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The solution is based on the US version of the game. There may be divergences from the Spanish version.

Ancient Ruins

Having taken control of Ellie, move to the left, reaching the gray structure. Interact with this block to gain a new power - using an energy beam, sadly with limited area of ​​action. A little further on you will notice a seemingly unreachable switch: fire your beam to activate it. Kill the enemies, climb up to the highest platform. Left, to the top of the room, then pass a handful of platforms, until you are interrupted by a cutscene. Try to leave the room, being interrupted again. Jump to the right, then down, to enter a room where Chomp will activate a platform for you. You will be provided with explanations on how to use Chomp.
Right, get rid of the yellow enemy, then stop for an explanation regarding the creation of food (Chomp will act as the go-between). Jump on the platforms to get rid of the enemies that haunt the wall, then drop to the right. Save your game, go through two rooms, until the door closes behind you. Kill the enemy on the wall, go up the platform, retrieve the blue item and give it to Chomp. Then use the thicker platform to throw yourself to the left, taking the second object. Jump to the other side for the third (a book). Head back to the room you came from to face the boss.

Boss: Dragon
Chomp will take care of attacking the enemy, you will have to focus on dodging the dragon's head that will not be busy defending itself from the blows of Chomp himself. You will also have to move Chomp in such a way that it always follows the position of the head associated with the green sphere (which will move from one screen to another).

After defeating the boss, you will get the "Torpedo" ability, immediately try to use it (by pressing the L key) to end the yellow monster that blocks the continuation of the mission. Save your game, then right again. Open the door destroying the enemy, then - in the new room - activate Chomp to help you defeat the opponents. Drop along the platforms, enter to the right, jump to the center, then pass the spikes. Avoid this obstacle, move to the left, getting rid of the four enemies in the first room. Retrieve the scroll that will be released by them, then go to the Chomp screen and activate its "Speed ​​Up" ability. Go past the small platforms, drop down to find another scroll; associate Vertical Spike to the Chomp and immediately exploit it on the enemies, opening the next door.
Jump on the switch that assigns skills to gain the ability to use your fists. Destroy the nearby blocks (Y key) to experience it. Go up the platforms, then right. Watch the cutscene, get rid of your opponents using Vertical Strike. Down, right, avoid the spikes, ignore the huge purple door. Instead, jump along the platforms to the left (to be able to avoid the spikes we recommend holding down the B key to load the jump). Right, pulverize the debris, then use Chomp to activate the platform. Climb to the top, there will be more debris to remove, then a save point. Enter the wall on the right, then throw Chomp at the switch in the lower right. Kill all the enemies, jump to the switch-assign-ability to get a boost of your range.
Ignore the eye, preferring to make your way to the left. Then go up the platforms, reaching a locked door. Shoot at the switch, slightly higher. Enter, go down to the lowest part of the room, save your game (left). Make your way to the right now, killing the frog via your beam. Jump to the gray platform, then aim down (by pressing "down" on the digital pad) and fire the beam to kill the enemy below you. Right, jump over the other platforms, recovering the "rolling" ability and then insert yourself in the hole to the right. Watch the cutscene, then talk to the merchant if you want to buy items. Roll back to the left, once you reach the room with the very high ceiling, make your way to the only hole available, where you can now insert yourself thanks to the rolling. Save, then jump to the top, fire the beam to kill the enemies on the left, then to activate the switch, slightly higher. Go through the passage, kill the enemies, save (left), then roll through the hole. Retrieve the blue heart to increase your maximum life points. Go down the room, then roll under the blocks on the left.
Use the platform on the right to get an improvement in your melee skills: you can now perform a combo by pressing the button associated with the punches in a row. Once out of the room, try the combo immediately, destroying the stone wall. Then you roll down two passages, being interrupted by a cutscene. Climb to the top of the room, watch the scene, enter right. Activate the switches using the platforms as support, go through the steps thus revealed. Kill the enemies in the area, right, drop down, then right again, along a gray platform. Roll twice to the right, drop down and destroy the stone block using a forge of fists. Another platform, therefore two alligators to finish. Left, down, save your game. Send Chomp to the lower part of the screen, ordering him to activate the two platforms. Climb on it, proceed to the left, have Chomp come with you to help you finish the opponents in the area.
Make your way to the platform at the top right. You will get the "launch" attack, which can be carried out by simultaneously pressing the "high" and Y keys. Try it now by activating the two switches on the left. So hurry towards the opening that will have been created. Drop to the various platforms, then left, displaying a cutscene. Use the beam to get rid of the opponents, roll to the lower part of the room, enter to the right. Get carried down by gravity, ignoring the enemies that will try to intercept you. Right, break the wall, then use the "launch" attack on the switch and go up the platform. Wait for the purple monster to stop shooting at you, walk along the long platform that serves as a corridor, jump down. Right again, get busy with the Vertical Spike skill to take out the enemies around you. Jump left, then onto the platform to the right. Roll to the next area, jump down, right.
Place Chomp at the bottom of the screen to disable the first quill. Get past it, then shoot the switch on the right to disable the second one. Watch out for the two purple enemies that will arrive on the scene: quickly dodge their shots, then away along the platforms. Save (room on the right), and remember to pick up the healing items, as the battle against a boss awaits you.

