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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences in the Spanish one.

Some useful tricks

Boost Nitro

When used properly, the nitro boost will give you a big advantage over your opponents. There are two ways to make the most of nitro:

On narrow and winding tracks

On these tracks it is advisable to use nitro sparingly, never exaggerated and only when exiting a bend. in this way you will gain a significant advantage over your opponents on the straights after each short corner. There is no good reason to use all the nitro before the corner, as you will lose energy when braking.

On the straights

You will need to save the nitro boost before the maneuver and use it at the last to reach maximum speed along the straight.


On the tracks of "The Crew" there will be many opportunities to literally fly with your car. The most important rule to keep in mind is to keep the wheels straight both when jumping and landing, for this reason you will have to drive directly along the ramps. You may have some difficulty using racing cars as they will have a tendency to spin when landing, so do not press the accelerator when you touch the track again, or avoid the ramp directly.


The most annoying element during a chase to an opponent will be the road traffic, there are some rules to follow. When a car appears on the horizon, decide on which side to overtake, the safest way is to overtake outside as you will be helped by centrifugal force, however you will be faster with inside overtaking, even if you often don't have enough time and risk. a collision. Do not hesitate to brake on straights as well, you will lose less time with good braking than with a collision.


The missions can be connected to the main story of the game or to the faction. At the beginning of the game you will only be able to carry out the story missions and for each of these you will receive money, experience and car parts. For both types, the objectives and specifications of the car will be predetermined. There are seven types of mission:


In this type you will have to finish the fastest race of your opponents and take all the checkpoints.

Race through checkpoints

In this mode you will be racing alone and your times will be limited. Go through the checkpoints to increase the time and be able to progress in the race.

From A to B

This type is remarkably similar to the previous one, the only difference is that there will be only one start and one goal that you will have to reach in a certain amount of time.


In this mode you will have to escape from the police or from some member of an opposing gang. Most of the time, your pursuers will drive cars, but occasionally you may also find helicopters on top of them. At the start of the race you will have a predetermined number of pursuers marked with stars, normally they will vary from two to five, your aim will be to get out of the line of sight of all pursuers. Once out of sight of your enemies, the stars will begin to disappear (a star will take seven seconds).


In this type of mission you will start behind another car that will represent your target. The aim will be to eliminate the opponent's car by colliding with it.


This type is not as tempting as the previous ones, in fact, you will have to drive against specific objects which, usually, will be canceled. You will need to collect a total of eighty out of a hundred items in a specific area.


In this mode you will have to limit yourself to chasing an enemy car without destroying it.

Skill test

Tests are time trials that will begin immediately after you have driven under a test indicator which is usually located in the middle of the road. As mentioned previously, you will have a time limit to complete these tasks and you can do it during one mission and the other. For each completed test, you will receive money, experience and car parts. This is a very quick way to upgrade your vehicle quickly. There are eight types of tests:


You will have to try to stay on the track and reach the highest possible speed, you will lose points for each collision. The recommended cars are road, performance and track cars.


In this type of test you will have to steer around gates on both sides of the road, obviously speed and reflexes will be fundamental and the recommended cars are those for road, performance and circuit.


Here too there will be gates in the middle of the road and you will have to cross them, these will become increasingly narrow as you advance. The recommended cars are road, performance and circuit cars.


In and around the road there will be scattered points that you will need to collect as you advance. During this test you will have to drive both on the track and off the road. Here, too, you can use the road or performance machine, but the wheels will risk skidding on the dirt road.

Of the car

Here you will have to reach a difficult point like the top of a mountain. Take this test with an off-road or racing car.


In this test your path will be outlined in a small portion of the total track. Your goal will be to keep on line with at least one of the wheels while driving at the highest possible speed. The line will thin as you advance.

The Crew Guide

The test will take place on different surfaces, so use a machine that fits all.

Jump of the hill

This will be a great way to get new car parts. Your only task will be to gain speed and jump off a ramp. It will be easy to get a gold rating on any type of machine except racing cars. Remember to gain speed with a Nitro boost before reaching the ramp and keep it active for as long as possible.


You will have to get away from the starting point as fast as possible. You will need the fastest car available.


The Midwest will be a long stretch of miles and miles, the Ozrak Mountains, the Great Lake and the Mississippi River. This is where road cars reign, an ideal area for racing in the city and on the great plain. In Detroit you will find the headquarters, dealer and tuning garage.

A little push

In this mission you will have to destroy your rival's car. To do this, you simply have to fight against it. It may seem difficult, but try to keep a short distance and when there is about a minute and a half left, your opponent will start driving on the right, giving you the opportunity to cut him out and complete the mission.


In the escape mission you will have to escape from the police. It will be quite easy to outrun your pursuers simply by going into the basement of a building that can be reached on the right from the starting point of the mission. Once under the building, the police will be disoriented, but the mission will not be in their pocket yet, as there will be several patrols on the other side of the building. If you play your cards right, you will complete the mission in a minute.


