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The solution is based on the US version of the game, some terms may therefore vary from the Spanish version.

Naruto's Homecoming Arc

After the prologue and a couple of cut-scenes, start with the training phase. Run to the right and pick up the NP bonus by jumping onto the tree, then take out the first enemy and continue towards the swamp. Hit enemies from a distance with the shurikens and be careful as you advance through the trees as the fall into the swamp limits your speed. Climb up and collect more NPs as you dispose of the bandits along the way. Once you've cleared all five of them, climb to the top of the wall to collect other NPs, then take on the next group of bandits and climb the tree to get to more NPs. After a fight with some other bandits, move on to the next stage. Go through the stage hitting the crows and avoiding the traps scattered along the way. Then face Kakashi Hatake together with Sakura: to defeat the enemy you just need to hit him when he jumps towards you. Then you must first respond to Sakura's challenge and defeat her, then face her again and beat her a second time: easy goal, you just need to hit her repeatedly with your fists. Then also defeat Tsunade, in the same way as Sakura and go through the entire final stage within the time limit, collecting in addition the NPs reachable by jumping on the tree at the beginning.

Kazekage Retrival Arc - ATTO I.

After the series of cut-scenes that introduces the storyline of this Arc, the first stage takes place, Enter Deidara, in which you face Deidara. Since you control both Gaara and Kankuro, it won't be very difficult for you to get rid of him. The next stage is very simple, rather similar to the first ones faced during the game with the only addition of some traps. Then face Sandstorm Desert, a stage set in the desert: dodge the traps that shoot at you, jumping from one side of the quicksand to the other, climb the hills to face the bandits and then go through the gate to end the stage. Then go through the same stage again using the members of the Guy team. The last stage sees you playing Might Guy and Rock Lee against Kisame and his clone: ​​focus on one of them at a time and take them down. The four Battle Challenges that follow are not demanding at all, but remember that to overcome the second you will have to hit Kakashi with a combo of at least ten hits. The Level Challenge, in which you simply have to hit some enemies, closes the first act.

Kazekage Retrival Arc - ATTO II

After a few cut-scenes the first stage that is submitted to you is identical in its dynamics to the one set in the desert of act I. The second stage places you in front of Itachi Uchiha, still quite weak at this point in the game. The third stage is still a repetition of stages already faced previously, while the fourth forces you to overcome it in just 25 seconds, however the task is not difficult climbing the hills, where you can beat numerous enemies, and then head towards the lake where beyond some traps is the hiding place. The fifth stage is a bit more complicated than the previous ones: after eliminating the crows, go up the slope and climb over the wall; Beyond that some enemies await you, so kill them and continue the climb, then turn left towards the well and use a Substitution Jutsu to get out of trouble, then climb the wall, cross the chasms and go right. After facing and defeating other crows, cross the bridge to face the clone Might Guy in the final stage.
The Battle Challenges are now starting to get more interesting. The first, against Naruto and Satura, must be overcome using a ten hit combo. The next one instead sees you starting the hostilities without Chakras, however it will be possible to recharge them simply by pressing the triangle: spread TenTen, recharge and finish it using the Chakras at full power. The third challenge goes back to the simplicity of the first clashes, in the fourth your two opponents attack at the same time, finally increasing the level of difficulty. End Act II by knocking out whoever comes across in the Level Challenge.

Kazekage Retrival Arc - ATTO III

After a couple of cut-scenes you face Sapori and Third Kazekage. The greatest difficulty of the battle is given by the slowness of Chiyo, your character. In any case, it will not be very difficult for you to come out as winners, perhaps using Team Jutsu. Your next opponent is Sapori in its true form: again rely on Team Jutsu and then finish it with a secret technique, but keep in mind that in this form it is much more formidable than before. After that, the third stage awaits you, The Chase: after taking down some enemies, run to the wall and climb it, then slow down to avoid getting hurt by the booby traps. More enemies, then jump from tree to tree as you take down the explosive birds that Deidara throws at you. At the end of the tree-lined path there are only a handful of traps and enemies left to move on to the next stage. You must face Deidara personally, but she is not a particularly skilled enemy and Kakashi also comes to your aid. At the end of this third arc there remains a Battle Challenge, in which you have to beat Rock Lee using a normal Jutsu and not a secret technique, and a Level Challenge, in which you have to destroy five objects among those in front of you.

