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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so it is possible to find differences in the Spanish version.


When starting a new game, you can choose between the amateur investigator or the master investigator mode, basically the game is the same in both modes, although in the amateur investigator it is obviously simpler.


Everything is going well with the excavation of the new discovered site, when suddenly a sandstorm occurs; Expedition leader Professor Jon Boyle was injured during the storm and is hospitalized. When Jon wakes up, talks to Nancy, the good news is that the site is fine, but the bad news is that everyone except Nancy, Lily Crewe and Abdullah Bakhoum have left fearing that the expedition was cursed. Jon will get bad news too: Doctors say he may have been attacked. Jon asks Nancy to find her notes and continue the expedition as best she can. You will start from the main tent, there are three berths to the right and three to the left; go ahead and examine the game table or you can look for the exit. Go to the bunks on the right, the one closest to the entrance to the tent is Nancy's bunk, go up to the desk and take the book of Nancy's old friend, Professor Beatrice Hotchkiss. Read the first page of the book to find Professor Hotchkiss's phone number; it would also be interesting to read the book page on Nefertari, the lost queen. In Nancy's bunk there is also a trunk next to the bed, open it and you will find some photos, a Koko Kringle bar and some books. A book deals with hieroglyphs in general, it explains that each hieroglyph usually corresponds to a specific sound. Take the other two books, one is a dictionary, so Nancy will be able to use it on the hieroglyphs to translate them; the other book is a hieroglyphics practice book; when Nancy translates special hieroglyphs she writes them here. The second bunk on the right is empty, while the third belongs to Abdullah Bakhorum and if you try to examine it, Lily will order you to stay out of it. Now go to the bunks on the left, the first is empty and the second is Lily, you can talk to her about Professor Boyle and the game in the middle of the room called Senet. You can play a game of Senet with Lily if you want, but you don't have to, just zoom in on the board to play and go back to stop. There are 5 symbols on the Senet board, which you will use in a puzzle towards the end of the game. If you are blocked click on "?" to see the rules. The third bed on the left is Jon's, if you try to look through her things Lily will stop you, so Nancy will tell her to call Jon and get approval to examine her bunk. There are Jon's notes near his desk which contain clues to the various puzzles in the game; in particular Jon seemed to be concentrating on the passages of a strange hieroglyph that begins and ends with the same symbol. Open Jon's trunk and you'll find a lighter and a letter of recommendation from Franklin Rose who helped get Nancy the job in Egypt. Franklin was a character Nancy could call in "Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand". That's it for the main tent, so go outside, in this area there is a large water tank, the entrance to the tomb and two tents. Nancy has just come out of the dormitory tent, the other tent is that of the antiquities in which there are two benches and a shelf; enter and go to the bench on the left. On the left side of the bench, you will find a torch that Nancy can collect, in the central part there is a map of the tomb which automatically updates when Nancy discovers new areas, while on the right there are a few things: a book on amulets / relics, a card with a golden bird and a small piece of stone with hieroglyphs that Nancy can translate and finally a crumpled booklet to the right of the water bottle. This is a tip-off, an alien-based organization run by Sonny Joon and there are 4 issues on it. Move away from the bench on the left and look at the one on the right; on the left side there are various amulets, in the middle there are various objects, take the pickaxe and the brush, while on the right side there is an amulet puzzle. The amulet puzzle is basically a puzzle, put all the pieces together to form a cat's amulet. There are a lot more pieces and they are even smaller in the master investigator mode, but in both modes there is one piece missing. Examine the label on the amulet, you will read N13E2. Move away from the table, check the shelves in the back of the tent, here is a binder with the inventory of the whole site and it will show you that N13E2 is at the end of tunnel 2 (the middle one). It is time to explore the tomb now! Leave the antiquities tent and head down the stairs to the tomb which looks just like the map, with three galleries leading away from the main room. There is a work table in the center of the room, take the spade, then stand in front of the entrance to the tomb, do you see the man here? Talk to him to find out that he is Dr. Abdullah Bakhoum, one of the best archaeologists in the world, specializing in hieroglyphics; talk to him about what you want. Now explore the tomb, go down the left tunnel, tunnel 1 on the map, at the end you will find a photo of the blue cat, but not much else. Go down in tunnel 2, at the end you will find N13E2, the place where the amulet was found, examine the sand on the ground on the right, use the brush you took in the tent of antiquities and click on the sand to get the missing piece of the riddle of the amulet. You can now return to the Antiquities Tent at any time to complete the Cat Amulet. There is a bird mural on the wall of N13E2, use the pickaxe on the gold panel to get it. Finally go down in tunnel 3, on the left wall of the first room there is a scarab puzzle, you have to find the red scarab to solve it. On the wall near one of the two doors there is a block of hieroglyphs, these are special hieroglyphs, which Jon talked about in his notes, which begin and end with the same symbol. Zoom in on the clipboard to start a cryptogram puzzle, each hieroglyph represents a different letter, you have to figure out which hieroglyphs stand for which letters, in order to formulate a message. If you're in amateur detective mode, Jon's notes will suggest three hieroglyphs; at the end the message will be: "Come here Gods in the train of Horus, and let the steps ascend. We are the four of Horus. I am the air that sweeps the Nile. I am the hunter fighting to greet the new day. I am the protector of Imsety of the south. I am the cry that rises towards the setting sun. Together, we, the Gods in the train of Horus, watch the corners. " It is an enigma, the 4 sons of Horus, you will solve it later. Continue to the end of tunnel 3, you will reach a door, look left to see a sliding puzzle on the left wall. Jon's notes talk about this puzzle, you have to slide the various bars left and right to solve it, when only one type of symbol appears in a column, it will appear at the bottom, then move the bars until all the symbols appear at the bottom . In amateur mode the first and third bars are all on the left, the lower one is all on the right, while the second is two from the right and the fourth is one from the right. In master mode the first bar is all on the left, the second, third and fourth are all on the right and the fifth is all on the left, the sixth is exactly in the middle, the seventh is one from the left and the eighth is three from the left , while the ninth bar is one from the right. This opens a door leading to the tomb, zoom in on the door, it is locked, then click on the lock to break it and enter. Use the torch you took from the antiquities tent, Lily will follow you along with Abdullah and two strangers.


