Pause a friend, group or page on Facebook for 30 days

Pause a friend, group or page on Facebook for 30 days

Pause Facebook for 30 days. This allows you to temporarily unfollow someone. And their updates will begin automatically reappear after 30 days. Which is perfect for those who have annoying Facebook friends.

Facebook is all about friends. Not your real friends, sure, but "friends" you barely know. Maybe you met them at a party or maybe you work with them. Anyway, you are now Facebook friends. And if you can't get rid of or block them because you're afraid of hurting their sensitivity, you can at least press Pause.

How it works Pause Facebook for 30 days

The new Facebook Pause button is another option for managing your thriving Facebook friends list.

With Pause you will essentially stop following that person for exactly 30 days. They won't know you've paused them and you can change your mind at any time by simply clicking the button again.

There are plenty of examples of when this might come in handy. Maybe you are going through a difficult romantic period or you broke up with your boyfriend / girlfriend but you still want to be friends with them. Maybe the election is coming and you don't care about those posts for that period from that group or page. Maybe someone insists on posting pictures of their baby every day and can't stand it anymore. Pausing facebook for 30 days can help you disconnect from all of this.

How to pause a friend, group or page on Facebook

Pausing a friend (or group or page) is as simple as clicking on down arrow on one of their posts and select the option "Pause for 30 days". You can now watch Facebook without having to see their posts, sure that they will appear again a month later automatically.

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