The Walkthrough of Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology

In the Beginning

Terresia is a world where the inhabitants lived in peace thanks to the blessing of the World Tree. One day, this World suffered an attack from the Devourer, a demon that belongs to another Planet and that destroyed most of Terresia. The people of Terresia began to live in constant fear of losing their entire land. The World Tree protected Terresia and her people from the Demon but her defense powers diminished day by day. With its last strength, the World Tree has created the last hope of protection: you. Then come down to the land of Terresia, its fate is placed in your hands.


Basic Controls:

Directional Buttons - Change Selection
X button - Confirm, change page
Button O - Cancel, return to the previous screen
Triangle button - Shows the Menu screen
L and R Button - Change Screens
Home Button - Finish the Game

Normal Map Controls:

Direction Buttons, Analog Stick - Move the Character
X Button - Talk, Seek
Button O - Shows the Menu
R Button - Reset Camera (R Button + Direction Buttons will move the camera
Start Button - Exit (Return to World Map)
Select Button - Change Mini Map

Battle Menu Controls:

L Button - Change Strategy
Start Button - Change Characters
Select Button - Change Control Mode

On-Screen Battle Controls:

Direction Buttons - Avoid, Jump and select a target
Analog Stick - Run
X Button - Normal Attack
Button O - Use Arts
Triangle Button - Shows the Combat Menu
Square Button - Block, cancel a spell
L Button - Shortcut to the Arts
R Button - Change Target
Start Button - Paused Game


Note: All directions are based on the Dungeon Map.

The beginning

After you have built your Character, you will enter the scene and find yourself lying on the ground. Mormo, the white cat you will see will tell you about the things that are about to happen. Then you will hear a cry, look for the way out, it will be a simple path. Then you will find a girl with the soldier ready to attack her, get in the way and start your first battle.
It will be easy enough, just keep control. After you defeat the soldier, you will encounter Chester Burklight. You, Mormo, Kanonno (the newly rescued girl) and Chester will greet each other and then tell you to go to town to talk to a man named Kratos.

Go get the map of the, you will see a skit in which Ganser sends someone into exile.
Exit the square and go to the Guild. Enter there to see a scene, after which you will meet up with Raine and Kratos will also enter. They will talk about how all of this affects the city and lead the Ad Libitum Guild to help the people in the city.
Then, Raine will tell you to meet members from other Guilds to help out. When you leave the Guild, you will see a skit with Tear and Luke, trying to hide from the soldiers. Then enter the inn to find the adventurer. Talk to all the people here who will have a "!" drawn above their head.
Once this is done, go to the square and talk to the rest of the people with a "!" over the head. Go back to the Guild to talk to Kratos, as he too has an exclamation point above his head. Then go talk to Raine, after which you will get the trimming, polishing, crafting tools, the recipe for the clothes and the recipes for the meat.

After all this, you will receive 5 missions to complete:

Missions to Ailily

"Get the Potatoes"
"Take the Wings of Philadelphia"
"Take the Woods"
"Take the Savory"
"Take the Rocks"
"Take the Basilisk Scale"
"Eliminate Bat"
"Eliminate the Beak Ax"
"Eliminate the Basilisk"
"Clear the Field of Rhinossus"
"Stopping the multiplication of FiliFolia"
"Stop the multiplication of Bats"
"Stop the multiplication of the Mandractus"
"Subdue the Wild Group of Wolves!"
"Subdue the Wild Group of Killer Bees!"
"Saving the Harvest from the Rhinossus"
"Save the Harvest from the Chirpee!"
"Save the Harvest from the Rhinossus!"
"Save the Harvest from the Garuda!"
"Iron Request"
"Request for Potatoes"
"Pork Request"
"Request for Opal"
"Iron Request"
"Basil Request"
"Making Wood"
"Making Flour"
"Bring a Gift"
"Attack of the Wolves"
"Get the Worm's Fang"
"In aid of Lancaster"
"An urgent delivery (Antenna)"
"An urgent delivery (Red Basil)"
"The Wyvern Attack"
"Attack of the Mandractus"
"Attack of the Zombies"
"Eliminate the Rhinossus"
"Eliminate the Bandit"
"Eliminate the Poltergeist"
"Eliminate the Fafflesian"
"Eliminate the Mirror Goyale"
"Eliminate the Apparition"
"Contract of Friendship 1"
"Contract of Friendship 2"
"Agreement of Friendship (End)"
"The Marriage: The Contract 1"
"The Marriage: The Contract 2"
"Marriage: Research (3)"
"The Marriage: Nightmare (4)"
"Marriage: Happy Forever (End)"
"Investigating the Labyrinth of Orpheus"
"Treasure hunt"
"Training with Lloyd"
"Training with Raine"
"Train with Arche"
"Training with Chester"
"Training with Genis"

Special Mission: "Mabo's Curry"

Missions to Doplund

Once you get to Doplund, go to the Guild. As soon as you are there, you will meet Garr Kelvin and Philia Felice. Then take a ride as before, find the people with the "!" above your head, in the same way as you already did to Ailiy.