In the mission where you have to defeat V2, don't cross the tracks at the beginning and drive next to them. Slow down before entering the intersection. When V2 approaches, crash into it. You will have to make a few attempts to get the timing right, but you should eventually succeed. If your car turns out to be too weak, try the front.

A murky war

To get a good result in this mission, you will have to cut the curves in order to face them directly. The situation at checkpoints will not require that the turn be done perfectly. Watch out for curbs that will blow up your car and keep in mind to take the corner as soon as possible rather than on a smooth surface.

XFINITY speed race

In XFINITY you will have to drive a circuit car. It won't be very manageable and the quality required to complete the mission will be patience. Don't accelerate on corners and don't use nitro too often. A mistake will not mean defeat as the match will be remarkably long.

Friends until the end

In this mission you will have to escape from Tony's gang. It will be very similar to the mission where you escaped from the police. The best way to escape from enemies is to look for the narrow alleys in the middle of the buildings, and you can also escape into the forest.

Shortcut: Omar

In "Omar", you will drive an off-road vehicle. Towards the end of the race, between the fifth checkpoint and the finish line the GPS will guide you on a paved road, keep going left along the path and use the nitro to reach the finish line faster.

Shortcut: Overpower

Here the checkpoints will be arranged so that you can cut different corners. Many of these points will be difficult to achieve when driving a street car. There is only one shortcut that will help you to win, at the start of the race, pass the second checkpoint and instead of turning left, drive straight past the sunflower and behind the house.

Crumpled area

This is the latest mission in the Midwest and is divided into three different steps. In the first you have to eliminate a test driver, in the second you have to make a fast circuit and in the third you will have to escape from Troy's gang. During the chase, stay a short distance away with the target, when there are one minute and fifteen seconds left, it will start making some "U" curves on the right giving you the opportunity to settle great clashes. The race will be held in an oval circuit, there will be only two left-hand corners, you will drive a very fast car, stick to the track and use nitro on the straights. To escape from Troy's gang, turn right at the start of the race, this way you will reach the circuit you walked in the previous step, here you can gain enough speed to definitely make Troy and his men eat the dust.

East coast

The East Coast stretches from the Canadian edge to the Atlantic coast, where the Potomac joins the Chesapeake Bay. The most populous city in the US is located here, New York, the capital Washington and thousands of miles of wilderness. Outside the cities there will be plenty of off-road tracks, in New York you will find the headquarters, the dealer and the tuning garage for off-road vehicles.

Dirt or gravel road

To win the gravel race and get the gold medal, you can use the shortcuts, these are close to every sharp corner. The car you drive will fit great in mud, but you still need to watch out for the trees.

Hot run

To escape from the police, drive around the residential complex that you will see on the right at the start of the mission. The cops will get lost quickly and as soon as you are out of sight, go into the forest.

Shortcut: Green

Here you will find a shortcut at the beginning between the first and second checkpoints, do not follow the GPS and drive between the two buildings, then, return to the track.

Red hand

To destroy your target, cut corners he won't cut, crash into the car when he brakes.

The rabbit holes

In this time trial you will have to try to get the best result, when you are about two kilometers and seventy-five meters from the destination, do not drive around the building but go through it.

Family business

This is the last mission on the East Coast. In the first part, you have to drive against an off-road vehicle, in the second part, escape from the police, then follow Harry in the third. In the first race you will have to defeat a performance car driver who will be considerably faster on the asphalt, to beat him take the shortest route that the GPS will show you.

The Crew Guide

In the escape from the cops, at first drive out of the left lane, in this way you will lose the cars that are close to you. Drive along the left lane of the highway to the end, then exit the city and try to outwit the remaining cops who are still following you. Make several turns and drive through the narrow alleys. Once you get a good distance from your pursuers, drive straight ahead and escape quickly. In the last part of the mission you will have to follow Harry, if you do not have any collision with him, you will not have many problems.

He South

From sunny Miami to historic Dallas, beautiful Key West and beautiful New Orleans. The South will be a beautiful mix of land, swamps, highways and city streets. Performance machines will be remarkably useful in many of the present situations. In Miami you will find the headquarters, the tuning garage and the dealer.

sucker Punch

In this mission you will have to take out the enemy pilot while escaping from the police. Ignore the cops and focus on your target by colliding with him when he brakes or turns.


In this mission you will have to escape from the police inside the city of Dallas, where the streets will not necessarily be perpendicular. Always take the tightest curves and the enemy cars will lose you fast. Once you are far enough away, leave the city from any direction and drive as fast as you can.

Work on the body

This will be a precision mission, you will have to destroy some crates by colliding with them. You will have to smash at least eighty crates out of a hundred, so you don't have to do everything perfectly and you can jump some targets. Focus on speed at the beginning of the mission and get to the city as soon as possible, in fact, the crates will be piled up once inside. The targets will be indicated on the map, take out the bigger ones and to the side.