Sasuke & Sai Arc – ATTO I

A series of three cut-scenes introduces you to the first stage of this new arc. Shino Aburame, the first opponent, just parries your blows as his energy slowly decreases. The next battle is just as simple thanks to the numerical advantage over your opponent. In the third stage, you just need to proceed and keep in mind what you learned earlier in the game. Then face Captain Yamato and Satura using Naruto and Sai: also in this case the favors of the prediction are all yours, just make sure to interrupt the healing process of Satura so as not to prolong the fight beyond the necessary. Finally, the last stage of the first arc recalls the same mechanics as the one in which you played Might Guy (Kazekage Retrival Arc - ACT II - stage 5).
Then follow the Battle Challenges: in the first, focus initially on Kankuro, more offensive than Temari; the second is a 3 against 1, so it doesn't need many suggestions; in the third you find Satura and her improved attack, but that shouldn't hinder you particularly; the fourth requires more concentration to perform the Rasengan while both opponents are in the same spot and the twenty-hit combo; the fifth must be concluded with a secret technique when Choji's energy bar is below 15%; the sixth and last is finally an excellent opportunity to experience the Substitution Jutsu. Then overcome the two Level Challenges (nothing new, repetition of previous stages in essence) to move on to the second act.

Sasuke & Sai Arc – ATTO II

No cutscenes this time to introduce you to the first stage, on the other hand this is decidedly quick (25 seconds in total) and simple (avoid the birds over the hill, then skip the holes and booby traps to the bridge). The second stage pits you against Captain Yamato, who is quite weak, but at the same time can be downright annoying when he uses the Substitution Jutsu right before the final blow of your combo. Go to stage 3, which can be overcome with two Naruto Beam within a few seconds; in stage 4 however Naruto will be your opponent and the Beam could do a lot of damage to your characters, Captain Yamato and Satura, so attack him relentlessly so as not to give him time to fight back.
There are only two Battle Challenges: the first against Yamato, where you just need to punch him and the second against Naruto and Gaara: in this case, you should immediately focus on them without wasting time looking for health items. Finally, kill all the enemies in the Desert Level Challenge and move on to the final act of this arc.

Sasuke & Sai Arc – ATTO III

A couple of cut-scenes precede the first simple stage, where you just have to go ahead and hit everything that comes close to get to the end. The second stage, on the other hand, is much more complex. Start moving inside Orochimaru's hideout, paying attention to the shadow that signals the appearance of a ninja. Kill it and continue being careful not to touch the liquid on the ground so as not to be slowed down. Kill another ninja and dodge the booby trap, then climb onto the platform and move on to the next one to flip the switch. Go through the door and kill the ninja, avoid another trap, then start to go down, jump the metal ball and approach the door that awaits you beyond the umpteenth trap. To open it, first press the switch on the platform on the left, then also the next one next to the ninja. The third stage is more canonical, a one-on-one battle with Sai, a very fast enemy. The fourth stage, on the other hand, is again as complex as the third. Start by jumping to the platforms above you while dodging the wooden spikes. Crouch and go under the platform, go through the door and kill the birds before jumping over the chasm. Wait for the swinging ax to pass and continue towards the birds. After climbing up the wall, proceed with caution among the blades: getting rid of the birds allows you to face the next part of the stage with greater peace of mind. The final part of the stage, up to the altar, is simply a repetition of the traps we faced earlier. The following stages are more canonical: the fifth is a clash with Sasuke, made simple by your numerical advantage, while the sixth sees you face Sasuke again, but this time you will have to drain his Chakras to prevent him from systematically resorting to Substitution and guaranteeing victory. .
The Battle Challenges then take place. The first runs off without difficulty. The second against Deidara and Sapori presents some more difficulties, avoidable with Kakashi's Mangekyou, thanks to which you can also achieve the thirty-hit combo. The two final ones, on the other hand, can be faced in the same way, this by attacking the two opponents at the same time. Then destroy objects and enemies in the final Level Challenges to get to the next act.

