch inside the rock formation, passing it through the eyes.
Go back and proceed to the cave which is now no longer covered by the falls. Grab the flower bomb and shoot it at the half-destroyed boulder on the spiral to the right, creating a new stone. Pass the swamp for the third time using the platforms. Climb the columns, arriving at an elevated platform. Use the whip to turn the lever left and right, thus turning the columns. Proceed to the previously unreachable platform, climb the column and repeat the procedure on the other lever, opening up access to a new area.
Follow the main path, arriving at a room with a single rope coming down from the ceiling. Start climbing it, while the Bokoblins chase you. You can't fight them, but you can use the Wii Remote (slam) to knock them down. Once in the light, exit the caves, then reposition the statue. Grab the crate that was trapped underneath it, then swerve to the left and pull the lever to raise the statue again. Go back inside the area you just exited from, open the valves, then approach the chest and take the idol. Having taken the idol and activated all the valves, return to the statue and use the geysers as a support to get to the seal. Destroy it, then turn the four valves in the area, making the statue's head rise up to the ceiling; you can then reach the boss room.

Boss: Koloktos
Despite being visually frightening, the boss will not be too difficult. During the first phase, he will attack you using his arms (his considerable amount of arms). Dodge the blows, then aim directly at the opponent's ligaments, using the whip to destroy them. In this way you will be able to make its red "core" visible, so you can run towards it and begin to inflict serious damage.
After taking some damage, it will bring out some legs and start moving around the play area. Despite the change in shape, the basic strategy to be able to defeat him remains the same, that is to hit his ligaments ad libitum until the nucleus is exposed again, then hitting the boss to death. So take the heart and proceed to the chamber a little further on, containing the sacred flame. Watch the skit to get the goddess longsword.

Chapter 12 - Navigating the Sand Sea

You will first need to return to the temple in the Song Islands to learn "Nayru's Wisdom". You will then need to locate the challenge portal, located inside the Lanayru mine, in front of the north generator - use the harp to cause it to appear.
It will now be necessary to locate a large amount of "tears". Taking control of the character, go up the stairs to retrieve the first tear. Continue towards the entrance to the central structure, go through the outer ring to get the second tear. Proceed beyond the broken wall on the south side of the temple, then use the vines on the east side to get to the top and collect the tear. Jump to the entrance, then to the platform on the left where the generator is, finding a tear here as well.
Jump back again, then return to the starting point, move east along the submerged path, locating a tear to the left of the intersection. Always ahead along the path, climb the wall from the west side, take the tear. Turn west, locating the next tear at the end of the next wall segment - but wait for the first Watcher to move away from you, then run forward and hide on the wall coming out to the right, waiting for the enemy to pass, then run. to take the tear.
South, wait for the water level to drop, then jump on the mine cart to get to yet another tear. Then again south, climb the wall using the cart on the right for support. Head north, jump on the cages, push the mine cart towards the cage and then climb up to the tear. Also climb the nearest wall for another tear. Go back along the wall, turn left, jump to the far south tree to find another tear. The last one is on the path leading to the desert entrance, sadly surrounded by Watchers - move in a circle to find the only area not guarded by the enemies, so sprint quickly to retrieve the object without being seen.
You will thus obtain the crossbow. It will allow you to reach the sandy sea of ​​Lanayru; proceed towards the west of the desert, arriving at the sand falls. You will notice targets on the stone walls: they can be hit by the crossbow. Open the passage, proceed inside. Talk to the Goron to get the key, then proceed to the boat and activate the time-changing stone to bring the captain back to life.
Use the ship to reach the area marked by an X on the map. Use the crossbow to grab onto the rock protruding from the ground, the plants that populate its crevices can be used as a target. Then cross the bridge, locate the protuberance to the north, to be hooked with the whip, and project yourself upwards. Then use the crossbow targets to continue the easy climb. Sweep away the sand blocking the entrance to the chamber, uncovering a treasure chest that contains the sea map.
Go out and use the cableway to get back to the boat. A new X will be added to the map, leading to the port. Disembark and enter, enter the building on the right. Jump on the trolley, so be careful: position Link in such a way as to shift the weight towards the back of the trolley, to decrease the extreme speed. Then jump on a similar second cart, arriving at a kind of construction site. Go inside and sweep the sand away; you will have to fight a Moldarach, completely similar to the previous similar defeated boss.
Talk to Skipper, you will have to head to the pirate residence. Enter the door on the right by removing the blocking sand, pass the enemies, then grab the time-changer (it's a portable time-changer crystal!) - it allows you to neutralize quicksand and barbed wire barriers. Proceed straight to a hall full of sand, use the ball to suck it up, then climb the ramp on the left and jump over the rock formations that will appear as the sand tide subsides. Pull the lever to deactivate the electric barrier, then - in the next room - leave the sphere on the ground to enter the door on the left, then move the block present here towards the switch, and return to take the sphere to proceed forward.
So leave the time-changing sphere in the northwest corner so that its aura penetrates the back wall. Return to the previous room, noting the presence of a new lever activated by the sphere: pull it to open a new door. Retrieve the sphere and proceed inside the room, finally reaching the final chamber, where you can place the sphere to bring the whole building back to life. Go back to Skipper, you will now have to locate the invisible ship: follow the acoustic signal of Dowsing, when the intensity has become very high you will have to shoot with the cannon to cause the appearance of the ship you are looking for, thus observing the scene at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 13 - Sandship