Boss: Meade
Shoot a beam at the monster; as soon as it flies away, try to understand the landing area, so as to avoid staying close to it in any way: you would be significantly damaged. Then keep hitting it with your beam. Its own energy shot is easy to dodge, as it travels slowly through the aether. When finished, retrieve the huge key.

Exit forward, move left, drop across the platform. Left again. Use Chomp to remove the spikes, then yourself to hit the second switch. Get rid of two other enemies blocking your progress. Left, jump across the platforms, launch the attack in the usual way. Break the wall on the left, move across the end platforms in the center, until you reach the top of the room. Enter to the left, running to avoid being hit. Climb to the top, then save your game and break the wall on the opposite side of the save point.
Use Chomp to activate the switch at the top of the room. Left, pulverize the wall, kill the enemies. Left again, then jump down aiming properly to avoid running into a spike. Ellie will automatically open access to the area beyond the platforms. Jump down, save your game, keep going down. Right, if you want you can talk to the merchant. Then lead Chomp to the top of the screen, causing him to deactivate the spikes so you can continue to Deanuford.


Left, overtaking enemies with a jump. Continue to the lower floor, eliminating the opponent thanks to Vertical Strike. Then make your way to the edge of the upper left platform, telling Chomp to activate the other lower platform, which you will need to use to continue. Jump down, dodge the crab, still left. Then climb to the top, kill the enemies using the beam, and travel to the right until you intercept a pink jewel. Go down and activate the door on the opposite side of the play area, go through it, then stay at the top of the room to avoid the crab. Go down one level, left, jump over two platforms. Save your game, enter left. Kill the crab with Vertical Strike, drop down, then enter left again and slide along the incline, following the same direction.
Jump across the platforms, then launch yourself down to one of the switches that allow you to improve your skills: you will get a completely new one, namely the wall-jump (the ability to jump using walls as a momentum). Then move to the right using the passage slightly higher, kill the enemies in the room using the vertical spike, then climb along the incline until you reach the area at the top right. Continue to the top of the room, get rid of the crab, then right again, twice (neutralizing the other crabs in the area as well), finally exiting Deanuford to return to the Ancient Ruins.

Ancient Ruins - Second visit

Move three times to the right, reaching a room that develops horizontally. Jump across the platforms until you reach the top, then enter the area on the left, climb again to the top of the room, then continue to the ledge on the right. Wall-jump this wall to reach the room above you. Jump on the skill-granting pedestal to gain the ability to "Burst Cancel", using it immediately to press the switch on the gray wall to the right (you will have to press first Y, then A). Right again, then down to the lowest part of the room, go through the three rooms on the left, back to Deanuford's.

Video - Gameplay

Deanuford - Second visit

Go past the crabs on the left, paying attention to the enemies on the floor. Climb the incline that opens to your left, then tell Chomp to activate the platform on the lower screen, jumping to the left again. Kill the crab, using the vertical spike. Pass two large rooms that develop to the left, arriving at the aqueducts.

