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The solution is based on the US version of the game for PlayStation 3, so it is possible to find differences in the Spanish version and / or other platforms.

Enter Shantytown

After the interview with the chief, you will be prompted to reach Arken, which is located in the northern part of the Bloodjaw camp. Open the game map to see the exact location to reach. Talk to Arken to start the combat tutorial, you will soon be interrupted by a messenger chased by three mercenaries, for this fight a defensive position will be recommended. Begin your journey to the capital and after the cinematics you will take control of the goblin Styx. Enter the small passage on the right, open the gate on the opposite side, cross the rocky gorge to the fence. Go to the dozing guard to activate the little sneak stance tutorial. Kill all the guards until you reach another group of enemies. Take control of Arkail and manch every living thing up to the gate (you will soon realize that one of the most effective attacks is the goblin throw). You will meet a platoon of guards accompanied by another orc who will unmask Arkail's cover, this fight will not be too difficult, just pay attention to the "berserk" mode of the orc protagonist, as in this mode you can cause damage even to the little gobiln. Now check the map again and move towards the goal. You can tackle the path using Styx in stealth mode, or more brutally while maintaining control of Arkail. Continue until you meet the slave orc again, for this fight it is advisable to focus first on the humans and then calmly eliminate the "greenskin", Styx can easily deal with enemies armed with ranged weapons using the throwing of knives, with Arkail instead you will be able to keep the enemies occupied in close combat. Once this fight is over, all you have to do is reach Styx's hideout to finally be safe.

Sarkyss' work

Get to know the members of the black hand, some of them you can propose challenges, talk to Fox and ask her about Sarkyss. Check the map and head towards the catacombs, in this area you will be attacked on sight (by now you are officially wanted by the local authorities). When you meet a man with a bandaged eye, follow him to reach Oboth, the leader of the scoundrels will propose to kill Jared, at this point you can accept his mission or not, if not, prepare to face a new fight. If you accept the mission, go to the point marked on the map making your way through the numerous enemies, even here I recommend a more stealthy approach, try to eliminate the isolated enemies first with Styx and then unleash Arkail's fury. Once you reach Jared, kill him and his men, turn the corner and on the way you will meet Oboth who will give you your prize. Now you just have to keep looking for Sarkyss, then open the map, check its location and start making your way through the suburbs of Shantytown. You will soon reach a group of Inquisition soldiers who are carrying out a carnage of "greenskins", eliminate all enemies and you will be greeted by Raven, a messenger of Sarkyss.

The inquisition must burn

Sarkyss will tell you how the cursed inquisition, by chasing goblins on the streets, is ruining his business, so he will not hesitate to ask you to burn the chapel of the inquisition to eliminate the root problem, in exchange he will undertake to guarantee you a passage through the walls. You will find yourself again at the lair of the black hand, Raven will tell you about an orc with the same tattoo as Arkail held captive by the inquisition and who will soon be executed in public. Take some time to talk to the members of the black hand and shop to upgrade your equipment, once ready, go back to talk to Raven, however before leaving Monkey will give you a mission, a group of goblins are causing several problems, and Monkey is worried that the militiamen sent to solve the problem will find the lair of the black hand, so accept the mission in order not to risk losing your safe haven. This mission will not prove to be very complicated, as usual you will have to lead your hands. Goblins under the influence of some mushrooms will attack you in waves, once these waves are over, deal with the enemies on the scaffolding using Styx's ranged attacks. Once back at the lair, talk to Raven again to head to the chapel. Take control of Styx, and eliminate one by one all the guards in this area trying not to get noticed, so pay close attention to the direction in which your targets are facing, sometimes you will not be able to avoid being seen, in these cases do intervene Arkail as quickly as possible. Reach the chapel gate, watch the cinematics and easily dispose of the disciples of the Grand Inquisitor. You will return to the camp of the black hand, Raven will inform you that the way to pass the walls is through the sewers. Now that you are in the den of the black hand take some time to talk to the various members and make purchases, once you are ready, go back to talk to Raven. You will be thrown into a trap, you will have to face a disciple of the Grand Inquisitor and some guards, start by concentrating the attacks of both protagonists on the enemies in front of you, once there are two of them left, continue the melee with Arkail and Styx hit enemies on the balustrades from a distance, but still keep a certain distance to avoid being hit by Arkail in berserk mode. Check the map and follow the only way out of the catacombs, reached the largest circular room you will have to eliminate enemies without being able to count on Styx's help, since he will be busy breaking into a door. From now on it will be very difficult to use Styx in stealth mode, as you will meet large groups of furious goblins, and you will still be discovered by the dogs, so I recommend continuing by controlling Arkail directly. To get out of the catacombs just check the location of the exit on the map and hit your way with blows, towards the end the situation will be a bit labyrinthine, so always keep an eye on your position. You will soon make the acquaintance of the Shaman, in short he will want to sacrifice you to mother earth, and to do this he will send his minions against you, eliminate the dogs and goblins as quickly as possible, then concentrate on the two orcs.