Boss: Scervo
Enter the door to the west, go down the stairs to a room full of sand. Remove it with the siphon, examine the symbols on the ground. They show you the direction of the blows that you will have to inflict on the block to "unlock" it: hit it from below, above, below, right. Take the key and use it on the previously locked door on the bridge. Use direct strikes and shield strikes to defeat Scervo, then retrieve the crossbow from the chest.

Use it to activate the "new" switches indicated by Fi. Hit the time-changing stone that appears. Then examine the mainmast, noting another target to hit with an arrow. Go up the zipline. Turn around and shoot an arrow at the next target, then shoot down another zipline. Insert the sword into the shaft shaft, turn it 90 degrees to unlock the time-changing stone.
Jump to the bridge, shoot an arrow at the target just above the raft, causing it to descend. Go back to the ship, then go to the room where the quicksand was. Enter the opening on the left, look through the grate in the ceiling, hit the time stone and retrieve the map. Go past the quicksand, shoot an arrow through the stationary fan, enter the door that opens, move the block between the fans and jump on the switch. Shoot an arrow through the other idle fan, hitting a new switch. Hit the time-changing stone again to activate one of the generators in the engine room. Then enter the second door on the left, in the same corridor. Press the lock on the switch, then climb the open panels to get to the raft. Shoot the switch at the top to bring it back up, then hit the time stone, drop down and jump into the second generator room. Shoot an arrow through the grate in the ceiling, then reactivate the generator. Go back to the corridor.
Activate both generators, you can go and free the robot. Go down the ladder hooked to the left opening of the room, then continue into the opening following the corridors, up to the engine room, paying attention to the pistons. Climb the ladder at the end of this area, throw the whip at the target on the left, cross the gap and continue to the engine room. Go past other pistons, then climb the ladder and use the whip to propel yourself to the top of the pistons, traveling upwards. Pull the lever, creating a shortcut, then use the ladder to proceed and free the robot, which will give you a key.
Go back to the bridge, go up the stairs to the east and hit the time stone. Open the locked door using the "new" key. Go down the stairs and - staying in the sun - aim the crossbow at the time-changing stone, activating it. A panel will also open, through which you can fire an arrow that will hit a switch. Go through the door to reach the next room, take the octopus statue and - heading towards the boss door, on the other side of the ship - insert it into the main gear, having access to the heart of the ship. After a skit, the ship will be attacked by giant tentacles. Hit them with your sword to make your way to the bridge, starting the battle

Boss: Tentalus
Strike the tentacles with the sword, causing Tentalus to emerge. His eye is the weak point: shoot an arrow right in the middle of it, stunning him; then run to the eye and hit it with the sword. The tentacles will try to catch you, you will have to keep moving all the time to avoid their catch. In case you get caught, you will have to violently slam the Wiimote to free yourself. When Tentalus begins to destroy the ship, try to make your way up, so as to more easily hit the eye; the general strategy must however remain the same, until the enemy's departure.