Deanuford - Aqueducts

Killed the enemies in the area, jump to the left, noting an uphill platform. Use Burst Cancel on the nearby wall to activate the door, bypassing it and dropping yourself across the platforms below. Killed the alligator, fend off the silver orb with strong slaps, knocking it out of the screen to the left. Then start in the same direction.
Chomp will have to activate the two blocks on the side, thus proceeding to the next area, killing the blue enemy, then descending to the left. Run to the left again, ignoring the orange orb, preferring to kill all the enemies instead. You will come to a room with three doors - locked. You will have to activate them by going back two rooms, jumping to the central platform, then climbing to the top left. Save your game, always on the left; kill the enemies, jump to the platform on the right and continue in the same direction, clearing the crabs. Jump to the central support, near which you can flip a switch. Killed the enemies, continue to the left, climb the platforms to the top of the room, then left again.
Climb the platforms in destruction until you reach the area in the upper left. At the top, you can activate the second switch (by jumping on it). Leaving the room where it is located, go down, then right, drop to the left. Get rid of the frogs, while Chomp has to deal with the octopus - ignore the silver orbs. Moving two rooms to the left you can activate a switch, using the wall-jump to help you reach its position. In this way you will open the last door, then walk up to the room where you noticed the three locked doors. Enter the lower left passage.

Deanuford - Tubeworqs

Jump over the silver sphere, entering to the left. Killed the two enemies, continue to the left again. Ignore the platform below, then go through the doors, drop down to the bottom of the room. Left again. Jump over other platforms, kill the flying opponents. Run towards the green enemy and finish him off, ignoring yet another silver sphere. Enter to the right, tell Chomp to press the switch to disable the quills. Climb on the platform to get a new skill: Super Wave. Right, other platforms to go. Use Super Wave (activated by simultaneously pressing the "up" and "A" keys) to destroy the blocks, press the switch, pass the passage to the right.
Kill the petrified opponents, launch a Super Wave at the switch to open the door. Grab your boxing gloves, right again, then wall-jump on the wall to climb to the top. Drop along the platforms, now climbing to the top right. Killed the enemies, enter the new room and - here too - try to get to the top. If you get interrupted by the crabs we recommend using Vertical Spike to end their attacks. When the ceiling stops running, move right again, kill the crab, then grab onto the various platforms making your way to the top of the room. Right, go up again, then always right. Once the crab is killed, go up to the small platform and go through the next four play areas, descending until you return to the Ancient Ruins.

Ancient Ruins - Terza visita

Move to the right for three consecutive zones, reaching a very long room: despite its horizontal orientation, you will have to proceed upwards. Avoid the spike, then make your way to the right, reaching Meadeland.


Right, throw Chomp towards the top of the screen, causing him to raise the crate. Right, jump over the platforms, watch the skit. Break the wall (always to the right), go through it. Go down three screens, left. Kill the enemies and roll to get past the hole, then continue to the lower part of the room, and enter the stone head to the right. Drop down, kill the enemies and hit the wall to knock it down. In the next area, use the flip on the switch, then lift yourself up using the platform.
Wait for the purple monster to stop its shooting sequence, walk the long platform, drop down across the room. Stand on the platforms to the right, kill the enemies using the "vertical spike" ability, then repeatedly jump to the left to the end of the screen. Direction required - right. Roll through the hole, then using the thick platforms below as a handhold along the climb. Launch a super wave at the nearby blocks, which will hit the switch, opening a door for you to pass through. Climb up to the narrowest platform, move to the right. Step on the skill assignment switch to recover "Down Smash", then immediately use it on the gray rock to your left (jump and press DOWN + Y).