Through the walls

You will find yourself back at the lair of the black hand, Raven will inform you that she was following the orders of Sarkyss, despite having betrayed you still remains your only pass to cross the walls. Then let yourself be led back into the catacombs, look for the notes on the various tables, check them to discover that Sarkyss is not exactly what you would call the best friend of the goblins, go up the stairs and enter the laboratory. Sarkyss will be there waiting for you, now decide whether to eliminate the traitor immediately or listen to his diabolical intentions. Whatever your decision, Styx will find the map for the sewers through which you can pass the walls. The sewers are a much more labyrinthine level than the catacombs, even here help yourself with the map. You will encounter enemies in groups, try to make your life easier by assassinating isolated ones with Styx's stealth mode, then attack heavily with Arkail. Arrived in front of the exit, go around the group of soldiers and assassinate the one with the heavy armor, continue the fight until you have killed all the enemies. Now take the left exit and you'll be out of the damn sewers. Finally you will have crossed the walls, but a nasty surprise awaits you, Styx will betray Arkail. You will then find yourself, in a slave labor camp, completely stripped of all your weapons and protection. The Clerk's Runner is nothing less than Arkail's father, and he will advise the Field Clerk to have you fight in the arena rather than use you as a laborer. The first two fights will see you face groups of goblins that are very easy to take down. Reach the gate and pass into the second area, your partner will be brutally knocked down and you will be alone to face two orcs, I recommend the defensive mode to try to stun at least one of the two opponents, finished the fight continue on the scaffolding and cross the barrier of rocks . You will soon be surrounded by goblins led by an orc, but Styx will soon come to your rescue (did you really think he would betray you?), Focus the attacks of both protagonists on the goblins and then dedicate yourself to the orc. Then go through the gate and take out the goblins that will chase you, now you will have to face the berserks, immediately get Styx away from combat, and draw the attention of the enemies to Arkail. You will come out of the arena as winners and be idolized by the crowd! You will soon make the acquaintance of the ogre Adek who will inform you that there is a group of rebels inside the camp, he will lead you to Barimen the leader, and all your confiscated equipment.