So take the heart and activate the crest of the goddess with a sword blow. Watch the scene at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 14 - The Volcano

Return to the island of songs, activate the crest of the Goddess, learning the new melody. You will then need to head to the Eldin Volcano Evidence Gate; stands next to the rescue statue which introduces the ascent to the volcano. Insert the sword into the portal to begin the trials. You will need to perform the following actions:

- Exit the safe area, wait for the guardian to approach, quickly run forward to get the tear.
- Go back, enter the tunnel to the right, then exit to the right and take the tear from the lower part of the vines. - Climb up, pass the entrance to the tunnel, another tear.
- Go back into the tunnel, jump into the blast of air, then south and grab the tear from the platform on the left.
- Then slide to the right, reaching a platform; jump left and let the air carry you to the tear.
- Jump on the path between the two earth segments, run up to retrieve the other tear.
- Slide down and follow the path jumping along the platforms, drop to the left, run along the bridge and go up to the right to get the tear.
- Run back and cross the bridge, go up to the left, cross the two platforms, get the tear on top of the skull.
- Jump down and climb to the highest level, retrieve the tear from the fruit of light.
- Jump and grab the rope, then throw yourself to the tear, climb up again and pass the Mogma, and grab a second tear from the small platform nearby.
- Go down to the path below, then straight ahead towards the guardian, locating the tear on the pillar connected to you by a rope, which you can reach using the hole on your left; just outside the hole you can also take another tear.
- Proceed north, cross the bridge patrolled by the Watcher, then a second bridge to the right, climb the vines and pass the tunnel, letting yourself be carried away by the jet of air, returning to the beginning of the realm. Right, go through another passage, jump using the platform and retrieve the tear along the slope.
- Run left for another tear.
- Now, to successfully climb the slope, you will have to go straight without stopping, it is the only way not to be intercepted by the Watchers all around you; therefore recover the last tear in the center of the plateau.

As a gift, you will get earrings that allow you to be immune to the fire of the volcano's core. Now head towards the hot area of ​​the core, taking the path to the right, thus arriving inside the volcano; bring two empty bottles with you. Climb the hill just past the rescue statue, drop off the platform and cross the ravine to the left. Go through the next passage in front of you, recovering some water from the source using the bottles. Go back inside the volcano, left, inside the cave. Approach the frog idol and pour water into its mouth, deactivating the fire barrier.
Therefore, examine the ceiling on the left to locate some creepers, to be used to climb further, thanks to the crossbow, thus finding the second frog-idol where to pour the water. Then go up to the fire sanctuary, noting a huge idol, which you cannot satisfy with your current means. You will need to go to the water basin owned by the associated dragon, Lake Floria.
Go there and tell Scrapper to get the water for you; sadly it will land at the base of the mountain, rather than directly in the sanctuary. You will have to protect it while climbing; at the fork take a left, climb to the top, immediately hit the Dark Keese before they can interact with Scrapper. So enjoy the final scene of the chapter.

