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The solution is based on the US edition of the game, some terms may therefore differ from the Spanish version.

La profezia

Launched in the middle of the action from a no-frills start, take care of the four robots immediately, alternating between the characters under your control as you wish, then dodge the laser beams. Get used to collecting the numerous coins right away, scattered around the levels or hidden inside the blocks that you can destroy that you will need to "pay a pledge" every time one of your characters runs out of his energy reserve.
When possible, approach the flickering blocks, special bricks that can be composed together to create structures useful to continue the game through the Special Button. At this point it is time to step into the squared off role of Cleopatra: in fact, note the presence of some pink blocks, an indication of the need for a female character to perform the intended action. Before acting, however, you will have to untangle yourself again between robots and laser beams. Hurry up these hassles, activate the newly built panel, then move to the green area. Stop at that point, hold down the action button and move the pointer towards the green bricks to build a structure. The cut-scene that will start shortly will act as a closure of this initial phase.

Bricksburg Buildings

Bricksburg is the city where Emmett, the protagonist of the game, lives. Our (not yet) hero works on a construction site. So take him to work by following the path indicated in green. At the gate, repair the opening mechanism, then once inside go to the far right of the area where you will need to repair another machine. Then step into Gail's shoes and start collecting instructions. Then move to the area marked on the left to start building. At this point, simple construction plans will be shown on the screen in which a shape indicates the shape of the missing element that you will have to choose from those represented on the left: the number of coins obtained in this minigame depends on the speed of your response.
In the next phase head to the warehouse on the left and repair the door to collect a jackhammer inside with which you can destroy the objects that have cracks: for example the windows of the building on the right. Continue the work of destruction by taking care of the garden: a completion bar will notify you when you can stop. Then go through the gate and destroy the object next to the truck, then jump on the trailer and push the generator towards the building. Do the same with the other generator on the left.
As Gail, now repair the object near the crate to be able to climb to the roof. Plug in the plug up there, then repair the two speakers to start a music minigame. In the interface in the center of the screen, the icons of the keys of the pad scroll in rhythm on a ribbon: press the right one when it appears in the center of the yellow circle to accumulate the greatest number of coins. At the end you will receive some pants which will be useful later.

For now, collect the second part of the instructions from the worker on the left, then go back to the area where you demolished the building and build in that spot what you are told by the directions just gathered. Then enter the built vehicle and press Up and Down when the yellow line is in the green area, as close to the white area as possible. After the cut-scene, collect as many coins as possible in the free fall phase and later inside the tunnel. Finally as Wildstyle, follow the green path to the police station.

The police station

In the police station, get rid of the robots, then compose the bricks in the center of the room to make a laser cannon with which to destroy the golden building. With the laser then cut out the yellow door and collect the floors inside, then using Emmet destroy the support on the left. Then go up with Wildstyle and build a springboard to reach the opposite side. Push down the item you find there. Build another trampoline for Emmet who can destroy the blue and orange roof and enter the room. Collect the second part of the instructions, flip the switch on the left and destroy the fans. Recombine the bricks to exit, then destroy the gold wall and collect the last part of the instructions. On the work surface, build a ladder with Emmet, then destroy the object on the left at the top and make a springboard for Wildstyle. Move to the ceiling, collecting the mini-set along the way, and reach the area where the enemy destroys the bridge while Emmet takes care of the robots.
At this point it is necessary for Wildstyle to lower the ladder and go over the walls, but at the same time Emmet has to fix the electrical panel. Then together on the opposite side they have to destroy the fan and put it back together. Finally, knock down the wall with the pneumatic hammer and come out into the street. With Wildstyle, approach the elements in green and start the first part of the construction: find the missing pieces by having Emmet destroy the objects nearby. At that point a phase aboard the vehicles begins. Collect coins and try to destroy enemy vehicles, including helicopters. While on the roof of the bus, watch out for the green elements for a short construction phase.