The resistance

Once inside the rebel lair, talk to Adek who will inform you that your recent victory in the arena galvanized the prisoners to the point of starting a riot, and he will ask you to intervene to calm the waters, accept his proposal and follow it. Activate the stealth mode of Styx and try to assassinate the keepers one by one, in case you are discovered do not hesitate to let Arakil intervene, the only a bit difficult fight will be the one with the human guards, always keep Styx at a distance and you shouldn't have problems, now talk to the miners and make them think. Once this umpteenth secondary mission is finished, you will meet Barimen who will inform you that the sorceress Arkence, your contact to reach the emperor, has been sentenced to death. Now buy some equipment from Adek and talk to him again to start the mission that will take you to take the head of the guardian leader, also Styx will be required to eliminate the soldiers inside the barracks. The barracks mission will only see us as the goblin. Try to stay all the time in stealth mode, go around the two guards in front of the gate and eliminate that alarm clock first, go under the arch, eliminate the first guard on the left, go up the stairs and wait for the patrol guard to pass, stand him behind and assassinate her without being seen, do the same thing with the other guard. Go up the other stairs on the left and eliminate the other guards in the same way you killed the previous ones, go through the corridor on the left, wait for him to pass the patrol and eliminate the sleeping soldier, stay hidden in the corridor and eliminate the guards one at a time when they pass in front of you, just pay attention to the guards who turn in pairs as inevitably one of the two will have to face it in combat face to face. Enter the captain's room, unfortunately he will immediately notice you and here too you will have to get away with a white weapon fight. You will find yourself back in the rebel lair, talk to Adek again and tell him that you are ready for the main mission. The bridge guards won't be a big deal, take a few seconds to have some fun with Styx's jokes. Once inside the gorge, wait for the patrol guards to kill them one by one, then dedicate yourself to the various groups of orcs scattered around the area, try to assassinate at least one and leave the rest to Arkail. Once you reach the boss, I advise you not to kill him immediately, but to complete the dialogue with him, once he is dead, you will still have to fight against his four bodyguards. Now you will have the unconditional loyalty of all the miners and you can start the revolt. You will return to the rebel lair, and this time Arkail's father, Marhlok, will be waiting for you, you will discover that your "old man" is actually one of the main supporters of the slave orc rebellion. Talk to the shaman who will ask you to recover pure water, accept and you will go to the swamps. The area is full of angry goblins that will surround you quickly, as usual try to keep Styx at a safe distance, reach the source and you will also finish this mission. Talk to the shaman again and chat with the other orcs in the lair as well. Talk to Marhlok to begin the assault. Arkail will propose the typical strategy of the Blood Jaw: an eagle will be needed, that is, an ogre with cold blood and great skills as a strategist, a lion, an indomitable hero ready to break the enemy lines by force, and a cheetah capable of transmitting messages. on different fronts. Talk carefully to all the orcs, and go and tell your father about the choices you made, now you will start the real assault. Once you reach the fort, leave Arkail on the walls and enter stealth mode with Styx, eliminate the crossbow guards on the ramparts, wait for him to pass the patrol and go down into the courtyard, also kill the orc leaning on the wooden beams and continue towards left, also eliminate the other isolated enemies and then have Arkail intervene to kill the three remaining guards. Now go to the sunlit balustrade and take out all the enemies as you did for the previous portion. However, for the guards in front of the door, give priority to that alarm clock. Once all the enemies have been eliminated, you can lower the drawbridge to allow the other rebels to enter the courtyard. You will then raid the fort, immediately fight a high inquisitor and his disciples, focus first on the disciples and then on the inquisitor himself. Now look for the way to the dungeons and go down the stairs, activate the stealth mode of Styx and enter the dungeons to eliminate the enemies one by one, let Arkail intervene only when it is time to face the second inquisitor. Then go to the largest room, where another inquisitor is judging a beggar, very carefully kill the guards on the sides of the pulpit, and only have Arkail intervene when you are discovered. Take the arch to the left of the pulpit and go down to the prisons, check the map to see the right direction and make your way killing all the guards. Continue your descent to the caves. Once you meet the executioner, send Arkail to quickly kill the halberd-armed guard, take Styx at a distance and weaken the other enemies with ranged attacks. Once the weaker enemies have been eliminated, focus on the black inquisitor first and then the executioner, both of them will go down pretty quickly and you can devote yourself to the inquisitor dressed in red.

The soul of a sorceress

You will find yourself in the courtyard of the fort to take leave of Adek, they will inform you that your father is still in the front line to fight stoically with the rebels, unfortunately you will not be able to do anything for him, the only way to honor him is to continue on your mission. After the cinematics you will find yourself in one of the wizarding monasteries, have a chat with one of the monks and buy some new equipment from him. During the ritual to wake Arkence, the monk will explain to you that there is a way to speed up the times, that is to "rape" the mind of the sorceress, unfortunately it will not be so easy. Arkence will try to defend himself using your worst fears against you, however you decide to try. You will find yourself in a dark forest together with Arkence's soul, you will soon discover that you are inside Styx's nightmare, continue on the only road until you reach the group of houses. Waiting for you will find the dark side of the goblin, which will make his royal counterpart swoon and unleash a group of small "greenskin" enemies on you, and since your friend has passed out, you will only have to face this fight by controlling Arkail. Use a defensive position, the goblins will cause little damage, and being small enemies they will still accuse your blows, after the fight Styx will recover and talk to his dark counterpart, then you will come to discover that Styx is actually the first goblin, born from transformation of a powerful orc wizard, the shadow will propose a pact, the choice will allow you to take one of two class specializations, the path of the assassin or the path of the shadow golbin. Also made this choice, go straight on towards the wooden walkway, continue until you reach the end of Styx's nightmare. Watch the cinematics and you'll find yourself in Arkail's nightmare. You will be in the bay, the place where Arkail perpetrated the massacre against the imperials, a massacre that earned him the nickname of "butcher", that day the orc fell victim to his uncontrollable fury for the first time, killed humans and orcs and was driven out of his clan. Continue straight until you meet Arkail's counterpart engaged in a fight, watch the cutscene and take the controls of Styx, start running in circles to avoid being attacked by the orc's soul, wait for him to start screaming and start attacking the soldiers with the throwing of knives, in case you find yourself surrounded, approach the ogre and try to make the enemies start attacking him instead of you, also you can hide behind the wooden scaffolding. Once the fight is over you will return in the role of Arkail, you can decide to kill your soul or to sheathe your weapons, similar to Styx, this choice will also lead you to decide between two class specializations. Finally you will be catapulted into Arkence's mind, continue down the staircase and follow the road down, however you will risk finding yourself in some dead ends, when this happens just go back to the main corridor and look for another way. At some point you will be in front of Arkance in very bad shape, Arkail's idea will be to force her to enter the cell, she will have to accept what happened to her, and it is therefore the best way to "rape" her mind. The dream will end and you will be back at the monk sanctuary, but obviously you will not be in a good situation, the monastery is surrounded by mercenaries, but the monk has prepared an escape route for you.