Missions to Doplund

"Clear the Hatchet Beak Field"
"Stop the multiplication of the Stonails!"
"Amethyst's Request"
"Bring back the Emerald Brooch"
"Take Bat Blood"
"To make a cake"
"A Dangerous Mission (Garm Wolf Tooth)"
"Delivering a Pickaxe"
"Bring Magellan Back"
"Take the Treant Branch"
"Take the Amethyst"
"Eliminate the Death Bee Knight"
"Take the Copper"
"Salvare Niels"
"Attack the Red Roper"
"Attacking the Garm Wolf"
"Attack the Great Pan"
"Attack the Crab"
"Save the Harvest from the Hatchet Beak!"
"Save the harvest from the Armaboars!"
"Eliminate the Death Bee Knight"
"Subjugating the Wild Group of Rewiggles"
"Subdue the wild group of Dread Bears!"
"Subjugating the Wild Group of Rebbits"
"Subjugating the savage group of Ribbits"
"Kill the Flaming Bat"
"Eliminate the Poliwigle"
"Eliminate the Chianorantis"
"Eliminate the Charge Tortoise"
"Kill the Night Owl"
"Treasure hunt"
"Request of Nanaly (Seeds)"
"Request of Nanaly (Antenna Stonail)"
"Request of Nanaly (Grape)"
"Richiestra di Nanaly (Mabo Tofu)"
"Request of Nanaly (Pie)"
"Training with Leon"
"Training with Stahn"
"Training with Rutee"

Main Story Missions

"Traces of Life"
"Finding Lloyd"
"Saving the prisoners"
"Accompany Stahn"
"The Labyrinth of Orpheus appears"

All you have to do in these missions is to talk to the people who will ask for help and follow their instructions.
After you've done two missions, go back to the Guild and then enter the scene where Chester and Kanonno are discussing, about her hard work and his lost sister.

Traces of Life

Notoriety Necessary: ​​30

For this mission you will have to go to the Hallowed Bastion and to get there, enter the world map and press left. When you are in the dungeon, go straight ahead until the path splits in two and take the road to the left.
When you come to the next intersection, take the road to the north and proceed until you have a scene where you will find a doll. When you have completed this mission and returned to Ailily, you will first have a skit with Kratos and then a scene with Ganser when you leave the Guild.

You will gain 500 gald and 50 notoriety.

Find Lloyd

Notoriety Necessary: ​​110

Enter Hallow Bastion again and go left at the first fork, then you'll see a scene with Lloyd running. Proceed on the path but this time do not take the road to the north, keep going left. After you find Lloyd, you absolutely have to defeat him! He is not a very difficult opponent, he will be easy to win. After defeating Lloyd, you will have another scene with you, Lloyd and Kratos. After that you will receive the title of Ad Libitum, 1000 gald and 100 of Notoriety.

After you automatically go back, Ailily and Kanonno will congratulate you and tell you to add more members to your party. Then Kanonno will tell you how you can change jobs, speaking to the Ad Libitum Guildmaster, he will change your current job. After that you will receive a Swordsman and Fighter Invitation but when you do so for the first time, you will have to pay to change in these elite classes.

When you leave the Guild for the Town menu, Kanonno will stop you to watch another scene. Once you're back in Ailily, meet Luke and Tear for a new scene.

Go back to the Guild again to have a scene, this time with Senel, looking for a missing person. After a couple of missions, another scene will immediately begin in which Luke starts bragging to Kratos for becoming a member of the Ad Libitum.