Bricksburg Fugue

At the end of another fall you find yourself in the old west. Stay away from robots and they will ignore you. At the moment. Move to the building with a mill shovel on top, deal with the robot throwing dynamite at its feet, then destroy the sort of tower to collapse it to an accessible height for Wildstyle. Above there, lower the ladder to get Emmet up, who will have to repair the mechanism that manages the rotation of the blades. Then go down and collect the first part of the instructions. The second part is not far away, inside the shed on the left. Be careful because there are robots inside. Then build the carriage in the indicated spot, then after the change of clothes use the gun to take out the enemies and hit the target on the side of the carriage. Do the same with the target near the gate, then go inside and build the new structure with Wildstyle.

Then bring Emmet on the horse with which he can activate the mechanism.
Inside the bar, while dealing with enemies and coins, go up to the table near the counter and wait for the robot's reticle to appear, throwing dynamite to witness a nice explosion. After that, you can go upstairs and collect an extremely valuable coin. On the opposite side then use the railing to compose a staircase to use with Emmet: on the top floor he needs him to repair a mechanism.

Old West

Follow the green path and destroy the colored blocks to reassemble a wall that you can climb on. So go up on the roofs and proceed up to the balcony. Drop down the ladder and with Emmet repair the mechanism to enter the building. Now step into the shoes of a new character, Vitruvius. Destroy the object near the chained skeleton and use it to build a bridge. Repeat this sequence on the second balcony, then destroy the panel with cracks. Then collect the pieces of instructions thanks to which you will build a structure that will allow you access to the upper balcony. Move to the right, destroy another panel to collect the object it was hiding, then move the brick to the green area. Higher up, throw Vitruvius' staff into the blue and white block, then use it as a pole to get Wildstyle to the top of the hut. Go down the ladder to Emmet and destroy the canopy on the right to make a bridge that only Vitruvius can cross. In the area where you arrive, enter construction mode, still as the old sage and build a launch pad.
After building another bridge and using Emmet's key, collect the new instructions in three parts: two are on the balustrade, one is in the chicken coop. Build a catapult, then pick up the barrel with dynamite and throw it. Repeat this sequence three times, then use Vitruvius' throwing staff to stun the jet-pack robots. Take advantage of their stun to obstruct the necessary to move to the nearby roof. There, destroy the two police ladders, then do the same with the cages to get the pieces needed to complete the third ladder. At this point, destroy the latter as well. Deal with the enemies later, taking down the flying ones with the stick to get building bricks. While eliminating the last enemies, build the vehicle in which you will have to take down the enemies using the weapon supplied to Emmet.

A train called salvation

At the end of the shooter section, help yourself with Vitruvius' staff to make Wildstyle reach the top of the building on the left. Then on the train be ready to fix the hook as Emmet. After destroying enemies and robots to build more objects, you come to a carriage separated from the next by a large chasm. Launch Wildstyle at the platform hanging from the crane to allow the group to reunite.
At the end of the cut-scene, build a wooden platform and attach the stick to the side of the wagon to continue. Further on you will find a valve that will be attached to the building on the roof of the car to put out the fire. Then build and lower a ladder to allow Emmet and Vitruvius to reach you. Then lower the platform and collect the instructions on the side of the wagon with Wildstyle. Go as far as you can with Vitruvius and build the brakes. Then with Emmet use the jackhammer at the indicated point of the locomotive to reach the engine, then enter construction mode with Vitruvius to close this section as well.

A rainbow in the clouds

Use Batman's skill to move the cloud, then blow up the balloons to lower another one, then build a sail on the bottom and rotate it. Then use the spring near the colored building to climb up with Wildstyle, then throw some bricks underneath to allow the others to build a ladder to reach it. Finally, use Vitruvius to open the passages and get ready for a minigame in which you will be required to press the right button at the right time.
At the end Uni-Kitty joins your group of little heroes. Destroy the two semi-transparent flowers and build a ladder to go up. Hit the blue robot's gold block with Batman's hook above, then proceed to repair with Emmet. Soon another robot arrives: hit the target in sight, then stick the stick in the center. Wildstyle should now be able to climb up and throw colored blocks below that Uni-Kitty will build a trampoline. Then approach the big toaster and pull the cloud using Batman, use it to jump on the toaster button and with the pieces of toast thrown in the air build another structure.
In the next area, destroy the rainbow to make a bridge, then use the staff to reach the elevated cloud. Locate the flower and destroy it to collect the knob inside and use it with the mechanism near the big chick. Then move the chick with Batman to allow Wildstyle to pass inside and build a ladder on the opposite side.

