Song of Horror Episode 3: guide to solving the puzzles

Episode 3 of Song of Horror really presents many intricate puzzles and in this guide we will help you find the solution

Song of Horror is a Lovecraftian-inspired survival horror developed by Protocol Games and published by Raiser Games. There is no self-respecting horror game that doesn't have at least a couple of puzzles and Song of Horror from this point of view is really well stocked.

Operate safely

The third episode of Song of Horror contains some of the most complex and dangerous puzzles in the game and a lot of ingenuity will be required to overcome them. In fact, even the most experienced players could get stuck in front of puzzles of this type.

It is certainly not easy to be able to find a solution to the puzzles present in this episode, especially if you are distracted by the fear of a sudden manifestation of the Presence. Song of Horror, however, seems to have thought about this possibility, given that as long as you are in the puzzle solving screen, you will not be bothered by any entity. Now that you are aware of this fact, you are sure to be relieved and can better focus on the many puzzles of the episode.

The magnetic card - Song of Horror Episode 3: guide to solving the puzzles

As soon as the episode starts you will need one magnetic card to continue and to get it you will have to solve a pretty tough puzzle. On the reception counter you will find a sheet left by Professor Merino, who claims to have hidden the card you need on one of the many shelves full of books in the room and to help you find it has left you some really absurd indications. It would take a long time to find all the clues necessary to understand where the card is, but if you want to hurry things up just go to the bookcase indicated by a sign with the letter "O" and check the top shelf. To solve this puzzle you need to collect the first sheet with instructions left by Merino, but there will be no need to search for the other clues as well.

The Projector Riddle - Song of Horror Episode 3: puzzle solving guide

After you have reconnected the projector to the power and collected the slides in the room, you will have to put them in order following a precise scheme. After you have put the slides in the chosen order, the projector will show them on the screen one by one and then it will also do it in reverse order. The voice recorder in one of the rooms near the projector contains useful clues to solve this mystery, but even with its help it will not be easy to solve it. To solve the riddle you will have to place the slides in this order starting from the one closest to you up to the farthest one:

  • The slide to be inserted in the first place is the one shown here a strange monster holding a key.
  • In second place you will have to place the slide depicting an iron lever, similar to those usually found on generators.
  • At the third post, the slide showing will be inserted a table on which a box and a key are placed.
  • In the fourth position you will have to insert the slide that depicts a tangle of cables.
  • In the last position instead you will have to put the slide that shows a door sealed with chains and padlocks.

After placing all the slides you will need to select "check”And wait for the projector to show you all the images on the screen. If in the end the door projected on the screen is free of chains, then it will mean that you have solved the puzzle correctly and that you will be able to enter inside the projection.

The newspaper search - Song of Horror Episode 3: guide to solving the puzzles

In the second map of the episode, your goal will be to retrieve the newspaper that Husher was looking for. To find it easily you will have to use the microfilm which you will find inside a cabinet in the map and one of those readers that are in locked offices. But remember that even if you can use both readers, only the one in the room closest to the chained door will allow you to solve the puzzle, while the other will only serve to receive a big scare.

In order to get the newspaper you will need, it will be necessary enter a specific date in the machine. This date is found on two different documents hidden around the map, but you don't have to find them to be able to solve the puzzle. The date to be entered into the machine is: 17/03/1913. After entering the date you will need to click on the search button, then turn the knob down to select the Northern Advertiser and finally click on the print button. If you have done everything correctly, your character will comment on what happened and shortly after exiting the room the final cutscene of the level will start.

The labyrinth of the great library - Song of Horror Episode 3: guide to solving the puzzles

Once you get to the third map, the large library, you will find yourself in front of it to the most dangerous enigma of the episode. In this area you will have to move between the bookshelves to reach Husher's desk, but the Presence will come between you and your goal. In fact the whole area is littered with invisible traps created by this creature and if you touch them more than three times, the character you are using will be carried away by the entity. The only way to see the safe path to move is through surveillance cameras, but even so it's not at all clear how to proceed. To help you overcome this last terrible obstacle, we will explain in as much detail as possible how to proceed.

  • First you don't have to go straight to the library, but you will have to take the ladder on the left and go straight upstairs until you reach the staircase on the other side of the room. Don't worry, because there is no danger at the top.
  • As soon as you go down the steps you will have to go right between the bookstores and continue past the large globe that you will find in front of you.
  • Once you pass the globe, you will have to walk until you see a cleaning trolley. Here you will have to go between the trolley and the table with the chessboard, and then continue on the right being very careful to stay firmly attached to the table.
  • Now you will have to advance until you find yourself in front of a wall on which it hangs a water pipe. You will just see the tube you will have to turn left and go straight on.
  • At the end of the path you will find Husher's desk on your left and you just need to examine it to complete the episode. But be careful not to position yourself to the side of the desk when you examine it, because otherwise you run the risk of being taken by the creature.

Ever closer to the solution of the mystery

Thanks to this guide now you can easily solve all the main puzzles of the third episode by Song of Horror. It could happen to everyone to get stuck in front of a puzzle and there is no harm in seeking online help if you have difficulty. In case you are interested in finding out what we think of the game, we refer you to ours reviews on Song of Horror and specifically on the last chapter.

The first three episodes of Song of Horror are available now on Steam, while the release of the fourth episode is expected in the coming months. If this guide has been useful to you and you are interested in staying up to date with all the news on the title and much more, then continue to follow us here on Holygamerz.

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