Hidan & Kakuzu Arc – ATTO I

At the end of the three cut-scenes, pass the first stage that should be familiar to you, then launch into the second one facing Kakash and Captain Yamato: once again attack them both at the same time and don't get caught behind. The third stage pits you against Asuma, who tends to become more aggressive after using the Awakening. The fourth stage abandons the fighting and returns to the platform dynamics already seen previously. Advance to the right dodging the traps until you can jump to the top of the drop, from there jump down to the other side and kill the enemies. Go through the door as it closes, without getting hit, then dodge the Shuriken and the blades and finally knock out the group of bandits that appears in front of you. Press the switch on the right to open the door, face other bandits on the other side, then climb onto the platform and press the button that opens the door. Study the right times to jump from platform to platform and pass this stage as well. Then face Hidan with Asuma and Shikamaru, whose aerial combos you can use to dodge the enemy's Awakening. Hidan will also be your opponent in the sixth stage and although slightly more powerful, he will not be an insuperable obstacle even then. Finally, in the last stage, Hidan is joined by Kakuzu: let Choji do the dirty work as you reload the Chakras with Shikamaru and unleash an attack on both enemies. There are four Battle Challenges in this act. Beat the first by using Kakashi's Sagekyou Sharigan on Ino and Sakura at the same time to land a thirty hit combo. In the second, focus on the recovery of the Chakras. The third is the simplest of the lot, just attack Asuma until he collapses to the ground. Finally, the fourth sees you face Shikamaru and Kakashi: focus on the latter first, as these are certainly the most dangerous element of the duo. In the final two Level Challenges, hit every object or enemy you come across.

Hidan & Kakuzu Arc – ATTO II

The first stage, after a few cut-scenes, puts you in front of Kakash Uzumaki: keep an aggressive attitude throughout the fight and you will take home the victory. The second stage recalls many others already seen previously, in this case the difficulty is given by the slowness of one of your characters, Choji. In the third stage you face Hidan and Kakuzu with Shikamaru: take advantage of the Awakening and, when you are far enough away from the two, use the secret technique. In the next stage you face Kakuzu again, this time with an improved defense that limits the decrease of his health bar; however, you will be in control of a trio of characters and it won't take long to defeat them, especially using Kakashi's Sharingan. The fifth stage stages the final battle against Hidan, who this time will make your life particularly hard by putting up strong resistance and using the Jutsu several times. Finally, in the sixth stage, you will master for the first time Naruto's secret technique, with which you can kill Kakuzu.
The first of the Challenge Battles is really simple and so is the second. In the third it is good that you focus mainly on Might Guy, while in the fourth you can perform the forty-hit combo with Hiruko's Needle Jutsu.

The Curse Seal Arc – ATTO I

The first stage, at the end of a couple of cut-scenes, offers you a completely linear path and in addition infinite Chakras to resort to Rasengan. The following three stages resemble the first in mechanics, so advance and kill all the enemies you come across. The Battle Challenge that follows must be won with a combo, for this purpose Hiruko's Needle Jutsu and Kakashi's Mangekyou are useful. The next Battle stage is made difficult by the fact that your characters are in a state of poisoning and therefore are weaker than usual, however by continuing to attack incessantly you will suffer less from this condition. In the last Battle Stage use a strong Jutsu, then destroy everything in the final Level Challenge.

The Curse Seal Arc – ATTO II

Enjoy the introductory cut-scenes, then get rid of all the minions you find along the way in the first stage. The second stage is identical to the first except for one detail, the impossibility of recharging the Chakras, which makes your task a little more complicated. In the next stage, however, your Chakras will return to charge, helping you in the fight against a good number of weak enemies. The fourth stage returns to the platform atmosphere: advance carefully to the right, among the trees, waiting for the appearance of a sort of fiery mouse that will attack you. Use the Rasengan to get him out of the way and advance, facing the others who appear in the same way. Then jump over the swinging tree without getting injured, finally kill other burning mice. In the fifth stage you face the clay clones of Naruto and Satura: nothing complicated, however the Naruto clone can be dangerous, so dedicate yourself to him first. In the final stage of this second act you face Itachi: use the Rasengan as many times as you can, then close the meeting with a secret technique.
The first Battle Challenge runs off rather easily, as does the second, where you just need to use a powerful Jutsu, for example Kakashi's Sharingan. Be careful then in the following Battle Challenge not to drain your Chakras, making it impossible for you to use the secret technique. The fourth Battle Challenge is perhaps a little more difficult, but Gaara's Sand Burial allows you to comfortably land the thirty-hit combo. The fifth and final Battle Challenge turns out to be much easier, in which you just need to focus immediately on Choji and then finish Rock Lee. Use True Form Sasori for the final two Level Challenges to take advantage of the large amount of damage that his attacks can cause.