Drop through the vertically arranged platforms, enter left, get rid of the enemies. Using Chomp, cause the first spike to drop, pass, then shoot the switch to avoid the second. Jump across multiple platforms that wind in a path to the left, pulverizing a wall to proceed.
When you reach a room that develops mainly vertically, make your way upwards. At the top, go left. Use the thin platform in front of you to escape the enemies, then roll across the next room. Climb to the top, break the wall on the left, enter. Climb again, break the wall on the right, save. Kill the enemies, move Chomp to the top of the screen, so that you activate the block located there. Break the left wall, kill the enemies, then return back to the Ancient Ruins.
Killed the two enemies, move to the left. Jump down dodging the spikes, walk up the platforms, then keep going down to the right, until you are interrupted by the floor. Walk left, passing three rooms, thus returning to Deanuford's.

Deanuford - Third visit

Walk along the beach, therefore turning left. Jump to the platform in the center, climb up the incline to the left, tell the Chomp to activate the nearby platform. Left twice, then launch a Super Wave at the brick wall. Go through the door that opens, drop to the left. Place Chomp on either side of the screen, causing the blocks to move in the area. Left again, climb up to the save point above. When stopped by a group of three blocks, smash them with Down Smash. Then drop across the platforms to the right, wall-jump the wall (left), and off to other platforms to the right again. Dodge the crab. Remember to save, as only two jumps separate you from a boss.

Boss: Deanu
Immediately start attacking by firing your beam. When the water begins to boil, jump to the wall on the left to avoid the more severe effects of any contact. The opponent will start throwing "bubbles": position yourself near a corner and reject all the bubbles, trying to increase your power level. When the boss is positioned at the bottom of the screen, tell Chomp to attack him, instead resuming hitting him in first person as he moves upwards. Once the boss is gone, remember to retrieve the key.

Once out of the room, get rid of the enemies and jump across the platforms. Throw a vertical spike to finish off the crabs, then enter left. Other platforms to go, then you will have to perform a Down Smash to pulverize the blocks. Right, then straight to exit Deanuford. Back briefly to the Ancient Ruins, walk through the following three game zones, then climb to the top of the long room. Right, up to Zoetopia.


Run beyond the area occupied by the flying enemies, moving to the right. Get rid of the giant crab, jump over the spikes, then open the portal using the key. Wait for the shielded enemy to throw his boomerang, thereby exposing the central part of his body, which you can hit hard. Climb to the top of the room using the narrow platforms around you, then right, jump to the green area, then walk to the top left corner, ignoring the crab's attacks.
Kill him and continue the climb. Talk to Zoe; you will then have to retrace your steps, arriving at the lowest section of Zoetopia, from where you started. Here, take a left to get to the Ancient Ruins. Left again, use Down Smash to smash the blocks, then jump across the platforms to the left. Three rooms to cross in the same direction will lead you to Deanuford. Climb first along the platform, then along the inclined plane, arriving at the play area at the top left. Go through four rooms to the left. When you reach a square shaped area, go up along the platforms, then enter the passage on the left, continue to the top. Move the orange spheres to the right, clearing your way along the next passage.
Kill the crabs using Chomp and the launch attack, stand on the pedestal to get a new ability - Dash. Then go up on the red switch on the left, use Dash to continue beyond the door. Left, down, left again, dodge the silver orbs. Right, go through 6 rooms, then down and right again twice to return to the Ancient Ruins. Straight to the right three times, then climb to the top of the platform, use Down Smash to pulverize the blocks on the right, back to Zoetopia. Right, ignore the flying monster, mercilessly killing the giant crab instead. Jump over the spikes, then climb to the top of the room, using the narrow platforms in its center. Right, use the green gelatinous platform as a springboard to proceed (always to the right).
Then left, kill the giant crab, climb to the top of the room using the platforms. Enter on the left. Chomp will have to kill the flying enemy, then you will have to jump the spikes on the right. Left, stand on the red switch, then throw a Dash to go through the door on the left.
Left, high. Save your game, then left again. Move Chomp to the top of the screen, causing him to remove the sting. Roll under it, then send Chomp to the bottom of the screen to remove the second spike. Jump it, kill the two enemies, run upwards and melee the opponent who will try to charge you. Jump to the top, then left and down. Left again, then go up, right. Quickly jump to dodge the charging enemy, then use the following platforms to proceed upward. Enter to the left, get carried away by the platforms that proceed to the right, where you can retrieve an object that allows you to improve your level of life points.
Dodging the spikes, enter the passage to the left, go through another one, then letting yourself fall down. Right, jump across the platforms, then right again and kill the two opponents in the area. Always right; Chomp will need to turn off the quills to allow you to continue smoothly. Drop through two areas of the map, jump on the red switch, use the Dash to get through the door. Right, avoid the spikes and make your way to the lower part of Zoetopia. Enter the passage on the left, beware of the giant enemy: shoot the beam before passing the spikes, so that you can eliminate him before he can come in contact with Ellie.
At the Acient Ruins, left, break the blocks with Down Smash. Jump along the platforms always to the left. Enter left again, climbing to the top of the room. Climb the quills, then right towards Meadeland.