Save the prisoners

Notoriety Necessary: ​​240

Go to Hallowed Bastion and go up to the second floor. As soon as you arrive, follow the path until you find the fork, take the road to the left to save a man and you will receive the Hallowed Bastian Key. Then go back to the fork and head north to the next fork, this time turn right to save the girl who dropped the doll and an old man who will give you a Hallowed Bastian Project.
From that place go back to the second fork (where you took the road to the right) and go on the path to the left. Proceed, going north and following the road until you find the third door. Be on the alert because here you will have to fight against 4 medium strength monsters that will attack you, 2 Gargoyles and 2 Pedestals. After you see a scene where you meet Stahn, talk to him and eventually you will automatically return to the Guild.

Accompany Stahn

Notoriety Necessary: ​​400

When you talk to Kratos, you will have a scene where they talk, then Stahn will join your group. Then go to the Hallowed Bastion. Go up to the second floor and at the first fork take the road to the north, then at the second fork go left and at the third fork turn left again. When you are on the third floor, take the path to the north at the first fork, when you have reached the area with a door, take the road to the south.
At the third fork go north and proceed, following the path. If you want, you can go left to go past the chest, then Stahn will leave, return to Doplund. The reward you receive here will be 1000 gald and 50 Notoriety points. Go to the Plaza to see a scene where Chester will say that Kannono has been captured (If you don't get to the scene, do a couple more missions).

The Labyrinth of Orpheus appears

Notoriety Necessary: ​​500

Here you will have a new dungeon to discover, The Labyrinth of Orpheus. Mormo will tell you it's a little too dangerous. Your goal is to get to the third floor, to reach it you will have to take the right curve on the first floor, then continue towards the purple curve up to the second floor curve. Once you are on the second floor, take the path to the right, then the path to the right (or the path to the south).
Then follow the path in the middle. Then take the path to the left (or the path to the south) and there will be the save point. When you get to the third floor, there will be a scene. Then go straight ahead and take that direction.

Now get ready, there will be a cutscene and after that you will have to fight Ganser. You should first knock out the two Greater Knights and then defeat Ganser. This battle is quite simple, perhaps a Priest will suit you but it is not strictly necessary.


After you defeat him, another scene will follow and you meet Widdershin, he will destroy Ganser completely. Widdershin will appear before you and tell you that he is a Descender, just like you or Mormo. You will also learn that his world, which he must protect, Gilgulim is also a thing that eats other worlds.
Widdershin reduced his World Tree to a seed, which is why he ate worlds to gain their mana, in order to regain his former size. He will try to attack you but you will be the strongest and you will easily beat him. He will swear to take revenge and then disappear. Ailily is again a free city and you will have the possibility to go to Doplund. You will also earn the title of City Savior, along with 2000 galds and 100 of Notoriety.

After all this, when you enter Doplund, the screen will go black and you will hear Widdershin's voice.

Duels in Aililya


"Test your Skill with Kratos"
"Test your Skill with Lloyd"
"Test your Skill with Reid"
"Proof of Strength: A Husband and Wife Comedy?"
"A new Duo! The Rangers"
"A Friendly Battle Between Groups"
"Test of Strength! The Two Falcons"
"A Painful Lesson"
"An Unexpected Collaboration"

A side quest that belongs to the Plot

"Investigating the Labyrinth of Orpheus"

This mission is not of great importance when looking at the main plot but it will help you understand certain things better. Go to the Labyrinth of Orpheus with Raine, all the way up to the third floor, where Gilgulim was and a scene will be triggered. Then you will learn the meaning of the World Tree and the tasks of the Descenders.

Main Story Missions 2

"The epicenter of the earthquake"
"The epicenter of Lavacleft"
"A buco to Lavacleft"
"Saving Leon and defeating Gilgulim"
"Defeat the monsters that block the path"

The epicenter of the earthquake

Notoriety Necessary: ​​700

Accept this mission from Philia and talk to her again when you finish it. Take a full group with at least one Priest (what it will do, you will see later). Enter the Mines on the world map (you just have to press once and you are already there). Go straight until you come to a crossroads and turn right to go up to the third floor, to the mine.
On the third floor mine turn right at both crossroads to get to the fourth floor mine. Once there, go straight, following the path and turn right at the first fork. Then take the road to the north when you have found the second fork and follow the road, proceed to the right until the third fork. Now you will be at the mine on the sixth floor and you will see the same thing you saw in the Labyrinth, approach to see a scene.