The island of lament

Go down the path until you reach the elevator, which has not yet arrived, get ready to face a wave of mercenaries after which you can finally get off the escarpment. Once out of the elevator take the controls of Styx, and as soon as you see the enemies ahead, enter stealth mode, wait for the patrol not to see you and start killing the isolated enemies, done this attack with Arkail the remaining group of soldiers . Continue down the staircase down and along the underground stream until you reach the second elevator, and the second wave of enemies. Continue along the path that runs along the cliff until you reach the bridge where a kinematics will start. Then go down to the river, kill yet another wave of enemies, then embark. You will reach the beach of the island of lament, it is here that the emperor will meet the elven and dwarven embassies, to make a pact that will forever crush the race of "greenskins", before continuing on your mission have a chat with Ered, do purchase and upgrade your equipment. Open the map and check the destination, start climbing the path to the north, watch out for the scattered and isolated guards, try to kill them in stealth mode with Styx without being seen by the dogs, ask Arkail to intervene in case you are discovered. The second group of enemies cannot be circumvented in stealth mode, however you can eliminate one of the two patrol guards but you will still be discovered. Keep going up the path and approach the third group always in stealth mode, with a little attention you can eliminate most of the enemies before the orc intervenes. Continue inside the rocky gorge, and eliminate the first of the guards stationed in front of you, reach the patrol and eliminate the first of the enemies closest to you then brutally attack with the orc. Exit the gorge and also eliminate this other group of enemies always following the process of eliminating the isolated guards and then engaging the patrol with Arkail. Check the map and look for the shortest way to continue, once you get out of the more complex part of this area, you will find yourself in the open field with another group of enemies, so I suggest you try to get in stealth mode to eliminate the isolated enemies. Cross the rock bridge and slaughter the group of enemies, unfortunately they are too close together and you will only be able to kill one in stealth mode, continue the path that climbs, follow the staircase to find yourself in front of the entrance to the Temple. Enter the square in front of the temple in stealth mode, try to eliminate the enemies on the sides and then engage the enemies in the center, have a lot of patience as eliminating the enemies on the sides is vital for the success of this fight. Now you just have to enter the huge palace where the emperor of humans is located. Styx and Arkail will decide to split up to have a better chance of finding the emperor, you will start in the role of the ogre, continue along the corridor and go down the staircase to the right, you will pass in the shoes of Styx, walk on the wooden walkways until you hear the voice of a guard, then continue in stealth mode to avoid the risk of being discovered. Continue to the only path available and listen to the speech of the two imperials, keep walking on the balustrade until you return as Arkail. Reach the rock bridge and clash with the guards above it, stun at least one of the enemies in defensive mode and then switch to aggressive mode to quickly eliminate the other opponents, now move on until you return as Styx. Continue the walk along the wooden walkways until you reach the main hall with the emperor seated on his throne. Arkail will soon make its glorious entrance, enjoy the cinematics. Barimen will enter the scene; the leitmotif of this game are betrayals and double games don't you think? It looks like you were used to persuade elves and dwarves to take action against the greenskins, and the emperor was simply a sacrificial decoy, and good Barimen has been the puppeteer of this staging ever since the revolt in the labor camp where the orcs they were employed as slaves.