Meadeland - Second visit

Kill the enemies on the right, pulverize the wall, enter the passage. Still right, Chomp will have to activate the block then continue in the same direction. Destroyed the wall, save your game and move on. Drop down, use the launch on the block to the right, then right again. Jump to the platform and wall-jump to go up. At the top, use the moving platform to reach the pedestal, which will grant you the "Air Super Wave" skill. Left, another wall-jump on the wall. Then go down avoiding the spikes and killing the enemies. Left again, use the Launcher on the blocks to clear your way. When you get to a new room, drop down across the platforms, then go up to the nearest ones to the left.
At the top of the room, go left to save the game. Chomp will have to move the block up, which prevents you from passing. Twice to the left, returning to the ruins. Always left, avoiding the quills, then descending along the platforms. Follow the only opening available, break the block on the right, move twice to the right to get to Zoeland.

Zoetopia - Second visit

Dodging the flying enemies, kill the giant crab on the right. Then climb to the top of the narrow room using the platforms as a handhold. Right, jump to the other green platforms. Pulverize a second giant crab, climb to the top, then kill the enemies and enter to the right. Climb along the blocks, reaching a cave. Go up along the first area, then enter to the right. Chomp will have to kill the enemies, you make your way through the cave, jumping to dodge the enemies that will charge you. Use Air Super Wave to push the switch, then enter the door which will unlock. Chomp will have to get rid of the flying enemy, then you will have to travel along the thick platforms that will smoothly support your progress.
At the crossroads room, take a right and get rid of the stone enemy, thanks to your beam. Climb to the top of the room, enter to the right - unfortunately the passage is blocked. Return to the crossroads room. Go down to its lowest part, roll to the right. Climb along the blocks, kill the enemies in the upper right. Talk to Jinx to open the door where you were previously blocked. Exit and enter left, drop down, then right. Kill the opponents, flip the switch, head towards the crossroads room, then continue to the previously blocked door. Save the game and enter, a boss awaits you.

Boss: Zoe & Mr. Lobster
Lobster is the rabbit, who is remotely controlled by Zoe. As soon as it lands in one of the three possible game zones, attack it mercilessly, as it will remain stationary for a few seconds. He will then roll towards you, trying to hit you: run quickly in the opposite direction (by looking at Zoe you can guess the direction: if he rotates the green sphere to the left, the enemy will come from the right - and vice versa). When Lobster lands around you, we recommend preferring melee attacks to recharge your power level.

Retrieve the key, then return to the crossroads room. Left twice, go down to the lower part of Zoetopia dropping for five steps. Enter left, jump over the spikes, kill the giant enemy to return to the Ancient Ruins. Left, smash the blocks with Down Smash, go down and tell Chomp to remove the quills. Ellie will open the door on the left, go through it to reach Ethanica.