I guess there are two things you want to do: meet the two new characters and go back to the burial chamber. The first person is Dylan Carter, a tour guide, sits in a chair outside; the second person is Jamila El-Dine, an alien supporter, is at the end of tunnel 2; talk to them to get to know them if you want. Entering the burial chamber is a little more complicated than talking to people. First you have to get the lamp oil which is near the tank truck outside the tents, then go back to the burial chamber at the end of the tunnel 3. Go to the chamber and look around, near the door there is a lamp, use the oil on the lamp and the lighter to light it and thus start a light enigma. To solve this you have to turn the various mirrors so that the light radiates the circle on the right, the trick is that you cannot see the mirrors in this room unless the light hits them. In both modes the solution is the same, the light is reflected in 12 mirrors which are tilted diagonally to the left "/" or diagonally to the right "". Starting from the left side of the screen, the 12 mirrors that the light hits, in order from the first to the last, are inclined as follows:

,, /, /,, /, /,,,, /, /.

Solve the puzzle to light up the whole room, go to the sarcophagus and click on the lid but it is too heavy to move, but Nancy will hear a noise, which we will investigate soon, but first there are several things to inspect in the burial chamber. You can solve another hieroglyphic translation puzzle on the wall that reads: "For him who broke the seal, death agonies await you." Wait a minute ... Nancy broke the seal in the burial chamber, does that mean she's been cursed? Another wall contains a hollow for a scarab necklace and there is a spear nearby, take it and try to use it to open the lid of the sarcophagus, but it is not strong enough. Also in this room you can find 4 vases in a box in the corner, inside which there are 4 tokens representing the 4 sons of Horus and which will be useful to solve the riddle of the 4 sons of Horus. That's it for the burial chamber for now, go back to the main tomb room, the scaffolding next to Abdullah has collapsed, grab the sturdy table next to him and talk to him if you want. You can get rid of him by talking about Jamila, if you do that Nancy will have a chance to translate the hieroglyphs Abdullah is focused on and you will read "This is Nefertari's grave". Return to the sepulchral chamber, you can open the lid of the sarcophagus with the piece of wood taken from the scaffolding and with the spear from before, putting them in the hole in the lid and using them as a lever; inside you will find a closed coffin.


The coffin is blocked by an enigma, there are hieroglyphics explaining how to open the lock, translate them to discover that "The procession of the Gods begins the revelation. Look for them under the protection of the skies". "Protection of the Skies" refers to a mural on the second floor of the main room and getting it will be a bit difficult as it is blocked by 3 puzzles. If you haven't already, meet Jamila, then talk to Abdullah about her, this will cause him to kick her out of area N13E2 to go to tunnel 3. when she leaves N13E2, she'll leave behind a red beetle, get it, then go to tunnel 3 where you will find a scarab puzzle on the wall of the first room. Use the beetle on the tile in the wall, the goal of the puzzle is to slide the tiles around until each tile is in the right place. The reset button of the puzzle is at the top right, try not to get confused with the black and white tiles, the important color is that of the beetle not that of the tile.