The decisive battle

Here we are, forced to leave the island, used as puppets and with the risk that our race will be exterminated in a horrendous genocide and the magicians burned at the stake, you will then leave without delay, one way or another Barimen will have to pay for it. You will then return to the work camp of the fort to try to gather what is left of the resistance, have a chat with your father and Adek, inform them that now the wizards are on your side, the plan is clear and concise, there is nothing else left. than to start the dances! But first do some shopping at Adek. After the cinematics you will find yourself inside the fort looking for the explosives, follow the enemies who flee to the left, reach the wooden stairs in stealth mode with Styx, first eliminate the left guard at the base of the stairs, wait for him to pass the patrol guard and eliminate the soldier on the right, now hide behind one of the columns and kill the patrol too. Start climbing the stairs and eliminate one of the two guards, you will be discovered and you will have to intervene with Arkail, the stairs will now be clean, and you can go up without taking too many precautions. Enter the great hall in stealth mode, take out the lone guard at the back and move on. The next room you will have to face it openly with Arkail, as you will be discovered by two guards stationed just behind the door you entered, take out the enemies, go up the stairs on the left, in the room above you can only assassinate one of the enemies before being forced to bring in the ogre. Now go to the room on the left to find the barrels of explosives, but before you can load them on the elevator you will have to take out an inquisitor and two guards. After the elevator goes down to the lower floors, take out another group of enemies that will come towards you. When you are in the corridor to the imperial hall, easily get rid of the two guards and continue, go up the staircase and enter the huge hall. Barimen will be there waiting for you sitting on his throne, but before you can make his skin, you will have to face a group of guards, killed which you will also have to defend yourself from a group of berserk, keep Styx absolutely away from combat. It seems that everything is about to end, Barimen is about to take a nice dive from a hundred meters, but here is the Grand Inquisitor will make his appearance, he will not move a finger to save the new emperor, he will in fact be the last fight of this game.

Boss: The Grand Inquisitor

Start the fight by eliminating the two berserks as quickly as possible, to do this let Arkail beat the inquisitor and have Styx chase one of the berserks, stop every now and then and throw knives, when the goblin is also free to act, concentrate all attacks on the boss. Whenever one of the berserks is resurrected, repeat the procedure with Styx, the important thing is that Arkail keeps beating the inquisitor. If you are good enough, you will be able to make sure that the two berserks are never standing at the same time, but if that happens just run a little further with Styx, finish the enemy in worse shape and focus on the second. For the rest Arkail will do very well by himself, just try to keep him in a defensive position if one of the two berserk starts to beat him, but when he is alone against the boss, use the aggressive position. The clash will not be very difficult and you will soon be able to enjoy the much desired ending of Of Orcs And Men!


Back to business: Trade any item
Swamp Re: Survive the Fight
Nobody's perfect: Eliminate the Imperial Officer at the Convent
Warrior: Finish Of Orcs and Men on hard level
I'm a killer: Assassinate 47 enemies
Blender: Break 15 backs in berserk mode
All muscles: Find 20 empty crates
Blade Master: Hit eight enemies with one shot
War consultant: Assemble the best team possible to storm the Column
More and more clever: Upgrade a skill
Poisoned Blade: Poison three different enemies at the same time
Sparkling Warrior: Equip a full set of upgraded equipment (weapons and armor)
I know a faster way: Assign skills to each character's quick buttons
Disinfestation: Solve the Scourge problem in the slums
For a hair: Save the distressed blackberry
Well trained: Kill Dorek the Trainer
One less fool: End the insanity of the Viscera Shaman
Handshake: Win the Black Hand Challenge
Beyond the wall: Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty level
Class struggle: Seda the revolt in the mire
Cutthroat: Have the imperial sentries of the Quagmire eliminated in Styx
No chatter: Eliminate Gorkash, the first squad leader, without hesitation
No escape: Eliminate all foremen and entrenched guards
Samaritan: Spare Dakath the repentant
Too much for nothing: Bring pure water to the Shaman in the Marsh
The beast and the beast: Befriend a force of nature
What a myth !: Face that liar Braggart
Team spirit: Assemble a special team to storm the Column
Outside: Complete Chapter 2 on any difficulty level
Silent death: Follow the path of the Assassin
In the shade: Follow the Via del Gobombra
Inner anger: Follow the path of the Berserker
Keep calm: Follow the way of the Master
Imaginary friends: Complete Chapter 3 on any difficulty level
First Regicide: Eliminate Emperor Damocles
And your sister: Complete Chapter 4 on any difficulty level
Recidivist: Complete Chapter 5 on any difficulty level
Rakash: Finish Of Orcs and Men on easy level
Mercenary: Clear Of Orcs and Men on normal level
Bloodjaw: Finish Of Orcs and Men on the highest difficulty setting
Extreme remedies: Respond to Sork's taunt with language he can understand
Talk about it: When the going gets tough, let Styx calm things down
Manual work: Defeat a boss without auto attacks (assassins excluded)
To each his own branch: Learn all the skills of a single tree.
My home!: Learn and improve all the skills of a single tree

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Exit date: October 11, 2012

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