The Curse Seal Arc – ATTO III

Quickly get rid of Captain Yamato in the first stage, then concentrate on the next: there are only 40 seconds at your disposal, but using the Rasengan properly, the time is more than enough. The difficulties begin in the third stage: you have no Chakra available and you find yourself facing the girl known by Naruto in the village. Don't throw your head down, but let her use the Feather Illusion Jutsu before throwing yourself at her, or you'll start the fight badly. Then pay attention to the mines it sows on the ground. The fourth stage then presents a much simpler challenge, pitting you against some weak enemies without much initiative, so give free rein to the Lightning Blade. In the fifth and final stage of this act you will finally be deprived of the Chakras, so recycle the mechanics used in the third stage.
Successfully pass the Battle Challenge (scoring the forty hit combo with Sand Brutal) and kill each enemy in the Level Challenge to finish the third act.

The Curse Seal Arc – ATTO IV

Pass by advancing the first stage, then concentrate on the second, which is also easy, but during which your Chakras are not recharged. The third stage is decidedly more varied: advance to the right and let the platform raise you, then jump and hit the enemy, then approach the gate with caution, waiting for the right moment to shoot and pass it. After defeating other enemies, climb on the platform, reach another gate and take it down, then dodge the rolling stones and take refuge on the platform. From the platform, reach the wall and pass the gate to get to the fourth stage, where the usual clay clones will not be a big obstacle. The fifth stage, however, reserves a much more difficult challenge, in fact it will be necessary to initially use a secret technique to soften Might Guy and Hinata; take care mainly of the first one, much more dangerous, until you have killed it, then also fix Hinata. The sixth stage is reminiscent of the third: after killing a couple of enemies, head to the platform above the purple lake and move on to the next one avoiding touching the poisoned waters. Then jump the metal ball and use the wall to reach another set of platforms. As you approach the exit, destroy tentacles and enemies. The seventh stage is also quite peculiar: first destroy the two side plants on the platforms, then hit the central one to reveal Shingan. The fight is rather enjoyable and varied than usual. Use the bottom of the platform when Shingan releases the double fireball. In the next stage you face Shingan again, but this time you will have Sasuke by your side to make things easier. After that you will have to face Sasuke in the first Battle Challenge, which is really easy. The second Battle Challenge sees you face Satura and Chiyo (eliminate the latter first), while the third a trio consisting of Orochimaru, Sapori and Third Kazekage (use a character with a powerful Jutsu to take down Orochimaru, the strongest enemy of the group) . In the fourth Battle Challenge you have Itachi to use his Tsukuyomi often, as in doing so he loses health and Chakra. In the next challenge focus on Asuma and in the following one on Flavors, as their companions are much more malleable. The difficulty with this putno grows. In the seventh challenge you will have to deal with Pain and Konan, and it will take the Jutsu of the Four Tailed Naruto to come out as winners. Then face Pain again, this time without companions: you play as Kakashi and force the enemy to resort to the Substitution Jutsu, thus consuming energy and Chakra. Use Kakashi again in the next challenge against two different versions of Pain and then again in the tenth. For the eleventh and final Battle Challenge use the character that best suits you for power, but know immediately that the level of challenge is lower than the previous battles.