Rock worm

Now get ready because you will have to face a Rock Worm. Be careful and try to keep yourself healthy because that hits hard and it will be easy to underestimate its strength. Once you beat him, there will be another cutscene and Gilgulim will disappear again. The screen will go black and you will hear Widdershin speaking ramblingly once again.
As soon as you are in the Guild, tell what you saw and Kanonno will take you out for something to eat. After you rejoin the Guild, you will receive the reward of 3000 galds and 200 Notoriety points.

Right after you leave town, you'll run into Luke and Tear.

The epicenter of Lavacleft

Notoriety Necessary: ​​1000

Take this mission, you will receive instructions from Philia and go to the Lavacleft, looking for it on the Doplund map (below twice). Follow the path and go towards the road north at the first fork, then take the road on the right at the second fork. Now you will arrive at the third floor of Lavacleft, from here follow the road that goes to the right at the fork and continue on that until a scene takes you by surprise.
You and Mormo will discuss the hole in the floor in the scene and then bring Philia a Strange Flower that you found behind the hole. You will learn that this flower came from the world of Kanonno, she vaguely remembers that its name could have been Yunanate flower. The prize you will receive will amount to 1000 gald and 100 fame.

The hole in Lavacleft

Notoriety Necessary: ​​1300

As before, accept the mission assignment, listen to Philia's instructions, and then go to the inn to talk to Rutee, asking him to join your party. Then go to the Lavacleft, orienting yourself again with the help of the Doplund world map. Now, on the first floor of Lavacleft, turn left at the fork and take the road south when you are at the second fork.
Follow this road and you will soon find yourself on the second floor of Lavacleft. When you are on the second floor, keep following the road to the left, ignoring the fork. You will find the hole again and you will also see a scene. Now go back to the fork and head north as the lava path is now clear. Another scene will take place here. Continue on this path until you find yourself in front of a crossroads. Take the left path and follow it until you find a Gilgulim Seed. A scene with Widdershin will begin.


Be on your guard, because Drake, this Boss-type monster, will attack you. Every now and then Drake will fly really high and attack you from there but for you it will still be an elementary defense, as all you have to do is hold him still and use your normal attacks to bring him down. Especially Tempest Strike will do a lot of damage on Drake, as that too flies high.

After the fight there will be a scene with a depressed Mormo and you will receive a Septanite Nugget. Go back to the Guild and there you will have another scene where Gilgulim will cause seismic movements. Your reward for this mission will be 3000 gald and 200 notoriety.

Then leave the Guild to receive a skit where Leon was injured.

Save Leon and defeat Gilgulim

Notoriety Necessary: ​​1650

Enter the Guild and you'll see a scene where Leon runs off to fight Gilgulim at the Woods. Accept the mission and receive instructions from Garr. Go towards the Wood, follow the path and take the road on the right at the first fork. Then, at the second fork take the road to the north and at the third the road to the left.
Eventually, head north at the last fork to enter the second floor Woods. Continue on the path and take the Northeast route when you find yourself in front of a crossroads of four roads. Then, at the next crossroads, go south to reach the wood on the third floor. When you are in the third floor Wood, follow the path until you see a scene finding Leon. Then continue north to the fork where you found Leon and go to the fourth floor Woods.
Now run straight north to find Gilgulim, there will be another scene and another Boss battle.


This guy here is really gigantic but the Tempest Strike will work great against him. It will be a very easy battle, much simpler than the last fights with other Boss-monsters. One of the strategies to defeat him is to have Raine and Rutee with you.
While you and Leon distract him distractedly, Raine and Rutee can cast spells and heal you and Leon too. Again, Tempest Strike and Swallow Dance are very effective against him given his height. After the battle a scene will begin and you will destroy the Node. You will lose consciousness and hear Widdershin bellowing and struggling beside you.

Eventually you will find yourself at the Guild, outside, in the cold as Kanonno tries to wake you up. Your prize will be 3000 gald and 200 fame.

Defeat the monsters blocking the way

Notoriety Necessary: ​​1950

Complete a couple of missions before you get to this one. Once you reach it, accept it and go to Garr for the instructions. Stahn will join you here in repaying you for saving him in Ailily. Head directly to the fourth floor mine this time, but at the third fork go left instead of right.
Follow the path until you reach the fifth floor mine. Always keep going until you start a scene where you see a monster blocking the way in front of Gavada.