Amateur mode:

1. Move the white tile to the left and the green one up, left and down; the green tile is in the right place.
2. Move the white tile right, down and left, then move the red one up, right, down and left; the red tile is in the right place.
3. Move the black and white tiles up and the white one to the right and down; the white tile is in the right place.
4. Move the black tile left, down and right; the black tile is in the right place.

Master mode:

1. Move the green tile up and left, move the black one up and left, move the red one up; the red tile is in the right place.
2. Move the black tile to the right, bottom and left, move the white one to the right, bottom and left; the white tile is in the right place.
3. Move the white tile up, right and down, it is in the lower right corner, then move the green tile right and down, then move the white tile left, up, right, down and left ; the white tile is in the right place.
4. Move the green tile left and up; the green tile is in the right place.

By solving the scarab puzzle, another puzzle will open on the wall opposite you, it is the puzzle of "the 4 sons of Horus" mentioned in the hieroglyphs on the walls of the room. If you have not already done so, examine the box in the corner of the burial chamber, there are 4 canopic jars and each contains a token, representing one of the 4 sons of Horus, take them. Technically you can solve this puzzle now, but it would be better to have more information, so call Professor Hotchkiss to learn more about the sons of Horus. To solve the puzzle you have to put together the information coming from the teacher with that of the hieroglyphs, there are 4 points for the 4 tokens; the monkey goes up, the human goes down, the bird goes to the left and the jackal goes to the right; you will hear clicks as the chips are placed in the correct position. Another puzzle: try to rotate one of the 4 tokens and you will hear something move, go back to the main room of the tomb to see that the columns have changed. In other words, the 4 tokens control the 4 columns in the main room, so try to move the columns to form a staircase from left to right; an image of the correct solution is located in the center of the screen, between the 4 tokens. Each token checks a different group of columns, try and fail until you figure out which token moves which column. To create the staircase you have to face upwards the token with the monkey and the one with the human, while the one with the jackal must face to the right and the one with the bird to the left; Nancy will make a comment when you get it. Go back to the main room and go up the ladder next to Abdullah, turn, then jump between the columns, this will lead you to a small room with a piece of paper on the floor, this is a page of a diary from the old team of diggers who are dead on this site. At the end of this room there is a mural on the wall, take a photo with your mobile as it is the solution to the puzzle that blocks the coffin, then go back to the coffin. As you can see, the various deities of the mural are on the lock, you can move the rows and columns on the lock so that the outline tiles contain the righteous Gods. In amateur mode, you will have the jackal, ibis and hawk on the top row and the crocodile, beetle and lion on the bottom row. In master mode you will have two jackals in the upper row and two ibises in the lower one, two lions in the middle one, a crocodile, a hawk, a lion, a crocodile and a hawk on the second row and a crocodile, a hawk, a lion, a scarab and a scarab in the third row. Once all the Gods are in the right place, the coffin will unlock and inside you will find another closed coffin.

Enigma amulet

There is a side story about the amulets in this game; this is activated automatically when you leave the mural on the second floor; as she walks away, Nancy will overhear an argument between Lily and Abdullah. Go to Lily and talk about the subject, she will ask Nancy to order the amulets for her. Go to the antiquities tent and look at the amulets on the left side of the table on the right; the book of relics in this room contains clues as to how to order the various amulets.

Rebirth: hedgehog, beetle
Wisdom: blue monkey
Regeneration: rabbit, hippo, frog, lizard
Maternity: cow
Health: eye of Horus and Ankh
Food offering: duck and reticulated mammals
Guardian of death: ?
Lucky charm: fish
Love: orange monkey
Military valor: golden fly, blue lion

Hey, where is the amulet for the guardian of the dead? Did anyone take it? Move away and Nancy will notice that someone has made a hole in the side of the tent, go out and examine it on the other side. It is located behind some crates, it seems as if someone had tried to steal the amulets without being seen. If you haven't already, take the shovel in the center of the main tomb room and use it to dig in the dirt here, somewhere in the mud you will find a piece of paper that will confirm that someone has stolen an amulet to sell it on the black market.