Up there Vitruvius has to enter the password with his stick to proceed further. Near the elephant pull the block on the right and smash the bricks on the left with the jackhammer, then pick up the instruction pieces from the balustrade. Finally, build a vehicle with one of the architects at your disposal and use it to terrify the elephant, allowing Wildstyle to collect the pieces of instructions on top. You now have everything you need to compose the rocket that will take you out of this level.

Save Private Batman!

Follow the green marker to the colored bricks and destroy them to build a ladder. At the end of the cut-scene only Vitruvius and Wildstyle will remain in your control. Then stick the stick into the wall to allow Wildstyle to climb up. Up there, hide behind the golden building so that the lasers destroy it. By doing so, the water will fall below, extinguishing the fire: now Vitruvius will be able to open the passage at the end of the path. Continue to the upper levels until you find the turntables that will lead you to Emmet. Use his wrench to destroy the robots. Then go back to the starting point of the level, paying attention to the lasers, to save Batman. In his shoes, pull the flower on the wall and reconstruct the pieces to climb. Keep going up by building stairs. At the top, grab the bar with Wildstyle, then have her build an instrument that allows the rest of the group to reach her. Then destroy all the enemies and finally enter the big chicken.

Save Private Uni-Kitty!

Destroy the pipe and wall to create a beam for Vitruvius to walk on. On the opposite side our guide will be able to open a passage for the whole group. Then keep enemies occupied with Batman while Emmet repairs Abe Lincoln's seat. Then cross the jelly river. Then approach Uni-Kitty and in his shoes activate the Fury. Free Wildstyle from the eggs downstairs and get ready to face a big robot. To eliminate it, throw Vitruvius's staff at its surface, then use it with Wildstyle to get to the back of the robot and destroy it with the jackhammer. Then rebuild the robot with the scattered pieces and use the laser to hit the golden part of the rocket. So with the remaining parts of the rocket you build a new vehicle with which to extinguish the flames. At the top of the structure, behind the golden pyramid, build a diving board using the colored dome.

Lego Submarine

Newcomer Benny can hack computers to make them perform particular actions - dribbling through the clouds of the flying freighter is a prime example. To complete the hacking mini-games just reach the red dot avoiding the enemies to load a virus. After the submarine section you will have to alternate between the different characters.

Start with Wildstyle and climb the spray can to jump on it, then with Batman reach the upper level and eliminate the enemies. Now again with Wildstyle, climb the bars and recombine the elements in architect mode to create a terminal. Hack it with Benny, then use Vitruvius in architect mode in the green area. Destroy and reassemble the building in the corner, then throw Wldstyle over the net and use the lever nearby to allow the rest of the group to join you.
Then take advantage of the appearance of the bazooka-wielding robot to destroy the silver blocks by simply hiding behind them when the robot shoots at you. With the pieces obtained, build a computer and hack it to take control of the robot itself. Then use his bazooka to destroy the Micro Managers first, then the silver gate of the clock tower. Finally, use the cuckoo clock to build the access road to the upper floor and once on the roof enter architect mode with Uni-Kitty to close the section.