This goat-elk species is called Graelhorn. As against the other Boss monsters from before, you should use Tempest Strike. Once you understand how it works, it will be easy enough to deal with, but if you don't get good at attacking, it can be difficult. If any of your party members die, you don't have to worry about reviving them and it will be a good idea to take a Priest, Raine or others with you to the Mercenary Priests.
Once the giant goat dies, you'll need to return to the Doplund Guild to see a scene with Garr and Stahn. Report that you have fixed the giant monster, then you can go to Gavada. Your reward for this mission will be 2000 gald and 100 fame.

Duels in Doplund

For now the duels you will have here are these:

"Test your Skill with Stahn"
"Test your Skill with Leon"
"A Fateful Encounter"
"Decree of Fate"
"Rival Showdown"
"Battle of Destiny"


Since the road to Gavada is now open, talk to all the characters in the story in a "big goodbye" meeting. Then press the L button to reach Gavada and head to the Guild to meet Eugene and Annie. As soon as you are there, you will learn that someone named Aurora is consuming the area's mana to induce great Prosperity but in return Aurora herself will have a severe loss of mana in order to defend herself against the Devourer.
Ask for Harold and they will tell you that he is no longer there. Go anywhere and talk to people, then go to the Plaza to meet Luke and Tear. Return to the Guild and report.

Missions to Gavada

"Attack the Ice Wolf"
"Attack the Ice Spirit"
"Attack the Mercat"
"Clear the Field of Boarlets!"
"Eliminate l'Elephossus"
"Find the Shield"
"Finding the Beast's Hideout"
"Stop the multiplication of the Hilaris!"
"Stop Breeze Spirit Multiplication!"
"Save the harvest from the Woodrudas!"
"Save the harvest from the Gilbits!"
"Subdue the Wild Group of Ice Bats"
"Request for Grapes"
"A request from Woodruda Branch"
"Request for Grapes"
"Request for Kola Nuts"
"Eliminate the Market"
"Eliminate the Yeti"
"Eliminate the Grosbelva"
"Eliminate the Cactus"
"Eliminate the Glass Window"
"A dangerous mission"
"A Dangerous Mission (Ice Scale"
"An urgent request (Piece of Ice)"
"An urgent request (White Clams)"
"An urgent request (Fluorite)"
"Make a golden scythe"
"Give a gift"
"Save Lana!"
"Treasure hunt"
"Letter from the Son (1)"
"A Memory from the Son (2)"
"The true identity of the Son (3)"
"Eliminate the Son (End)"
"The Last Baker (1)"
"The Last Baker (2)"
"The Last Baker (3)"
"The Last Baker (4)"
"The Last Baker (5)"
"The Last Baker (6)"
"The Last Baker (7)"
"The Last Baker (8)"
"The Last Baker (9)"
"The Last Baker (10)"
"The Last Baker: Master Baker! (End)"
"Harold's Research (1)"
"Harold's Research (2)"
"Harold's Research (3)"
"Harold's Quest (End)"
"Training with Eugene"
"Train with Tear"
"Training with Luke"
"Training with Senel"

Important Main Story Missions 3

"Look for where Harold is"
"Take the flourite"
"Search and rescue Harold"
"Destroy the Mana Lab"

Find out where Harold is

Notoriety Necessary: ​​2050

Go to Annie to accept the mission and talk to Eugene to see the instructions. Head to the Ganada world map and drop down to reach Aelderwood. Go straight and take the road on the right when you are at the first fork and continue on this road until the next fork.
Take the road north until you reach Aelderwood on the second floor. Go straight ahead and continue on the road. Then turn right at the first fork and then at the second fork to the north and proceed until you see a blue scepter on the ground. A scene will take place, then return to the Guild. Your prize here will be 1000 galds and 50 notoriety.

Take the Flourite

Notoriety Necessary: ​​2300

Go to the Guild to see a scene where Philia arrives in Gavada to give you information about Aelderwoods and how to protect yourself from her poisons against you. She will later remind you of an experiment done by her Master Harold. He infused energy with the help of stones called Flourite.
Now accept the mission from Annie and receive the instructions with Eugene, he too will join your group. Now head to Frost Hollows and walk straight ahead until you reach a fork. Choose the path on the right and follow it to the next fork. Here take the road to the north and immediately you will see the road that leads to the next floor. Follow this path to the fork, staying on the North route.
Proceed and in a few moments you will see the second fork with a save point. Save and take the right path and keep going until you see a door that will take you to the third floor Frost Hollow. When you are there, go straight, follow the path that leads you to the structures similar to Giant Crystals. A scene will start and you will find that Harold's signature is on the Flourite.