Video - Debut Trailer


Get rid of the jumping enemies waiting for them to land. Left, use the wall-jump on the walls to reach the higher platforms. Enter the passage on the left, climb to the top of the room, clearing the enemies around you. Left again, dodging the flying opponent who will come towards you. We recommend running so as not to be involved in the fall of the stalactites. Saved the game, left again. Chomp will need to be moved to the top of the screen to disable the spikes so you can pass. Go down to the lowest part of the play area where you are now, then enter to the left.
After finishing the enemies, talk to Ethan. It will open a passage inside Tubeworqs: walk back along the path you followed to reach the area. At the start of Ethanica, enter the lower left passage to return to the Ancient Ruins. Then right, go up the platforms that proceed slightly to the left. Jump over the ravine until you reach Deanuford.
Pass eight rooms continuing along the steps on the left. Wall-jump in the room with the pedestal, then left, kill the stone enemy in melee mode. Repeat on the next one, go down to the left, follow the platforms dodging the silver orbs. Pulverize the green enemy, still left, drop down to the pedestal. It will give you the "Charge Shot", use it immediately (holding A) to pulverize the eye on the right. Then retrieve the diamond. Also cauterize the eye on the left, then head back to the Ancient Ruins. Right, drop in the same direction. Then left twice to get to Ethanica.
Walk left, using the wall-jump to reach the platforms at the top. Then shoot the eye using your beam to open a path to the next area. Get on the train, dive in and kill your opponents while crouching. Then right, use the thicker platforms as an indication for the path to follow. At the top, save your game, then continue to the top right. Kill the blue crab with a throw attack, then roll right. Drop down and kill the opponents in the area. Right again, jump onto the pedestal to retrieve a new ability - Mighty Lungs.
Also retrieve the diamond from the room on the right. Exit to the left, climb the platforms to the top of the room (top right). Kill the giant crab. At the very top, right, retrieve the object that allows you to increase the maximum limit of your life points. Jump across the ravine, enter left.
Drop down to the lower part of the room, pulverize two more enemies, then drop down again - to the left. Once out of the train, shoot the eye to open a passage. Go down to the right and you will briefly return to the Ancient Ruins. Climb to the top of the room, enter left. Then again at the top, but this time on the right. Tell Chomp to activate the spikes so you can continue to the right again. Use Down Smash to clear the platforms leading to Zoeland.

Zoetopia - Third visit

Avoiding the flying enemies, make your way to the right. Pulverize the crab, jump over the spikes, climb the room to its top, then use the gelatinous green platform to make your way to the right. Another crab to pulverize, then three consecutive rooms to ascend: in all three cases the exit is positioned at the top left. Once in a new area, drop down to the right. Dodge the enemies, then right again. Once on the pedestal, retrieve Air Burst Cancel - it will allow you to hit the switches higher than you. Make use of it right away on the nearby boulder wall, then make your way along the passage that follows.
Keep going up to the top of the room, turn right and walk along two more. Climb the four narrow platforms, then jump to the right, where you will find a completely free passage. Avoid the spikes, then go down to the lower part of Zoetopia. Make your way along the plain to the left, dodge the spikes and kill the giant enemy. A little further on, you will automatically find yourself in the Ancient Ruins. Left, use Down Smash to pulverize the blocks, make your way through the platforms that will be released by your shot. Chomp will have to deactivate the quills, you can proceed to Ethanica.

Ethanica - Second visit

Get rid of the jumping enemy with a well-aimed punch right after he lands. Move left, use the wall to perform a wall-jump, reaching the passage that will allow you to continue. Climb to the top of the new room, left, fly past the enemies (without actively facing them). Move Chomp to the top of the screen, causing the spikes to drop. Then place it on the switch, raising the platform that will carry you forward. Left, other platforms, then drop down to the fortress.
Right, use Burst Cancel to push the switch. Go through the passage, drop down and then continue to the right. The passage will be blocked: deviate to the left. Let yourself fall again, but wait for the lasers to stop their action. Retrieve the two diamonds from the central section of the passage, return to the long previous room, jumping to its lowest part. Killed the enemies, right, talk to Jinxi and pay the toll (if your cash is not enough, kill other enemies to accumulate some).
Now you will have all the equipment you need to remove the avalanche blocking the passage, so go back to that room and proceed until you are in front of the boss.