Chapter 15 - Fire Sanctuary

Once you enter the sanctuary, immediately hit the fruit above the lava pool. Jump to the platform, hit the next fruit to repeat the process. Take the key from the chest. Enter the door below, go down the stairs. Other door, right. Go through the dry lava, then jump to the platform on the right, go along it and go down, enter the door on the left. Next, notice the hole in the west wall where you can send the Beetle to get a flower bomb, then throw it on the blocked lava stone. Then shoot the fruit at the top to create a platform, to be used to proceed on the liquid magma.
Enter the room now unlocked, right, take the key at the end of the corridor. Go back to the previous room, enter the only locked door, skewer one of the fruits on your sword, then go up to the lever above, throw the fruit towards the frog's head. When the fire barrier is down, proceed to the next chamber, drop down and fight the Magmanos (using the fruits above to solidify them). Then enter the door that opens, go down the stairs, pull the lever to release the Mogma. You will be given the Mogma Mitt, gloves that allow you to dig the soil.
Nearby you will notice three closed holes, immediately use the Mogma Mitt to dig, one of them leads in fact to an underground tunnel, from which you can retrieve a flower-bomb, to be thrown towards the debris in front of you, so as to pulverize the possible.
Back on the surface, you will find another passage to open, then a switch to open the gate. Exit the hole and proceed beyond the gate. Right, flip the switch at the end of the corridor, then make your way into the dungeon to the east - you'll find another "extendable" hole in the next room. Drop down to a switch, press it. Then make your way to the water fruit along the now accessible path, stab it with your sword and throw it at the frog, deactivating some fire barriers. Pull the lever to release the second Mogma, grab the map from the chest, using it to figure out which of the walls is "fake" and can be detonated with a bomb. Then dig the hole to find yourself in front of Moldorm, to be killed by hitting his tail three times.
Then go out on the opposite side and take the key from the chest. Go back to the rescue statue, next to which is a locked door, now accessible with the key. Let the fruit fall into the lava, solidifying it and thus being able to overcome it easily; then go up the stairs. Enter west, follow the path to the right and dive into the hole at its end. Left, press the switch to open the gate, then forward. Capture the Mogma by waiting for him near an intersection, recovering the heart.
Exit, take a left and throw a fruit into the lava, forming a solid platform. Go through the now open gate, let yourself be carried away by the platform, then start digging at the hole next to the rescue statue, go through the tunnel to get to the top of the screen, and recover the flower-bomb, blowing up the barrier at the end of the tunnel. itself, and then immediately run back to avoid the impending lava flow.
Press the switch, go through the gate and go down the stairs. Drop the fruit into the lava, creating a platform that you can use to get to the central area of ​​the room. Right, go up the stairs until you reach two statues. Jump into the mouth of the sleeping statue, then get rid of the two enemies and proceed along the next platforms to a door that leads to a tower. Climb up to the top chamber.
Dig into the nearby tunnel, then activate the first glowing pad. Right, activate the second. Drop down and avoid the pad just above the flower bomb, instead rolling the bomb upward to free the rock, and allow you access to the third pad.
The fourth is next to the bomb, the fifth in the upper left after the tunnel. Go all the way down the tunnel to get the mysterious crystal. Then enter the west door and place the mystery crystal on the shrine to access the boss.

Boss: Demon Lord Ghirahim
The start of the fight is similar to the previous challenge with Ghirahim, the boss will try to "follow" your movements. To confuse him, you will have to hold the sword right in front of you, wait for it to project towards you, and use the sword to suddenly strike him. He will move on to a second phase, in which he will summon two swords to renew his attack, along with the usual daggers - we recommend using "spinning" attacks continuously, to repel all incoming daggers. The best time to attack him is right after he crashes to the ground, you will have to approach immediately, to hit him while he is stunned.

When he retreats, take Din's flame to improve your sword's abilities.

Video - Laynaru Desert

Capitolo 16 - The Power of the Gods

Once you have the Master Sword, go talk to the elderly lady keeper of the Sealed Temple. Unfortunately, before proceeding to the opening of the Gate of Time, you will have to defeat the Imprisoned.

Boss: The Imprisoned
This time the Imprisoned has arms, but you have a new weapon - a kind of catapult built by Groose. His hits allow you to stun the Imprisoned, so you can then attack his feet. When you have managed to KO it by cutting your toes, you will have to go down to the lower level, go back, use the nearby ventilation shaft to get to the large sealing "spike", and hit it three times to insert it into the head of the Imprisoned. So repeat the moves that will be shown on the screen to perform the magic that will put him back in custody.

You can now enter the Gate of Time to meet Zelda, who will bless your sword. After the cutscene, talk to Gaepora and Owlan. He will tell you to go look for clarification in Thunderhead. It will be necessary to have a skill called Spiral Charge, you will have to be trained through a short obstacle course, to be able to obtain it.
Then head to the Lumpy Pumpkin, asking the owner how to lure Levias outside. You have to bring the soup to the rainbow island, have Scrapper do it.
Levias will rise in the air, and you will have to try to "pick up" the parasite that controls him. Use Spiral Charge on the four "eyeballs" that come out of its sides, then get close to hit the parasite - Bilocyte. Repel the poison he spits with the Master Sword, so that it hits his eye, stuns him, and allows you to strike him calmly. Having permanently KO'd him, talk to Levias to figure out what to do to find the Triforce. He will tell you to combine the songs of the three elemental dragons to create the hero song.