The desk

In this mission you will have to destroy Louis' car. To do it quickly, don't follow him when he turns right at the beginning, but go straight. Then drive to your target and crash into him on the main road.

Difficult situation

In this mission you will have to follow a target. To start, take the same path he will take, keep it in the circular road and remember to straighten the wheels before each jump. When the opportunity presents itself, follow the target and grab him quickly.

A frightening symmetry

A frightening symmetry is the last mission of the South. For this reason you will have to complete three distinct steps. The first will be a time trial, in the second you will have to destroy a target and in the third you will have to escape from the police. In the time trial you can take a comfortable shortcut, at a distance of four kilometers and twenty-seven meters from the arrival, before the parking lot, do not drive around it but cross it directly, in this way you will gain precious time. In the pursuit you will have to outsmart the enemies, to do this go right at the start of the race, then left at the second intersection, you will collide with the enemy. In the last part to escape from the police quickly, drive down the road and head north.

The mountain states

In the mountain states you will tackle a variety of terrains, from snow-capped peaks to desert canyons, plains and city streets. To explore the canyons and mountains you will need to drive a powerful off-road vehicle. In Las Vegas you will find the headquarters, the dealer and the off-road specialist.

A strong atmosphere

During this mission you will have to escape from the police. You will find yourself inside an old airport full of old planes. Throughout the mission, stay inside the old structure and drive under the aircraft to escape from your pursuers, as they won't be able to sneak under. The hardest part will be escaping the helicopters, keep driving and wait for them to leave you alone.

The Path

In the track you will have to eliminate your opponent who is driving inside a canyon. There is no more effective method than others, try to reach the enemy car and hit its back. Try to avoid all the ramps that will only waste your time.

Open areas

In Open Areas you can gain around two seconds by cutting the corner between the third and fourth checkpoints.

Escape speed

This is a time trial, where you have to drive a performance car on a remarkably slippery surface. Try to carry out the test without collisions and keep a low speed at the corners, brake only in tight situations, even if this should cost you time, finally try to limit the use of nitro to a minimum.


This will also be a mission where you have to eliminate an opponent while driving on snowy terrain. At first, after jumping off the ramp, turn a little to the right to shorten the distances. If you perform this maneuver correctly you will be able to collide with your target while still on the normal road. The most important thing is to try to take advantage of the moments in which your opponent will collide with the trees about three and a half minutes after the end of the chase.


In this race you will face two very different situations, first you will drive on a slippery surface, where you have to be really careful, in the middle you will find yourself on the asphalt and you can gain a lot of speed.

Burn up Coburn

This will be the last mission of the Mountain States. As usual, it will be divided into three distinct steps, a time trial, a race to destroy the crates and the pursuit of Coburn. The time trial will take place on the asphalt, where you can literally spread your wings. For the destruction of the crates you will have to be very fast and if you miss one of your targets do not waste time recovering it. Carry out this mission by enlarging your mini map as you will be able to see the crates better.

The Crew Guide

In the last step of the mission you will have to follow Coburn, do not damage him and stay in the circular road. If you don't have any collisions along the way, this step will be remarkably easy to accomplish.

West Coast

The West Coast crosses the United States from Washington to the Mexican border. You can explore Los Angeles to Malibu Beach, the Seven Peaks of San Francisco and Seattle, the Emerald City. To take part in this competition you will need to get a circuit car. In Los Angeles you will find the headquarters, dealer and tuning garage for circuit cars.

Shortcut: Class fight

On the roundabout, do not go left but right.


In this mission you will have to destroy a prison bus. The chase will take place in the channel. Gain speed first, then hit the target as it enters the channel. Once inside the main path, the police will start following you, keep gaining as much speed as possible and crash into the rear of the target or the side as you accelerate.


This will be another time trial, you will drive an off-road vehicle on a gravel surface, you can easily cut all corners, there will be no rocks or trees along the way. You will find a very important shortcut towards the end of the track, after the last checkpoint, go towards the finish line, turn at the two curves and pay attention to the trees.


Your opponent will drive a circuit car and you will drive a racing car. You will take a different route, so keep an eye on the mini map. If possible, avoid jumps and barriers.

The game

In this mission you can easily escape from Troy's gang by crossing the concrete parking lot under the highway, keep driving in this area to easily complete the mission.


To take out your target, don't follow him at the beginning and turn left, then right and crash directly into him. Do not let him escape, if you stay on him, you can damage him more often and you will finish the mission in thirty seconds.


At the beginning of the escape go left, this way your pursuer will not be near you and you can escape really quickly.


This will be the final West Coast mission and main story of the game. There will be only two steps to complete. At the beginning you will have to race against a performance car, part of this race will consist of very winding mountain paths, use nitro in tight corners and inside the city only on straights. In the second part of the final mission you will have to eliminate the opponent's car, drive in a straight line and cut corners. On the straights you will have no hope against the faster car than the opponent, so try to hit it on the back or on the side.

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