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The guide is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences with the Spanish one.

The collectibles

There are four types of collectibles in the game:


These are very tadpole-like objects that the Red Meeks will leave behind. You will need to collect (and deliver) at least 150 of these items to complete the collection.

Rock Fleas

These are in all respects mutated versions of the Rock Fleas, larger and more docile than their normal and aggressive counterparts. These little creatures will stay in one place going back and forth releasing various diseases. To get over these beings, you will have to hit them with a fist or with the beam of your E's blaster. There will be 20 Rock Fleas hidden in the Big Moon.


These objects have been scattered around the world by the Tourism Department to encourage exploration and adventures for various tourists. Considering where these objects will be found, I'm not sure it was such a wise idea to boost tourism. There will be 15 in each of the three main zones and each specific group will provide you with a different reward. All you have to do is get in touch with them to collect them.

Data Cubes

These objects will provide you with a lot of information. To unlock one of these you will have to make sure that both characters are close to the drone.

City Heights

Docking Bay, Big Moon Station

Run to the left from your ship and drop down one level where you refueled your vehicle. The Rock Flea hides to the right of the pump.

Docks: Station security

This could be difficult. The bug you were looking for is upstairs and to the right. It is on top of the roof of the building on the far left, you can pick it up after unlocking the Grav-Rings.

Docks: Baggage Claim

You will pass this little boy every time you visit the area, there isn't much to add.

Docks: Hangar

Immediately after you get the gun, to the right of the dumpster you will find an elevator that you have to take to go up. The Rock Flea is on the right as the elevator goes up.

Rock Fleas

The first of the two Fleas is right next to the Marshal and you will have to hit them to continue.

The third Flea is located at the top of the Skybridge that you can reach after upgrading CASI and unlocking the Red Vent Key. To reach the top of the bridge, you will need to have the Grav Rings. Use them to float and jump over the bridge, the bug is on the left side.


The first of the OrBits is to the left of the red bus that will block your street. To collect it you will have to drop one level on the elevator, run to the far left and take another elevator to return to the first floor. Run to the right and pass the health station to find it.

The second OrBits will be next to the one on the red bus, simply climb to the top and go right past the Meek.

The third OrBit can be collected after you have visited the warehouse, it is located next to a dumpster and you will pass it on your way back.

The fourth OrBit is located at the top of the Skybridge and can be reached after you upgrade CASI. Do you remember that red bus that blocked the route? Climb to the top again and go left away from the waiter. With your new CASI power you will be able to ascend the higher path.

The fifth OrBit is located on a ledge above the Meeks fighting a chicken. With the first CASI upgrade it will be easy to achieve.

The latest OrBit hides behind Uncle Joe's power-up machine atop City Heights. After unlocking the CASI charged attack, head left and jump over the building.

Data Cubes

The first cube you'll be able to collect is right under the Skybridge. You will need to have the first CASI upgrade and the Red Vent Key. Start from the red bus and send E to the ventilation system on the left, it will exit out of the elevator that leads to the bridge. CASI will be able to jump up to the same point. Cross the bridge and jump over the edge on the left from platform to platform. Go through the first pipe again and take CASI to the upper level. Bring both characters to the right to find the cube.

At the far left of City Heights, you will find a large door on the lower level with a fuse box on top. Blow up the box and send CASI to the block, run E to the upper level through the red pipe where he can settle on a panel to open the landing door. Switch to CASI and use the Grav Rings to float up and collect the cube.

On the way to the train station at the top right of City Heights, go left instead of right to the Hotel. Take the fuse from the wall and place it on the leftmost point. Go up the elevator to find the third and last cube.

City Limits

Rock Fleas

The insect in question is probably the last thing you will find, as it is located next to the exit to UnderCity. Keep going left (passing the second Data Cube in the area) and go up the elevator. The Flea is located at the top of the health resort.


The first OrBit in the area is located above the workers dining at the top of the skyscraper. To reach it you will have to visit Marshal in the prison.

Once you get the key, you can travel through the red ventilation systems to reach the workers and get the OrBit.

The second OrBit is located to the right of the first. Go right under the Meek workers, go through the red pipe behind them and continue on. You'll notice three red Meeks, take them out to collect the OrBit on top of some crates on the right side of the room.

Data Cubes

This will probably be your first cube right next to the two Red Meeks. To reach it, send E on the elevator, CASI will have no problem reaching the drone with its new powers.

The second cube is located on the lower levels at the path leading to UnderCity. Continue after you find the second OrBit and, instead of going left to UnderCity, go right passing the force field. The cube is located in a small room that you can reach through the pipes.