4 Ice Spirits

Mormo will make a sneeze that will activate the inhabitants of the Flourite and so you will have to face the Four Ice Spirits. It will be a fairly simple battle, do as you generally fight with four monsters attacking you. After you defeat them, you will receive the Flourite Cluster. You have to go back to the Guild and give it to Annie and she will examine the stones you got. The reward for this mission is 1000 gald and 100 fame.

Seek and Save Harold

Notoriety Necessary: ​​2500

Now accept the mission and speak to Eugene to receive the instructions. A scene will start and you will learn how to activate the Flourite. An earthquake will happen and your character will fall. Now go back to Aelderwoods.

Head to the area where you found Harold's scepter, then a scene about toxins will start in the area. Take the South passage and go until you see an unconscious girl on the ground. Yes, this is Harold. Go back to Gavada and Harold will wake up.
Now go back to the Guild. Harold will let everyone know that Aurora has built her Mana lab inside the woods. Harold will then try to restore Kanonno's memory with special treatment, Kanonno will take you out and talk about his memories. The reward you will receive for this achievement will be 1000 gald and 50 notoriety.

When you return to the Guild, you will receive the news that Kanonno ran away after she regained her memory.

Destroy the Mana Lab

Notoriety Necessary: ​​2800

Take this assignment and listen to the instructions from Eugene and then gather your group and go back to Aelderwoods. Head to the second floor of the Aelderwoods, turn right at the first fork and at the second crossroads take the road to the right again instead of the one to the north.
Follow the path until you come to the third fork and head north to reach the third floor of Aelderwoods. From here take the route south at the first fork and then save at the save point next to the second fork.
Then follow the path south and after you save, enter the fourth floor of Aelderwoods. Once there, go straight ahead and you'll start a scene with Mormo and the Mana Lab. Soon after, you will meet Aurora and Gilgulim will also come out.


Aurora will send her latest creation, an animal that is a combination of Yaoon and Terresia. He is quite slow but if you are not careful he will hit you doing a lot of damage. Look around even when he'll give you a shot in the body because it will probably stun you.
When you go Overlimit, also pay attention to your health, because as you cannot retreat back, you can take damage without realizing it. You should use the Hit and Run tactic, as it is very difficult to finish combos against him.
For Ninja, the Flair Raid works great, just make sure the opponent is looking towards you to cause maximum damage. As soon as you put the Tyrantoise out of action, you will see a scene where Gilgulim disappears and Aurora will make a rant at you. Once you return to Gavada's Guild, you will learn that Doplund will be the next target for the missing Mana. You will be rewarded with 3000 galds and 200 notoriety.

Duels in Gavada


"Test your Skill with Senel"
"Test your Skill with Eugene"
"Test your Skill with Luke"
"The Dragon and the Tiger"
"In the Depths of the Abyss"
"New generations"

Doplund - The Return

Once back in Doplund, go to the Guild, from Philia. Philia and Garr will tell you that the roots of the World Tree are retreating into a self-defense mechanism. You will warn the two of them that Aurora is heading to Doplund to suck the Mana in the Gavada area.

Follow the flow of Mana

Notoriety Necessary: ​​3300

This time it will be Philia who will give you the assignment and instructions for the mission, then gather your party and go to the Forest. Head to the fourth floor Forest and along the way you will also see Kanonno running. You will arrive at the place where the Gilgulim Node was and here a scene will start, after which you will return to the Doplund Guild. You will be rewarded for this mission with 1000 galds and 50 notoriety.

The Woman in the Forest

Notoriety Necessary: ​​3600

Do the same things you did on the last mission and go back to the Fourth Floor Forest to start a scene where you will find Kanonno. You will learn that Kanonno is also a Descender but she killed all the humans in her world and it was too late to return them.
That was when Widdershin and Gilgulim arrived. You will also learn that Kanonno was helping Widdershin but the World Tree was too strong a feat for her and so she flew away, losing her memory.


She is very resilient if you are going to deal with her alone but with your group it should be easy. Kanonno is like a combination of the Magic Knight and the Warrior, plus it's incredibly difficult to stun her. It will be useful to bring some Magician, Priest or Bishop with you. Once this is all done, you will destroy the Gilgulim Node that Kanonno raised and eventually talk to her. Your prize will be 2000 gald and 200 fame.

Ailily - The Return

Now go back to Ailily and go to the Guild.