Chapter 17 - Fire Dragon

The fire dragon resides on top of the volcano. Unfortunately, as you try to reach it, the volcano itself will explode, so you will find yourself at its base without equipment. Exit the cell using the Mogma Mitts, then proceed straight following the directions of your friend Mogma. To get the first item (the siphon), follow the guard Bobkin as he proceeds upwards, then turn left to find a Mogma tunnel. Clear the obstacles to the exit, then north towards a watchtower, locating another Mogma tunnel along the fence: enter it and proceed to the exit, finding the crate with the siphon.
You will be able to cool the magma blocking the nearby platforms, and follow them upwards. Follow the first Bokoblin guard you find, to a Mogma tunnel, populated by a Moldrom - which you have already fought in the fire sanctuary. Outside, you will find a chest with a crossbow-like (Clawshot). Use it immediately on the vines around you, to project yourself forward, until you get to a flow of magma. Jump on one of the platforms that cross it, then as soon as possible proceed to the mainland, and use the crossbow again to get to a watchtower. Take one of the bomb-flowers and rush towards the tower to destroy it, thus recovering the whip from the chest.
Approach the bridge where you met Impa, use the whip to pull the Peahat seed out of the ground, then use it again to throw yourself over the ravine. Destroy anything obstructing the passage to the right, then jump into the airflow to be led to the top. South, towards the temple of the earth; instead of entering, proceed to the left immediately after passing the Bokoblin base.
Jump on the solidified lava platforms, then throw a flower bomb at the tower, and jump to retrieve the slingshot from the chest. Go back up using the peahats. Make your way to the temple of the earth, using the slingshot to stun the enemies. Dig through the tunnel next to the tower, grabbing the bomb bag at the end of it. Destroy the last tower, proceed to the top of the volcano, recovering all the items you are missing.
To talk to the fire dragon, you will need to start from the room with the Cursed Spume and proceed right along the drawbridge. Talk to the dragon to get the hero song.

Chapter 18 - Thunder Dragon

From the entrance of the Lanayru mines, use the crossbow to launch yourself towards the Goron Digger. Talk to him, then use the objectives for the crossbow on the left to get to the cave. Enter the hole created by the Goron. Aim the Beetle at the flower bomb on top of the cactus, shoot, making the debris explode. Take the key from one of the protuberances of the ravine below (using the Beetle), use it to open the door in front of you.
Go inside, then shoot the time-changing stone on the cart across the ravine. Then follow the cart along its path, pressing all the switches and using the creepers that will appear.
After completing the path, get rid of the enemies, trying not to deactivate the time-changing stone. As you approach the gate, use the whip on the lever, and then proceed to the next room. Go over the ravines using the whip, then wait for the time-changing cart to pass through the electrified gate, and pass by too. Push the lever, finish the Beamos, then pull the next lever using the whip.
Follow the platforms outside, also placing a bomb on the rock that will appear along the way to avoid being thrown into the ravine. When the cart reaches the end of the path, it will bring the dragon back to life - talk to him. Descend along the ravine wall, arriving at the sand falls to the south. You will find the dry tree there; locate the time-changing stone in the middle of the piles of sand, which will have to be swept away using the siphon, so that you can hit the stone itself. Turn time back, noting how the tree becomes a seed. Now you need to take it to the kind of "greenhouse" inside the Sealed Temple, but you need to go through the time gate first so that it can speed up its growth. So bring the huge fruit to the lightning dragon and heal it.

Chapter 19 - Water Dragon

Head to the Sealed Grounds.

Boss: The Imprisoned
Dodge the shock waves by jumping, then use Goose's catapult to hit the enemy; when he's stunned, go hit his feet. After taking a few hits, the opponent will launch into the sky, flying. Hit him again with Goose's catapult, knocking him to the ground and then stabbing him in the head with the spike. You will therefore have to launch yourself from the catapult towards the head of the Imprisoned to be able to insert the sting into the meanders of its brain; finally repeat the instructions on the screen to finish it definitively.