Werehouse District

Rock Fleas

The Flea hides just under a red grate on the floor at the end of an open area in the center of the level and to the left of the Red Meeks below the ventilation system. Raise it with the Grav Rings and drop down.


The first OrBit you will find is right under the elevator and will be indicated by your robotic counterpart.

To reach the second one, continue to the right from under the elevator, you'll find it in the ventilation system and you won't even have to fight the Red Meeks.

The third OrBit can be found after unlocking CASI's "boost" power. Test his new ability on the ledge on the left, go right to find the item.

The fourth and final OrBit is near the top of the level. You'll need to hit the fuse box with E's bouncy shot, then pick up CASI and use his Climb upgrade to pick it up.


You will find yourself exploring this place more than once and many of the collectibles within it will only be reachable towards the end of the game, so I recommend that you skip this part for the start of the game.

Rock Fleas

You will find the Flea without too many problems and it is not necessary to describe how.


An OrBit hides above the prison cells. To reach it you'll need to clear out the entire room below and hit the fuse box. Float up to the platform and watch out for the unchanged Rock Fleas.

The second OrBit is in the lower level ventilation system, after dropping down and hacking the turret with CASI, continue to the right.

The third OrBit is located above the cell you will encounter after talking to Marshall, continue to the left to find the collectible.

Data Cubes

The cube can be reached within the ventilation system you are escaping through. After dropping out of the cells, go right.


Rock Fleas

The Flea is located at the very beginning of the level if you reach it from City Limits. Go through the red pipe with E and take out the Flea with the bouncing shot.


The first OrBit is located in the room to the left of the explosive wall, you will find the collectible by exploring normally.

The second OrBit is located in the area with the moving platform into which E will have to fall after the first encounter with the wild Rock Flea. Bring both E and CASI to the platform button and send CASI onto it. On the opposite side you will find the collectible.

Data Cubes

Returning back from the Pump Rooms where you unlocked the Grav Rings, CASI will point to a ventilation system that you will have to pass. Reach the top of the area to find the cube.

Pump Rooms

Rock Fleas

The Flea can be found after unlocking the Grav Rings. Go back down to the room with the three moving platforms and go left. Raise the red platform on the floor and hit the bug with a blaster shot.


To get the first OrBit, start in the room with the three moving platforms. Climb E to the highest platform on the right and cross the red tube.

Past the room with the five Red Meeks, you'll need to get an elevator up to the E to allow it to hit a fuse box and open a door. If you send CASI to the right of the fuse box, you will find the OrBit waiting for you.

Data Cubes

You will come across this cube while exploring the Pump Rooms. In the room with the three moving platforms, send E up and jump over them on the left to find a red pipe. Once past the pipe, he can lower an elevator allowing CASI to reach it and collect the cube.


Rock Fleas

Once you have reactivated the energy of the area, pass the elevator to the right and drop down, then go left to locate the bug in the upper left corner before dropping again.


You will find the first OrBit by playing normally inside the room with the big elevator. Simply move CASI from the floor to the bottom and E will climb the platform to the collectible.

For the second OrBit you will have to prepare! Shoot inside the slot behind which the collectible is. Use a Grav Ring with the boulder once to shoot through the first hole and twice at the top one. Then on the opposite side of the maze under the Rock Flea you will find a red grate, go through it with CASI (not with E) and you will be able to collect the coveted item.


Rock Fleas

You will find the first insect traveling through UnderCity, a nearby Meek will ask you to take care of it.

Another Flea can be found descending through the tunnels, CASI will be able to float on the platform and hit it.

The third Flea is located above the Meek Vat. If you are quick, you can hit it from the elevator on the left, or float up to the red grate and hit it with a bouncy bullet with a large radius.


While you are dealing with the Red Meeks for one of the engineers who will get you the upgrade of the blaster, you will find yourself in a passage, with CASI you can continue without getting hurt and collect the OrBit hidden inside.

The second OrBit is located below the city center. As you make your way through the Meek Vat, and after the friendly Meek opens the door for you, the item will be in a small room on the side, you will notice it as you pass it.

A third OrBit hides in the area below the three shielded Red Meeks. From the second OrBit instead of passing the explosive wall, go down and go left to find the affected area. Enter the red pipe above the Red Meeks and the orb will be in a floating platform above you.

The latest OrBit can be found after you return from the Security Sector (and speak to Zeekyl). Instead of floating on the platform to talk to Lady Meek, go under it and use a bouncing shot to remove the platform and unlock the collectible.