Boss: Ethan
Shoot immediately, as it will be positioned on the other side of the play area, so you can hit it with your beam without taking any risks. Then run towards you - first of all move towards one of the two sides, so pay attention to the coloring of his body: if his eyes light up, dive to dodge him; if his hands light up, jump up. If it will soar, stand to the left and jump to avoid its blue lasers / energy projectiles. As soon as he starts firing missiles, move Chomp to the bottom screen; then when the missile has almost reached Ellie hit it with all your might to repel it - Chomp's position will allow you to repel only 50% of the missiles, provided that Chomp is able to heal itself.

Killed the enemy, retrieve the key and exit the room. Return to the Ethanica entrance, proceeding through the Ancient Ruins. Then right, up to Primhedge.

Primhedge Palace

Kill the enemies on the right, then continue along the door that will be opened by Ellie. Drop down, then left. Avoid the portal, for now unusable. Exit the room, then go down again, entering to the right. Get rid of the two enemies in the area, save your game (always on the right). Go down again, making your way up to a portal. Press "up" in its vicinity. Then left, kill the enemies in the area. A rather close battle awaits you: place Chomp in the lower part of the screen, then start throwing an uninterrupted series of shots at the enemies, trying to catch them while they are quite far from your position. After the battle, go left, kill the enemies, make your way along the platforms.

Jump on the switch to open the portal that you previously noticed as inactive. Make your way to it and enter it, it will teleport you to a new room. Exit, left, use the wall-jump always left to go up again. Go two rooms to the left, get rid of the enemy in yellow, then his flying companions.
Drop to the left again, through different scenarios, until you find a flight of stairs on the opposite side (i.e. the right side). Drop down twice, dodge the green slime opponent, get rid of the rest of the enemies, then proceed to the right. Climb to the top of this area to locate the teleporter, which you will need to enter. Then exit to the left, kill the three enemies, enter the area still to the left. Climb the platforms until you reach the top of the room. Always enter to the left, get rid of the group of enemies using one of Chomp's attacks. Climb on the dedicated pedestal to get the "Ultimate Shot" skill. Charge it for a few seconds, then shoot at the stone eye on the right.
When the eye opens you will have to shoot again, then exit the room, enter the area to the right, go through two corridors and kill the enemies around you. So let yourself fall to the floor of this area, destroying another eye. Continue to the switch, press it to allow you to exit. Back at the portal you came from, enter and continue to the area marked in green on your map. Make your way through the long blue room in the center of the map. Climb the platforms, then enter to the right. Killed the opponents, go through the portal to be teleported. Exit again, drop down, then right twice. Avoid the flying opponents, preferring to climb the various platforms, to the top of the room. Before proceeding, give Chomp the "Vertical Spike" ability. Using it, you can take out the five enemies that await you. Right, flip the switch, then go back through the portal that led you to this area. Exit the room, turn left, drop down, then left again along the platforms.
Down the stairs, get rid of the enemies in the long room, then kill the opponent at the top. Perform a wall-jump using the wall on the right as a support, then right again, passing the portal. Tell Chomp to take care of the enemies, along with Ellie. After passing four platforms, you will come to a laser - wait for it to stop running, jump to the platform below it, then to the left. Here you will find another laser: repeat the above procedure to avoid it. Then avoid all the enemies, go left. Get rid of the green giant, go up to the top of the room, go left. Pay attention here to enemies composed of stone: assuming you do not have help from other characters, it is good to use the laser beam as much as possible. Ethan will then come to save you.
Teleport, exit to the right, go down the stairs. Still right, talk to Jinx and buy - if you want - the last set of items before the final battle. Kill the opponents on the left, making your way in the same direction. Get rid of the stone enemy, jump to the platforms above you, climbing the stairs. Save the game, go up again to the top of the room, go left, where the final boss is.

Boss: Priscilla
At the beginning of the battle we recommend firing immediately, crossfire from Chomp and Ellie. The slowness of the enemy's tails allows you to dodge them without having to move. When it approaches you, throwing the flying teeth, you will have to start moving: fortunately these strange objects always travel in a straight line, so it will always be possible to understand their trajectory by observing the initial launch phase. As for the attack, keep firing the beam: the imposing size of the enemy allows you to hit it even without having to waste a lot of time aiming.

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