So catapult yourself towards the Faron Woods. Approach the Great Tree, climb to the top, talk to the water dragon. Your goal will now be to retrieve the musical notes to create his song. Before diving into the water, we recommend that you examine the lilypads in the north-east area of ​​the large tree: turning them all over you will find one that contains one of the notes. However, starting from the position of the sage Kikwi, dive into the water to begin the search. Notes are placed in the following places:

- take the first eight notes by swimming quickly to the area in front of you;
- go down to the tree to the east for another eight;
- swim west, past Parella, and retrieve the big purple note inside the tree in front of you;
- under the roots of the same tree you will find others, yellow in color;
- the nearby road leading to the southern ravine contains four purple ones;
- continue west, passing the poisonous bubbles; you will find other four always purple;
- then right, swim close to the ground to find two red ones;
- turn north, four blue;
- go up along the bubbles, both poisonous and non-poisonous, finding two purple notes among the side grassy plates;
- swim north along the circular path and recovering the four notes around it;
- take the fish next to the wall and throw it at the wall to discover a green note;
- east, just above the ground you will find eight blue notes, then next to the nearby platform four pink notes;
- move around the big tree to find a big blue note under a root, then a red one under the patrol area;
- proceed to the sage Kikwi asking to get the "radar" skill for the notes, then swim west, go through the tunnel that led to Ooolo to find eight green notes;

Return to the water dragon to be taught the song.

Capitolo 20: Sky Keep

Taken the fragments of the song from the three dragons, to complete it all you will have to go to Levias in Thunderhead, and then hook onto his back. You will therefore have to use the music to have access to the last challenge, in that of Skyloft. The associated gate is located in the central square at the foot of the light tower. Insert your sword to get to the silent realm of the goddess. You will now have to track down, as usual, a great deal of tears. Here are some indications:

- the first is in front of you, then go up the stairs to the left;
- retrieve the second one in front of the guardian, on the left;
- proceed east, another guardian, another tear;
- therefore another under the tree a little further on;
- follow the path, then right at the end of the road, arriving at the entrance to the academy of the knights; jump on the box and use the vines to get to the tear;
- take a right, go down, press the block to drop another tear;
- go down the stairs, jump down to the right, wait for the Watcher to proceed to the opposite side of the bridge, then retrieve the tear from the other side of the tube;
- when the Watcher has fled in the opposite direction, you can take the other tear;
- jump along the platforms, recover the tear next to the guardian;
- Go back along the lake, then left, past the two Watchers, go up the stairs and go left to find the tear on the bridge;
- follow the path to the left, arriving at a tear surrounded by four Watchers, waiting for them to leave to get it;
- go back and continue south down the slope to the windmill, then drop down for another tear, go through the door and turn south;
- Collect the tear in the cemetery, then go back to the tower of light and take the last tear on top of it.