The World Tree is dying

Notoriety Necessary: ​​3800

Take this mission and listen to instructions from Raine and then gather your party. Go to the root of the World Tree. Here you will have to reach the fourth floor of the World Tree. To get there, go north all the way to the first floor, so you will reach the second floor. Once you are there, follow the path until you reach the three way intersection.
Take the road to the left and then left again at the next three-way intersection. Shortly after you will see a crossroads, take the road to the north and keep going like this to the save point (where you will save, of course). From here turn right, proceed and at the intersection of four streets choose the road to the north. Follow this road and turn right at the next fork. Eventually take the road north at the next intersection to find the third floor entrance.

Easier method:

Second floor:

1. left
2. left
3. North
4. right
5. North
6. right
7. North

Third floor:

1. North
2. right
3. North
4. North

If you get lost, simply try to go north on the map until you find the entrance to the second and third floors. When you are on the third floor of the World Tree, follow the road to the north always straight ahead and at the crossroads choose the right road. Shortly after following the road as before, at the next crossroads take the path to the north and proceed.

You will find yourself again in front of another fork, from where you can continue on the road to the north. Keep this direction until a scene with Aurora begins. She will say that Gilgulim will become an Eternal World, then she will attack you.


She will approach you but she will not be alone: ​​she will have three Mandrakes with her. If possible, fix his Mandrakes first, because if you leave them unchecked they will harm your party. His ability to teleport will give you a lot of annoyance, this can make the battle very difficult.
If she happens to kill your party and petrify you, use the special boots. It will not even be necessary to heal your group, because they will probably get in your way. As soon as you defeat Aurora, there will be a scene and she will die.
The earth will begin to shake and you will learn that Gilgulim is ready to start collecting Mana, which in other words means that the World Tree is ready to die. Kanonno will try to stop the flow of Mana and you will have to stop Widdershin.

Return to Ailily's Guild for information on how to destroy Gilgulim. The reward for your mission will be 3000 gald and 200 fame.

A warning: beware that after you have done this mission, the next mission will end the game and once you have done this too, you will have to redo the chain missions again (if you were in the middle of one).

Clash with Gilgulim

Notoriety Necessary: ​​4000

You will receive the final mission from Kratos, along with instructions. Enter Ailily's world map and go to the blue structure that looks like a castle, all the way to the bottom of the map. Once you are at Gilgulim, walk straight until you see a scene and meet Ganser again.


You will now face Ganser and two Geopsitis. First fix his minions. They will be pretty easy to defeat and once they are won, go to Ganser. He will run around and be hard to stun. All in all, this battle is very simple, in the end you will receive the key to the Altar Chamber from Ganser.

Choose the roads at the consecutive bifurcations in this order:

Note: There will be many chests with treasures, if you want, open them.

1. right
2. North
3. left
4. North
5. right
6. North
7. North

Then save everything to the save point. You should also stock up on Black Onyx to be able to withstand Widdershin's attacks and prevent him from destroying you. Go to the second floor to start a scene with Widdershin.

Widdershin Prima parte

There will be a big blow with a huge sword that will knock you out. The range of action of the sword is also very large, be careful. He's gonna farcade but he's not gonna do it as well as Aurora, he's not gonna get that far.

Widdershin Second Part

Once you take half of his life, Widdershin will summon his giant sword from the sky and cause a lot of damage to your party. Among them there will probably also be dead, but you won't want to resurrect them unless you need a shield of flesh that will take the damage for you (especially the Wizards, Priests and Bishops will have to resurrect their companions).

Now comes the part when the fight gets tough. Widdershin will often use Meteor Swarm and a move similar to that of the Holy Lance. When he uses Meteor Swarm (and you know for sure, because this is the only spell he will cast), this will be a sign for you to start running. Tempest Beast (or Omega Tempest for the Swordsman) will work very well on Widdershin when he rests. Run and use Tempest Beast until he is defeated.

After all this, watch the scene where Widdershin explodes and then leave the area and return to Kanonno. You will automatically find yourself on the third floor of the World Tree to meet Kanonno.

End of the story

Kanonno, you and Mormo will see the Mana rising from the Worlds that Gilgulim has consumed. Channel all the Mana to the World Tree of Terresia and the Tree will begin to bear fruit. Then you will see all the characters in the story looking up, observing the Mana approaching the World Tree and the Tree bearing fruit.
Mormo and Kanonno will return to their worlds and you will go to the World Tree. You will receive the title of "Savior of the World".

Congratulations, you are now done with Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology!

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