At the bottom of the sea

After walking the rope with Wildstyle, step on the bars and hit the red button. Meanwhile, have Uni-Kitty climb the ladder and destroy the colored bricks to make a springboard. At that point, get on the ship. Inside, the priority is to close the leak. Throw what you find towards the TV set near the hole, collecting the bricks nearby to assemble something that acts as a stopper. Also don't forget to destroy the object near the left wall and then insert the plate you find among the rubble in the audio system. As you descend to the lower levels, do not neglect the flames to be extinguished. At the door that needs a password, use Vitruvius and his staff as usual. Beyond this point destroy the pipes running on the wall, you'll need them in some time, and the two pink pieces that stand out in the upper area. When you reach the bottom, destroy the two objects at the far end of the room, reassemble them and press the new objects that appeared. Then reverse the two levers that emerged from the wall to access the computer. This action of yours allows the water to completely submerge the interior of the ship.
While swimming towards the surface, don't forget to pass through the air bubbles to recharge the oxygen reserve indicated by the icons of the hearts turned blue. Then continue the dive to the left until you find a missile with a target on its side: hit it to access the tunnel. Go through the tunnel using the shells as an air reserve: to open them and release useful oxygen bubbles from them, just get close. At the bottom, the entrance to the cave is blocked by a large statue with a shield. Also note the aggressive swordfish hanging around nearby. Do you have any ideas? Provoke the fish and lure it towards the shield, dodging at the last moment. The cave is dark and dangerous. Avoid contact with any animal, especially with white heads that pop out here and there. At the bottom, look for the secret passage along the wall that leads to an area full of coins. Now as you ascend you will have to avoid the attacks of giant eels. Use the flickering of the bricks along the walls as a warning. Once back on board, free your companions.

The ship of Steelbeard

Your mission is to collect the five instruction fragments ... and the first is just a few steps away, behind the hidden door on the right side of the ship. Then collect the bricks that make up the object suspended from the rope and with them rearrange the floor to go up to the upper level. Going up with Wildstyle break the objects to make a ladder, with which to make the rest of the group go up and a fuse. Now with Batman destroy the lower deck to be able to aim the hook from there towards the point indicated on the bowsprit of the ship (that sort of wooden tip in short). Then go up and use the bricks to create a path towards the bow on which Vitruvius can walk to reach the second part. Then climb the tree with Wildstyle, collect the pieces of instructions and destroy the objects to build a ladder. Switching back to Batman, climb as high as you can and open the container where you find a knob that needs to be plugged into the ship's engine. Higher up, destroy the colored blocks with Uni-Kitty. After finally reaching the stern, enter architect mode to collect the last few bits of instructions and build the vehicle you need.

Octane Tower

Use Iron Beard's abilities and take out the group of enemies, then destroy the pillar at the top of the hangar, including the silver part that only Steel Beard can break with his cannons. Then press the red button on the elevator with Wildstyle to open an electrical panel. Go back to Steel Beard and pick up a robot with the special button and send it to the electrical panel to short out everything and activate the elevator.

Well, mysteries of videogame electricity. Now with Batman go upstairs and knock down the wall by pulling the wall with the hook-grapple, then reassemble the pieces in a terminal that Benny can hack. Finally, use the Iron Beard cannons to destroy the hinges of the door and access the second area of ​​the dungeon. There, destroy robots and assault ships with Batman, then build a springboard to overcome the flames and get to the blue and white beam. Stop in the blue area and hack the terminal with Benny to get hold of the big robot that Steel Beard will use to destroy the terminal thus activating a mega elevator. Destroy another door finally to access the last area of ​​the level. Get past the lasers with Wildstyle using the handy directions, then build a passage for the rest of the group. Do the same on the bottom, after getting the material with the pneumatic hammer. Then build a catapult and activate it with the wheel, after which build a second object always using the bricks scattered in the level to get to the final area. Enter the password on the calculator by stepping on the keys. The code is the one shown on the post-it: 0,25697