Data Cubes

The first cube can be found by accepting the mission to eliminate the Red Meeks from the upper floor. Once past the enemies you will find the drone.

The second cube is very low right on the bottom of UnderCity.

After upgrading CASI with the ability to hack systems, make your way down the long slope passing the Mek Vat and going left. You can hack the terminals to move vehicles and jump straight from the cube.

The last cube in UnderCity is in the apartment where the Landlord asked you to find the tenant who owes him the rent. You'll need to launch the Gizmo teleporter through the left window and teleport to the other side. Talk to the Mek in front of you and go back to collect the cube in his room.


Rock Fleas

You will find the Flea as you go through the maze of pipes. Go to the right as far as possible and aim carefully for it to pop out.


As you make your way up the level to help the engineer fix the pipes, go up to the top left. Inside the room, hit the top button twice and extend the platform below.


Rock Fleas

It is very difficult for you to miss this insect. You will have to make sure that CASI passes through the stone platform and that E can go up the red pipe to reach you.


Always continue up and to the right, you will encounter an OrBit fairly soon, this will be protected by two Red Meeks.

Data Cubes

To get this cube, just go right straight onto the lowest floor.

While exploring the Gaswork and past the first OrBit you will notice a second cube protected from harmful fumes. Make sure E stays on the platform above and pass CASI through the gas. The red tube for E is located just above the affected cube.

Security Sector

Rock Fleas

The first thing you'll see is two Red Meeks. Destroy the explosive wall above them and you'll drop a crate. Float to the object with the Grav Rings and you will notice the insect.


Both OrBits can be found when you return to the level later in the game. Once you've talked to Holo-Zeekyl, float up past the garbage and head left. Use the bouncy shot to lower the platform and raise it to reach the collectible.

The second OrBit you can find it shortly after the first, go through the red pipe and get ready to shoot a lot, after clearing the room, go left and collect the collectible.

Abandoned Subway


As soon as you reach the teleporters, go back to the left window without dropping down and throw the teleporter up where the object is. Go back to the telestation and use it to reach the collectible.

Data Cubes

The first cube is really hard to miss, you just have to go through this area.

The second cube is located near the exit of the zone. You will have to go up the elevator and pull the teleporter. Make sure that both characters (with the fuse) are at the telestation and go to your cube.

Mine Station


In this area you will find only this one collectible, float to the cargo crate on your right, then jump to the left. Abandoned Shafts


While you are solving the first puzzle in the area, send a pulley to the right side and drop to the left to find the collectible, then climb up.

The second OrBit hides behind the second button you were asked to hack, the one that will open one of the two main doors. As CASI, run between the two doors to find yourself in front of the collectible.

Lower Mining Post


Right after the first mining robot, you will notice the presence of the OrBit. Drop CASI on the pressure plate above it, drop down with E and go through the pipe.

The second OrBit is located next to the elevator. Leave one of the characters on the elevator and send another one to the top. Drop the contraption, change characters and drop down to collect the collectible. Switch to the other protagonist and reactivate the elevator to reunite with your counterpart.

Upper Mining Post


To collect the first OrBit you will be forced to make a difficult bouncing blow. Check the fuse box with CASI, then line up the shot with E at the right time. The doors will open and you can collect the coveted collectible.

You will find the second OrBit in your hand simply by continuing to explore the area.

Data Cubes

Before entering the next area (the Big Moon's Control Room), go left, you will find a puzzle that protects access to the cube concerned.

Control Room


The first OrBit is located above the first room with the mining robots and turrets.

The second OrBit is located under the same room as the first, hiding behind a grate.

The next one should represent the last OrBit you will collect during the game if you have collected everything else up to this point.

In fact, you can only get this collectible the last time you return to this area. Shoot a telepod to the object, then use the teleporter.

Data Cubes

This cube can be found simply by continuing to explore the area in which you are.

Cavern Ascent


You will find this collectible simply by walking through the area in which you are, the same thing also applies to the second and third OrBit.

Data Cubes

For this cube you will have to reach the telestation. Launch your telepod and use the cubicle at the bottom, reprogram the turrets and enjoy your collectible.

Ambroil Caves


After talking to the Meek who will open the door to the transporter station for you, go through the red pipe and pick up the collectible. To make sure you get back quickly, drop a telepod at the top, then drop off a few platforms and teleport right away.

The second OrBit is located to the right of the same Meek at the top. Take out the Red Meeks and the Mining Robots to reach the collectible without too much trouble.

Data Cubes

The cube is located in the area behind the two mining robots and an explosive barrel that will drop from above. Instead of going up, go down.

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