You will thus obtain the stone of evidence, necessary to unlock the hiding place of the triforce. Unfortunately, two are needed, namely the recovered one and its "twin" equivalent. The stone is located in the eye of a statue, next to the lake. So go talk to the goddess statue and place the stone to reveal the entrance to Sky Keep. Use the crossbow to proceed towards the entrance. Immediately take the map from the chest in the center of the room. Proceed along the passage to the right, then move the tablet in its seat to change the position of the first room, then also move the one that is to its left, creating a second passage. Go through the door to enter the temple.
Right, use the whip to cross the ravine, then cut the grass that stops the next rope so you can throw yourself to the other side. Climb the vines using the crossbow, using the flower bombs to finish the Pyrup. Jump across the platforms and pull the lever to create a shortcut. In the engine room, take the time-changing sphere, then go down the stairs. Leave the sphere on the ground, climb the ladder, pull the lever at the top.
Drop down and retrieve the sphere. Place yourself on the switch, opening the hatch; insert the sphere there, then climb the ladder again, arriving at the opposite side of the conveyor belt. Press the switch to cause the ball to come out. Release the sphere on the platform above, then move it using the siphon. Jump on the switch to open the gate that blocks the platform's progress, then shoot the crossbow at the switch on the wall, retrieve the orb and proceed to the next room.
Pull the lever to create a shortcut, approach the conveyor belt, jump on the switch to open the hatch, throw the sphere. Look at the wall above, and quickly hit the switches to unlock a room manipulator tablet. With the tablet, turn all the rooms on the columns on the left clockwise; move the room in the center down one space. Take the room in the center-right and move it to the center. Take the room in the lower left corner and move it to the center-left. Go back through the forest room to reach a new room - the earth room.
Left, crawl along the narrow opening. At the crossroads, left again. Throw a bomb into the tunnel, clearing your way forward. Crouch down and go further, hit the piston, go back. Dig to get out of the hole, then - when you get to the open - turn left. Kill the Lizalfos, drop a bomb into the statue's caldera, causing it to fall. Then drop a bomb along the incline towards another statue. You slide too, flip the switch and climb the vines. Cut the trees on the pillars on the left, then - using the Beetle - bring a bomb from the pillar on the right to the pot of the statue on the pillar on the left. Activate the first crystal, then use the Beetle to return to the second crystal (in the trees), activate that too.
Enter the door that opens, start digging the lair. Use the bomb in the center to destroy the rocks on the right and top left. Climb to the top and push the piston, then go back the way you came and exit the dungeon. Right, proceed along the new path on the left, enter the mound. To defeat Dreadfuse you will have to use the same strategy used to finish Scervo. Then enter the room on the left. When you reach the tablet, move the rooms around your room counter-clockwise for two spaces, so as to align the room of courage to the west door of the room you are now in, and to be able to enter.
Enter the door in the center of the room; rejected the enemies, insert your sword in the crest of Farore, in the center of the room, having access to the triforce of courage. Go back to the room where you found the key by approaching the tablet again. Rotate all rooms anti-clockwise again, so that the power chamber can be reached by exiting to the west. Take a left, hit the water fruit to create a platform, get carried to the switch on the far right.
Hit another fruit to create another platform. Jump on it, flip the switch above the stone, stopping the flow of magma. Jump to the left, pull the lever to create a shortcut. Yet another fruit to hit, yet another platform to follow. Then hit the crystal switch above the demonic stone, and the fruit, then platform over the curve, then jump onto the uphill platform.
Send the Beetle back to press the crystal switch to stop the lava flow. Hit the fruit in front of you, jump on the platform, get carried to the end of the corridor. Climb to the left, then insert the sword into the Din symbol, taking the triforce of power. Once out, pull the last lever to create a shortcut and return to the key room. Use the tablet to rotate everything three times to the right, enter west, reaching the initial room. So use the tablet here to move the bottom-center room to the left, then rotate all the rooms on the outer perimeter of one space clockwise. Go back to the key room, move the two rooms to the left one space upwards, creating a path that leads to the room of wisdom. Follow it.
Run to the right, towards the time-changing sphere. Bring it to the opposite side of the room, placing it on the mark on the ground. Go back to the area where the sphere was, shoot an arrow at the switch. Take the orb and enter the now open door. Go down the corridor and leave the sphere on the ground when you have to overcome the quicksand. Stand on the switch and shoot an arrow at the target.
Go back with the sphere in hand, right, jump on the pillars that will appear, then throw the sphere forward before hooking yourself to the nearest handhold, thus opening the door to the Nayru symbol. Enjoy the end-of-chapter scene.

Capitolo 21 - Realm of the Past

Follow Ghirahim into the Gate of Time, then exit the Hylia temple to begin the chase. Defeat the waves of enemies, paying particular attention to the Bokoblin archers.

Boss: Ghirahim
During the first phase, hit him repeatedly until he reaches the edge of the magic platform, then knock him down with one final blow. When it falls, use a final blow to damage it more. Then repeat the procedure, making it go down from level to level, lower and lower. He will finally summon a sword. Hit the repeating sword directly, it will counterattack but you can protect yourself thanks to the shield. When he is stunned, hit the jewel on his chest. He will then summon a larger sword, you will need to hit the center to expose a magical core, sensitive to damage - hit it again until it breaks completely, and then aim for the jewel on the chest to finish it off. Unfortunately, Demise will appear and you will have to fight him too.

Boss: Demise
This is an extremely aggressive opponent; you will have to base the entire combat strategy on the Shield Bash, to be able to guarantee yourself some room for maneuver. It will in fact be necessary to block all his shots in order to get some "opening" and make a quick attack with the Master Sword. After inflicting 25 hits, you will move on to the second phase of the fight: lightning will start raining on the arena, and the enemy's strength will increase. You will have to dodge the lightning bolts (you can see the enemy "charging" them by sending energy upwards), and block his shots as done before. However, to hit him you will also have to turn the sword towards the sky and wait for a lightning bolt to hit it, and then direct the energy towards Demise, stunning him and inflicting serious damage. Finally, he will fall to the ground and you can make a final blow, defeating him and being able to enjoy the end-game scene!

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