One thing at a time

Fix the ramp with Wildstyle, open the door and destroy the two objects to the left of the ribbon. Then build a photo booth, enter with Wildstyle, and insert the card you get into the reader on the right. Then build a TV set with the objects that appear on the tape. Then use the elevator to go up and destroy other items to collect the instructions. Then enter the room with the glass walls and use the bar to move the brick. Exit and open the door for Emmet on the opposite side. Next, build a trampoline by destroying the second object, climb onto the third object and build a laser to complete your task. Now that you have all the parts of the instructions, build the structure in the center of the room. Resist the robots and wait for the bricks to appear on the tapes with which to compose a jukebox that activates a musical minigame. When finished, open the area with the crack on the right wall.
In the new area destroy the four corner objects, then after the alarm is activated wait for the passage of the red block and jump on it. Repeat this sequence until you can access the red bridge. Free your friends later with some well-aimed shots, then use Wildstyle to climb the bars and reach the mechanism to be repaired, then have Benny up the stairs to hack the computer. Destroy the golden support at the bottom, then throw objects into the robot's leg to destroy it. Then use the robot in turn to destroy the golden robot's weapons, then go down to ground level with Batman and drill the floor.

TV station

Step on the symbols shown, then move the spotlights to the bottom, then move the camera with the lever. Hit the spotlight above this, then bring the second camera closer. With Uni-Kitty destroy the clothes and reassemble the bricks. When the Micro Manager arrives, move to make his shots break the golden pots, then attack him and use his pieces to build a cannon that will allow you access to the terminal room. After the cutscene, destroy the paintings using Poliduro, move the wall and pick up the knob that will be inserted into the contraption on the left. Then cut a passage in the golden blocks using the laser. Once you reach the servers, destroy them with Steel Beard. Hit the golden blocks with Pololiduro's gun, then take down the robot with the jet-pack. Finally, use its parts in architect mode.
On the left, go up to the upper level and destroy the Micro Managers to be able to hack the computers, thus causing a bridge over which Steel Beard can move. Repeat this sequence with the third server on the right and finally build the rocket.

Reallity Check

Following the events shown in the cut-scene, Emmet can now also enter architect mode. Start by breaking the cracked areas and building a magnet to move the debris. Then use the fireman to put out the flames by replenishing the water in the pool.

Then create a hole in the center of the square by destroying the cracked area to attract the robots inside. Destroy the Micro Managers by climbing the rafters, then get the firefighter water by breaking through the back of the tank. Climb as Gail and descend a ladder to your companions. The dispenser in the corner is another source of water. At the top, hide behind the pillar to have the Micro Manager hit him, then build a launch pad with his pieces. In the following setting, fix the door, then go up with Gail and destroy the toilet to put out the flames and gain access to the next area. Destroy the cracked tiles to let the water flow. Then get on the mixer tap, then push the roller. Then put out the flames near the building and set up the ramp to go up and destroy other cracked blocks. Then take the crane down using Gail and build a Mech with the available pieces. With Superman and Emmet inside the mech, make your way through the enemies to the square. Destroy the tank, then use Green Lantern to dismantle the green checkpoint. Get rid of the last obstacles with the mech, then move your attention to the roof. Eliminate the Micro Managers and modify the car in the corner. Disassemble the antenna, with Wildstyle or Wonder Woman, and make a terminal to hack. Now in control of the big robot, shoot the rockets towards the silver block, finally destroy the last part of the barrier left to access the grand finale.

The final battle

At the beginning of this last section of the game, as Emmet inside a large exoskeleton you have to collect the gigantic block in front of you and hurl it towards the point indicated by a target on the facade of the building opposite. Then use the hole thus created to access it.
The final showdown sees you in control of Emmet, still inside the mech and Uni-Kity in perennial Fury Mode. Destroy the Micro Managers and, between waves, use Uni-Kitty's blazes to clear the golden blocks that appear on the screen. When you've taken them all out, throw a large object with Emmet at the screen to destroy it. Once on the roofs, repeat the same sequence a moment ago with the golden blocks and the screen. In the final phase, focus on the monster's legs and use Emmet's basic attack to damage them when they get stuck on the ground. After destroying both limbs, follow the directions on the screen to perform the Special Move that will end the fight.
Congratulations, you have finished The LEGO Movie Videogame!

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