The second coffin is blocked by a hieroglyphics puzzle, translate the instructions for the puzzle which say: "7 treasures she created. 4 to lead the people. 3 to follow the path. Divided by duty, the old precedes the young. . Let's call them back here and join them. " As Nancy deduces, this refers to Nefertari's 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls. Leave the tomb and call Professor Hotchkiss, ask her about Nefertari, she might ask you a question about the Goddess on the doors of the tomb, the answer is "Ma'at". Once the teacher tells you the names of all 7 children, in order, Nancy will be able to solve the puzzle by having information on the various hieroglyphs available, from Jon's notes, the message on the queen's card, the pantheon of the Gods Egyptians (obtained by talking to Dylan) and the piece of paper from the second floor of the tomb. For example, Jon's notes say that there is a human at the end of each name, it is a seated male for a male name and a seated woman for a female name. In Jon's notes is a copy of the second child's name, Pareherwenemef. The hieroglyphs are:

(reed) (rectangle and wavy line) (head and line, above a tentacle) (snail) (seated male)
(bird) (circle on a pole) (head near a pole) (arm above snail) (seated male)
(circle) (compass) (two rods) (seated male)
(sled) (compass) (two rods) (seated male)
(reed) (rectangle and wavy line) (compass) (two reeds) (seated woman) (two hemispheres) (two lines) (seated woman)
(one hemisphere and one trapezoid) (two lines) (seated woman)

If you are in amateur mode, the pieces will lock into place when you get the correct name, even Nancy will tell you when the names are correct. Once the puzzle is solved, the coffin will open showing that it is practically empty.


Inside the coffin there are papyrus scraps, take them because you will have a puzzle where to put the various pieces together, once solved you will have a hieroglyphics translation puzzle. The words of the papyrus read: "On the wings of rebirth from a precious companion, the path is open ...", this is obviously a clue to an enigma; the important thing is that there is another tomb! The person who holds the key to the tomb, believe it or not, is Jamila, so Nancy will have to look in her bag, so talk to Jamila and Nancy will trick her into talking about an interesting thing somewhere else in the tomb and causing her to go away. . When Jamila is gone, examine her bag which is blocked by a puzzle; if you open the book of relics, you will find more information on the block, it seems that each of the parts of the eye of Horus corresponds to a number. In the antiquities tent there is a crumpled piece of paper on the right side of the table on the left, in this document there is drawn the eye of Horus with 4 numbers: 16, 8, 4, and 32. These must be the numbers necessary for the block, press the parts of the eye that correspond to those numbers; the eye on the lock is pointing in a different direction than the eye in the book, so keep that in mind. Press:

1. the left side of the eye
2. the eyebrow
3. the pupil of the eye
4. the curved line coming out of the eye

Inside Jamila's bag you will find two books, read them if you want, the important thing is a cryptic note, with the letters found on the left side of the bag, which Nancy will take and put it in her inventory. Leave the grave and talk to Dylan, who will give Nancy the second half of that cryptic note. Leave Dylan and look at the note, it is a puzzle in which you have to form words by putting letters in the empty spaces; each word must be at least 5 letters long and all refer to Egypt.

In amateur mode the words and letters are:

M - Temple
P - Canopic
L - Amulet
R - Upper
I - Birds
Y - Egypt
N - Linen
U - Mummy
E - Treasure
G - Organ
A - Burial
O - Pharaoh
S - Offers
T - Natron
C - Scarab
B - Embalm

In master mode the words and letters are:

B - Tombs
M - Camel
I - Alien
P - Upper
S - Basalt
Y - Egypt
O - Lotus
U - Mummy
T - Thief
N - Opening
C - Beacon
L - Obelisk
R - Natron
A - Scarab
E - Empty

Since the letters don't make sense, Nancy imagines that the first letters of each word must be the letters she is looking for, the 4 colors indicate words and the words are:


Nancy will arrange the words in order ... CAT BLUE OPENS TOMB (the blue cat opens the grave). This is a direct clue! The blue cat is at the end of tunnel 1, use the brush on the door and you will see a recess for a cat amulet, which you should have by now. To get it look at the amulet in the antiquities tent, then consult the inventory which will tell you that it is in N13E2; go to this area to find the missing pieces of the amulet and return to the antiquities tent to finish rebuilding it. Put the cat amulet in the right place and the door will open, Dylan will appear out of nowhere and enter the room. A landslide will quickly follow and Nancy will have to solve a puzzle, she will have to remove the 6 stones from the door without causing the whole thing to fall. There are multiple solutions, one is to take the 3 rocks at the bottom left and then the second at the top left, the second at the top right and the third at the top right. Poor Dylan will be taken to the hospital, you can call him if you want. Go back to tunnel 1 which will lead you to the cat's grave, which like the burial chamber is dark. There is a lamp to the left of the entrance, use the oil on the lamp and then the lighter, you will have to solve another puzzle with the mirrors, but this time you can see all the mirrors, 6 of which are not in place; those that are in place cannot be rotated. Put two mirrors on the top row, put one in the hole to the right of the white spot on the left; there are 3 holes in the lower row on the left, put a mirror in the side ones leaving the central one free; now rotate the various mirrors so that the light can reflect and hit all 5 mirrors you have placed. Solving the puzzle will open the cat grave, which contains the coffin of Nefertari's cat. Zoom in on the top of the coffin, where you see the cat mummy and take the scarab necklace away from the mummy. Now look at the front of the coffin, there is a scales puzzle, translating the hieroglyphs you will find out how the puzzle works: "In the hall of the two truths, they must be judged. Only the one who finds himself as light as the feather of Ma'at, lighter than the others, will be able to cross the threshold ". Basically the hieroglyphs say that you have to understand which mouse mummy weighs less than the others, the problem is that you can only use the scale 3 times. In amateur mode, you have 9 mice, put 3 on the left and 3 on the right and weigh them; if the left plate is higher it means that the lightest mouse is one of these 3, if it is the right plate that is higher it will be one of these other mice that is the lightest, if the plates are the same it means that the mouse more light is one of 3 of those that have not been weighed. So now you have reduced the odds to 3, put a mouse on the left and one on the right and weigh, if the one on the left is lighter, it is the correct one; if the one on the right is the lightest then this will be the correct one; if they are the same, what you have not weighed will be right. In master mode you will have 13 mice, put 5 on the right and 5 on the left and weigh; if the two are the same it means that the lightest mouse is one of the three that you have not weighed, of these if you put one on the right and one on the left you will understand which is the right one. However, it is more likely that when you weigh 5 against 5 one of the two plates is lighter than the other, this means that the mouse you are looking for is one of those 5 and this narrows the field to 5 mice. Put 2 on the left and 2 on the right and weigh, if they are the same it means that the right one is the 5 that is not on the scale; if a plate is lighter just put one of the two mice on the right and the other on the left to find the right answer.


Time to find the royal tomb! Go back to the burial chamber, remember there was a recess in the wall for a scarab necklace? Use the cat mummy necklace on it to get a puzzle. It is a sliding puzzle with pieces of cobras, each piece is of a different color, the papyrus inside the coffin that is here has given you the solution for this puzzle, it has shown you in which order to put the cobras.

Amateur mode: if you want them to be golden, purple, hollow, green, blue and red, clockwise from the bird; to do this, move the cobras in this order:

1. green, yellow, purple, blue
2. red, blue, red, yellow
3. green, blue, red, yellow
4. red, blue, green

Master mode: if you want them to be green, hollow, gold, red, blue and purple, clockwise from the bird; to do this, move the cobras in this order:

1. yellow, green, yellow
2. red, blue, purple
3. green

By solving the puzzle, the door to the real tomb will open, enter and translate the hieroglyphs on the statue on the left, you will read "The path lies in destiny". As Nancy notes, it's a cryptic clue, it's the clue to the corridor leading out of this room, which you can't cross yet. Go out of the grave and call Professor Hotchkiss for help, she will notice that "Destiny" is the meaning of Nefertari's cat name. If you have solved the riddle of the weight of the mouse in the cat's grave, you will have found a stone with the name of the cat written on it and if you have not already done so, take a picture of it. The cat's name consists of 9 letters. You will have to go down the corridor walking on the 9 letters of his name in the exact order. Solving the riddle Nancy will come to the golden sarcophagus that contains Nefertari, who is obviously locked. Look at the top of the sarcophagus and you will see that the symbols on the lock are the same 5 symbols used in the Senet. Next to the sarcophagus there is a gold card, take it, it will serve to open the passage for the exit; you can go to this passage, but you will find a closed gate and a dead end, click the tile on the dead end to open the door, which will lead you to tunnel 2.