Hunt for Itachi Arc (parte 1) – ATTO I

After a few cut-scenes you discover that from here on you will be using only Sasuke. Then use his Awakening in the first stage to get rid of Orochimaru, making subsequent combos and Jutsu more effective. Repeat the same mechanic on the second stage, then focus on the third. Start by moving to the right where some enemies await you. After defeating them, proceed towards the rocks being careful of the traps. At the top, keep fighting enemies and dodging traps, until you can climb further. After the descent, use the Chidori to get rid of the big beast blocking your road. Hurry up the rocks and back down on the other side, jump over other rocks and finally exit. The next stage is a repetition of the one just concluded, while the fifth recalls its dynamics, while differing in some details: the enemies on this occasion are failed experiments. The sixth is also densely populated with failed experiments: keep in mind that the greatest difficulty lies in the switch to be pressed underneath an oscillating blade at the end of the stage. The two final stages therefore put you against Jugo, who does not represent a big obstacle during the first fight, when you are alone, so it will be even less formidable in the second when you have Suigetsu and Karina to give you a hand.
The first Battle Challenge forces you to face the two allies just mentioned, so use the Four Tailed Naruto, a character that is well suited to their characteristics. The other Battle Challenges and Level Challenges turn out to be incredibly easy, to the point of not needing any particular strategy to overcome.

Hunt for Itachi Arc (part 1) – ATTO II

The first stage is a repetition of one already dealt with previously, while the second is easily overcome by first spreading Deidara and then dedicating oneself to Tobi. In the third and final stage of this arc Deidara will be alone, paradoxically resulting more threatening, so don't underestimate him. The two Battle Challenges offer interesting challenges. In the first, take advantage of the moments of stunning of your two opponents to recharge the Chakras while waiting to score the final blow, first on Jugo then on Karin. In the second, choose carefully the character to use, favoring those able to block the recovery of energy by Kabuto. Then destroy all the Level Challenge items and move on to the last arc of the game.

Hunt for Itachi Arc (parte 2) – ATTO I

At the end of the cut-scene you face a stage in the forest, extremely similar to all those already faced in the same setting. In the next stage you will see it with Hakui, very strong on the physical plane who must be surprised with a Jutsu from behind so that you can inflict some substantial damage on him. The last stage of this first act then puts you in front of a trio of opponents, Suigetsu, Karin and Jugo: attack all three at the same time to quickly resolve the fight.
The first Battle Challenge can be overcome easily by focusing on Yamato right away. The next one is much more difficult and needs a strong character like Orochimaru to be overcome. Instead, use Gaara and his Sand Burial to reach the forty hit combo and finish the act by overcoming the Level Challenge, being careful to calibrate the jumps between one chasm and the next.

Hunt for Itachi Arc (part 2) – ATTO II

Also in this second act the first stage is simply a repetition of a stage already faced previously, however in this case it is good not to waste time and face it with a certain speed. In the next one, don't waste time, even on this occasion speed is essential, so just continue avoiding the enemies. The third stage pits you against Hakui that you will have to hit from behind to get any results. The fourth stage is similar to the second, once again don't waste time with the enemies. The fifth and final stage is a repeat of the fight with Shinga, plants included, however played as Sasuke. Remember to crouch under the platform to avoid the fireballs.
In the first Battle Challenge, focus on Kankuro and protect Naruto who will be the victim of numerous attacks. In the next, choose Hinata to absorb the opponent's Chakras in Myakungan mode, then defeat Sapori, Third Kazekage and Tobi in the easy final Vattele Challenge and face the canonical path of destruction of the Level Challenge.

Hunt for Itachi Arc (parte 2) – ATTO III

Use Sasuke in the final battle: wait for Itachi to use the Tsukuyomi, then take advantage of his constant loss of energy and inflict as many blows as possible until he is knocked out. Finally, 7 Battle Challenges close the game: the difficulty in this phase increases suddenly, making the previous part of the game seem like a simple workout. Luck often counts more than strategy in these tough fights, however a thoughtful choice of the character with which to face them can be useful to limit frustration.
Here are the recommended characters for each Battle Challenge.
Battle Challenge 1: Kakkashi
Battle Challenge 2: Four Tailed Naruto
Battle Challenge 3: Four Tailed Naruto (however the clash will be very difficult in any case)
Battle Challenge 4: Four Tailed Naruto
Battle Challenge 5: Any character with a powerful Jutsu
Battle Challenge 6: Kakashi
Battle Challenge 7: Four Tailed Naruto
Finally, overcome the four, simple, Level Challenges (which, moreover, follow the challenges already faced in the previous arches) and enjoy the final movie.
Congratulations, you have finished Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3!

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