At this point you should have 3 gold tiles, one taken from the side of the sarcophagus, one from the antiquities tent and one from the N13E2; these tiles go to the ceiling in the cat grave, this is a puzzle you can solve by putting together the clues from the diary page (found in the cat grave) and the bird mural in N13E2. The diary page lists 8 birds in order and the mural tells you which birds are which; press the 8 birds in the right order. Press the tiles in this order, with 1 as the first, 2 as the second, and so on; solving this puzzle will open another hidden passage. Enter and you will see footprints in the sand, someone has been here recently! Take a close look to see a piece of jewelry from Lily's glasses as well as the bottom half of Lily's number sheet, does that mean she's the one who's been here? Continue through the hidden passage, at the end there is a dead end with a footprint on the wall, click on it to open a door, you will find that this passage connects to tunnel 2. Go to Abdullah and tell him about the golden coffin, he will disappear leaving the key to his trunk, take it and go to the main tent. At this point, if not sooner, a cobra will appear in the main tent, in Nancy's bunk; to get rid of it click on the basket and then on the branch, then use the branch on the cobra that will be pushed into the basket and Nancy will take it out where it will be safe. Lily may or may not be in the main tent, if she is there you can get rid of her by telling her that Abdullah wants to see her, if she is not there you can make her reappear by going back to the tomb and then returning to the tent. When Lily is there, talk to her about the symbols of the Senet, each one has a particular meaning. When he's not there, go to Abdullah's bunk and use the key to open his trunk, inside is a letter about Lily's dark past and a letter from Sonny Joon saying Jamila is not a member of the organization. alien from Mr. Joon. Go back to the grave, now that you've seen Sonny Joon's letter you can confront Jamila about not believing in aliens; she will admit that she is on the trail of something, but that she can't say what, because it's not the right time. If you haven't already, call Dylan Carter at the hospital, he'll say there's a hidden compartment in Jamila's bag, but you won't be able to examine it until she confesses that she's on the trail of something. Now that she has confessed, tell her about a new search somewhere else in the grave so she will go away and you can search in her bag for the hidden compartment, which contains a newspaper article about Abdullah. You have to wait for Jamila to return, so you can stall by going outside or calling someone. When Jamila comes back you can make her confess: she is here as a member of Nefertari's daughters, her mother wrote the diary notes that Nancy found in the grave; Jamila is trying to find Nefertari to make sure she is treated properly, she doesn't trust Abdullah to do the right thing if he finds the lost queen. Jamila gives Nancy the top of Lily's number sheet as part of this conversation. Go back to the main tent, if Lily is there, get rid of her by telling her Abdullah needs her, then go to her trunk and use the number sheet to unlock it.

Amateur mode:


Master mode:


Inside Lily's trunk there is a book about snakes and a paper from the nearby reptile store, did she buy the cobra that was on Nancy's bed? The important thing inside the chest is the missing half of Jon's notebook page, this is the clue on how to open the golden sarcophagus. A sandstorm will start, go to the tomb and the golden sarcophagus, use Jon's notes and the description of Lily's symbols (written in Nancy's remarks) to solve the puzzle. The order in which you have to press is: rebirth, happiness, Re-atoum, three truths and water. These symbols are: Ankh, the falcon, the eye of Horus, the three points and wavy lines; press the buttons on the coffin in this order, the coffin will open and Lily will appear. Following this there will be a landslide and Lily will be trapped in the burial chamber area. Go to the other exit, the one that leads to tunnel 2, then go to tunnel 3, where Jamila is and tell her about Lily, she will give you a key, a puzzle and a signal box. Go back to the corridor that connects tunnel 2 to the golden coffin, remember the door here? Use the key to open the gate, then go up the stairs, you will reach the second floor of the tomb. Here the floor is missing and Jamila's riddle will make it reappear. Go up on the wall where the spinning disk is, you have to choose which head should go on the God who is here. The puzzle mentions an ancient reptile, so the answer is crocodile, move the disc to this and press the center, it will pop out a ledge only with this, the solution is the blue hawk's head. The next will be the green cat's head and the last will be the woman with the sun on her head. Nancy is near the exit of the tomb when the wicked culprit appears and must escape before him; to do this he must rotate the various platforms, when the colors match, bridges will appear between them. One of the solutions is to have Nancy go up on the blue platform, then right on the yellow, then right on the blue; then let it go down on the white platform and to the right on the red one; then make her go up on the yellow platform and on the red one, then on the left on the yellow platform and on the left on the white one; from here it will go up to the exit, which is blue. Once the puzzle is solved, Nancy will flee and the culprit will be captured. Congratulations, you have finished the game!

Click here to see the entire video solution of the game!

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